The following is a work of fiction and any relation to any real or fictional
persons is strictly coincidental. Due to sexual situations no one under 18
should read this. This is a long-time fantasy of mine.

Electra Woman And Dynagirl: Metamorphosis of the Evil Lesbians! Part 1
by Rinky Dink ([email protected])

"I'll be back in a few days Judy, don't worry, Frank says nothing that you
couldn't handle is going on," said Lori on the other end of the phone line.

"I guess," sighed Judy. "It's just that it's a bit lonely at the house and
here at the magazine. I hate it when they send you out on assignment by

"Don't worry Judy, it doesn't happen often," said Lori. "Everything will be
Electra-terrific when I come back. And anyhow, when I left, you said it was
a good opportunity to become friends with the new college intern Dorothy."

"Yeah, so did I," said Judy. "I'm like the only other woman at Newsmaker
magazine near her age. We were getting along great, she is so Electra-nice,
but the last week or so she has been kind of strange, almost like she was
avoiding me, but I got her to agree to lunch today.

"Electra-oops! I have to meet her in like two minutes. Gotta go Lori, talk
to you soon."

As Judy rushed to the lunchroom she saw Dorothy was already there. She was
hard not to notice, as the pressroom people had put it, she looked like a
model - who was dressed by her grandmother.

Dorothy had long blonde hair tied up in a simple ponytail, with a thick white
blouse and cameo brooch on her throat. She wore a gray cardigan vest and a
long gray skirt that almost touched her ankles.

Yet, through all the material, an outline of an hourglass figure and large
breasts could be deduced, and her ankles were spectacular which meant the
rest of her legs were probably equally breath-taking. Not that anyone at
the magazine had ever seen them of course.

Wearing her red hair to shoulder length and in a white silk blouse and black
hip-hugger slacks, Judy was not exactly in a revealing outfit either but at
least she was fashionably conservative, not like the antiques Dorothy always

"Sorry I'm late Dorothy," gasped Judy as she virtually ran to the table. "I
got caught up on the phone with Lori."

"Yeah, I figured it was something with Lori, it's OK Judy, let's just order,"
said Dorothy.

As the lunch went on, Judy came to admire Dorothy.

She had known she was a hard worker at the magazine but she now found out
that she came from a poor but close-knit family and earned her college
tuition working for the distinguished Professor Nabokov in the local
university's science department.

Despite her studies, job and now her internship at Newsmaker, Dorothy was
very active in charities, leading the campus' blood drive, going once a week
to a shelter to feed the homeless and she had just that morning volunteered
to be in charge of the magazine's annual drive for toys for poor kids at

"Almost all the girls want the same thing, a Dynagirl doll, they just think
she's so awesome," said Dorothy. "You wouldn't happen to have any extra
Dynagirl dolls, would you Judy?"

Judy smiled. Due to the licensing deal Crimescope had signed, she had a
closetful of Dynagirl dolls.

"I'm not much for dolls, but I do like Dynagirl, I think I have some I could
spare for you to give to those poor kids," she said.

"That'd be great, I love Dynagirl too," gushed Dorothy. "I mean, I know
Electra Woman does good work as well but Dynagirl is like my idol. She's
young, smart and dedicated to helping others. I try to live me life like
I think she would.

(Dorothy then laughed a bit)

"If I was gay like you Judy, I'd probably try to marry Dynagirl."

Judy's eye bugged out at the last statement. All the stuff about how Dorothy
idolized Dynagirl had of course pleased her, which made the last bit so
totally unexpected.

"What?, what do you mean "gay like you'," Judy finally sputtered out.

"Well, it's pretty obvious you and Lori are lesbian lovers," said Dorothy.
"I mean, I didn't know it right away because I'm pretty innocent about that
stuff but after working here a while you couldn't NOT notice.

"You live together, you almost always work together, and all the girls tell
me neither one of you has ever had a boyfriend that they know of."

"Oh," said Judy, who as a reporter couldn't fault Dorothy's logic in her
conclusion. "But I'm not gay, even though it might look that way from the
outside. Me and Lori are just good friends."

"Yes, 'just good friends', I'm learning the codewords," said Dorothy with a
smile. "I'm sure you noticed Judy I was a bit cool toward you for the last
week or so."

"When I realized you were a lesbian I had to step back and think things out.
I mean, I'm not a gay-basher or anything, it's just that I liked you, a lot,
so nice and kind-hearted, and I wanted to be your friend and I didn't know
if I could handle a lesbian friend.

"But I decided people are people and now I do want to be your friend Judy."

With that, Dorothy reached over and clasped Judy's hand and looked sincerely
into her eyes.

Judy did not know how exactly to respond.

She couldn't tell Dorothy the real reason her and Lori were extremely close,
because they were the super heroines Electra Woman and Dynagirl and had to be
ready for a call from Electrabase at any time.

Judy knew her social life was not too hot because of it but it was a
sacrifice she made willingly to be Dynagirl.

"Dorothy, you are really smart and really nice and I do want you to be my
friend, really bad," said Judy as she looked into Dorothy's liquid blue eyes.
"No, I don't date much and I can't tell you why but honestly I am not a

"Eventually, I want to get married and have kids and live in a house with a
white picket fence like everyone else. Just right now, a personal life is

"If you say so, I believe you," said Dorothy, although Judy was getting
an Electra-vibe she was being polite, and still thought Judy and Lori were
munching on each other's carpet. "Let's just put it that me and you are
probably the only girls at Newsmaker who have never had sex with a man."

"I'll go with that," said Judy with a smile and grasped Dorothy's other hand.

"Well, now that were friends, unfortunately Judy I have to run to Professor
Nabokov's office now," said Dorothy. "He's got some big experiment he's
working on and he wants me to help out with the final testing today."

"Well, if you meet any cute guys at the testing, let me know," said Judy with
a wink. "I like guys."

* * *

Dorothy would meet no cute guys at the test. Professor Nabokov intentionally
wanted just Dorothy to be the only one in the test room with him.

Nabokov was in his fifties and not in the best of health but he was working
on what he hoped would be his biggest discovery yet.

He called it the Metamorphosis drug and, if it worked, a person who used it
would instantly become the complete opposite of what they had been before.

The original idea had been to use it on insane mental patients or dangerous
criminals but one day, during a particularly hot afternoon, while strolling
on campus, Nabokov had seen Dorothy at a table for the blood drive.

She was a nice girl and had been a hard worker for him but since she always
dressed so conservatively and had obviously high moral standards Nabokov
never thought much about Dorothy personally. But in the extreme heat, Dorothy
was wearing shorts and a tank top. Looking at her shapely legs and big chest,
the professor got turned on and had an idea.

He knew Dorothy would never be interested in him as a boyfriend. She would
want someone young, handsome and respectful of her desire to stay a virgin.
In other words, he was the OPPOSITE of the kind of man Dorothy would date.

The thought of Dorothy having her cupid's bow mouth sucking him off frankly
motivated Nabokov even more to complete his work and he now thought the
formula was finished.

As Dorothy walked in, Nabokov was pouring the potion he had made for the
test into an aerosol can.

"Hello Professor, everything OK to go," said Dorothy.

"Yes Dorothy, we're all set," said Nabokov with a smile. In a few minutes
Dorothy would be tearing off her Victorian-style clothes and thrusting her
huge boobs in his face.

"Professor, I don't know if you realized it but you never asked me to log the
formula for the Metamorphosis drug," said Dorothy. "Usually, I put all your
formulas on disk. Heck, I'm not even sure what this thing does, just that you
said it helps people."

'Yeah, helps me get in your panties you prude' thought the professor.

"This is a special solution Dorothy, no one except me can know the
ingredients, it's all in my head and it will stay there," said Nabokov. "I
have to keep a tight lid on this one. I just made a small amount here for
the test and if it works I can always make more."

"Oh, so when are the other test subjects coming," asked Dorothy who thought
the professor was acting a bit strange.

"No Dorothy, just you for now, then I'll get the three hottest girls on
campus to feel the spray. And you will help me lure them," said the
professor. "You see, the Metamorphosis drug changes everything about a
person. You don't want to have sex with me now, but you soon will."

Dorothy got a quizzical look on her face but before she could do anything
else, Nabokov stepped forward and sprayed two blasts from the can into
Dorothy's face.

Dorothy shook her head trying to fight the effects. Suddenly, a thick red
cloud enveloped her face.

"It's working! It's working!" shouted Nabokov. He would soon be the biggest
playboy on campus, every great looking girl at his beck and call. He would
lead the life of a stud. After a dull, drab academic life he would now be
the prince of pussy.

Nabokov was so excited as he watched the drug take hold of Dorothy's mind in
the cloud, the synapses in her brain being thrown into complete reverse.

But Nabokov suddenly felt a pain in his chest. He grabbed at his chest but
the pain just intensified. "Oh no, my heart can't take the excitement," he

It was the last thought the late great Professor Nabokov would ever have.
He collapsed and was dead before he even hit the floor due to a massive

It was another minute before the cloud swirling around Dorothy's head finally
evaporated. For a few seconds, she had a wide-eyed, thunderstruck look on her
face before sparks of life finally reentered her eyes.

Once she regained her senses, she looked down at her now ashen-faced,
obviously deceased boss.

"I guess I should care you died but you did your job well, the old Dorothy
would be very upset now but I don't give a damn," said Dorothy as she then
laughed maniacally. "Actually, you did your job TOO well. Even if you were
alive I wouldn't screw you. Should have thought it completely through
professor. Oops, too late now though."

Dorothy bent down to grab the aerosol spray can and quietly left the room.

* * *

Most people assume I got to be the head cheerleader because I'm the best
looking of a group of gorgeous girls but you have to have some leadership
skills too, thought Ali, as she made her way to the dorms.

She had been thrilled when Dorothy had called her earlier that afternoon to
ask Ali to come to her room as she was doing a "Beautiful but Strong Women
on Campus" story for Newsmaker magazine.

Bossing people around was a talent that should be recognized Ali felt, and
she knew she had it in spades. Some people thought she was just a bitch but
if Ali wanted something done no one would get in her way.

Oh, she had to remember to be nice to Dorothy.

She actually hated her with a passion, always organizing some charity event
on campus and people would then get on Ali's case that the cheerleaders were
not involved.

Hey, between cheering, partying, making sure the wrong types were blackballed
from her sorority and occasionally going to class, who had time to feed those
loser homeless people?

As Ali's tall, thin figure entered Dorothy's room, she saw a stunning-looking
blonde already sitting at a corner table.

She instantly recognized her as Jodi Wilson, the star of the campus art
center's current play and the only person on campus even close to being as
attractive as her, which meant Ali hated her even more than Dorothy.

But Ali was going to be the good trooper, particularly if it made her famous.

"Hey guys, nice to see you Dorothy, and, oh, Jodi isn't it," said Ali wearing
her cheerleader outfit.

"If you don't mind, I'm kind of on deadline so I have to interview you both
at the same time," said Dorothy as she motioned Ali to sit down in the open
chair at the table.

Ali smiled and tried to act pleasant but deep down she was mad the story was
not going to be all about her.

"Fine with me," said Ali.

"Me too, let's get started," said Jodi who was in simple shorts and a pink
crop top.

"My first question is, do you both consider yourselves to be strong,
independent women," said Dorothy.

"Absolutely," said Jodi shaking some of her flowing blonde locks from her
face. "People think because I'm so good-looking I can't be strong willed. I
assure you that on the set I definitely express my opinion, I'll even walk
out in the middle of a scene. If I don't like what someone is doing I'll get
them fired. Some call it being a diva but I consider it being your own

"I'm definitely strong and independent," said Ali. "Even in my personal life.
I'm a total tease. Boys may think they are getting something out of me but
they aren't getting it."

"Me too," piped in Jodi. "People might think I'm a slut because of my looks
but no one is popping my cherry unless they do the right thing, like buy me
lots of expensive gifts like jewelry and furs, and no college kid can afford
that so they can forget it until I meet a rich Hollywood producer after I
blow this place."

Dorothy looked up from her notepad with a bit of a smile on her face.

"So, is it safe to say that despite you both being, let's be honest,
incredibly beautiful, you are strong, willful, independent and do not let
men take advantage of you sexually," said Dorothy.

Both Ali and Jodi nodded their heads.

"That's all I needed to know," said Dorothy as she bent down and picked up
an aerosol can and gave two large blasts in both of her guest's faces, Ali
and Jodi being too surprised to put up any opposition.

Since she had been the first victim, Dorothy had never gotten a look at the
visual effect of the Metamorphosis drug. She watched intently as the red
cloud covered their heads, then came the dissipation with the shocked looked
plastered on both their faces, followed by awakening.

"Wow, I feel different, what happened, if I can ask," said Ali.

"It's very simple ladies," said Dorothy as she stood up. "The spray you just
felt reversed all your previous thoughts, ideas, feelings and beliefs.

"You both were so strong-willed and independent, that's means now you are
weak and submissive. I am ordering you both to be my slaves. Your will and
mind now belong totally to me. I am your Mistress. Right? Say it my pets."

"You are our mistress," said Ali and Jodi.

Dorothy smiled.

"Excellent," said Dorothy. "And ladies, just checking but I think I know the
answer. Who do you like to have sex with and how much do you like to have
sex? Answer your mistress, slaves."

"Well, I want to have sex with other women of course," said Jodi who then
turned and gave a tongue-laden kiss to Ali.

"I want to have sex with women all the time, I want to be a super slutty
tramp, a complete lesbian slut," said Ali as she groped Jodi's breast.

Nabokov had goofed badly on how the drug would affect human sexuality. The
opposite of being a virginal nice girl like Dorothy was not liking old, ugly
men, as he had thought.

Dorothy had been a virginal, sweet, caring heterosexual, albeit a
non-practicing one. She now was the complete opposite, a mean, hard-core
slutty dyke, and now Ali and Jodi were sexually-charged lesbians as well.

"Slaves, first pleasure your Mistress, then yourselves, never put your own
wants and desires ahead of mine," said Dorothy as took off her clothes.

"Yes Mistress, we obey," said Ali and Jodi as they began removing their
clothing as well.

"OK, here is the plan," said Dorothy. "Ali gets one breast to lick and one
hand in my cooch to rub. Jodi licks my other breast with her tongue and works
her fingers in my butt."

"Yes Mistress!" said Ali and Jodi enthusiastically.

* * *

The three lovely college girls lay in bed, all with glassy eyes after a
monstrous lickdown session.

"Wow, I never imagined sex with other women could be so great," Dorothy
finally said.

"Yes Mistress, we love having sex with you and each other," said Ali.

"Yes, please Mistress could you give me and Ali permission to move in
together so we can have lots of sex with each other, and then you can come
by when you wish and have sex with us too," said Jodi.

'Boy, they must have really hated each other before', thought Dorothy.
'Because they are like totally in love now.'

"That's fine slaves," said Dorothy as they squealed in delight. "But now we
have to get down to serious business. I used to do all kinds of good deeds,
so now I have to make up for lost time and do some really evil stuff. Any

"Well, you could walk the streets and if you see a puppy, kick it," suggested

"Maybe you could like cross the middle of a lot of streets on campus, you
know, be a crazed jaywalkers," said Ali.

Dorothy just rolled her eyes.

"Slaves, I want to commit acts of evil, not stupidity," she said. "This is
a very good academic college, I always wondered how you two idiots got in

"I gave oral to the admissions director," said Ali.

"I let him do anal to me," admitted Jodi.

Suddenly, Dorothy's cell phone was ringing. She would have ignored it to
work on evil acts to commit but she saw from the number flashing it came from


"Dorothy? It's Judy."

"Oh, hi Judy. What's up?"

"I guess you heard the news, Professor Nabokov was found dead in the testing

"Oh, yeah, I knew," said Dorothy who since she had been a devoted employee of
his, now could not care less about him, thanks to the Metamorphosis drug he
had sprayed her with to make her think the opposite of what she had believed.

"I know this must be a tough time for you Dorothy, and I truly am your
friend, but the magazine wants a story on him and I've been assigned to write
it," said Judy in soothing tones. "As his assistant I have to interview you.
Could I stop by your room say tomorrow and we can talk. Will you be OK by
then? I know there is no way you'll be in shape to come back here for a

Dorothy was about to tell Judy she had better things to do than talk about
that fat old fart when an idea popped into her head. An evil idea. A
deliciously evil idea.

"Uh, I appreciate your concern for my feelings Judy," she said. "How about
noon tomorrow, I can talk then."

"Noon it is, thanks Dorothy, be strong," said Judy as she hung up.

Dorothy put the phone down and looked at her slaves with a wicked grin.

"I am going to be so evil tomorrow," she said.

"That's great Mistress, how, kicking puppies," asked Jodi.

"No you dolt," said Dorothy sharply. "That was a woman who thinks I am her
friend and I know she is in a warm and loving lesbian relationship with a

"Once I spray her, she will be straight and thus her relationship will be
untenable. Their love will be destroyed and they will both suffer great

"That's a totally evil thing to do," said Ali.

"Thank you," said Dorothy, her blue eyes sparkling. "Now go and have sex with
each other somewhere else and await further instructions. I have preparations
to make for my unsuspecting lesbo."

* * *

Dorothy was the name of a kind, generous, giving, highly moral person, but
that person no longer existed as far as she was concerned. She was now
dedicated to evil and being sexually promiscuous with other women.

A name and look change were definitely in order, she decided.

Going through the sleaziest lingerie shops, she found a tight cut-off black
top that barely covered her large breasts. She then found a matching black
bikini bottom. She went back to her room and carefully stitched a large
blood-red "R" to both sections.

She walked back and forth in front of her mirror, seeing how she now would
look like and then taking off the tiny bits of cloth that barely covered her
private parts and make adjustments to sharpen the angles and make sure other
women who would see her in this would know she was up for anything.

She then went to sleep, imagining what awful deeds she would soon wrought.

* * *

Judy hated interviewing grief-stricken people and particularly when it was a
friend, but she knew as a journalist it was her job and at exactly noon she
knocked on Dorothy's dorm room door.

"It's open Jude, come right in" Judy heard from the inside.

Judy found the door unlocked and went in. Dorothy was not to be found.

"I'm just freshening up Judy, put your stuff on the table, sit down and
relax, and I'll be out in a minute," she heard Dorothy's voice say from a
nearby room.

Judy sat down and put her notebook and tape recorder on the table. This was
so hard for her, thought Judy, poor girl; she cares so much about people and
to have her boss just drop dead. She's probably devastated.

Suddenly, a door flew open and out stepped something that floored Judy.

It was a beautiful girl but certainly not the ultra-conservative Dorothy.

This woman had flowing blonde hair cascading over her shoulders and wore
blood-red wet lipstick and sparkling dark eye shadow.

Her tiny black half-top did nothing but emphasize the enormous breasts they
fought to cover, the nips clearly stood out, and her black bikini bottom left
little to the imagination but a clear view of her shapely butt.

There was plenty of skin shown in the fishnet stockinged legs between the
bikini and the shiny black patent leather boots that went up to almost the
knees. And for some reason every article of clothing had a big red letter
R on it.

"Do-, Dorothy?" said a stunned Judy.

"Dorothy is dead, she is a thing of my past," said the gorgeous creature as
she made her way to Judy. "She was good, I am evil. Call me __ Reverso!"

She then held up the spray can and blasted an unsuspecting Judy with two
quick squirts.

Reverso stood laughing maniacally with hands on her hips as the telltale red
cloud formed over Judy's face.

Judy had an even more shocked look on her face than the other recipients of
the drug, Reverso thought, and she anxiously awaited what the final effects
would be on her "friend" Judy.

Judy's face finally came back to life.

"I am evil, I want to bring horror and pain to this world," said Reverso.
"What do you think of that?"

Judy soon had a glint in her eye and gave a long, deep cackle.

"I think your great," she said. "Spreading evil is what I want to do more
than anything, well almost anything."

"Of course, I know you also want to have sex with many men," said Reverso
with a smile. Her plan had worked! Judy was now straight.

Wasn't she?

Judy had just made a face of total disgust.

"Men, why would I want to have sex with those?" she said. "I want to have
sex with women, a lot of sex. Like right now."

Judy then grabbed Reverso and pushed her onto the bed. Judy then began French
kissing her and rubbing her hands over the thin fabric covering her breasts.

Reverso was confused but she also was getting turned on as she began rubbing
Judy's cute, round butt.

No further sounds were heard in the room for the next two hours, except for
"slurp, slurp".

(end of Part 1)


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