ER: Wild Night In The ER Part 3 (FF,F-mast)
by SohoWanderer

As Susan Lewis made her rounds in the ER she had a huge smile on her face.
She replayed the wonderful events over and over. She had seen Carter and Abby
having sex and that led to her and Abby having a passionate episode. She
thought she was done for when she noticed Dr. Gallant looking, but even that
turned into an incredibly erotic experience.

Lewis finished her rounds and checked the schedule for tomorrow. Another
shift, she groaned. Then she noticed Abby and Gallant were on so she at least
have the reminders of the wonderful night she had just had.

Lewis went home and took a long shower and a drifted off to sleep. Her dreams
were filled with incredible sights as she pictured Abby and Carter. She
breathed heavily in her sleep as she imagined Carter's thick cock driving in
out of Abby's perfect cunt. She dreamed of joining them and she pictured
herself licking Carter's cock as it slid in out of Abby. In her dreams, Susan
licked her way to Abbey's asshole and wiggled her tongue around the tight
hole. She returned Abby's pussy and savored the taste she got to know earlier
that night. She loved the taste of Abby.

Then Lewis's mind drifted to the fucking the Gallant had given. Sure she had
only started with him to keep him from spilling his mind about the passion he
saw between her and Abby, but she grew to love it. Gallant was the first
black man she had ever fucked. It was also one of the most incredible
feelings she had ever had. Gallant filled her like she never had before.

Lewis woke her head spinning. She reached down between her legs and combed
her fingers through her bush. She was soaked! Her fingers were drawn into her
pussy like a magnet and built a heated tempo as she thrust her fingers in and
out her quim. The moonlight glistened on the juices covering her fingers.

Lewis pulled her hand from her pussy and brought it up her mouth. She shoved
the fingers to her tongue and first time truly experienced the taste. She had
licked her own juices before, but now she had something to compare it to.
Instinctively, Lewis's other hand began pinching her hardened nipples. She
took he hand from her mouth and returned to her pussy. She stroked her clit
and electric shocks raced through her body. Her pussy hairs tickled her hands
and she felt her juices flow harder than she ever had.

Lewis bend her head down touched her tongue to her nipple. That sent her over
edge. Her pussy clamped down hard and pulled her fingers from her clit into
her sopping channel. She felt her juices nearly erupt from her and stream
down her legs. She laid back and again brought her hands to her mouth. She
fell fast asleep sucking the juices off fingers and hand.

Lewis awoke the next day and, for the first time in a long time, actually
didn't mind getting ready for work. Her memories of the night before, her
incredible dream and orgasm she had just experienced made her have not a
care in world.

Lewis started her shift like any other. The ER was attracting its usual case
load and, as usual, the same slightly strange client base. Lewis finished
treating a patient and quickly went to the board for another.

"Weaver's looking for you," one of the nurses said.

"Did she say what for?" Susan asked.

"No, but she's been showing every one her new office so I would assume you
are just the next line."

"That figures," Susan thought. Kerry Weaver had just been named head of the
ER since Dr. Romano had been involved in an accident. The power was getting
hard to take.

Lewis signed out and hurried off to Weaver's new office. Like she had been
told Lewis was treated to the tour of the new office. They say and sipped a
little coffee while Weaver filled Lewis in on her plans for the ER.

"There is something else I wanted to show you," Kerry said as walked over
the TV in her office. She turned it on and played a tape in the VCR.

Susan gasped as the screen was filled with the image of her and Gallant. She
was sucking his cock and her mind instantly filled with both shock over what
was happening and excitement as she relived the episode.

"As you know, the hospital videotapes all activities where drugs are kept.
You've been here long enough to know that we have had problems with
unauthorized distribution. Even though the drug supply room hadn't been used
in a while they never disconnected the camera."

"I assume you want my resignation. You'll have it in a few hours," Susan
replied. The excitement was now gone and all she felt was fear.

"It's not that easy Susan," Weaver began. "You're a good doctor. We need
you here. It is also a little complicated because I already talked to Dr.
Gallant. He told me how this happened."

Susan was speechless. She started shaking. She just thrown away her whole
career. She opened her mouth to talk, but nothing came out.

Weaver put her arm around Susan to comfort her. She held Susan to her chest
as she cried a little. Weaver explained that no one had seen it but her and
that no one was going to see it. She just wanted the parties involved to take
it off site and have an understanding.

Susan looked at Kerry and started to thank her. Before the words could come
out, Kerry lightly kissed Susan's lips.

Susan froze. Everyone knew that Dr. Weaver was a lesbian. She didn't want
Kerry to get wrong idea. Instinctively though, Susan kissed back.

Susan couldn't believe what she was doing. Less than 24 hours before, she
would never have dreamed of this. Still she led Kerry to couch in her office
and laid her down. Susan dropped to her knees beside the couch and slowly
pulled Kerry's pants down. Susan handled them with care so as to cause any
problems to her bad leg.

Susan smiled at Kerry and lowered her gaze to Kerry's little red bush. It was
covered with a soft, downy fluff above her slit and the rest was shaved bare.
Susan lowered her tongue to Kerry's pussy and began to slowly lick at her
engorged clit. Juices flowed from Kerry as Susan continued her passion. Susan
looked up and saw that Kerry had pulled her shirt up over her perky tits and
was brushing and rubbing her hardening nipples. Susan loved the seeing
Kerry's cute little tits and her small rock hard nipples. She found herself
noticing the difference not only between hers and Kerry's but Abby's as well.

Susan reached her hand down in her scrubs and began fingering her pussy as
she licked Kerry. Her pussy was soaked. She pulled her hands from her pussy
to lick them herself but Kerry grabbed it and began licking the juices off.
Kerry savored Susan's juices remembering how long it had been since she had
tasted another woman.

The taste and aroma brought Kerry over the edge. She exploded in Susan's face
covering her with the most violent flush of juices that Susan had ever
experienced. Kerry's pussy clamped down on Susan's tongue and she could feel
every area of Kerry's tight cunt pressed against her.

Weaver slowly recovered and pushed Susan onto the couch. Susan quickly
stripped and Kerry drank in her exquisite form. She told Susan how much she
loved her heavy full breasts and lush bush. With that Kerry sank into Susan's

Susan realized how expert Kerry was at pleasuring a woman. She hadn't felt
like this in ages. Kerry buried her face in Susan's pussy and reached up and
started playing with her soft tits. Susan watched as Kerry pleased her in
more ways than she ever dreamed possible. Then Kerry hit a spot with her
tongue that Susan didn't even know she had. In seconds she was screaming with
the most mind rattling orgasm she had ever had.

Susan planted a long wet kiss on Kerry. She dressed and told Kerry she needed
to get back to ER. As she left, Susan looked and Kerry. Kerry looked like she
was about to say something but didn't. Sensing what Kerry wanted, Susan

"This doesn't necessarily have to end here."


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