Even Stevens/Lizzie McGuire/Phil Of The Future/That's So Raven:
Trip To Disney World Part 2 (ff,FFf,mFf,bg,inter)
by Hamster

The Magic Kingdom...

Lizzie took the rock hard nipple in her mouth and sucked it like a starving
baby. She bit down on it a bit hard and made Raven cry out in passion. Lizzie
raised her hand and slapped down hard on the other breast. Raven had let
Lizzie know in subtle ways she preferred it rough.

"EEEEEEEEyeeeeeeeesssssss!!!" Raven screamed.

"Oh you like that don't you bitch?" Lizzie asked.


Lizzie licked a trail down Raven's body till she got to the other girl's
skin-tight leather pants. She unbuttoned them and began to pull down the
leather. Eventually raven's black panties were revealed. Lizzie bit the
waistband with her teeth and tore them off violently in her desperation to
get at the sweet, juicy pussy concealed within. Raven spread her legs wide
and licked her lips, inviting Lizzie to claim the dripping cunt that she
clearly wanted. Lizzie scarcely needed to be invited. She opened her mouth
wide and dove right into to the tasty pussy. She sucked and slurped loudly
as vigorously tongue fucked her new lover. Raven was crushing her own boobs
in her hands hard enough to make the flesh squeeze out between her fingers.

"Mmmm oh yeeah that's so good, yes!!!" Raven cried as thrust her cunt up
into Lizzie's waiting mouth.

Lizzie had to grab the smooth firm ass cheeks to hold her in place. Lizzie's
licking yum-yum and slurping noises got louder and louder as she ate the
other girl out enthusiastically.

"YES YES FUCK YES YOU DO IT GIRL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Raven cried as
she spewed her girl cum into the mouth and down the throat of her lovely

Lizzie climbed back atop her roommate and kissed her passionately as she
mauled her big boobs. Raven moaned lustfully as she sucked the girl-cum from
Lizzie sweet mouth.

"Oh, oh Lizzie that was great. B-But shouldn't we trying to get out of here?"
Raven asked.

"Yeah you're right." Lizzie said as she licked her lips.

Suddenly a man in a bio-suit walked around the corner.

"Who are you?" Both girls asked at once.

"I'm here to help." He said before spraying them with a gas fog.


Keelee lay naked on her back on a bench. Phil straddled her waist and bent
down to kiss her, softly at first, then very passionately. His hands moved
down to the bottom of her shirt, which he proceeded to remove. This exposed
Keelee's smallish breasts. He licked and sucked each nipple while Keelee
softly moaned. His free hand unbuttoned the girl's white pants then unzipped
them. She had slender legs, which he pushed back to her shoulders as he
guided his penis towards her pussy. She squeaked as his cock entered her and
began to slide in and out. She was so beautiful on her back, panting that it
spurred Phil to greater heights of lust. His cock slid in and out repeatedly
until they were both crying out with explosive orgasms.

"Oh Phil, that was so good." Keelee sighed.

"I have always wanted to do that with you and I hate myself for waiting so
long to do it." Phil said.

They kissed deeply and curled up in each other's arms. They didn't even
notice the guys in environmental suits until they started spraying them with

Magic kingdom...

Tia couldn't find Pim. That was bad because Phil had invited her on this trip
specifically so that she could watch his sister while he spent some time
alone with Keelee. Not only could she not find Phil's bratty sister but also
she had been feeling unbelievably horny since she had run across a little
Tinkerbell fairy.

As she made her way through the park she happened across a pair of cast
members. One was dressed as Jasmine the other was dressed as Belle. They
were both making out like their lives depended on it. Tia was turned on
to incredible degrees as she watched the two getting it on.

"Holy shit!" she said suddenly.

Belle and Jasmine both suddenly stopped and turned to see her there.

"My, my what do we have here?" asked Belle.

"Looks like we have a horny little slut getting all hot and bothered from
watching us kiss." Jasmine said.

"Really, well maybe she'd like to join in." Belle suggested.

"Well let's just see." Tia offered absolutely no resistance at all as Jasmine
approached her and planted a kiss on her lips.

Jasmine's hand slid up the girl's thigh and underneath her skirt until it
finally found Tia's panty-clad pussy. Jasmine rubbed the virgin cunt though
the fabric, exciting the girl greatly. Belle stepped behind Tia and kissed
her neck while massaging her smallish breasts. Both woman soon had fingers
under Tia's panties and were pumping them in and out of the young teen.

"Mmmmmm Yes yes!!!" Tia cried.

Once she finally came Belle and Jasmine began to lick their cum soaked
fingers. They stripped each other down and approached Tia. They removed all
her clothing and Belle buried her face in the teen's pussy while Jasmine
straddled her face. Belle's tongue began gently exploring Tia's pussy and
Tia mimicked it's actions in Jasmine's pussy. Belle's finger's slid to her
own pussy so that she could frigg herself off while she ate out the teen's

Two men in environmental suits rounded a corner and saw what was happening.

The first said to the other, "Quick let's spray them."

"No wait," The second said as he grabbed his comrade's shoulder, "Let them

With that each of them reached into their suits and began to stroke their
cocks as they watched the show.

Animal Kingdom...

Tawny wandered into Camp Minimiki and was absolutely horrified by what she
saw. There was here true love Louis and his face was buried in Pocahontas's
cunt. He was making some fairly loud slurping sounds and was apparently
really digging the pussy he was feasting on.

Her horror turned to passion and lust however when a fairy sprinkled her dust
over her. She purposefully approached the other pair. Pocahontas had her eyes
and was moaning and groaning in pleasure, so she did not even notice Tawny's
approach. Tawny tapped Luis on the shoulder. He was very startled as he
lifted his face from Pocahontas's pussy. He saw Tawny and began to stammer.

"Look Tawny I can explain..." He started but was interrupted by Tawny's
tongue diving into his mouth. She enjoyed the taste of pussy juice in his

Without saying a word she took his place in Pocahontas's cunt. The cast
member made no protest about this. She then wiggled her ass invitingly. Louis
needed no other invitation. He approached her from behind and slid his cock
into her dripping wet pussy. When he popper her cherry and she let out a cute
little whimper it was more than enough to put him over the top and make him
cum, hard.

* * *

Ren and Chelsea couldn't explain it but they were instantly and madly in love
and they couldn't keep their hands off each other. They had just finished
coming to their 11th or 12th orgasm by grinding their naked cunts together
when a panting Ren looked into her lovers eyes and tried to tell her it was
time for a break from all the lesbian sex.

"Chel, we have to stop and look for a way out of this park." Ren said trying
to be reasonable and rational.

"Why?" Chelsea countered. "Everything I want is right here, at least till
they come to let us out. Besides I want to make love to you at least a dozen
and one more time."

With that Chelsea kissed Ren and she melted in her arms. The pair fell
into the '69' position and began to lick and slurp at each other's pussys

Magic Kingdom...

Pim had been sucking on Matt's cock for a solid hour and he was pretty much
dazed from all the pleasure. Absently he thought he might like to cum all
over her face his thoughts were interrupted by a strange fog...


Disney's Biohazard team had cleaned up the whole mess and Michael Eisner
showed up to pay-off the parents of those who were stuck in the park during
the fairy infestation.

"Bastards, you think you can throw money at us and it will all be ok?" Jo
McGwire demanded furiously.

"Well sweety it is a lot of money." Her husband said and then caught a dirty
look from his wife.

"Look people you can take the money and be happy or cause trouble and Disney
lawyers will crush you like the annoying insects that you are." Michael
Eisner said.

All of the parents decided to just take the checks and leave quietly.

Meanwhile two of the teens were saying their goodbyes...

After they had all been sprayed there were mixed reactions. Raven and Lizzie
were embarrassed and didn't talk or go near each other. Tawny and Luis, and
Keelee and Phil had all been in love anyways they just had their first sexual
experiences. Pim had threatened Matt with unspeakable vengeance if he ever
mentioned the incident to anyone.

Ren and Chelsea however stood apart from everyone. They were holding each
other's hands and looking at each other lovingly.

"I'm going to miss you so much Ren." Chelsea said tearfully.

"Hey we don't live so far from each other. I will call and e-mail everyday
and I'll see every chance I get." Ren assured her.


"You bet."

With that the pair leaned in together and kissed deeply.

The End
_ _ _

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