ESPN2: The Origin Of The Teen Ponygirl Races
(ff,MFff,Mf,inc,BDSM,pony play,reluc,cons)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Two men named Chris sat in chairs in the newsroom of ESPN2.

"Hello everyone welcome to our special where we will discuss the history and
origins of the fastest growing sports league in the country, the 13-19 year
old Ponygirl races," said Chris.

"That's right." said Chris. "We have both films and detailed testimonials
from the founders of the league."


BRAD CORMEN: The idea came to me one day when I was desperate and perving on
my own nieces.

Brad Cormen had a massive headache. When his brother-in-law kicked the bucket
after a horrible accident that involved cow milking, Brad came down to the
ranch his sister owned in order to sort out the finances. Unfortunately his
late brother in law was a complete idiot who had ran the cattle ranch into
the ground. Huge amounts of money had been lost, misplaced or pissed away and
bills went unpaid. Brad and his sister needed to come up with a ridiculous
amount of money. And he had no idea how to do it.

"Missing Kansas City already?" asked his sister Jane.

"Like I miss having sex on a regular basis." Admitted Brad. "Jane we are
totally fucked. If we sell all of your cattle, feed, equipment, half of the
property, and I take out a loan for you we will probably still be too short
to save the place and we'll have screwed our future in the process." Said

"First, I love you for saying 'we' but this is my problem and I really don't
want to drag you down with me. Second there has to be someway to save the
ranch." Jane said.

"Well I just don't.... What the hell are the girls doing?" Brad asked.

The girls were Jane's daughters Anne (16) and Brie (13). Anne was hooked up
to some carriage and Brie was holding reigns and riding the chariot.

"They are playing pony. They do it all of the time and sometimes race their
friends." Said Jane.

"What the fuck?" Brad only felt very, very mildly guilty for sporting wood
because he was watching his nieces in pony play. After all he had long ago
become comfortable with and accepting of his own kinks. Quite suddenly he
was struck with a great idea. "Jeez sis, you know that you're sitting on a
gold mine right?"

"What are you talking about?" She asked.

Brad couldn't decide if his sister was cute or annoying.

"Sis, people will pay huge amounts of money to watch girls do that!" Brad

"You're kidding right?" she asked with a disbelieving smile.

"No, I'm dead serious." Brad said. "Trust me. There is no shortage of
perverts that get off on this sort of thing, believe me, I'm one of them.
And with internet, live ticket sales, and gambling we can not only save the
ranch, we can turn a massive profit."

"Are you serious?" She asked.

'Hell yeah." He said. "If you don't mind putting the girls on display for
horney pervs to ogle."

"Well I'll do anything to save the farm and since they like being ogled I may
as well make money off of it." Said Jane.

The first hurdle was asking the girls if they'd be willing to do it. Anne was
already an exhibitionist who loved showing off her body. Brad's sister Jane
had huge tits and a very nice ass. It seemed like young Anne was taking after
her mother. Little Brie was short and slender though, she could pass for a
younger girl. Still she was cute as hell and she was up for it big time.

"This is so awesome, everyone is going to see how hot I look as a pony-girl."
Anne said.

"We have to practice a lot Anne. I'm going to win no matter what." Said Brie.

Brad went about setting things up. With a promise of huge amounts of money he
managed to sign up several of the girls' school friends to compete as ponies
and jockeys. He also found people online that were willing to come to the
ranch to have their daughters compete. Bard sold all of the cattle and a lot
of the ranch machinery to build a track and furnish some modest prize money.
He then lined up some sponsors and a host for the live online feed. He would
split the profit with the host from the people paying to watch the race on
the computer. Next he lined up a few sponsors. Buzz Beer paid for the track
to be built on the ranch but insisted that the race be named the 'Buzz Cup'.
Several other sponsors paid to have billboards set up around the stands. Brad
had a special 'stable/dressing' room set up. Once that was completed a date
there was a huge amount of online advertising done. And of course the girls
practiced. Anne and Brie spent hours on the new track, as did many other
girls who intended to compete.

A few days before the race there was a knock at Brad's guest-room door. His
sister Jane poked her head in.

"Why don't you come with me to the master bed room?" She asked.

Brad blinked. Back when they were 13 and 11 they had experimented with
each other. They had touched each otherís privates and helped each other to
masturbate. Then again as teens they had gotten drunk and had sex with each
other. They had never spoke of it again. Now he found himself thrilled with
the idea of fucking his sister's hot body and sincerely hoping that this was
the reason he was being invited to her bed room at this late an hour.

"Sure I'll be right there." Brad said.

He tread down the hall to his sisters room following her closely. She was
wearing tight jeans that showed off her nice ass. She also wore a tight
sweater that showed off her huge tits. His heart sank when he saw Anne and
Brie there.

"What's up?" He asked.

Jane put an arm around his neck and pressed her body tightly up against his.
"Well I thought we all really needed to thank you for everything that you've
done. Because of you we aren't going to be living in the streets. And all
three of us want to, no need to show our gratitude."

"And how are you going to do that?" He asked as he put his hands on her ass
and squeezed.

"Simple. You can fuck Anne or I, any time you want, anywhere you want, in
any hole you want. Brie has decided she's a full-fledged lesbian but you
can still get some joy out of watching her boff me and her sister." She
said before kissing him hard.

"HOLY HELL!!! He thought. This was better than what he had been expecting.

He kissed Jane and pushed her down to the bed. Brie and Anne both giggled and
then started making out. Brad unbuckled Jane's belt and pulled it off. After
sending the belt flying he unzipped her pants and got to work pulling those
off. Brie and Ann had nearly completed undressing each other between sloppy
kissing. Brad watched them a bit before turning his attention back to his
smoking hot sister Jane. He grabbed her panties and pulled them off so that
he could get a good look at her wet cunt. Brad grabbed her ankle and spread
her legs. Brad's cock was about as hard, swollen and hungry as it was going
to get so he decided to indulge it in his sister's pussy. He thrust into her
and she let out a load groan. Brad grabbed her large breasts and indulged
himself by roughly squeezing them. Brie had moved on to sitting on her
sister's face and getting a nice tongue fuck. When it came to those two, Brie
was definitely a dom and her older sister a sub. Jane was expressing her
pleasure very loudly as her brother ha d his way with her. She started to cum
just as his climax built up. Brad came and slid out of her, he wasn't done
yet though.

"Brie, since you love pussy so much try some of your mom's." Brad suggested.

They switched spots and Brie got busy eating her mom's freshly fucked cunt.
Anne got behind her younger sister and continued to eat her out.

"OH yeah baby, yes! Eat mommy out yes!" Cried Jane.

Didn't take too long for Brad to get rock hard again. His teenaged niece Anne
had one hell of an ass and it was time to tap it. He grabbed her firm ass and
gave it a good squeeze right before giving it a nice hard slap. Brad began to
plunge his cock into her ass to complete the fuck chain.


BRIE: I had to win the first race, I was obsessed with winning.

In order to prepare for the big race Anne started spending all of her time
as a Ponygirl. She spent most of the day training with her sister and at
night she slept in the stables. Anne was always in her pony-girl get-up.
Which consisted of a leather one-piece, knee-high leather boots whose toe
was molded to resemble a hoof, and a mask with reigns and a ball gag. Brie
was always wearing modified racing silks that had an exposed mid-riff and
shorts instead of long pants. Soon other racers began boarding at the farm
while their ponygirls were kept at the stable so that they could spend
extra time practicing. A rule was soon developed that girls who came to
the ranch had to register with the new Ponygirl league, for a fee. All
registered ponygirls remained in the stables and behaved as ponies during
their stay. Kansas was being especially cruel when it came to weather and
there was intermittent rainy, scorching hot and freezing cold days. Training
was hard but every morning, bright and early; Brie and Anne were out racing.
During this time they met Katie and Ally.

Katie was a 13 year old with freckled and long hair. Ally was her Ponygirl.
Ally was tall with black hair and a nice set of breasts. Katie was extremely
competitive and any time that Brie and Anne were on the track, Katie and Ally
just had to try to out do them. One day Brie was feeling particularly ill
tempered when she was practicing and Katie's chariot came charging up besides
her own. Brie gritted her teeth and urged on Anne. Both girls were aware that
Bart James was watching the practices. James was the owner of a California
Vineyard called 'James River', and was looking for a racer to sponsor. With
him watching, it was no longer a simple practice, it was freaking war.

Brie spurred Anne to go faster, much faster than she'd ever gone before she
pushed her as she matched Ally both in drive and intensity. The two teams
rounded the final laps, sweat poured off the two poneygirls. There was a burn
in their legs and sweat in their eyes as they willed themselves to move a
little faster. Their legs pounded the track hard as they crossed the finish.
There was a thunderous applause from gathered spectators watching the
practice but the two jockeys remained unsatisfied. Brie turned and gave Katie
a hateful look as they slowed their ponygirls to a stop. The girls had tied,
there were no photo finish in practices.

Little Brie led her older sister Anne to the stable, muttering unhappily to
herself the whole way. She got to the doors when Bart James caught up to her.
The potential sponsor had hurried to catch up to her.

"Brie hello, can I talk to you for a minute?" He asked.

"Sure Mr. James." She said as she held to Anne's leash.

Anne was tired and she wanted to go to her stable and rest but she waited
patiently while her sister talked to the man.

"I was thinking of sponsoring a racer, to be honest it's a very tough
decision." Mr. James said.

"Hmmm. I think Anne here could help you make that decision. Hard to resist
her bodacious rump and juicy tits." Brie offered.

"Actually, I'd much rather YOU did the convincing yourself." Mr. James

Brie's eyes grew wide as saucers. "B-But I'm a full-blown lesbian...I mean my
sister has a better body..."

"I like my girls petite. But if you don't want the sponsorship, I guess I can
go talk to Katie." Said Mr. James as he turned and began to walk away.

Brie bit her lip. That sponsorship meant big bucks. "WAIT!!!"


BRIE: We needed cash, that meant doing whatever the sponsors wanted.

Brie was in her room stark naked. She was biting her lip and hugging her
favorite stuffed animal, a blue pony. She was really nervous. Mr. James
smiled and dropped his pants. Brie was horrified by the sight of his swollen
penis. She whimpered slightly. Mr. James hopped up onto the bed and crawled
over to Brie.

"OK spread 'em kid." He ordered. Brie spread her legs as instructed. "Excited
aren't you?"

"Oh yeah baby, can't wait." She lied. God, I'm going to throw up, she

Mr. James penetrated her and began to fuck her tight little pussy like a
jackrabbit. Brie covered her face with her stuffed animal and tried to go to
her happy place. I'm glad mom popped my cherry with that strap-on a month
ago, she thought. Mr. James sucked her nipple and gave it a soft bite.

"Oh yes baby that feels so good." She said. God hurry up and cum so we can
get this over with, she thought.

There were a few strokes and Mr. James popped his wad in Brie as she screamed
a completely fake orgasm. Once Mr. James pulled his pants up he popped a kiss
on her cheek. She faked a smile. After he left she proceeded to her bathroom
and promptly puked her guts out like a frat boy after a bender. Jane entered
the room. She was wearing jean shorts and a tight pink t-shirt that showed a
ton of cleavage.

"Sweetie are you OK?" She asked.

"Nope." Her daughter replied. She wiped her mouth as she stood up and
approached her mom. "Fuck mom. You are so damm hot. I just had to sleep with
someone I really didn't want to, please tell me you are willing to help me
get the bad taste out of my mouth."

"I don't know dear I don't want to make a habit of.... HEY" Jane was
interrupted when her daughter grabbed her ass.

"Sorry, but you have such a great ass, I just had to grab it." Brie said as
she rubbed the firm rump and gave it a good squeeze.

"Young lady if you want to have lesbian sex why don't you go down to the
stable and bang your ponygirl?" Jane asked as she grabbed her daughter's

"Awwwwwwww mooooooooooom." Brie whined. "I don't want go all the way down
there right now. It's cold out there, and besides, you're standing right here
with a banging body I want to bang."

"Jeez if you are going to whine about it like a little brat. Fine, but in the
future young lady I expect you to behave more respectfully. I'm not your sex
slave like your sister Anne is." Jane said indignantly.

"YES!" Said Brie. "Thank you mommy."

They both made their way to Brie's bed where Brie continued her groping of
her mother.

"Oh mom, please.... my pussy is full of unwanted cum...please, please lick it
out. Please get it all out." Jane begged.

Jane was willing to oblige it seemed because her head was soon buried between
her daughter's legs. She began slurping away at her daughter's cum splattered
cunt. Brie looked down on her mom's face snacking on her juicy pussy and was
driven to a greater height of lust. Jane kepher cunt lapping up until Brie
began filling her mom's mouth with sweet girl-cum.


JANE: We made a fortune on the first day. I knew right away it was going to
be a success.

The first race of the newly formed American Ponygirl Association was set for
the first day of summer. Dozens of racers were lined up and signed up for the
three heats that would determine who would race for the 'James Cup'. The
track looked sharp and there was a large gathering of spectators. Brad and
Jane sat in the stands next to Mr. James and a few other sponsors.

"Big day." Mr. James said.

"Hell yes." Said Brad.

"A smart person should bet the farm on Brie and Anne." Jane said proudly.

"We'll see about that." Said a nearby rep for Zotch beer, Katie's sponsor.

ESPN was on hand interviewing racers and covering the race itself. The nearby
Schulster Highschool Mustangs' cheerleading squad was on hand in their powder
blue uniforms to rev the crowd up. So was a very good local rock band that
played the National anthem before the race. The teams, consisting of one
jockey and one ponygirl, all had magnificent and easily identifiable
costumes. The ponygirls all wore leather costumes with exposed arms and legs.
They wore knee-high boots with toes molded to resemble hooves. They wore
leather masks that had molded horse ears and manes. They had tails attached
to their asses that matched their manes. The colors of their costumes were
individualized some black, some white, and white with gray spots, paints, one
girl was in zebra print. The most striking was a very tall and long-legged
girl in giraffe print who had little giraffe horns molded to the mask and
giraffe tail instead of a pony one.

Five teams competed in the first heat and only the top two teams would be
competing in the final race for the cup. The first heat ended with a set of
twins and a girl painted black and white like a zebra winning. The second
heat was taken easily by Katie who smoked a purple-haired girl who came in
second. Brie and Anne barely edged out the long-legged giraffe-girl.

Throughout the heats the crowds were pretty rowdy. Women flashing their boobs
at the cameras, loud chanting by fans with clear favorites and even a brawl
in the stands. The brawl was apparently not related to the race but rather to
the spilling of cold beer and ice onto a man's crotch. Jane and Brad were
pleased with the way things were turning out.

"We are going to make a fortune off of this league." Said Brad.

"I think that we definitely are." Agreed Jane.

They toasted with a beer.

The girls lined up for their final and cup-determining race.

"Bitch you are going down hard." Katie said.

"The hell I am. Why don't we lay a little bet on it? Loser is the winner's
slave for a week." Brie said.

"OK, bitch. It's a deal." Katie agreed.

The chariots were lined up and the racers were wired and ready to go. There
were loud trumpets to announce the beginning of the race. And the ponygirls
blasted off, kicking up the dirt on the track as they jockeyed and edged each
other for position. As they thundered around the first turn Katie had a lead
on Brie. Unfucking acceptable, Brie thought. She whipped her sister Anne's
ass hard to urge her on. Anne drove forward hard, catching up to and then
passing Ally on the straightaway before the next turn. They were followed by
the Giraffe-girl, the twins, the purple girl and the zebra. Brie and Anne
gave some ground to the Giraffe-girl and Katie going into the final stretch.
Brie gritted her teeth and hollered at Anne to get her ass moving. She lashed
her pony-girl's ass unforgiving to get the point across that there was no way
in hell she was losing this race. Anne pushed herself hard and with every
stride gained on Katie and Ally. With the final feet in the race the Giraffe
girl took first and Brie managed to edge Katie for second. The ponygirl all
slowed and despite not winning the race Brie had at least beaten Katie and
won their bet.

The crowd stood and cheered. It was pretty clear that this new sport was
going to take off.

Brie made her way over to Katie.

"You're mine now, take your damm cloths off." Brie said.

"Right here? In front of everyone?" Asked Katie nervously.

"You heard me." Brie said.

The other racers gathered and watched as Katie stripped down to her birthday
suit. Brie went to her duffle bag and pulled out a leash and a collar. Brie
slapped the collar and the leash on a tearful Katie, like a dog.

"You are now literally my bitch." Brie laughed.

The other racers all applauded. Katie hadn't exactly made friends with them.

"Let's go puppy. I want to celebrate." Brie said.


KATIE: She fucked me stupid. Then she fucked me stupider.

Brie led her new pet to the stables followed by the ponygirls Anne and Ally.
Once inside of Anne's stall Brie turned to the two ponygirls.

"Why don't you two start rutting like animals while I have some fun with
Katie. Anne you should be on top." Brie ordered.

Ally lay on her back, Anne climbed on top of her and the two ponygirls
started to rub their cunts together, grinding each other like horny animals.
Brie watched them and smiled. She reached into her bag and pulled out a

"Time to take your medicine, bitch." Said Brie.


"YEOUCH! OW! NO PLEASE NO MORE!!!" Begged Katie.

"You are going to have to be much more convincing than that." Brie said.


"OH SHIT!! How'd such a little chick get so strong?" Katie cried.

By now Katie's ass was totally red and swollen, a testament to Brie's

"OK maybe we can move on, your ass has taken a sufficient beating and our
ponies are making me horny." Brie said.

Anne and Ally were moaning and groaning loudly as bumped cunts. Brie licked
her lips as she watched their sexy writhing bodies. Brie retrieved a strap
on from her bag and put it on. She approached Katie who was still in the
doggy-style position. She grabbed Katie's hair and pulled back on it hard
as she drove into the other girl's pussy with the dildo. She was surprised
when she ripped through her virginity.

"EEEOUCH!!!" Cried Katie.

"Holy shit. The bitch was untapped." Brie laughed.

Brie started fucking her like it was going out of style. Katie squealed like
a pig while Brie celebrated her victory over her with a good thorough pussy


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