Author's notes: A fantasy of mine is being all alone in Disney World with the
some hot babes dressed as Disney princesses and doing it in the park and on
the rides. That was part of the inspiration for this fic.

Even Stevens/Lizzie McGuire/Phil Of The Future/That's So Raven:
Who I Did On My Summer Vacation - Trip To Disney World Part 1
by Hamster

Deep Beneath the castle in Disney World's Magic Kingdom in the secret
compound of Michael Eisner, Orlando, Florida, USA, Earth...

"Sir we have some very bad news." One of Mickey's secret service said as he
entered the control room of the evil CEO. He was nervous. Michael Eisner was
notorious for not taking bad news well. Plus the evil lair full of torture
devices wasn't comforting.

"What?" Asked Michael Eisner who was dressed like a cross between Darth Vader
and Dr. Doom, complete with a cast iron Mickey mask.

"Well sir do you remember those tinkerbell fairies you had us genetically
engineer and release into the park?" The agent asked.

"Yes what about them?" Asked the evil CEO while trying to manage a menacing
voice and failing spectacularly.

"Well sir, they are producing some very unusual pheromones."

"Don't call me sir, you know I prefer 'Master' or 'Dark Lord'. And what
kind of pheromones are you talking about?" Eisner asked in alarm. He was
emotionally ill equipped to deal with problems.

"Well sir... I mean Dark Lord we expect the parks to break out in a general
orgy by the 5 o'clock main street parade." The Agent said.


"Well they emit a pixie dust that makes people horny as hell. General chaos
should erupt before we close tonight."

"Mother of god, my safety comes first. Get me the hell out of here! Then
quarantine the parks nobody in or out! We will wait till the dust wears off
then we will brain wash them into forgetting that anything odd happened.
After that we will destroy those blasted fairies. And if the stuff doesn't
wear off the guests we'll neutralize them too. We'll just blame the
terrorists." Eisner said.

10:00am Animal Kingdom...

Ren Stevens was totally lost. The park was huge and she had somehow managed
to lose her brother, and her brother's friend Tawny. She had wound up in a
little alcove that looked out into a lake with frolicking hippos. Actually
it was less like frolicking and more like fucking. Ren was a bit hypnotized
by the sight.

Other than the hippos Ren had no company. The park was eerily empty, there
seemed to be almost no one around. Which was odd for Disney World in the
summer. Suddenly a very pretty red-haired girl entered the alcove with her.

"Oh hi." Ren said with one of her trademark smiles.

"Ohh hii, like I am so lost." The girl said.

"Yeah me too." Ren said. "I don't know how but I got separated from my

"Yeah me too, well actually I think I took the bus to the wrong park." The
redhead said.

Ren couldn't help but laugh. "I'm Ren."


"Well we should wait till we see a Disney cast member* and ask for help." Ren

"Good luck, it's a ghost town in here." Chelsea said.

Both girls talked for several minutes and got to know a little bit about each
other. After awhile they exchanged phone numbers after realizing they lived
relatively close. Ren was from Sacramento and Chelsea from San Francisco.
They then decided to go find the entrance and ask for help there. Surely
there would be somebody there at least. Just then they saw a twinkling light
that was trailed by glitter fly over them and sprinkle them with pixie dust.
Both girls sneezed cutely.

They both began to feel a bit odd. A shiver climbed the spines of both girls
and their hearts fluttered as they looked into each other's eyes.

"Wow Ren I feel weird, a good weird." Chelsea said.

"Yeah me too." Ren said.

"You know Ren I'm really glad I met you." Chelsea said, as she got closer to
her friend.

"Oh thank you Chel, I feel the same way." Ren said as she approached her.

They brushed their lips together. Their lips parted and they embraced soon
they were kissing in earnest, their hands roaming over each other's body and
their passion mounting by the minute. Suddenly Chelsea broke their kiss.

"W-wait Ren what if somebody sees us."

"Uh Chelsea this place is a ghost town."

"Oh yeah good point."

They went back to making out. Ren and Chelsea began taking off each other's
clothing as they kissed. Chelsea pulled off Ren's shirt and unhooked her
bra. The Ren took off Chelsea's somewhat baggy shirt and was surprised and
a little envious at how big Chelsea's tits actually were, especially when
compared to Ren's own small breasts. But she had little time to reflect on
this since Chelsea removed Ren's shoes the pulled off her khaki pants.
Chelsea's long jean-skirt came off next so that both girls' were only
wearing panties. Chelsea grabbed the waistband of Ren's panties and pulled
them down to her ankles. The fact Chelsea wore boxer's surprised Ren.

'Why was someone so sexy trying to downplay it so much?' Ren wondered.

The two kissed again then Ren took Chelsea by the hand and led her to the
wooden bench in front of the hippo exhibit. They sat down next to each other
and Ren rubbed Chelsea's thighs as she dipped her head down and began to suck
on one of the redhead's hard nipples. Chelsea spread her legs a bit to let
Ren have greater access to her pussy. Ren's fingers burrowed deep into
Chelsea cunt and with her free hand Ren massaged her breast.

"Oh yes Ren, that's good yes." Chelsea whimpered.

Ren removed her fingers, much to Chelsea's disappointment, but then pushed
her back on the bench so that she lay on her back. Ren spread her legs out
and laid a kiss on Chelsea's pussy lips. She then slid her tongue up and
down across the slit, which caused the redhead to purr in pleasure. Ren got
up and sat on Chelsea's face so that they were in the ‘69' position. Then
they began to happily eat each other out. They moaned and licked happily
until they each climaxed.

The girl's sat up and looked at each other.

"That was amazing, Ren." Chelsea said.

"Yes it was." Ren agreed before kissing her.

Elsewhere in Animal Kingdom...

Louis Stevens, Ren's brother, had wandered into Camp Minimiki while looking
for his sister. He was distracted in his search when he found Pocahontas or
at least the cast member* dressed as her pacing back and forth and looking
frantic. She was a pretty girl with long black hair and very nice cleavage.

"Oh hi Pocahontas what's wrong?" Luis asked the obviously distraught girl.

"Oh jeez I thought I was all alone. The park was evacuated but nobody checked
the rest rooms! Now I'm stuck here, we are stuck here." Pocahontas said.

"What?" Luis asked in shock. "No way."

"It's true." She replied. "Disney World is in lockdown mode."

"That is so cool!" He said.

"What?" Pocahontas demanded.

"Come on P. we are locked in the happiest place on earth and nobody's minding
the shop. We can actually afford drinks and food! No lines at the rides. This
is awesome." Louis raved.

"Ha ha. Maybe you have a point." She said smiling.

There was the sound of giggling as a twinkling light trailed by glitter flew
by making the sound of a small ringing bell. Louis and Pocahontas both

"You know, you're pretty cute for a kid with weird hair." Pocahontas said.

"Uhhh thanks, I think. You're pretty cute period." Louis replied.

"Thanks." She said.

They were both feeling very attracted to each other and very horny. They
looked at each other for several minutes and then threw themselves at each
other, their tongues wrestling passionately as their hand roamed all over
each other's bodies. In the back of his mind Louis had a nagging feeling of
guilt because he was in love with Tawny. This guilt was over powered by the
lost he felt as he ran his fingers through Pocahontas' hair and felt her
impressive breasts.

She turned around so he could unzip her dress. He took advantage and reached
around to grab Pocahontas' now naked boobs and begin squeezing and massaging
them. She could feel the hard bulge in his pants pressed against her ass.
Louis stopped playing with her tits so that he could remove his own clothing.
Once her lover was undressed Pocahontas bent over and grabbed a bench to
support herself. Louis took hold of her hips and guided his penis to the wet
hole. He thrust in and began pumping in and out steadily. Pocahontas grunted
and moaned as Louis's cock plunged into her repeatedly. Pocahontas' breasts
swayed back and forth with every stroke. Pocahontas cried and whimpered as
she was fucked until Louis finally blew his wad into her cunt. They collapsed
into a sweaty, panting pile.

* Disney employees are called 'cast members' in the parks. - Hamster

10:15 am Magic Kingdom…

Lizzie McGuire had been wandering for several minutes after exiting the
girl's room but it seemed as if the whole park was deserted. She had looked
up and down and all over the park for her parents and her brother but she'd
seen no one, not even a cast member. She remembered that her brother had
wanted to see 'It's a Small World' ride for some inexplicable reason. She
had just turned into a corner when she slammed right into a large breasted
black teenaged girl.

Lizzie fell right on her ass but the other girl managed to retain her
balance. The other girl gave her a hand and helped her to her feet.

"Uh thanks, sorry." Lizzie said.

"Don't even trip girl I'm the one who's sorry..." Suddenly the girl got a
weird far away look on her face. "Is your name Lizzie by any chance?"

"Yeah how did you know that?"

1:32 minutes ago...

Raven Baxter ran straight into a pretty blonde girl who fell right on her
ass. Raven gave her a hand and helped her to her feet.

"Uh thanks, sorry." The blonde girl said.

"Don't even trip girl I'm the one who's sorry..." Raven started.

Suddenly though she had a psychic vision. She was lying naked with the blonde
girl who was equally naked, they kissed lovingly.

"That was great Lizzie." Raven said.

"Is your name Lizzie by any chance?" Raven asked.

"Yeah how did you know that?" Lizzie asked in response.

"Oh I, well uhh, you see...hi my name is Raven."

"Oh uhh hi Raven. So do you know what's going on here?" She asked.

"Yeah they evacuated the parks and quarantined them. But they forgot to check
the bathrooms." Raven said.

"That was a quick evacuation." Lizzie said.

"Yeah, yeah it was." Raven agreed. "Look I think we should split up and see
if we can find anyone else 'cause... Is that a Tinkerbell fairy?

Lizzie also sneezed. Raven stared at Lizzie and realized just how pretty she
was. Raven decided that the bold approach would be best.

"So uh Lizzie I have a confession to make." Raven said.


"Yes, I'm actually a psychic and I just had a vision of us making love." She
rushed out all at once.

"I am so glad to hear that." Lizzie replied to Raven's delight.

The two girls threw themselves together. Their tongues wrestled and their
hands groped as they collapsed in a pile of hot lust. Raven's shirt came off
first exposing a marvelous set of firm round boobs in a black bra. Then
Lizzie lost her shirt revealing her own white bra that contained boobs that
were smaller than Raven's yet still quite nice. The pair played with each
other's tits for a while before continuing to completely disrobe.

"Oh yeah Lizzie slap my pussy, baby." Raven demanded.

Lizzie smacked Raven's pussy loudly making her squeal in delight. Lizzie
leaned forward and began to eat her out. After Raven came too and orgasm a
bit too quickly, Lizzie crawled up her body and planted a kiss on her nipple.
She began to suck on it and nibble a bit on the nipple, which drove Raven
wild. She crawled up higher and began to kiss her new lover. Their breasts
were mashed together and they began grinding cunts. Soon they were both
cumming over and over. Raven was laying with Lizzie kissing lovingly as their
finger pistoned in and out of each other gently.

"That was great Lizzie." Raven said.

"Mmmm it was the best Raven." Lizzie replied.

The "It's a Small World After All" ride 10:30 am...

Pim was losing her mind. She'd been stuck on the ride from hell forever. Her
stupid boat hadn't moved an inch and that song kept playing over and over.
Pim was beginning to wish that she hadn't ditched her brother. She was
certain she was going to snap when she saw a boy about her age wading his
way towards her boat.

"What are you doing?" Pim demanded.

"This ride's been stuck for awhile and no ones come in to check on us so I
decided to wade my way out." The boy said.

"A few minutes ago I would have ruthlessly mocked you for coming up with such
a ridiculous idea. But right about now it seems like a pretty darn good plan.
This song is driving me crazy." Pim said.

Matt McGuire knew that he liked this girl. He could sense her innately
villainous nature and he liked it. She splashed down into the water and began
to follow him.

"I'm Matt McGuire."

"Pim Diffy."

"Pim what a beautiful name. Has anyone told you that you are a wonderful
goddess of loveliness?" Matt said as he stared at her in adoration.

Pim felt somewhat nauseated by this impromptu declaration of love.

"Hey watch out, a fairy." Pim swatted the offending Tinkerbell out of the

Unfortunately swatting her only caused her to burst into a cloud of pixie
dust that flew everywhere. Matt who was already 'warm for Pim's form' was
barely affected. Pim however had a complete attitude adjustment.

"Wonderful goddess of loveliness you say?" Pim asked with a smile.

"Yes." Matt replied.

Pim grabbed him and pulled him in for a kiss.

Epcot, 10:45 AM...

Phil was very unhappy. He'd lost his sister who had apparently ditched him
to take a bus to a different park, AND apparently the entire place had been
completely evacuated while he was in the bathroom. The only good thing was
that his best friend Keelee was stuck with him. Although he felt guilty about
feeling good about that. They had wandered around for half an hour but the
place was deserted and all exits sealed.

"I have a plan." Keelee said.

Phil groaned. Keelee was a very good friend, but not so good with the plans.

"What?" He asked.

"We could pretend we're cast members and sneak out through the under ground
network of tunnels where Michael Eisner runs Disney from. I'm sure he has
escape pods and such." Keelee said.

"Keel that's just an urban myth." Phil said. Phil began to think and he
realized that he might never leave the park again. If he wanted to tell
Keelee how he felt about her he needed to tell her now. He grabbed Keelee's
hands and looked into her eyes. "Keelee I have to tell you something."

"What is it?" Keelee asked.

"Keelee you are more than just a friend to me. I really, really like you.
Actually I love you." Phil said.

Keelee's eyes grew wide with the surprise declaration. Phil became
increasingly uncomfortable as she stared at him open mouthed without a
response of any kind.

Fortunately for Phil that's when a fairy chose to make an appearance. The
Tinkerbell fairy flew over the both of them coating them in pixie dust.
Keelee sneezed cutely.

Keelee looked back up at Phil. She was now completely in love and very horny

The underground network of Tunnels from which Michael Eisner runs Disney,
specifically Michael's escape pod, 11:00AM...

"Once I'm safe execute operation 'faerie exterminus'." Michael ordered his
security team.

"Yes dark lord." They responded at once.

To be continued...

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