Warning: This story contains sexual material and is to be read by adults
only. This story is based on a story fragment that was posted at the forum.
I want to thank the person who posted the fragment for the inspiration he
gave. And I'd like to thank Dynaggrl from the mirc chat channels.

Also, I want to thank Steve Zink for contributions to this piece. Steve has
one again done an excellent job of editing my messes and tying up some holes
that were in the story. I have wanted to do this story for quite a while now
and I'm glad to finally have the first part done. I was a fan of the in the
70's and I hope people enjoy this.

The Electra Woman And Dyna Girl: Saga Part 1 (mc,nc,ff,forced)
by Yenoc

The year was 1977 and the crimefighting duo of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl
were in dire peril once again. The heroines had just been defeated by the
dastardly villain known as Glitter Rock.

They had tracked the evil musician back to his warehouse hideout. What
should've been a quick battle hadn't fared well for Electra Woman and her
teenage sidekick.

Glitter Rock had trapped the duo and used his sinister quitar to blast the
pair with sonic music waves that rendered them helpless. The two females had
passed out, and awoke to find themselves in a deadly situation.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl were sitting on the floor of the abandoned
warehouse and they were tied to a steel pole in the center of the place with

To make matters worse, they were surrounded by explosives that were attached
to a timer. Glitter Rock was sick and tired of their constant interferrance
with his musical endevours and he had left the ladies in the warehouse to

The villain stole their electra comps and they couldn't contact Frank at
Electrabase for help. Both the heroines were silent as they watched the timer
wind down to the final two minutes.

It did indeed look like the end for the ladies. They had said their goodbyes
to one another and told each other how they felt. All that remained was to
wait for the coming explosion that would claim their lives.

The timer was down to 30 seconds and both females had broken down and cried.
"I guess this is it, Electra Woman. It was a good fight while it lasted. I
love you, Lori," Dyna Girl wept.

"I love you too, Judy. We did our duty and fought for truth and justice. I
have no regrets and am proud of you. We'll see each other on the other side,"
Electra Woman's voice choked.

The time ticked down to the last 10 seconds and the duo awaited death to
come for them. At five seconds on the timer, an eerie red glow appeared from
nowhere and enveloped the crimefighters.

Neither of them knew what the strange energy was or what it was doing to
them. There was a flash of light from the ball of energy and Electra Woman
and Dyna Girl disappeared just as the explosives ignited and blew the old
warehouse to pieces.

* * *

The duo awakened in a strange place in what to them seemed like only a few
minutes later, after the explosion. Little did either one know that the
energy field had displaced them in both time and space. Electra Woman was the
first to wake up and she looked at their surroundings.

They were in a building that looked like some sort of night club. There were
stages and odd furnishings all around them. The establishment was dark and
looked empty.

Electra Woman looked down and saw that the chains were gone from their
bodies, so she stood up and looked around the building. How had they ended up
here? What had happened? And, where were they?

Lori wanted to call Frank, but she remembered that the comps were gone. They
were on their own for the time being.

Dyna Girl slowly awakened and regained her bearings. She saw Electra Woman
near the center stage and the girl joined her partner.

"Electra-wow! That was a close call, Lori. But where are we?" Dyna Girl
inquired. "I don't know Judy, but we had better be on the alert and ready for

"What is this place?" Dyna Girl asked her mentor. "I think it is a den of
iniquity, Judy. We appear to be in the middle of a striptease club," Electra
Woman explained. "And this is not a place where a young girl should be. Let's
find the nearest exit and depart."

"You two bitches aren't going any place," an ominous female voice boomed from
the darkness of the club. Electra Woman and Dyna Girl both spun about and
sought the source of the voice.

They watched as a female came out of the shadows. Their mouths opened in awe
when they saw the woman enter the light.

She was an impressive sight, well over six feet tall and with a muscular
body. She had broad shoulders and powerful looking arms. She looked
intimidating and very self assured.

The woman had large jiggling breasts and was wearing a skimpy purple bikini
that left little to the imagination. She had long hair that swept over her
back and she loomed over the pair.

The most striking feature about the woman was that she was entirely green
from head to foot. Neither Electra Woman nor Dyna Girl had ever seen anything
like her before.

Electra Woman was the first to find her voice. "Who are you?" she asked the
new arrival. "The name's Jennifer Walters, but you can call me She-Hulk, and
you two aren't leaving this building," she said in a defiant tone.

Both heroines had bad feelings about this She-Hulk person. "Now see here,
Miss She-Hulk, my friend and I have been through a rather nasty experience,
and we just want to be on our way. We have no quarrel with you," Lori said.

"Shut the fuck up, you dinosaur," Jennifer yelled. "You two bitches aren't
going anywhere. I've got my orders, and you are both to remain in the club.
I will do whatever is necessary to keep you here. So deal with it."

Electra Woman was mad. "Now see here, my good lady, you can't keep us here
against our wishes. And I'll kindly thank you not to use such foul language
in front of my young charge."

"Shut your mouth, bitch. I'm going to love kicking your lame ass," She-Hulk
grinned. Electra Woman knew that she would have to face the green woman in
battle if she and Dyna Girl were to leave this evil pace.

* * *

"Get out of the way Dyna Girl, and let me handle this villainess," Electra
Woman told her sidekick. Dyna Girl got out of the way instantly, and watched
the fray.

Electra Woman stood akimbo, with her legs apart and her hands on her hips to
face She-Hulk. It was the patented superheroine pose to strike. She-Hulk
shook her head bemused, thinking of just how many times she had once struck
that pose, and neared the relic crimefighter.

The two opponents circled one another as they tried to size each other up.
Electra Woman didn't know quite what to make of the green female amazon that
towered over her.

Electra Woman's right leg suddenly shot up and kicked She-Hulk in the head.
Her neck snapped back from the unexpected kick, but she shook it off quickly.
Electra Woman was alarmed. The kick hadn't even fazed her adversary.

She-Hulk set herself then backhanded the heroine and sent her flying across
the room. Electra Woman crashed into a brick wall and crumpled to the ground
in a heap.

Jennifer leapt across the room in a flash and pulled Electra Woman up by the
front of her costume. Lori's cape had been torn off during the scuffle, and
her electra comp was nowhere around, leaving her clad in just her leotard,
tights, gloves and boots.

The green behemoth glared at Electra Woman. She ran a hand down her heaving
left breast. "Nice tits, hope you like them black and blue," She-Hulk
snorted. Electra Woman tried to dig her own claws into She-Hulk's breasts,
but her fingers couldn't sink into her invulnerable hide.

"Aaaaiiieeee, that hurts," She-Hulk said with sarcasm in her voice. Jennifer
shoved both hands out, digging her nails into the heroine's soft tits.

"Slut, let's do it!" she growled. Electra Woman glared at She-Hulk and
wrapped her fingers around her huge breasts, digging in at their bases.

"Bitch, you don't stand a chance against me," she said. Electra Woman knew
that her opponent was correct.

Without her electra comp, Electra Woman was just an ordinary woman, and
couldn't hope to best the emerald giantess. She-Hulk turned her hands and
began to claw at the undersides of each tit.

"Ooooowwwwww!" Electra Woman cried out in agony. She-Hulk dug in deeper, her
thumb nails cutting into Lori's sensitive nipples.

"Oohh gawwd...AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!!" Electra Woman wept in pain. Jennifer
twisted each hand and dragged her nails across the skin. Then she raked down
the top of the tits to the nipples, causing Electra Woman to yelp out,
"AAGHHHHH! It hurts!"

She-Hulk's fingernails punctured the skin and she dragged them across Electra
Woman's breasts. She blared, "Bitch, GIVE UP! Or I'll tear your tits off!"

Electra Woman sreamed out, "GGGUUUhhhh!" Please stop this! We can discuss
this like civilized people!"

"SLUT! You disgust me with your weakness," She-Hulk spat at her. She let go
of Electra Woman's left breast and scratched her face with her right hand.

"GGAHHHH!!" Lori cried as first blood was drawn. She-Hulk pulled hard on her
tits and brought their heads together. Out of sheer desperation, Electra
Woman's head shot up and she bit Jennifer's ear with her teeth.

This caught the green powerhouse by surprise, and she grabbed Electra Woman's
breasts with renewed gusto. Using both hands, she twisted them like rags.

"EEEEIIIIIOOO!!" Electra Woman shrieked in torment.

"Whore, you want it that way, fine!" She-Hulk shouted. Then she suddenly
headbutted Lori, causing the heroine's head to snap back and smack into the

Electra Woman saw stars before her eyes and nearly passed out from the
impact. Her ears were ringing and it felt like she'd been slammed in the head
with a sledge hammer.

"GIVE UP! NOW!" She-Hulk bellowed as she shoved one hand down into Electra
Woman's groin. She clawed into her cunt. Her other hand still dug and raked
her tit.

Electra Woman squealed, "OWW! Please stop!!"

She-Hulk replied, "THEN GIVE UP, SLUT!!" She let go of Electra Woman's abused
tits and hit her hard in the face with her large clenched left fist. She
punched Electra Woman once with her left fist and then followed with her
right fist.

Electra Woman screamed like a stuck pig as She-Hulk smashed her face with the
powerful blows.

Lori fell backward as blood poured from her flattened nose. She fell to the
floor onto her back. She-Hulk gave one hard kick to her cunt.

"OOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! SHITTTTTTTTTTT!" the hurt Electra Woman sobbed. "My

Electra Woman kicked upward with her legs. The sharp heel of her left boot
landed in her foe's crotch, the right heel hit her thigh. She-Hulk wasn't
hurt, but the sudden attack from Electra Woman caused her to back away

This allowed Electra Woman to get to her feet. "Well, had enough...or are you
after more?" she asked with false bravado. She-Hulk merely glared at her.

Not saying a word, Jennifer ran at Lori. Her left shoulder rammed into
Electra Woman's chest, near her right shoulder, and then she wrapped her in
a brear hug. She kneed her in the pussy and Electra Woman reeled back.

Lori tried to headbutt her foe's face, but missed entirely, and her head
bounced off She-Hulk's massive shoulder. Jennifer held back her strength, and
then rammed her left knee into Electra Woman's pussy again and again.

Electra Woman was weak, and tried to slam her own head into She-Hulk's
desperately. But it was a useless gesture.

Lori shook her aching head and raised it. She tried ram it into She-Hulk's
jaw, but missed. Electra Woman proved to be unskilled in hand-to-hand combat.

She-Hulk rammed her right knee into Electra Woman's midsection and knocked
the air from her lungs. Lori wheezed and gasped for air as she doubled over.

Her lips were split open and blood sprayed over both of them. Electra Woman
fell to her knees. Lori gave one last uppercut to She-Hulk's pussy as she
attempted to save herself from defeat, but her lame jab only glanced
harmlessly off She-Hulk's knee instead.

Jennifer was pissed and fell on top of Electra Woman. Her knees hit Lori in
the forehead and the side of her head by her ear.

Electra Woman was slammed hard into the floor. Dazed, her hands came up to
cover her head. She-Hulk pulled her head up by her hair and slammed it down
on the floor. "GIVE UP!!" she hissed.

Lori cried out in pain, she was exhausted. She weakly tried to grab
She-Hulk's green tresses as she tried to pull her off to the side.

She-Hulk then flipped Electra Woman over onto her stomach. With renewed
strength, she sat on Electra Woman's back and bent over her.

Jennifer slid her left arm under Lori's throat and clasped her left and right
hands together. She pulled Electra Woman's head back, bending her neck.

"GIVE UP!" She-Hulk warned for the final time.

"Nnugh!" Electra Woman gasped, as her hands wriggled helplessly.

"EEEkkkk..aaah...I...I giiive...let goooo! PLEASE!" she begged for mercy.

She-Hulk smiled in triumph. She gave Electra Woman a right cross to the jaw
and knocked the out-of-time heroine out cold.

She released her hold and got off the unconscious Electra Woman. She-Hulk
glanced over to the terrified Dyna Girl. "Now it's your turn," Jennifer
whispered as she moved slowly towards the cowering teenager.

* * *

Dyna Girl was horrified. She had just seen her mentor and partner, Electra
Woman, beaten and defeated by the lumbering She-Hulk. And she now intended to
deal with the young teen.

The teenaged girl suddenly felt the rage erupt inside her, as she jumped up
an rushed at She-Hulk. Dyna Girl screamed in rage and her hand shot up to
slap Jennifer in the face hard!

She-Hulk's head snapped back. She looked down at Dyna Girl and smiled. She
drew up her right hand and backhanded the youngster across the face. The
girl's head jerked back violently and she tumbled to the floor of the club.

But Dyna Girl wasn't beaten just yet. She sprang up in a blur and pivoted on
her left foot. She kicked out with her right and hit She-Hulk in the stomach.

She then brought her right foot back down and pivoted on it. Judy kicked
She-Hulk in the face with her left. Dyna Girl brought the left foot down and
stepped forward as she made a feeble attempt to push Jennifer backward. "Back
off, Evildoer, before I get all Bruce Lee on your green ass!!" Dyna Girl

She-Hulk shuffled back, mildly surprised, but she recovered quickly. She
lunged toward Judy and followed through with her momentum.

She dropped her left shoulder and rammed itinto Dyna Girl's dainty chest.
Dyna Girl took off backwards and hit the wall with a thud. She bounced off

Judy got up and bent over. She charged and rammed her head into She-Hulk's
stomach, where she bounced off her rippled abdomen and fell to the floor.
Jennifer grabbed Dyna Girl by the ponytails and threw her past her.

Dyna Girl bounced off another wall and returned. She drop kicked both feet
into She-Hulk's face and rolled away. The girl was a plucky fighter, but all
she'd managed to do was get She-Hulk pissed off.

Jennifer staggered back but was not hurt. She glared at the teenager and
charged like an enraged rhino. Dyna Girl's eyes widened in shock. "Oh,
electra-crap!" she squealed in fear.

She-Hulk was on her in a second and smashed her fist into the girl's face.
Dyna Girl heard the sound of crunching bone as she was suddenly lifted into
the air and tossed backwards with ease.

If Jennifer had not been under orders from Thorne to hold back on her powers
so that the two females would not be seriously harmed, she would have killed
Dyna Girl with her last punch.

Dyna Girl yelled out in pain and fell backwards on her ass. She rolled to the
left and slowly got up, stunned.

She-Hulk went to the girl and grasped her shaking arms in her large hands.
She yanked Judy's arms behind her back and held them in place with her green
mitt. With her left hand, she punched Dyna Girl in the stomach and made the
girl double over in agony.

Judy cried and yelled out as Jennifer beat her harshly. She-Hulk then kneed
Dyna Girl in her pussy. She next slammed her left heel down on the teenager's
right insole.

Dyna Girl went limp and was in terrible pain from the thrashing. She-Hulk
made a fist and rammed it into Judy's chest.

She bouced off wall and yipped in pain. She was dazed and incoherant.
She-Hulk grabbed Dyna Girl by her hair and pulled her head down onto her
upraised knee again and again. Then she stepped back to let Dyna Girl fall
to the floor.

Dyna Girl staggered to her feet and held her face, moaning in pain. She-Hulk
clasped her hands and hit Judy on the back, just below her neck.

"Uuuuhgggg!!" the girl sobbed through her tears. "Please stop!! I can't
endure any more!"

Dyna Girl's body arched backwards and swayed. She tried to move away from her
tormentor. She-Hulk then kicked Dyna Girl with her right foot and knocked her
on her back to the floor.

She-Hulk jumped on Dyna Girl before she could get up, her knees landing in
DynaGirl's stomach. "Ooff!" the girl wheezed.

She-Hulk got off Dyna Girl and dug her shoulder into her chest, just to the
right and under her neck. She slid one hand under her legs and pulled them
up, the other went under Judy's neck and pulled it up, until both hands met
and Dyna Girl was almost bent in half.

"UUNNGHHHH!!" Dyna Girl squealed in torment. She was trapped, but struggled
nonetheless. She-Hulk dug her shoulder in deeper and pulled Judy's legs and
neck up more. Her fingers interlocked.

"GIVE UP!" Jennifer demanded. "Yes! I surrender! Don't hurt me any more!"
Dyna Girl pleaded in agony. She-Hulk released her hold and got up.

Dyna Girl rolled away gasping and crying in defeat. She-Hulk clipped the girl
on the chin with her knuckles and caused her to black out. She-Hulk picked up
the limp forms of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and slung the heroines over her

She knew that Thorne had watched the fight from the shadows and had worked
his subtle mind control on the felled duo.

She-Hulk knew Thorne was pleased with the job she'd done. She would get a
reward from him later that night. She was happy to serve him. The green giant
went to the elevator and took her captives down to the dungeon playroom.

* * *

It was the dampness that woke Electra Woman first, the sensation of sitting
in a puddle or the childhood memory of awakening in a bed in which you had
wet yourself.

Lori was instantly aware of her surroundings. She was lying on a chilly metal
floor, with a definite dampness clinging to it.

Her nylons were soaking wet and her spandex panties were cold and tight to
her body. Yet, despite the cool circumstances, she detected a comfortable
warmth stemming from somewhere deep within her.

"Iím still fuzzy...everything is so hazy," thought Electra Woman as she
struggled to sit up, an action made more difficult by the sudden revelation
that her arms were bound securely behind her; some sort of solid metal cuff
completelty encased her forearms, crossing and locking them efficiently.

But despite the hindrance, Lori precariously balanced herself up upon her two
firm-standing legs and surveyed her situation. She looked down and saw that
her electra comp was no longer on her wrist. Then she recalled the strange
events starting with the peril they'd been in at the hands of Glitter Rock,
the person who'd actually removed the comps. Lori knew that she and Judy were
in dire peril without their comps. They had no way to contact Frank at

She had no way of knowing that even if she'd had an electra comp, Frank would
not have been there to answer. The red bubble energy field had displaced the
two heroines by nearly a quarter century, and Frank had closed up the
Electrabase shortly after the disappearance of his crime fighting team in

Once again, like many times in her crimefighting career, Electra Woman found
herself prisoner in a dimly lit iron cell, seemingly without a door, and a
single shaft of light piercing down from above to illuminate the 20 degree
circumference chamber.

The musing about her plight was interrupted by a fresh stream of dampness
soaking the spandex of her inner thighs. She looked down at the steadily
growing stain spreading out from her crotch and dripping down her legs.

Lori knew she hadnít pissed herself, and the warmth growing in her pubic
region was slowly heating up with a dull throb.

"Oh god...Iím horny," Electra Woman uttered, and to her surprise, heard a
moaning response in answer. She whirled around and spotted Dyna Girl lying at
her feet.

Identically shackled, the Teen Wonder rhythmically writhed on the floor, eyes
closed, softly moaning. In addition to her shackles, Dyna Girl also sported
a strange collar with keyhole, locked securely about her young throat.

But Lori's eyes were instantly drawn down to Judy's heavily sighing chest,
the nubile breasts barely discernable due to her prostrate position. But her
nipples, oh God, her nipples! And Lori felt an involuntary shudder wrack
pleasurably through her body. She was getting excited by looking at her young

Dyna Girl's nipples were hardened greater than Electra Woman had ever
witnessed them before, clothed or naked. The spandex of her extra-tight
bodysuit stretched to its limit, sheathing the swollen glands in a shimmering
red glaze.

One full inch of nipplage, rock hard, rose above her quivering chest. If
Electra Woman thought she was getting hot and wet, then Dyna Girl was well
on her way to orgasmic oblivion.

Thoughts of her own pubic dampness led her eyes to stray down toward Dyna
Girl's panties, tight to begin with, now soaked wet and sculpting every
minute facet of the girl's swollen and throbbing vaginal regions. A huge
puddle cradled her buttocks and soaked her stockinged thighs.

Just then the horror dawned. Dyna Girl's bulging labia was due to the
diabolical insertion of a humming ring within the young girl's vagina. A
ghastly variation on a vibrator, sexually stimulating, yet failing to fully

The doughnut hole in its center allowed a free flowing of Judy's lubricating
juices, thereby explaining the spreading puddle that Dyna Girl writhed in,
and cast a fiendish light upon her own panty-moistness.

Their sexual enticement was no longer their own and Electra Woman shuddered
at the thought of 'Why?' "Dyna-Girl! Snap out of it!" shouted Electra Woman,
and Judy immediately snapped awake, wide-eyed and fearful.

Between gasping breaths, Dyna Girl uttered, "Oh...Electra Woman...Uh, Oh...
What's happening to our b-bodies?!"

"We're being sexually stimulated...Extremely so... And I can't fathom why,"
Lori replied. Dyna Girl struggled to her feet, mimicking her older partner's
earlier effort.

Lori quivered head to toe again as Judy's nipples thrust out even further as
her breasts responded to gravity. Her bright red spandex, forced to stretch
ever further, gripped the girl's breasts even tighter, sculpting them in a
fine loving embrace. The extra stimulation tingled from her ultra-erect
nipples and set her young body on fire.

"Oh god, Electra Woman! My nipples!!! Oh Oh Oh... They've never been so
hard!" Dyna Girl shrieked, looking down at her chest as her no longer little
breasts and engorged nipples bounced in rhythm to her frantically dancing
body. Her electric hops up and down further stimulated her out-of-control

"Electra-Helpless Horniness, Electra Woman...I'm starting to CUM!!!
OOOOOOOOOO!!!" Dyna Girl convulsed rigidly and a veritable shower downpoured
from between her legs.

Electra Woman could stand it no longer. She had to do something to ease her
own precarious sexual state. Her throbbing chest drew her attention down to
her shimmering breasts and her own nipples swelled rigidly hard.

It was all she could do to jiggle her breasts within their orange spandex
sheathing in order to feel the fabric grip her swollen mounds and soothe the
fire she felt growing within.

Between the heaving jiggles of her breasts and Dyna Girl's high-pitched
squeals of passion--oo-oo-oo-oo, Electra Woman felt her own brewing orgasm
building, building, building, and then...Nothing.

With no sense of finale whatsoever, Electra Woman felt her own body convulse
and a shower of her own vaginal fluid cascaded from her body. Instead of a
pleasant post-coital buzz, Electra Woman felt the exact same sexual urgency
she felt before the orgasmic physical reaction without the benefit of a
senses stimulating climax.

"Oh god, I can't stop!!!" screamed Dyna Girl. Electra Woman looked over at
her young teen partner, the girl's full pouting lips quivering, her eyes wide
in utter despair.

Judy's little body pranced about like a little chicken, her lithe teen figure
flailing. Every few seconds, Dyna Girl's body would seize up, her breasts
thrust out, small wet stains now appearing over her engorged nipples as they,
too, began to moisten and secrete fluid, and her hips would rock suddenly,
discharging another spray of pubescent feminine cum.

But the girl's eyes never closed in passion. In fact, her eyes widened even
further, her trembling lips parting into yet another 'O' shape, followed by
another moan of frustrated despair, before then starting her chicken dance
all over again.

Electra Woman realized she too was dancing like a chicken, desperately trying
to free her arms from the locked-tight bondage. Electra Woman was also
emitting an almost-constant spray of orgasmic juice and finding nary a hint
of satisfaction, nor a respite from the continued rhythmic passion.

Soon the entire floor of the cell was slick with the young women's spray and
their stilleto-heeled balance became even more precarious amidst their
frantic convulsive hops.

Dyna Girl suddenly fell forward and Electra Woman instinctively jumped
forward to help her partner's balance. But the instant the girl's
ultra-hardened nipples connected with the older woman's sensitized breasts,
both of their sleek, shining lubricated figures spasmed uncontrollably and
Electra Woman fell to the floor, the girl wonder atop her.

Dyna Girl yelped again and began squirming like an out of control toddler,
mewling again and again "I can't cum...I can't CUMMM!" in her high-pitched
girlish squeals. With Judy's body trying to cover every inch of her own,
Lori realized she could take no more stimulation.

With a shrieking scream of her own, Electra Woman began rythmically
convulsing the smaller girl up and off her body like a bucking bronco. She
no longer cared that her youthful charge might come to harm. All that
mattered was that her own unquenchable fire be satisfied.

Desperately, Dyna Girl inched up her partner's thrashing form and straddled
the woman's head with her knees and plunged her sopping pussy hard against
Electra Woman's mouth. "Make me Cum! Make me CUM, you Bitch!" she screamed.

Electra Woman's mouth filled almost instantly with the desperate child's
juices, and still her dripping, spraying spandex panty pushed against her
nose filling all her senses with the overwhelming scent of Dyna Girl's sex,
and her own body, again, thrashed in the throes of another unfelt multiple

Electra Woman dimly realized she would soon drown in her partner's cum and
instinctively drew upon rapidly diminishing reserves of strength to heave
the girl off her.

Dyna Girl was flung up and away, landing and skidding across the soaking wet
floor. Just then the door to the dungeon opened and a figure entered the

Both heroines looked up to see a dark forboding man looming over them. He
was tall and broad shouldered, with short dark hair and cold grey eyes. He
was also very attractive to the duo.

In a loud and thundering voice the man said, "Welcome to the Justice Club
ladies, my name is Thorne, and I will be your host..."

Electra Woman was barely able to focus on what the man was saying. She was
on the floor convulsing badly from lust. Her pussy was belching out fluid
like a burst damn and she was frantically rubbing her large breasts through
her uniform and pinching her erect nipples.

" Ungghhhh! Aaahhhhh!!" Electra Woman's voice cracked.
"I am the owner of this fine establishment, my dear. I am glad you and your
partner could join me," Thorne rasped in a deep voice that sent shivers down
her spine.

"As I said, the name's Thorne. I have gone to great expense to bring you and
your teenage sidekick here to 1999," Thorne explained. Through her lust
filled daze, a kernel of clarity popped into Electra Woman's mind.

"Wha...What? 1999? But that can't bbb...eee. When Dyna Girl and I left
Electrabase this morning, it was 1977. Yyy...ou must be mad," the heroine
gasped as another orgasm swept over her aroused body.

"It was 1977 for you two at the time. But after that jackass Glitter Rock
captured you and Dyna Girl, I cast a spell that traversed back in time from
this era and located the two of you in the 1970's," he explained.

"I have a vast knowledge of magical enchantments at my disposal and I created
a spell that brought you and Dyna Girl forward in time to this era. So brace
yourself, Electra Woman. Dyna Girl and you were brought over 20 years into
the future by me and it is 1999," Thorne revealed to her.

Electra Woman stared at him. "NOOOO! It can't be true!" she squeaked. "This
can't be happening!" Lori was in shock. She and Dyna Girl were more than 20
years in the future? Her fragile state of mind couldn't comprhend the
vastness of the dire peril they were in.

"It's true my dear. I have been infatuated with the famous duo of Electra
Woman and Dyna Girl for years. I wanted to possess the two of you and make
you my slaves," Thorne boasted.

"But when I tried to locate you in the present, every trace of the two of
you and had been erased. I don't know what happend to each of you, but you
both suffered some sort of horrible fate between the 1970's and the 1990's
that killed you and wiped the precious Electrabase off the face of the

"People didn't know who you two were. It was as if Dyna Girl's and your
existance had been erased from creation. I, however, retained my memories of
you lovely ladies, and I was not to be denied. So I searched the astral plane
until I found an instant in the time stream where you both still existed. I
cast the spell around you and Judy to protect you from being wiped out."

"So you and Dyna Girl are now here in 1999 and under my protection. I know
this is all very confusing to you, especially in the state of arousal you are
currently in. But you'll both get used to the idea in time. There is no going
back to the 1970's for you. My spell is the only thing keeping you ladies in
existance. You're ancient eltra comps would be useless even if you still had
them, and your pal, Frank, is long dead and buried," Thorne finished his

It was all too much for Electra Woman to comprehend and she sobbed in horror
at the realization that everyone and everything she and Dyna Girl knew was

'Frank dead? Oh God, No!!' she thought. Then Electra Woman writhed madly on
the dungeon floor as her body was wracked by another orgasm. She heaved up
violently as she came, and then passed out from exhaustion.

Thorne shook his head in disappointment. He had though Electra Woman would
last longer than that. He then turned his attention to Dyna Girl. The 16 year
old girl was sitting in a corner frantically rubbing her pussy through her
spandex costume and squeezing her enflamed breasts as she tried desperately
to make herself cum.

But she was unable to do so. The mental blocks Thorne had implanted in their
minds to prevent them from achieving sexual fullfillment were still in place.
No matter how hard she tried, Dyna Girl could not climax.

Thorne had retracted the mental blocks in Electra Woman's mind, and had
allowed her to orgasm so he could work on Dyna Girl without her
interferrance. But he refused to let the younger female climax, and it made
the girl frustrated and mentally unbalanced.

Dyna Girl was on the edge of a nervous breakdown and she was ready to do
anything just so she could cum and end her torture.

Thorne strode over to the trembling 16 year old girl and watched her
exquisite torment. Dyna Girl had pulled the material of her spandex costume
up into her crotch and was sitting on the dungeon floor, running the spandex
up into her wet virgin puss.

Dyna Girl looked up at Thorne with her sad puppy dog eyes, and her face was
a mask of pure lust. "Plleeasse! I need to cum soooo bad. Help me!!! Oohhh
goddd!" she called out in frustration.

She frantically rubbed her nubile tits and pinched the erect nipples raw. Her
other hand clawed maniacally at her vagina. Dyna Girl was being driven mad
and she was desperate for release.

"I'll do anything you want, Mr. Thorne. I don't give an electra-shit if we're
20 years in the future. Just let me cum! PLEASE, sir!"

"All right, little one. I'll let you cum, but you will be mine from this day
forth," Thorne informed the girl. "Yes! Anything, I'm yours! Now, please let
me cuummmm!!!" she wailed.

"Agreed. Get up and take off that stupid costume you're wearing," Thorne told
her. He was already retracting the mental barriers in Judy's mind that
prevented her from achieving orgasm.

The teen heroine quickly stripped of her red spandex uniform and cape without
giving it a second thought. She didn't once think that she was naked before a
man for the first time in her young life. All that mattered was being able to
climax and she'd do whatever Thorne wanted her to do.

Dyna Girl spoke in a hoarse, cracking voice, "Mr. Thorne... I need cum,
please!!!" the teen moaned and whimpered. Thorne leaned under the girl and
licked from her clit to asshole in a long slow motion.

Dyna Girl cried out as she pushed against Thorne's tongue. She managed to
gasp out, "Thank you,sir." Thorne pulled out a vibrator and rolled it across
her clit. Dyna Girl rolled over and picked up the toy.

She slowly spread and raised her legs to make sure Thorne had a perfect view.
Dyna Girl reached down and spread her cunt wide. She picked up the vibe and
turned it on as she ran it down her quivering belly.

Dyna Girl reached around her hips with both arms and held the base of the
vibe with both hands. Judy stabbed the wet buzzing vibrator into her cunt,
but she didn't slide the toy all the way into her cunt. She was still a
virgin and her maidenhead was for Thorne to take.

Dyna Girl grimaced as it opened her tight pussy. She rocked her hips up and
thrusted with the long vibe. Judy rotated the base slightly as it plunged in
and out of her slit.

Her fingers madly strummed over her clit as Dyna Girl panted like a bitch in
heat. She thrusted long and hard. Her head was thrown back and her legs waved
as her body crunched.

The young girl pushed the fake cock into her pussy, harder and faster. Dyna
Girl put her heels down on the floor and raised her ass as she thrusted up
against the vibrator.

Dyna Girl moaned and pumped her hips as she pushed against the vibrator. She
thrusted it into her with long strokes. Dyna Girl looked over at Thorne with
an absent, lost look, she needed to cum. "I neeed to cum sooo much! I am
RIGHT THERE! Pleasepleaseplease! Pleaseplease may I please cum!!?" she

Thorne smiled and then reached down. He took the toy away from the girl. He
pulled it roughly from her cunt. "Hmmmmmmmmmm, I don't think you should,
baby," Thorne said.

Dyna Girl panted and looked at him desperately. Her lips formed the pleading
words "Please, sir ... I will be good, you know I will be," she sobbed. "My
cunny is throbbing and hurting and my ass is burning. Pleeease ..." Dyna
Girl's hands tried to sneak down to her clit, but she knew he wouldn't allow
her to climax.

Thorne smiled down at the squirming girl. "Don't you dare touch that clit,
you nasty girl!" he ordered. Dyna Girl raised her hips and presented her wet
open cunt for his inspection. Her pussy was deep red, swollen, and gushing
wet. "I am dying to cum," she yelped.

Thorne took his finger and flicked it back and forth across her hard little
clit. Dyna Girl squealed with pleasure, "Aahhh yessss!!"

Thorne smiled at the desperate little slut. His left hand pushed her right
leg up and out. His right hand slid under her ass. Two fingers delved deep
into her ass, his thumb slipped into her cunt and grinded into her depths.
"Cum for me baby, give it all to me," he coaxed the teen heroine.

"YESS! YESSSS! I'm electra-cumming!" Dyna Girl screamed in joy. Thorne
reached down and pinched her engorged clit, that was all it took to throw her
off the end of the world. Her body surged and lunged as her cunt contracted
over and over, harder and harder.

Thorne rocked her fingers in and out of the slut's hole. The orgasms went on
and on, it was too much to bear as one orgasm picked up where the another
left off.

Thorne pulled harder on the clit, his fingers slid up it's sides until Dyna
Girl bucked up and down wildy as she came like never before.

Dyna Girl screamed and thrashed about. She was lost in the waves of pleasure.
The climaxes went on for a long time but she finally exhausted herself and
collapsed in a heap on the floor, unconscious. Thorne smiled.

To be continued.


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