E.R. (m/f)
by Erin ([email protected])

Dr. Susan Lewis walked into the ER. She was a beautiful woman in her late
20s. She had nice, 36C breasts, but didn't like to flaunt them. She never
showed off for anyone. It was a cold Monday morning in February. She walked
into the lounge and took off her coat and put her things in her locker. She
put on her medical coat and walked into the Nurse's Station.

"Got anyone for me, Jerry?" asked Dr. Lewis.

"We got one coming in 5 minutes. Gun shot to te chest. Dr. Greene is waiting
at the doors for it. You can assist him." Jerry replied.

"Ok," Dr Lewis said as she walked to the door and saw Dr. Greene talking to
the nurses waiting with him. Susan never told anyone, but she found Dr. Mark
Greene very attractive. She constanly found herself staring mercifully at his
ass. She wanted so bad to get into his pants. She walked up to everyone,
"Good morning guys," she stated.

"Hi Susan, you look....nice today," Dr. Green said, stuttering as he stared
at her breasts. He had a secret crush on Susan. Mark often masturbated to the
thought of her beautiful naked body.

"Thanks, you don't look so bad yourself," she continued. The door flew open
and a bloodied man was rolled through the door on a guerney.

"Looks like they're early," Mark stated. They rushed the man into the Trauma
room. Susan found the wound and tried to get the bullet out. As she cut a
hole in the man's chest, she hit a vein and blood rushed out all over her

"Shit!," Susan screamed. She pulled the bullet out and left the room.

"Alright, he's stable. Take him up to OR, Mark said as he followed Susan to
the lounge. He peeked his head in the small window in the door. He saw Susan
about to take off her shirt. Mark paused at the door, still looking in the
window. Susan took off her coat and slipped out of her shirt. Her pert
breasts rolled out. Mark's cock stood up. He really like what he was seeing.
Susan turned her head to look for a surgical shirt to wear for the rest of
the day and saw Mark peering in. She threw her arms over her chest and turned
away in embarassment.

"I'm really sorry Susan," Mark said as he walked through the door, "It's just
that lately, I've been kinda..."

"It's ok," Susan interrupted, "I should have found some place else to

"Well...all I can say is that you looked very beautiful...and...uh...," Mark

"Say no more, I feel the same way about you." Susan interrupted again.

"Really? That is a load of my chest." Mark said as he grabbed

Susan and kissed her madly. She returned the kiss, removing her arms from
her chest and putting them on Mark's crotch. Mark moved his hand down and
cupped her breast in his palm. He massaged the nipple and queezed the flesh.
She whimpered with delight. Just then Dr' Doug Ross walked through the door.

"Hiya Mark.... Oh shit, I'm really sorry...uh..." Dr' Ross said.

He turned around and walked back out.

"Maybe we should do this somewhere a bit safer, like your place, after work?"
Mark said.

"That sounds better," Susan said, walking over and slipping on one of the
surgical shirts from the closet. She put on her coat, gave Mark a kiss, and
left the room, off to do her rounds, Mark couldn't wait until tonight.

* * *

Carol Hathaway was a tall, shapely woman in her mid 20s. She had nice sized,
37C tits, and loved to flaunt them to men. She loved to wear skin-tight
clothes and no bra, but unfortunatley, ay work she had wear her required
nurse's outfit, and couldn't show off her lovely breasts. She had had her
eyes on Doug Ross for a long time. She had slept with him once a while ago,
and hadn't had any better since. She longed for his thick cock, his tight
ass, and his muscular arms. She wanted him today, and she was gonna try her
hardest to get him.

"Hey Doug," Carol called out over the ER, "you got a minute?" Doug Ross
walked over to Carol and she grabbed his arm and drew him back into an empty
hallway. "There is a patient in room 124 who needs you," she said.

"Alright, what seems to be the problem with him?" Doug inquired.

"See for yourself," Carol said in a very sensual way. She led him to an empty

"There's no one in here," Doug said. As he turned his head to Carol, he saw
her taking off her shirt, revealing her wonderful breasts.

"Holy shit!" He cried out as she grabbed him in a tight kiss.

"Lunch is in 10 minutes, let's go to my place," Doug said as Carol licked his
ear lobe.

* * *

Doug threw open his door and he and Carol fell in. Doug slammed the door and
quickly ripped off his shirt and pants, standing in his boxer shorts, Doug
grabbed Carol and helped her get undressed. Her shirt was already off and
Doug ripped of her pants. He carried her to the bed and dropped her on it. He
slipped off her panties and stared at her hairy mound. Carol had thick, black
pubic hair. Doug ripped off his shorts and stroked his 7 inch dick once or
twice, making sure it was fully erect. He bent over and planted a kiss on her
lips as his planted a kiss on her other lips. Doug gave a mighty push and his
dick was inside of her. She cried out in passion and grabbed Doug's hips and
forced him down onto her harder. She scratched at his back with her nails,
leaving scrapes all down his back, but Doug didn't care, he was having the
sex of his life with the woman of his dreams.

Doug continued pumping Carol until he felt that familiar feeling.

He was about to cum. "I'm gonna cum, Carol," Doug warned.

"Cum inside of me, oh yes!" she screamed, almost passing out from the
feeling. Doug gave it one last thrust and felt his dick unload into Carol's
delicate pussy. He grunted as Carol's muscles milked him dry. He collapsed on
top of her. He gave her a playful kiss. She smiled at him returned the kiss.
They never made it back to work.

* * *

John Carter was just a med student, and so was his girlfriend, Harper Tracy.
She was a beautiful woman with a nice figure. Carter felt he was lucky to
have her.

"Hey John, there is no one in room 138, let's go make love," Harper said
grabbing John out of the hall.

"Sounds great!" John replied. She led him by the arm to room 138.

She flung open the door and locked it after her. She bent down on her knees
and unbuttoned John's pants. They dropped to the floor and he stepped out of
them. Then Harper pulled down his shorts, revealing his 5 inch penis. She
smiled with glee and licked the head. John threw his head back as he set
himself to receive a blowjob. Harper put the cock in her mouth and deep
throated it, making John whince with pleasure. After about five minutes of
this, John felt himself begin to cum, and before he could say anything,
Harper got a mouthful, but she loved it. Harper loved the taste of semen. She
gulped and stood up and looked John in the eyes. John grabbed the back of her
neck and kissed her deeply. It was his turn.

John ripped Harper's shirt off. He stared at her breasts through the bra she
was wearing. Harper pulled off her pants and underwear, leaving her standing
there in her bra. John lifted her and put her on the bed. He lowered his face
to her slit. Harper had a small patch of blondish hair above her cunt. John
ran his hand through that hair. Then he put his tongue to her labia and
licked her already juicy snatch. Harper puckered her lips and moaned softly.
She has in ecstasy. John put a finger to her clit and rubbed, it causing
Harper to wiggle uncontrollably. John began to lick with a rhythm, in and
out. His tongue swirled through her cunt with ease. He lapped up some of her
juices and loved every drop. He couldn't wait until the rest came out. Harper
let out a loud squeal and John's face was covered in her sweet girl cum. John
licked it off his face and around her labia. He stood up and stroked his dick
a little, bringing it back to life. He put it at the opening to Harper's
cunt. He looked at her with a smile. She nodded and John drove it into her.

Harper had had many dicks in her, but John's was her favorite. It wasn't too
big or too small, it was average. The sex didn't hurt, but it still made her
cum. That was the way she liked it. John's balls hammered against Harper's
ass as he spead up the pace. Harper could feel her second orgasm coming. So
could John. He grinded his hips into hers as their simultaneous orgasms
ripped through their bodies. Harper let a loud moan as she felt John's semen
in her. She loved it. John laid down next to her and gave her a light kiss on
the cheek. Harper just stared at the ceiling, still in ecstacy....

* * *

"Wanna go again?" asked Carol as she ran her hands through Doug's hair.

"Sure, what the hell," Doug said. Carol manuevered herself down to his limp
dick. She took it in her mouth, inch by inch, until she had it swallowed. It
sprang up instantly. Carol sucked on the purple head and played with Doug's
balls with her hand. Doug loved this. Carol released her grip and stood up.
She lined herself up and straddled him, his dick entering her starving cunt.
The sighed as Doug's 7 ich dick slowly slid in until it has in to it's hilt.
Carol was ready. She began bouncing up and down on Doug's thick shaft. Doug
just stared at Carol's beautiful breasts, giggling with each bounce. He loved
the thought of sex with no work. Carol was doing it all. He just sat back and
waited for the orgasm. He didn't have to wait long. "I'm gonna cum again
Carol," he stated.

"Ok," Carol said getting off him. She put her hand around his shaft and began
to stroke it, faster and faster, until a white hot stream of fluid burst from
it's head and landed all over Carol's hand and Doug's stomach. She licked the
semen off her hand and then off his stomach.

Before Doug even got a thought straight in his head, Carol had already sat on
his face. He knew what to do now. Doug lapped at Carol's pussy for the rest
of the day, with her cumming three more times. Like I said before, they never
made it back to work.

* * *

Mark and Susan got out of the hospital at 7:30 that night. "I'll drive," said

"Ok," Susan said, tossing over her keys. They both jumped in the car as it
spead off. They were in a hurry. Susan couldn't wait. She leaned over and
unzipped Mark's pants and pulled them down so she could get at his underwear.

"What are you doing?" Mark already knew the answer.

"I can't wait any longer. I have to have it now." she said as she reached her
hand under the cotton fabric and felt Mark's manhood for the first time. "It
feels nice, Mark," she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. Susan bent her
head down and ripped the underwear off. She licked the tip of Mark's dick
slowly, causing him to moan out loud.

"We're here Susan," Mark said, parking the car. Susan sat back up and Mark
put his pants back on. They ran up the stairs, Susan getting to the apartment
first. She put her key in and opened the door. Mark stepped in shut it. Susan
ripped off her surgical shirt, revealing her pert breasts to Mark once again.
She walked over to him and ripped off his shirt too. They kissed deeply, as
Mark squeezed Susan's breast. They eventually found there way to the bedroom.
Mark fell backward onto the bed, with Susan landing on top of him. She pulled
off the rest of his clothes and once again eyed his dick. Susan had not had
sex with a man for over a year now. She was ready. She pulled off her pants
revealing her black satin panties. She slid these off too. Mark stared at her
lovley pussy, with a little brown hair above it. Susan wasted no time. She
lowered herself onto Mark's dick and began to gyrate her hips back and forth.
Mark couldn't believe how horny this girl was. Dr. Susan Lewis, the quiet one
who never talked about stuff like this and couldn't be pictured like this.
But there she was, riding Mark violently, letting out screams of passion that
could wake the dead. He loved it.

"I'm ....uh....about to cu....m....uhh...." Mark mumbled.

"I don't care, Mark!" Susan screamed. Mark let it loose and Susan loved it.
The look of glee on her face when his jism shot was worth a million dollars.
Susan laid down on Mark's chest and kissed him madly.

"That was wonderful, Mark. Now you have to make me cum," she said, smiling

"Challenged accepted," Mark said. He rolled her over lowered his finger down
to her cunt. Mark kissed Susan as his finger penetrated her lips. He rubbed
her clit and Susan almost came right there. Mark continued rubbing and in
less than a minute, Susan's pussy overflowed with her juices. She let out a
scream of pleasure and Mark took his finger out and licked it. They both
smiled at each other. Mark cupped her breast and began to lick it. He looked
up at Susan and found that she had fallen asleep. He kissed her on the cheek
and walked over to the phone. He picked up the receiver and dialed Doug's

"Hello?" Doug said in low, tired voice.

"Oh sorry, Doug. did I wake you?" Mark asked.

"Yeah but it's ok, Mark. What did you need?"

"By have I got a story for you. Guess who I just had sex with?"

"Only if YOU guess who i slept with today," Doug said in a strange tone.



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