This is an adult story and containd sexual situations. This was your only

The Electra Woman And Dyna Girl Saga Part 2 (mc,nc,bdsm)
by Yenoc

Thorne had spent a wild night with Dyna Girl. The two of them had fucked
all night and the girl proved to be insatiable.

Judy was eager to learn from him and she hung on his every word. Dyna Girl
thought she had fallen in love with him. She was a very good student and
wanted to learn everything she could from him.

The next day, Thorne went into the lower levels of the club to visit Electra
Woman. The heroine had spent the entire night in the dungeon, chained to the
cold stone wall with shackles. She was naked and shivering badly.

As he entered the dungeon, Thorne saw Lori slumped against the wall with her
head lowered on her chest. He walked over to her and cupped her left breast.
He tweaked her hardened nipple and she awoke with a start.

Lori had gotten very little rest since she'd learned that she and Dyna Girl
had been transported over 20 years into future from the 1970's.

She was groggy and slowly lifted her head to see who was accosting her. Her
vision focused and her and she saw Thorne standing in front of her.

"YOU!!" Electra Woman spat with venom in her voice. She had come to despise
Thorne. "Where is Dyna Girl!?" she demanded to know. "What have you done to
her you demented rogue!"

"Calm down Lori. Judy is fine. She is upstairs resting in my bed. The girl
is very tired, it seems she had a very eventful night." he smirked.

Electra Woman tried to spring at him to attack but her arms and legs were
shackled to the walls with chains and she had very little movement.

Her arms were drawn up to her sides and extended outward to their limits.
Her legs were spread wides and she was bound around each ankle.

"You vile degenerate!" she yelled at him. "How could you take advantage of
that poor girl? She's a child!"

"Believe me Electra, the teenager you knew is all woman now!" Thorne laughed.
Lori lunged at him again but was jerked back against the wall by the

"Dyna Girl and I will escape your evil clutches eventually Thorne, and when
we do, I will see that you are thrown into prison for the rest of your life."
Electra Woman vowed.

"That would be much longer than you think, Electra." Thorne explained. "I
alreadt have Judy on my side and now I will break you the old fashion way,
by beating you into submission." he told the heroine.

Thorne could've have easily used his mind conttrol powers to turn Electra
Woman into his sex toy but he wanted to teach the smug bitch a lesson.

Lori raised her head defiantly and said. "Do you worst villain. I will never
bow to you." "Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before, Electra." he

"Get with the program lady! The 70's are over and you're an antique. The
fight for truth, justice, and the American way is a bunch of bullshit."
he said.

"This is a whole new world Electra and you have no idea how deadly it is.
You could have a good life here, serving me. Don't make it hard on yourself."

"I'd rather die than serve you." she shot back. "Oh, you mean that you'd
rather be dead like you pal Frank Heflin." Thorne stated.

His remark was like an arrow to the heart and Lori's face became sad as
she remembered. "Frank...."

"Yes, Frank. See Mr. Heflin searched for you and Judy for years but he never
found you or learned what happened to you. Frank closed down Electrabase and
destroyed the place so no one would use it for sinister purposes."

"Frank grew old before his time. He became a recluse and disappeared from
society. He died all alone of a broken heart. It's very pitiful indeed." he

By now the tears were pouring down Lori's cheeks for her deceased friend
and comrade. She directed her anger bakc toward Thorne. "Bastard! I'll
see you hang for this! AND TAKE YOUR HAND OFF MY BREAST!!" she shouted.

"Such language you're using Electra Woman, I'm surprised at you. What
kind of example would that set for your young and impressionable teen
sidekick? Oh wait, that's right, I already corrupted sweet Dyna Girl."
Thorne snickered.

* * *

Electra Woman spat at him and it landed on his cheek. His face grew stern
and he stared at her with his blazing grey eyes. Thorne wiped the spittle
from his face with his fingers and licked the saliva from them.

Then he gave an animal like snarl and backhanded Electra Woman across the
face with his clenched fist. Her head snapped to the side sharply and she
tasted blood in her mouth.

Thorne grabbed her by the chin and squeezed her face harshly. "NEVER
do that again bitch! Unless you do want to die!" he warned. Lori knew
his threat was serious and she was terrified of the man.

"What are you?" she whispered softly to him. Thorne got in her face and
whispered back, "I'm Batman." Then he laughed at the joke that only he

Thorne balled up hi fist and punched Electra Woman in the stomach, hard.
Her mouth shot open and her eyes went wide as the air exploded from her

Lori doubled over from the pain and saw stars. He repeated the move and
punched her in the midsection several more times.

Electra Woman slumped in her bonds as she took the beating from him. She
wanted to pass out but she was not afforded that luxury.

She wasn't sure, but Lori thought she had some broken ribs. She could not
breath and her body was being used like a punching bag.

But the blows stopped all of a sudden and Lori was grateful. She thought the
ordeal was over, she was wrong. Thorne went over to a gym bag that sat
on a table in the corner and unzipped it. He rummaged around in the bag and
withdrew a black leather riding crop from it.

He turned around and showed Electra Woman his toy. Lori saw the deadly
looking tool and started struggling in her bonds. "NO! Please don't! You
can't do this to me!" she cried out.

By now the tears streamed down her face and Thorne was pleased. The high
and mighty Electra Woman was not so tough after all.

Thorne walked back to the captured heroine and grinned wickedly. He then
lifed the riding crop over his head and brought it down on her naked tits.

Electra Woman screamed as the crop bit into her flesh and left red welts all
over her breasts. The pain was like nothing she's ever exerienced before.

He lifted the drop again and lashed her breasts with it over and over. Her
tits were soon criss crossed with red welts and she bled from cuts on her
twin globes.

Lori shrieked and sobbed uncontrolably as Thorne slashed her tits with the
crop. Her nipples were swollen and sore to the touch. Her body thrashed and
spasmed as she tried to escape the kiss of his lash.

Thorne dipped his hand between Lori's legs and shoved two of his fingers into
her vagina. Electra Woman shrilled as she felt the digits invade her sacred

"You whore!" Thorne shouted. "Your pussy is soaked! I think you like this,
don't you Lori?" "No, please....I can't help it. Please stop." she sobbed.

"I don't think so slut." he answered. Thorne took the riding crop and whipped
it over her naked cunt. Electra Woman bucked and writhed in her bonds as her
crotch was lashed.

She howled as she was beaten. Her pussy was soon raw and mushy. Thorne
cracked the crop all along her body and she reeled with each blow.

Thorne gripped the riding crop in his hand and slid it back between her legs.
Then with a viscious lunge, he rammed half the crop into Electra Woman's

IT HURTS!" Lori jerked about madly as she tried to get the crop out of her

Thorne slapped her across the face and drove th crop into her pulpy cunt.
She was impaled by the instrament over and over. Her screams of defilement
sounded throughout the dungeon.

Lori felt Thorne grab her clit and he scraped the bud with his finger nails.
Her hips started to move of their own accord and pumped up against the raping

He knew Electra Woman would show her slutty nature sooner or later. She was
like a wanton hussy as she humped the tool.

Thorne withdrew the crop from her pussy and sniffed it. Electra Woman had a
rather pungent odor to her pussy. She looked at him with terror filled eyes
and wished the torture would end.

Lori was ready to throw herself on the floor and beg him for mercy. Thorne
raised the riding crop and brought it to her face.

Electra Woman's lips trembled in sadness as she watched him. "You know what
to do, whore." Thorne said. And Lori nodded her understanding.

Her mouth slowly opened and she took the crop into her pouting mouth. Her
tongue came out and she started to lick her own pussy juice from the crop.

This was just another way for Thorne to humilaiate and debase the heroine.
To her utter shock, Electra Woman found that she liked the taste of her pussy

She licked and sucked the riding crop until it was clean and she licked her
lips when he took it from her mouth. Lori thought the ordeal had concluded
but she was mistaken. Thorne went to the bag again and took out something

He approached Electra Woman and showed her what he held in his hand. She
looked down and saw two metal alligator clips in the palm of his hand.

When Thorne started rolling her nipples with his fingers to get them hard,
she screamed all over again.

Thorne saw her grimace as he brought the first nipple clamp to her massive
breasts. He opened the clamp so she could see the rows of sharp teeth.

* * *

Electra Woman screamed in paralyzed terror as the metal clamps were put
on her heaving breasts. The sharp metal teeth of the alligator clips
bit into her tender nipples.

Never, in all her crime fighting days, had Lori thought that such torture
and cruelty could be inflicted upon one person.

She cried out as the clamps were, at last, fastened to her nipples. Thorne
knew she was in pain and he enjoyed her suffering. He brought up his hands
and slapped Electra Woman's flogged tits.

The heroine screeched in pain as he battered her tits around like beach
balls. The sadistic clamps bit into her aching nipples anew each time he
made her breasts flop about.

Thorne grinned at her and watched her tits bob. His hand went to the nipple
clamps and played with them. "Some heroine you are." he laughed.

Electra Woman grimaced, her scared eyes barely held his gaze. Thorne twisted
the right nipple and she screamed.

Lori's eyes flicked but held true, her body began to squirm. He took both
tips in fingers and slowly twisted the nipples.

Electra Woman thrashed in pain and moaned. Thorne smiled and twisted harder.
Lori wondered if her tits would ever be the same.

Thorne freed her from the shackles and she crumpled to the floor. He looked
down at her and whispered, "Stand and spread your legs."

Electra Woman's fear was plain to see. But she relaxed and stood up. She
spreads her legs for him.

Thorne reached for a box of plastic clothes pins. "Put your hands behind your
head!" he sneered.

Lori obeyed and locked her hands behind her head. Her tits jutted outward as
a result. Her legs were spread wide.

Thorne opened her little pussy lips and ran his finger over them. He took a
clothes pin and let it hover over the right pussy lip.

And then - SNAP!! The pin snapped onto the thin lip and pinched it viciously.

Electra Woman shrieked in agony as the man tortured her bruised and battered
body. And just under that one another - SNAP!! And another on the same side -

Lori let out an inhuman scream and looked down to see the two pegs that poked
out of her cunt. They looked neat and sent shafts of pain through her body.

She now had three pins on her pussy lip. Thorne's hand brushed the pins and
she whailed like a stuck pig.

Thorne then started on the left side - SNAP!! Electra Woman quivered as the
pain bit into her ravaged lip.

Another one followed - SNAP!! Then the third - Snap!! Electra Woman felt her
cunt throb with a dull ache. Thorne took yet another pin and let the PIN
HOVER OVER HER CLIT!! Lori looked down, in sheer terror, as the pin was
worked onto her hard clit.

SNAP!! THE PIN BIT DEEP INTO HER CLIT! The heroine bellowed in torment and
convulsed on her feet as he let the pin rip into her tiny button.

"Now, you may let your legs come together!" he said. Electra Woman gazed at
Thorne. "No, please! I beg you! Don't do this! You're killing me!" she

Thorne grabbed the crop again and it landed hard on her ass. Crack!! Crack!!
"Do as I say!!" he yelled.

Electra Woman squealed and quickly moved her legs together. He let the riding
crop play with the pins, moving them on her pulpy lips.

"Grind your hips slut!!" Thorne commanded. He raised crop into her cunt.

Electra Woman quiverd as the pain got worse. He lifted the crop and lashed it
over her tits once more.

It landed on her left tit and brought a red glow to it. Lori gingerly moved
her hips in a grinding fashion and got more pain for her efforts.

Electra Woman cried and grabbed at her tit. She kneaded the globe to soften
the aftereffect of the crop.

Thorne's finger found her clit and rubbed the clamped button. The heroine
screeched out as he pinched her clit cruelly.

His crop fell again, rapidly, on each tit. Crack! Crack! Crack! Lori sobbed
pitfully and tried to move away from him. But Thorne grabbed the back of her
hair and pushed her back into place.

Thorne then moved his finger rapidly on her clit. He rubbed and stroked the
engorged nub. Lori grew aroused from the rough treatment and knew she was
being forced to climax against her will.

Her were tits red as fire from the lashing he gave them. The metal clamps
bounced wildly on her nipples.

Electra Woman's hips move involuntarily as her clit was stimulated and the
pain did its job to tear down her defenses.

She groaned. Her pussy lips were swollen and open as she moaned more and

Suddenly, crack, crack, crack!! The crop landed on the pins. Electra Woman
howled in horror.

Thorne's fingers reached for the pin on her clit and twisted it violently.
Electra Woman frowned, her face contorted as she adjusted to this new level
of pain.

Thorne twisted harder and she whimpered. "Please! Sir...I beg of you!!" He
quickly removed the pin and his finger moved through her pussy lips.

Swish, swish, swish, he rubbed her clit. "Beg slut!" he hissed.

Electra Woman breathed again and felt her arousal return. Swish, swish,
swish, swish, as he fondled her raging clit.

"Master...please, I beg of you...let me cum and release me from your
torture!" Electra Woman grovelled.

Thorne removed another pin by pulling it off. He alternated between pulling
off the clothes pins and massaging her clit.

He drove Lori mad and she could no longer tell the difference between
pleasure and pain.

"You may cumm slut." he said. SWISH! SWISH! SWISH! AS HE JERKED ANOTHER PIN

Electra Woman looked down and saw her long lips. They were swollen from their
abuse, aroused and blushing purple.

Thorne then tore off the last pin and watched her tense up and undulate her
hips back and forth wantonly.

Electra Woman shivered uncontrollably. His fingers continued to punish her
tender lips. Lori wanted to cum badly. "Aahhhh...I need your fingers in me!!"
she panted. Thorne replied. "CUMM!! NOW!"

His fingers penetrated deeply and slid into her wet cunt. "Oohhhh! YESSS!"
she called out as he probed for her g spot.

Thorne jammed his fingers in deeper as he located her g spot. He racked it
roughly and scratched it.

Electra Woman closed her eyes and opened her swollen mouth. She moaned as the
tension rose.

"AAAGGGGGGHHHH! UUUUUNNGGHHH!! CUMMING!!!" she roared as she came like a

Thorne's hand was a blur as he rammed it into her shattered hole. Lori came
over and over as her screams echoed through the dungeon.

Electra Woman finally collapsed, her body spent. She whispered, "Thank you,
Master!" to Thorne before she went limp.

* * *

She regained consciousness a few minutes later. Thorne looked at Lori and
said. "Go and get me the hairbrush from my bag and lie across my lap, slut."

He waited for her to bring him the brush. Electra Woman dropped to her hands
and knees and crawled across the room.

Her naked body swayed gently as she crept across the floor. Lori's blonde
curls fell loose about her face and shoulders, contrasting with her creamy
flesh. Her sad blue eyes searched for the hairbrush.

The heroine found the brush in his bag and handed it to Thorne.

Thorne looked to her, "Acrosss my lap now!" he ordered. Electra Woman
trembled and slowly lowered herself across his lap. Her was body tense.

Thorne laid the hairbrush on Lori's back as he reached over to a shelf for
a large anal plug. He took the plug and inserted it into her ass.

Electra Woman screamed in agony as she was forced to take the plug up her
asshole. He made sure the anal plug was securely placed.

Thorne picked up the hairbrush and took aim to Lori's ass cheeks.
Wwwhhhhhaaaapppp! Wwwwwhhhhhaaaaappppp! Wwwwhhhhaaaaappppppp!
Wwhhhhhaaaaapppppp. Electra Woman whimpered and gasped as she squirmed on
his lap.

Electra Woman cried out, a deep groan of pain. Thorne aimd for her uppere
thighs next. Wwwhhhhaaaaappppp! Wwwhhaacckkkk! Wwwhhhhhaaaapppppp!

She shook from the stinging impacts. He looked at her cheeks and upper
thighs. They were very red and sore.

He reached under her and tugged on the nipple clamps. Lori screeched in pain
as the clamps bit further into her distended nipples.

Thorne smacked her again. Whhhhhaaaaappp! Wwwhhhhaaaccckk! Wwwhhaaappp! The
blows landed all over her backside. And Lori was crying like a child by the
time he was finished spanking her.

Then he laid the brush down and grabbed some body oil. He gently massaged
the oil into her red cheeks and thighs.

Electra Woman jerked and screamed out at the searing heat. She wriggled and
thrashed against the pain.

Thorne told Lori calm down as he continued to massage her cheeks and thighs.
Electra Woman jumped as the oil renewed the burn then moaned as it began to

Thorne ran a finger between Lori's thighs and into the depths of her cunt,
he found her to be very wet. He insertd 2 fingers and felt contact with the
anal plug buried deep in her ass.

He watched her tremble with pain/pleasure. Lori slowly began to relax and
then gasped at his invasion.

She moaned at the mix of pain and pleasure and quivered with need. Thorne
continued to bury the fingers in and out of her very wet pussy. He felt her

Electra Woman's eyes drifted shut and a deep moan ripped from her throat.

Thorne reached down and whispered in Lori's ear. "Would you like to feel my
cock inside you slut?" Electra Woman whimpered, "Yessss, yes Sir." She felt
the fires ignite deep in her body.

"If you want me inside you, I want you to beg me for it slut." he said.
Electra Woman's hands gripped his leg tightly.

"Please Sir, pleaseeeeeeeee, I'm begging for your gift..pleasee Sir." she
sobbed in need.

"Very well Lori, you may sit in my lap facing me and insert my cock deep in
your wet pussy." he replied.

Electra Woman slipped off his lap, then stood and straddled his lap. She
impaled herself with one hard stroke and gasped loudly as he stretched and
filled her slick cunt.

Thorne told her, "Now you better not cum until you have permission slut."
Electra Woman nodded her understanding. She slowly raised back up the length
of his shaft, and slammed back down. "Oohhgodddddddddd." she moaned as her
hands grasped his shoulders.

He started to pump his cock in and out of Lori's pussy. Electra Woman moaned
and at the building desire. Thorne reminded not to cum without his

Thorne pumped faster into her cunt. Electra Woman's heart began to race, her
breath came in pants.

She rode and drove herself down on his cock over and over. Lori bit her lip
as she spiraled to the brink. Thorne watched her writhe about.

Electra Woman rocked on the cock and humped against his groin as her body
writhed on his lap.

She gripped his shoulders harder as passion and desire consumed her. Lori
gasped over and over, a scream of exstacy hovered and waited in her throat.
Thorne looked at Electra Woman. "Want to cum whore?"

Lori cried out his name, thinking only of Thorne as her juices flowed down
his organ. She jerked with each wave of climax that swept over her.

Then Electra Woman crys out. "YESSSSSs, yessss! Pleaseee!" Thorne told her,
"You may cum slut." And she did.

Electra Woman threw her head back as the climaxes rocked her body. A deep
scream ripped from her throat as her body jerked and convulsed.

"OHHHHHHGODDDDDDDDDDDYESSSSSSSSSS!!" She panted for air as she plunged up and
down on his cock.

She thrashed and orgasmed until she finally collapsed and weakly laid against
him. Electra Woman struggled to regain her senses. She was in ectasy, her
body glistened with sweat.

Thorne watched Lori and gently rubbed her body. He removed her nipple clamps
and watched her expression.

Electra Woman quivered and shook as after shocks wracked her body. Her eyes
flew open as pain flooded her pleasure. Both sensations blended and mixed.

Electra Woman shuddered as her nipples came back to life with stinging needle
points of pain. She groaned as her clit quivered with pleasure.

Lori was exhausted and laid on top of him to rest. She savored his warmth and
strength. Thorne knew that she was now his to control.

* * *

Thorne took Judy down to the dungeon so she could see how her partner had
been fairing under his influence.

Dyna Girl was shocked to see her partner in such a manner. Electra Woman was
entirely naked in a corner of the dungeon. She was balled up in a corner,
sobbing like a beaten animal. Judy was astonished to see Lori like that.

Electra Woman had been tortured by Thorne and his minions and the heroine was
a shell of her former self. Thorne told Dyna Girl to be silent and watch what

He whistled in Electra Woman's direction, like he was summoning a dog. The
woman's body went rigid when she heard the man's call. But she quickly left
the corner she had been cowering in.

Electra Woman got on her hands and knees and crawled over to Thorne. She
looked at Dyna Girl and a moment of recognition came to her sad face. But she
took her eyes off Judy and went to nuzzle Thorne's extended hand with her
face and nose.

Dyna Girl was amazed at how Lori was now acting. She was like a pet greeting
it's returning master. What had Thorne done to her? Judy wondered. And as her
pussy got wet by the sight of the broken woman, Judy also wondered what she
would be allowed to do to her former quardian.

How could I have ever looked up to this sorry excuse for a woman? Judy
thought to herself. It was all a rude awakening for Dyna Girl but she was
glad Thorne had made her see how truly pathetic and weak Electra Woman was.

* * *

"Reach down and open yourself to me, Lori." Thorne commanded. Electra Woman
tried to clamp her legs together but his mental hold over her was too strong.
Although she had been beaten and abused, a fragment of her once keen mind
still burned deep within her soul.

But Electra Woman did not know that would soon change when Thorne let her
teen partner have a chance to train her. In the mean time, Lori was trying
to figure a way to escape from her sadistic ordeal.

Electra Woman reached down and used two of her fingers to spread her labia
wide open, exposing her vagina.

She felt her juices pour down her fingers. Thorne had kept her in a constant
state of arousal since he had captured the heroines.

Electra Woman looked for a second at her former protoge but then turned her
attention back to Thorne. Lori had no pride or shame left. She was beyond
caring what Dyna Girl was about to witness.

"Get yourself off as we watch. Now!" Thorne snapped. Electra Woman nodded
glumly. She knew there was no escape from her endless humiliation. She
trapped her clit under her thumb and slipped two fingers inside her exposed

Lori pumped them in and out, an inch at a time at first. Her fingers got
sticky and wet. She circled her clit with her thumb.

Electra Woman breathed faster as she was made to finger her slit. Dyna Girl
watched her mentor with intense fascination. Lori used her other hand to
caress her breasts.

She sported a pair of metallic nipple clamps on her tits and they seemed to
be causing great discomfort as the sharp teeth but into her erect nipples.

But if she was in pain, Lori didn't cry out or make any noises over it. In
fact, Electra Woman toyed with her nipples, tweaking and tugging them.

Electra Woman looked over at them as her excitement grew. She slipped the
two fingers in and out of her sex as she drove them deeper and faster into
her dripping pussy.

Electra Woman's thumb bore down on her clit and rubbed it back and forth
rapidly. Her legs were still splayed wide open. Dyna Girl watched closely.
She pumped her fingers in and out and rolled her clit around. Lori's mouth
fell open and her eyes were a little crazed.

Electra Woman felt her clit begin to pound. "Tell us how close you are,
Lori." Thorne said. Electra Woman's hips flexed back and forth on her driving
hand. "I'm close now... so close." she purred.

"Lift your hand away." Thorne ordered her. Electra Woman removed her hand and
panted for air. "Get on your hands and knees now, slut." he directed.

Electra Woman got up and clambered onto her hands and knees, doggie style.
Dyna Girl was entranced by the sight of Lori wearing the nipple clamps that
dug into her massive breasts and pinched her hard nipples.

Lori's breasts swayed as she moved. "Push your vagina out to me, so we may
see it, slut." Thorne told her. Electra Woman spread her legs a bit wider and
arched her back. She shoved her sex out toward them.

Electra Woman reached around her side and ran a finger over her sex. "Bring
yourself off gradually, Lori...feel us watching you." he said.

She ran her finger up to her clit. It was swollen and sensitive. She circled
around her clit, not quite touching it, and tempted herself.

Electra Woman slowly moved in smaller and smaller circles, till her clit was
trapped by her finger. "Mmmmm." Lori moaned in wanton pleasure.

She groaned a bit as she reached her orgasm. Electra Woman rocked on her
knees as she thrusted a finger deep into her walls.

"Oooooooohhhh!" she squealed. The heroine sank her finger completely inside
her cunt.

Electra Woman rocked back and forth on her knees and built a slow rhythm. She
shoved her finger in and out as she pressed her clit. "Yessssss!" she
whimpered in ectasy.

"Please, let me cum. I need it so bad." she begged. "Not yet slave." Thorne
told her. Electra Woman whimpered quietly as she was forced to hold back. She
now knew better then to disobey him.

Electra Woman begged to be allowed to orgasm. "Please Master...let me cum."
she whined. Thorne decided to allow his slut to climax.

"Cum, my whore." he ordered the heroine. Electra Woman shuddered and groaned
loudly as her body convulsed. She smiled at him as her climax came to an end.

"That's good Electra Slut. Now get your whore ass over here and present
yourself to your master." Thorne spoke up.

* * *

Electra Woman moved around and presented herself to him. Thorne reached out
to play with her nipples.

He soon took his fingers from her tits and watched her eyes go wide with

"No! Don't stop." she whined. Thorne grinned wickedly. Electra Woman's
clamped nipples hardened and betrayed her arousal. Lori placed her hands flat
on the floor behind her legs and spread wide.

Thorne handed her a very large, thick dildo. "Play with yourself, slut." he
commanded. He reached down and pinched her nipples harshly.

Electra Woman placed the base of the dildo on the floor and then lowerd
herself on top of the huge toy. She squatted over the toy and took long deep
strokes up and down the dildo.

She rode the cock like a good slut. Her cunt glided up and down the length
of the shaft. The heroine's juices flowed, making the big toy shine in the
dungeon light.

Electra Woman reached down and rubbed her clit vigorously as she rode the
toy. She rythmatically bounced up and down on the dildo. Lori screamed in
delight as she rode the cock.

She breathed heavily as she neared orgasm. "Hold it back, Electra. I think
you deserve a few strokes before you are permitted cum." Thorne told her.

Electra Woman moaned as she rode the cock. Thorne went to a cabinet and
withdrew a riding crop from it.

Lori's hair flopped about and sweat ran down her face. She humped and humped
the dildo.

She took it in as deep as possible. Thorne whipped the crop down to her ass.
WHACK! The crop hissed through the air and struck her flesh.

Electra Woman screamed out loud and humped the cock faster.

Thorne brought the crop down again and again on her body and she was soon
covered with red welts. WHACK! It slashed down on her thrashing form over
and over.

Electra Woman yelled, "AAAAAAAU!" WHACK! WHACK! He whippd the helpless
heroine raw and he soon drew blood.

But Lori humped even faster and moaned in delight. She was turning into a
real pain slut at his hands.

"Electra, on the 6th stroke you may cum." Thorne instructed. Her teeth
clenched and she growled. He moved to the front for the last two strokes,
one on each breast.

WHACK! WHACK! Lori humped the fake cock faster and faster. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH

Thorne reached down and fingered her clit. Electra Woman climaxed violently
as she rammed the dildo into her cunt. "Oooh yes! Yes!" she yelped.

Electra Woman slowed the pace of her thrusts and moaned in pleasure. Thorne
watched as Lori slowed down. She was panting and her welted chest heaved.

Her juices flowed down her thighs as she quivered. Electra Woman panted like
a bitch in heat as her body trembled from the climax.

Electra Woman was exhausted and fell onto floor. Thorne reached down and
pulled the toy out of her clenched pussy.

Thorne pulled off the nipple clamps and saw Lori wince in pain. But in the
end, Electra Woman looked up and smiled at him.

Dyna Girl had observed the whole whorish display Electra Woman had given and
she was very aroused. Her young pussy was wet and she rubbed her crotch
against Thorne's muscular arm.

Judy looked at him and asked breathlessly, "What else can you make her do?
And when can I have a turn at her?"

"You will have your turn soon enough Dyna." Thorne said. "But I want you to
watch as I use this slut."

He turned to Lori and said. "Get over here Slut and tend me." Lori got to her
hands and knees and crawled over to him.

Her head was lowered as she crawled. When she got to him, Electra Woman sat
back on her legs and placed her hands in her lap.

Her head was bowed and her eyes were down cast. "How may I serve you Master?"
she asked in a soft voice. Judy was amazed to see Lori acting so submissive.
But she remained queit and watched them.

* * *

"Beg to suck my cock, cunt." Thorne said. Lowering her head in resignation,
Electra Woman swallowed the last of her pride and said, "Can I suck your
cock, Sir? Please? Please Sir, let me suck it."

Thorne acknowledged Lori's begging. "You may suck it, slave." He pinched and
pulled her erect nipples. Lori felt her clit harden from his touch.

She groaned as he pinched her nipples. He grabbed Electra Woman's blonde
locks and forced her head down to his cock. She gasped quietly and lowered
her head to the cock.

Lori groaned and flicked her tongue out to lick the spongy head. Electra
Womanmoaned in appreciation and wrapped her lips around his manhood.

She swirled her tongue around the organ and groaned. Lori caressed the shaft
with her fingers as she inched her lips down over his cock.

"Take it all, my slut." Thorne said. She fondled and gently squeezed his
balls as she took his cock deep into her mouth.

Electra Woman bobbed her head back and forth on his shaft, feeling him throb
in her mouth She flicked her tongue as she sucked.

Thorne grunted. "Cunt! You must take it all, suck me deeper. Show your Master
your love."

Electra Woman breathed in and forced her mouth down the length of his cock.
She forced her lips down to the base of his cock before she slid them up the
shaft again.

Lori reached between her legs to finger herself as she sucked Thorne's cock.
She moaned as she sucked the best she could, she wanted to please him.

"Finger yourself while you suck me, I want a show." he said. Electra Woman
shoved her fingers in and out of her cunt as she increased the pressure of
her sucking.

She grunted as she rubbed her clit. Lori bobbed her head up and down his
shaft. She used her other hand to gently caress his balls.

Electra Woman moaned and wiggled her hips. Thorne forced Lori's head down to
the base of his cock. She suckd as hard as she could. Her head was forced
down and she spread her legs as she thrusted her fingers inside cunt.

Electra Woman gagged as he pushed his cock into her throat. She had trouble

Thorne thrusted harder as he felt her hot mouth around his member. Lori
lifted her head and begged him to fuck her.

Thorne pulled out of her mouth and told Lori to lay down on the floor. She
complied. She writhed about on the floor as her loins burned with need.

Electra Woman moaned and tried to impale herself on his cock. He rubbed
his meat againt her cunt and she shuddered with anticipation. Then Thorne
shoved deep into her pussy.

Electra Woman groaned loudly as he slammed into her. She grinded her hips
against his groin.

Thorne pulled hard on her tits as his cock impaled her wet cunt.

Lori threw her head back as she rode his cock. She moved her hips up and
down on his cock. Thorne flexed his cock inside her. Lori undulated her hips
with his in and out strokes. Electra Woman slammed her pussy onto his cock
over and over.

Thorne grunted in his throat and he drilled into her cunt harder. Then
his cock erupted in her pussy and it spit his thick seed into Electra Woman.

Lori thrashed madly on the floor as she felt him cum inside her. It made her
orgasm and tremble as never before. She took all of his sperm into her pussy
and begged for more. By the end of it all, she was unconscious on the floor
with a smile on her face.

Thorne took Dyna Girl's arm and led her from the dungeon. After having
watched the humiliation of Lori and the intense fucking afterward, Judy was
a live wire and needed a hard fuck. So she and Thorne retired to her bedroom
where they fucked all night.

* * *

The next night, Electra Woman debuted at the club a it's newest act. Lori
dashed onto the stage and adopted her superheroine pose. And when the music
started, she broke into a hot bump and grind dance.

Thorne sat at a private table next to the stage and watched the performance
with keen interest. Lori felt his gaze upon her and it made the heroine even
more aroused.

Electra Woman exited the stage and climbed onto his table, and did a strip
show. She slowly took off her spandex top and swung it in the air. She threw
and watched as her top flew across the room.

She did a sexy wiggle as she removed the spandex pants of the costume.
Electra Woman was then clad in a pair of black panties. She quickly slipped
the panties down her legs and tossed them into the crowd of men.

Electra Woman smiled at Thorne and moved over to him. She got down on all 4's
and nuzzled his neck.

Lori then climbed down off the table and walked over to one of the club's
patrons. She sat him down in a chair and gave the man a lap dance he wouldn't
soon forget.

She went back to the table and hopped on top of it. Electra Woman laid on her
back and spread her legs wide. She slid two of her fingers into her pussy,
and began to rub her clit.

Lori slid her fingers into her pussy and sank her fingers into her warm wet
hole. She continued to slide her fingers in her pussy as she became wetter.

Thorne took hold of EW's clit between his index and thumb and rubbed it she
moaned out loud. He leaned inward and moved his mouth close to her pussy. He
started to lick the moist folds of her cunt and his fingers stroked her clit.

Electra Woman jumped at the feel of his mouth at her pussy, she looked down
at him as she put her legs over his shoulders welcomed his lips over her wet

Thorne slipped his tongue into her pussy and flicked it around inside her
slit. Her jucies flowed into his mouth as he lapped along her wet furrow.

Electra Woman removed her fingers from her pussy and allowed Thorne to take
over. The 1970's icon let out a moan of pleasure as she felt his tongue in
her cunt.

Thorne nibbled at Lori's clit and plunged his tongue deep in her gash.
Electra Woman let out a squeal of pleasure as the tongue moved wildly in and
out of her pussy.

She began to grind her pussy into his face. He alternated between biting on
her clit and flicking his tongue inside the velvety folds of her pussy.

Lori's body shuddered at the feeling his mouth at her pussy. Her back arched
as she neared a climax.

Thorne stood up and unbuttoned his pants. He released his hard cock and moved
close to Lori. He placed his cock on the entrance of her soft hole and rubbed
it against her cunt.

Electra Woman locked her legs around his waist. Thorne suddenly thrust his
manhood into her waiting pussy and started to ram in and out of her.

She let out a loud moan as his monster cock slammed into her sopping cunt.
Electra Woman began to pump her hips around in circles on his invading cock.

She groaned as her body thrashed wildly on the table. Electra Woman was even
more aroused by that the fact that she was getting fucked in front of an
audience. She slowly undulated her hips up and down to meet his ramming meat.

Thorne laid on top of Lori as his hardness pistoned into her humping pussy.
She grinded her body aganist his. She took the cock deep into her cunt and
grinded her loins against him to take the rod it all the way inside her.

Electra Woman moaned as her body lurched forward to counter his hammering
motions. Thorne's lunging prick pushed her across the table.

His hairy balls churned with sperm and slapped aganist her pussy lips. His
left hand stroked her on clit and made Electra Woman buck up and down on the

Her large breasts flopped about in opposite directions as he pounded her
abused pussy over and over. Lori didn't know her own name at that point and
she suddenly convulsed as she was wracked by a powerful orgasm.

Her back arched upward and her hands grabbed her heaving tits. Electra Woman
pinched her hard nipples as she came like never before. Thorne drove his hips
against hers as he plowed his staff into her stretched hole.

Electra Woman felt great pleasure as he dove back and forth in her pussy. The
intense orgams quickly sent her over the edge as her pussy pulsated with
multiple climxes.

She didn't want Thorne to stop fucking her. Her sugar walls wrapped tightly
around his cock. Thorne knew he was going to cum and pushed his cock deeper
into her seething pit.

He moved faster and harder into her as Lori screamed out in passion. Electra
Woman squealed writhed her shaking body as the cock slammed her pussy again
and again.

He flooded her hungry cunt with his cum and that sert off a whole new round
of orgasms within the heroine. Lori bucked and spasmed on the table as he
poured his sperm into her hole. She was becoming addicting to his cum and
turning into a real whore.

Electra Woman threw back her head and then screamed in pleasure as she came
over and over on his cock. Her body convulsed with tremors and she lunged up
once more and collapsed on the table spent.

Thorne had two of his security guards take Lori into the back to get her
cleaned up. Then she was taken to a private room where she serviced customers
for the rest of the night. The heroine had no idea that her teen partner was
about to become her trainer.

To be continued.


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