By: The Goon

Electrawoman and Dynagirl vs. The Spiderlady in:
The Deadly Trap

Spiderlady sat in the throne-like chair that dominated
the main room of her latest hideout and contemplated the
latest unfortunate turn of events. Once again, that
obnoxious do-gooder Electrawoman, and her snotty nose brat
assistant Dynagirl, had thwarted her latest criminal
endeavor. Spiderlady sighed and crossed her legs as she
thought of the easy million dollar painting that had been
within here grasp when the two crime fighters had appeared
on the scene.
One minute she had been a millionaire, the next
Electrawoman and Dynagirl were there, throwing her henchmen
around with force fields generated from those infernal
Electracoms that they wore. Several of her henchmen had
opened fire at the two heroines. The bullets had merely
bounced off their force fields while the heroines laughed in
delight. Luckily, a distraction from Spiderlady had allowed
her and all of her men to escape but it had been a near
Smiling, Spiderlady leaned forward and gripped her
knee.. "Time to take care of this meddling twosome once and
for all," she said to herself as she contemplated the
special fate she had in store for Electrawoman and Dynagirl.
All of the special equipment was now in place at her
hideout. Several clues had been left that would soon have
Electrawoman and Dynagirl walking right into a deadly trap.
Now all she had to do was wait.
Electra-perfect," said Dynagirl as she peered around
the corner at the warehouse across the street, in the dusk
of early evening. "We've caught Spiderlady and her minions
napping this time."
"It seems too easy Dynagirl," Electrawoman said as she
and Dynagirl quickly crossed the street, and carefully moved
in on the warehouse that was supposed to be the Spiderlady's
latest hideout. "We'd better be extra careful."
The two heroines moved up to the door and tried the
knob. Locked! A few seconds of Dynagirl's Electra-vibe, a
loud snap, and the door became unlocked. Cautiously, the
two heroines entered the building and closed the door behind
The two women found themselves in a long dark corridor.
Rather than turn on the lights and announce their presence,
both heroines activated their Electra-shields and Electra-
lights. The two forces working together, amplified the
available light in the corridor with a weird greenish glow
behind the shields while not a trace of light could be seen
beyond. Cautiously, the two heroines advanced down the
corridor, their high heels clicking softly on the tile
"Are you getting all of this Frank?" Electrawoman
whispered into her Electracom with concern as the two
heroines proceeded into the lair.
"Everything's coming in perfectly Electrawoman," Frank
Heflin whispered back as he monitored all of the readouts
coming into the massive Crimescope computer banks from the
two heroines Electracoms. "Everything reads in the green.
Just be careful," he continued urgently as he glanced at a
monitor and then adjusted a setting to provide more power to
one of the functions in Dynagirl's Electracom.
"Will do Frank," Electrawoman said with a smile as she
shut off the audio link to Crimescope.
"Poor Frank! He's always worrying about something
going wrong," Electrawoman said to Dynagirl with a laugh as
they reached the door at the end of the corridor.
"He wouldn't be Frank if he wasn't always worried about
something happening to us," Dynagirl replied with a smile as
she carefully opened the door.
Cautiously, the two heroines proceeded into the room.
When they had gone about 10 feet beyond the door, both
heroines heard a loud rumbling behind them. Turning
quickly, both women saw an immense steel section lower to
cover the rear wall and door they had entered. Glancing
over her shoulder, Electrawoman saw another steel section
dropping into place to cover the wall and exit they had been
moving toward. As the room was sealed, their Electracoms
fizzled out, plunging them into darkness.
At Electrabase, Frank watched in horror as all the
indicators showing that Electrawoman and Dynagirl were
receiving power dropped to zero.
"Greetings Electrawoman and Dynagirl," The two heroines
heard as the lights came up slowly in the room. When the
light came on, the two girls saw that they were sealed
inside a thick steel cubical that was 20 feet by 20 feet.
Spiderlady's voice was coming from a speaker and video
camera mounted high in the center of the far wall.
"Frank! We're in trouble! Can you give us power?"
Electrawoman spoke urgently into her Electracom. Only a
hiss of static answered her.
"By now, you've both discovered that your Electracoms
no longer function," Spiderlady continued from the speaker.
"Just for your information, you're both inside a specially
designed room. It's shielded to block out all signals and
power from your precious Crimescope computer. You are both
quite helpless in there."
"What are you going to do with us?" Electrawoman fumed
as she eyed the camera defiantly.
"Just this Electrawoman," Spiderlady replied back. She
leaned forward and pressed a button on her console. Behind
her, Spiderlady heard her henchmen begin to laugh
hysterically as they watched the heroines peril unfold.
"It won't be long now. Let's get ready," one of her
henchmen cackled, watching the monitor and rubbed his hands
in evil anticipation.
"Electra-yikes!" Dynagirl cried out in alarm as she
watched the side walls began rumbling and then start to
close in on them.
"We've got to get out of here fast Dynagirl,"
Electrawoman said as she moved to a wall and threw her
weight and strength against it. "Otherwise, we'll be
squashed to a pulp." Immediately, Dynagirl threw herself at
the opposite wall and began futily trying to stop the wall's
"It's no good Electrawoman," Dynagirl wailed, her feet
desperately trying for purchase as she was relentlessly
pushed back.
"Don't give up Dynagirl," Electrawoman answered back
with sweat poring down her face. "Otherwise we're
"Let's both try one wall," Dynagirl gasped as she
futily renewed her attack at the advancing wall.
"Good idea Dynagirl," Electrawoman replied as she
abandoned her spot on the wall. She quickly crossed the
shrinking room to Dynagirl's side and vigorously threw
herself against it. To no avail!
"We're done for," Dynagirl cried out as the two
heroines were pushed back another several feet.
"Don't give up hope Dynagirl," Electrawoman urged
desperately as the room continued to shrink. "Let's try the
emergency battery power in our Electracoms." With that,
Electrawoman reactivated her Electracom. A weak force field
sprang into being, which Electrawoman manipulated into a
brace between the crushing walls. The walls began to falter
in their advance on the heroines.
"Quick, Dynagirl! While I hold back these walls, see
if you can lift the one that dropped into place behind us,"
Electrawoman urged as she watched the battery power
indicator dipping toward zero. With that, Dynagirl leaped
at the base of the wall behind them and tried to lift it
with a battery powered force field of her own.
"I can't get under it," Dynagirl called out desperately
as she repeatedly tried to manipulate the weak force field
from her Electracom under the bottom edge. Behind her,
Dynagirl heard Electrawoman's Electracom fizzle as the
battery gave out. A moment later, Dynagirl's force field
disappeared as her battery died also. By now only four feet
of open space remained in the room.
"Quick Dynagirl! Maybe we can brace ourselves against
opposite walls." Immediately, both heroines threw their
backs to one of the advancing walls and braced their legs
against the opposite side. For a while it looked like the
grunting, panting, heroines had staved off their imminent
deaths, as the advancing walls ground to a halt.
In her control room, Spiderlady watched with evil glee
as the two women fought for their lives against the crushing
walls. Leaning forward to the microphone, Spiderlady
laughed, "so you think you've saved yourselves. The walls
are only advancing at 25% of their true capacity. Let's see
how you fare against 75%." With that, Spiderlady savagely
pressed down on another button.
"Agghh," Dynagirl cried out in pain, as the sudden
increase in power forced her to slip off the wall and fall
to the floor. Alone on the walls, Electrawoman found her
legs relentlessly buckling into her chest. Desperately,
Electrawoman fought back against the advancing walls,
determined not to end life squashed flatter than a pancake.
"It's no use Electrawoman," Dynagirl cried from the
floor as she struggled to regain her feet. "In seconds
we'll be crushed to a pulp."
In answer, Electrawoman too cried out in pain as the
advancing wall forced her to slip off the wall. Panting
frantically, Electrawoman quickly regained her feet and
watched the crushing wall which was now only two feet from
the heroines.
"Looks like you're right Dynagirl," replied the
exhausted heroine as she reached out suddenly and gripped
Dynagirl's hand. Hand in hand, the two exhausted heroines
watched the crushing wall close in on them. Dynagirl began
to cry.
"I don't want to die," Dynagirl cried bitterly as tears
streamed down her face. In answer, the walls closed in
another few inches.
"Be brave Dynagirl. It'll all be over soon,"
Electrawoman comforted in reply as the walls closed to only
a few inches in front of them. As if in answer to a prayer,
the walls suddenly rumbled to a stop.
"What happened?" Dynagirl cried out in elation after
several moments as the walls remained motionless.
In answer, Spiderlady suddenly spoke to them through
the speaker. "How easy it would be for me to complete the
task and smash you both flat. But that's too quick, too
clean. I'm going to make you both suffer first for all of
the trouble you've caused me." With that, Spiderlady
suddenly pressed down on another button. Immediately, twin
trap doors opened under the heroines feet and they both
plunged down separate chutes.
In alarm, Electrawoman found herself sliding feet first
down a dark chute into darkness, her yellow cape billowing
out behind her. A moment later, she was spat out into a
pile of mattresses in a dark room. As Electrawoman tried to
regain her feet, she heard a stirring behind her. As she
started to turn toward the sound, something struck the back
of her head. She saw stars and comets, and then descended
into darkness.
Electrawoman regained consciousness with a groan of
pain as her head swum around her. She found herself in a
small dimly lit room, laying on her side on a bed. Her
hands were bound behind her back with strong thin nylon
cords, with the backs of each hand facing each other. "My
Electracom! My costume! They're both gone," she said in
alarm as she regained her feet and took stock of her
It was true. While she had been unconscious,
Electrawoman had been stripped of her orange and yellow
spandex costume, yellow cape, and yellow pantyhose. She was
now completely naked except for her boots and gloves.
Stumbling unsteadily, due to the blow to her head,
Electrawoman walked to the thick oak door and tried the
knob. Locked! Electrawoman threw herself against the door
in an attempt to break it down. The door didn't even
After her attempt to force the door, Electrawoman put
her ear to it. She could hear some activity beyond but
nothing in particular. For the next several hours,
Electrawoman could only pace about her cell; worried about
her partner Dynagirl and wondering what was happening to
her. Occasionally, she would put her ear to the door and
listen to the activity beyond but could discern nothing.
Suddenly, there was activity at the door. A moment
later and the door opened. Four of Spiderlady's Spiders
crowded into the room and surrounded her.
"You come with us," said the lead henchman as the
others moved in around her. His eyes dropped from
Electrawoman's face to her shapely naked form and an evil
smile graced his face.
"No! Where's Dynagirl?" replied Electrawoman angrily
as she started backing up toward the wall. As she backed
up, Electrawoman stood up straighter and drew her shoulders
back. She was determined not to be intimidated by standing
naked before her captors.
Immediately, the other henchmen closed in around her.
Electrawoman spun to her left and desperately kicked at one
of them. As she kicked, the goon behind her grabbed a hand-
full of her shoulder length blonde hair and jerked her back
savagely off balance.
"Owww!" Electrawoman cried out in pain as she was
jerked backward by her hair into the villain's clutches.
Immediately, the villain slammed her back up against the
wall. The other henchmen now closed in on her and proceeded
to beat her up. Crying out helplessly, Electrawoman could
only try to endure the punishment that they were inflicting
on her as blow after blow drove into her belly, breasts,and
thighs. Suddenly, the beating ceased. Slumped over in
pain, two goons grabbed her arms and dragged the stumbling
heroine out of the room head first.
A moment later and Electrawoman had her legs kicked out
from under her. She collapsed heavily onto her knees in
front of Spiderlady, sitting on her throne.
"Welcome Electrawoman. I trust my henchmen weren't too
hard on you," Spiderlady purred as she leaned forward on her
throne and lifted Electrawoman's chin with a riding crop.
Gasping for breath, Electrawoman angrily replied,
"where's Dynagirl?" Before Spiderlady could reply,
Electrawoman heard a loud commotion off to her left.
Turning immediately, Electrawoman watched as Dynagirl,
stripped naked except for her red knee boots and pink
gloves, was dragged into the room and knocked to her knees
beside her. One look assured Electrawoman that her bound
partner had put up a futile fight against her own set of
four goons.
"Now that I have you both in my power I'm going to
insure that you never interfere in any of my affairs ever
again. Prepare them!" Spiderlady ordered at her henchmen.
Immediately, Electrawoman was pulled to her feet and
dragged to a nearby wall. Her hands were untied from behind
her and as the overpowered heroine struggled, her hands were
buckled into tight thick black leather cuffs. Next, she was
lifted several inches off the floor as the chains attached
to the cuffs retracted into the wall and she hung with her
arms painfully spread eagle. Now, two goons moved in on
either side of her and wrapped two wide leather straps high
around her thighs and fastened the ends to chains protruding
from the wall at her sides. A moment later and she felt the
chains retract into the wall, taking her weight off her arms
and wrists and supporting most of it now with her thighs and
pelvis. Then the other two goons grabbed her orange high
heeled knee boots with the yellow lightning bolts running
down the front and wrenched her legs painfully out to the
sides. A moment later and another set of thick leather
cuffs were locked around her ankles and her legs were
chained spread-eagle as well.
"What are you going to do to us?" Electrawoman demanded
as the Spiderlady walked up to her.
"To you nothing. At least for a while," Spiderlady
replied. "But to Dynagirl," Spiderlady trailed off as she
gestured toward Dynagirl's peril with her riding crop.
Electrawoman stared at what was happening to Dynagirl and
her blood ran cold.
Dynagirl had been thrown on a bed in front of
Electrawoman. With her hands still bound behind her back,
Dynagirl's red booted legs were held spread eagle up in the
air by two of Spiderlady's goons. Two more of Spiderlady's
men were on the bed on either side of her. One was evilly
fondling her big breasts while the other one was stroking
and fingering at the soft brown pubic hair of her crotch.
"Electrawoman! Help! Make them stop," Dynagirl
screamed from the bed at the top of her lungs as the two men
evilly molested her. Dynagirl's head flip-flopped back and
forth from one villain to the other. Her twin ponytails of
chestnut hair flipped wildly in the air as she jerked her
head violently from one molester toward the other.
"Let her go Spiderlady. It's me you want,"
Electrawoman begged as she watched Dynagirl's frantic
"Of course not Electrawoman," Spiderlady purred in
reply as she watched Dynagirl's dilemma unfolding before
them. "First you're going to get to watch what my henchmen
do to your partner Dynagirl. After they've finished taming
her, they're going to fix you too. Enjoy the spectacle.
It'll be your turn soon enough." With that, Spiderlady
suddenly turned and walked away from Electrawoman toward the
door into a side room. "Begin, my spiders! Begin,"
Spiderlady ordered from the doorway as she looked back over
her shoulder. Then she turned and walked into the side
room, shutting the door behind her.
Immediately, the spider fingering at Dynagirl's crotch
slid his fingers into her pussy while the other man slid off
the bed. "No! Please!" Dynagirl cried as his fingers
invaded her orifice. Electrawoman watched helplessly as the
man fingered Dynagirl's pussy until she was hot and wet.
"Now little Dynagirl, here's where I pay you back for
all the trouble you've caused us," said the henchman as he
suddenly crawled between Dynagirl's legs and unzipped his
pants. His immense hard cock and balls sprang free and both
heroines stared in helpless horror as he posed himself to
enter Dynagirl.
"Don't do it," Electrawoman screamed as she watched the
would be rapist rub his erection over Dynagirl's damp hole.
"If you have to rape someone, rape me instead," Electrawoman
"Don't worry Electrawoman," the would be rapist cackled
in reply. "My friends and I will be all to happy to do you
too once we've finished playing with Dynagirl." With that
he turned his full attention back to Dynagirl and brutally
drove himself into her.
"Aagghhh!" Dynagirl screamed in pain as the rapist
drove himself into her virginal hole and popped her cherry.
"It hurts Electrawoman, it hurts," Dynagirl continued
screaming while the rapist began thrusting into her with
strong powerful strokes. Evilly laughing, the other
villains enjoyed the pleading screams of the struggling
heroine. It would be their turn soon.
After several minutes of grunting and panting rape, the
man laughed evilly in Dynagirl's face. "Here it comes
Dynagirl," he laughed as he prepared to shoot his wad deep
into the young girl's struggling body.
"No please," Dynagirl begged as she felt him ready to
cum. "Not inside me." Even as she said it Dynagirl
realized she was too late. With a sickening feeling of
revulsion, Dynagirl felt the rapist shoot his hot wad deep
into her body. At the same time, Dynagirl felt an
incredible orgasm wrack her body. Helplessly, the heroine's
vaginal muscles clamped down on her rapist's erection and
began milking every last drop of his cum into her body.
In shock, Dynagirl watched the rapist atop her body
withdraw and wipe the blood from her ruptured hymen from his
member with a wad of toilet paper. Immediately, her
attention was diverted to the next rapist that was already
crawling between her legs. "No! Not again! Please," she
begged as the next rapist entered her body. For several
minutes, the next rapist had his way with her until he
suddenly ejaculated into her body and she again found
herself writhing in ecstasy as another powerful orgasm
wracked her trembling body.
As her third rapist crawled between her legs, two more
spiders crawled onto the bed on either side of her. Each
one grabbed a breast and began squeezing, fondling, licking,
and nibbling on it. Tears were streaming down Dynagirl's
face as she pleaded and begged her assailants to stop what
they were doing to her.
From then on, Dynagirl's ordeal ran together in her
mind in a haze of pain, shame, and ecstasy. Slowly, surely,
the young heroine was gang raped into a senseless stupor by
the eight henchmen as Electrawoman was forced to watch.
Eventually, the two men holding Dynagirl's legs apart
released them. Immediately, Dynagirl began wrapping her
legs around her rapists as they had their way with her one
by one.
To keep her mind on the fact that she would soon be
gang raped next, two of Spiderlady's goons now began to
molest and fondle Electrawoman as well. "Keep your filthy
hands off of me!" Electrawoman demanded as one goon fondled
her big bouncing breasts while another one began evilly
fingering her pussy. "Aaahh! Uuhhh! Ahhah!" Electrawoman
cried out in helpless pleasure as she was soon helplessly
masturbated to a powerful orgasm.
Now after several hours of gang rape, Dynagirl was
raped into unconsciousness. Spiderlady's henchmen lifted
the unconscious heroine off the bed and discarded her limp
form against the wall like a rag doll. Several other
henchmen released Electrawoman from her bondage on the wall.
Struggling futily, Electrawoman's hands were bound behind
her back and she was thrown on the bed where Dynagirl had
just been gang raped. Two of the goons now grabbed her
shapely legs and held them apart. Immediately, one of the
demented rapists crawled between her legs and began
unzipping his pants. While Electrawoman struggled helpless,
the rapist drove himself into her body with a cry of
"This can't be happening to us," Electrawoman thought
numbly as the rapist began to work her over. "We're
Superheroines." As if in denial of her thoughts, the
helpless heroine felt the rapist ejaculate into her body. A
moment later and Electrawoman orgasmed in helpless ecstasy,
milking her rapist's steaming cum wad deep into her body.
As the next rapist impaled her, Electrawoman glanced
over at Dynagirl. The defeated heroine still lay
unconscious, slumped against the wall in a stupor. "No help
from her," Electrawoman thought numbly as the rapist atop
her grunted, panted, and thrust inside her. "It's lucky
they stopped when they did. Otherwise they'd have probably
raped Dynagirl to death," Electrawoman thought. Between her
legs, she could feel another orgasm building as the rapist
came inside her.
For the next several hours, Electrawoman endured her
own gang rape. Slowly and surely, Electrawoman was
ruthlessly raped into submission. Writhing mindlessly in
ecstasy, Electrawoman helplessly wrapped her legs around
each of her rapists as they worked her over.
Eventually, Dynagirl groaned and began to regain
consciousness. "Ho ho! What's this? Dynagirl is waking
up," laughed one of the goons as he grabbed hold of one of
Dynagirl's ponytails and jerked her to her knees.
"Leave her alone you bastards," Electrawoman demanded
from the bed as another rapist shot his cum wad deep into
her weakly writhing body. In answer to her demand,
Electrawoman was suddenly jerked off the bed and knocked to
her knees next to Dynagirl.
"Are you all right Dynagirl?" Electrawoman whispered
with concern as she looked at her dazed partner.
"I'll make it for now," Dynagirl groaned thickly in
reply. "But I can't take much more of this." Fortunately
for the two heroines, their gang rape ordeal was now over.
Unfortunately, something infinitely more disgusting awaited
"Time for some Electra-blowjobs," the lead rapist said
as he bowed low and stared into the two heroines faces.
"Nooo! Not that! Please," Dynagirl begged as the lead
henchman gripped her head by both ponytails and began
pulling her gaping mouth toward his erection. Behind her,
another spider held her in place to prevent escape. When
her mouth was just inches from his cock, Dynagirl heard a
loud "Snick" from behind her. Instantly, Dynagirl felt the
razor sharp edge of a huge switchblade pressing into her
throat by the villain behind her. With no choice now but to
comply, Dynagirl opened her mouth and the villain
triumphantly, thrust himself into it.
"Blow me Dynagirl! Suck me off real good," the villain
snickered as he evilly fucked the heroine in her mouth.
"Mmmuh," was Dynagirl's muffled reply as she helplessly
sucked her assailant's cock, uncomfortably aware of the
knife at her throat. "One wrong nibble and they'll slit my
throat for sure," thought Dynagirl in terror as she
helplessly felt the length of her captor's dick slide in and
out of her mouth. As he would thrust forward into her
mouth, his hairy balls bounced off the helpless girl's chin.
Dynagirl looked over at Electrawoman. Electrawoman was
also being forced to give head to one of Spiderlady's
spiders while another one held a knife at her throat too.
Crowded around them both, the other henchmen hooted and
cheered, eagerly awaiting their turn with the heroines.
Now, the rapist that Dynagirl was sucking off began to
cum in her mouth. She felt the salty, hot wad splatter
against the back of her mouth. "Swallow it Dynagirl!
Swallow every last drop," the villain ordered as he thrust
himself into her mouth to the hilt.
Whimpering in defeat, Dynagirl swallowed the rapist's
wad. Across from her, Electrawoman's assailant drew his
engorged member out of her mouth and shot his load in the
defeated heroine's face instead. One by one, the villains
forced the two heroines to blow them all off.
As Electrawoman finished swallowing her latest
assailant's cum wad, she looked up and saw that Spiderlady
was now standing there, grinning at her predicament.
"I see you've both been doing a good job entertaining
my men Electrawoman," Spiderlady said as she bent forward
and placed both hands on her knees.
"You'll pay dearly for this when I get free,"
Electrawoman shot back. Drying cum glistened on her face.
"I rather doubt that Electrawoman," replied Spiderlady
as she stood up and jauntily placed her hands on her hips.
"Since you've been doing such a good job entertaining my
men, I think it's time for you to entertain me as well."
With that, Spiderlady turned and strode to her throne.
As Spiderlady sat down, two of her goons grabbed
Electrawoman, dragged her to the throne, and pulled her to
her knees. "Eat my pussy Electrawoman," Spiderlady ordered.
She unzipped the crotch of her black and red spandex
costume, spread her knees apart, and thrust her pussy toward
Electrawoman's glistening face.
"You're mad if you think I'll do this Spiderlady,"
Electrawoman replied as she watched Spiderlady begin to
finger herself.
Instead of replying to Electrawoman's defiance,
Spiderlady merely addressed her men. "If Electrawoman's
tongue isn't in my pussy in ten seconds, kill Dynagirl."
"No!" said Electrawoman, as she turned her head and saw
what was happening to Dynagirl. One of the henchmen had a
.45 automatic pressed into the temple of her head and was
fingering the trigger.
"Five seconds," Spiderlady said behind her as the
gunman cocked the hammer. Dynagirl began to cry.
"You win Spiderlady," Electrawoman said as she turned
her head back to Spiderlady and then thrust her tongue into
Spiderlady's hole.
"Ahhh, that feels soooo good Electrawoman. I knew you
could be reasonable," Spiderlady purred. She placed her red
thigh boots on Electrawoman's bare shoulders and wrapped her
legs around her head to pull her in closer. Helplessly,
Electrawoman could only thrust her tongue against
Spiderlady's swollen clit. Spiderlady now gripped handfuls
of Electrawoman's hair and thrust her crotch violently
against the heroine's face.
"I'm cumming," cried out Spiderlady in ecstasy as she
suddenly clamped her thighs down hard around Electrawoman's
head. With her head trapped between Spiderlady's thighs,
Electrawoman could only endure the grip as Spiderlady began
bucking violently and her juices sprayed into Electrawoman's
face in an orgasm of conquest.
For several minutes afterward, Spiderlady remained
slumped in her chair with her eyes closed and her legs
loosely wrapped around Electrawoman's head. Her only sound
was an occasional low moan as she slowly played her fingers
through Electrawoman's tangled hair.
Slowly, Spiderlady opened her eyes and sat up straight.
As she zipped up the crotch of her costume, two of her
henchmen pulled Electrawoman back a few feet. A moment
later, Dynagirl was dragged forward to Electrawoman's side.
"Well, my captive pretties. It looks like there's only
one thing left to do with you now," said Spiderlady as she
reached into a box built into the arm of the throne. She
pulled out two black thimble-like objects and slid them
carefully onto the forefingers of each hand. At the tip of
each one was a long wicked barb that began dripping with a
green viscous substance. Before the heroines could say a
word, Spiderlady suddenly leaned forward and stabbed them
each in a bare shoulder.
"Spider venom! Dynagirl we've been poisoned,"
Electrawoman said with shock as she turned her head toward
her partner.
"Electraaawomaaan," came Dynagirl's slurred reply. As
Electrawoman's vision began to swim around her, she watched
Dynagirl's eyes roll up into her head and then she slumped
over onto her face.
"We're finished," thought Electrawoman numbly as she
felt herself falling through molasses into darkness while
villainous laughter echoed through her mind.
With a low groan, Electrawoman opened her eyes. Lights
of every color seemed to be flashing wherever she looked, as
the room swum around her. After several moments, the room
righted itself and she found she could see straight if she
didn't move her head too quickly.
"I must be alive," she said in a croaking whisper. "I
ache too much to be dead." Slowly, the heroine began to
examine her situation. She found that she was tightly
chained spread-eagle with thick tight leather cuffs fastened
around her wrists and ankles. She was laying on a large
padded X shaped lab table with the head end elevated
slightly above the foot. She examined her body and found
that she was still completely naked except for her boots and
gloves. Examining the room, Electrawoman found that she was
in a sterile looking room that reminded her of a laboratory.
The walls were a pale yellow and harsh florescent lighting
shown overhead. The wall at her feet was hidden by a floor
length puke green curtain. The only door was on the wall at
her right. It looked thick and sturdy. Electrawoman heard
a low groan to her left. Turning her head to the sound, she
saw Dynagirl, similarly stripped and secured to an identical
table, slowly waking up.
"Electrawoman, what happened? Why aren't we dead?"
Dynagirl asked thickly when she could see straight.
"I don't know Dynagirl, but the fact that we're here
chained up like this doesn't bode very well for us,"
Electrawoman answered.
"What are those things on your temples Electrawoman?"
Dynagirl asked as her vision finally focused.
"I have no idea Dynagirl, but it looks like you have a
set on too." At that both heroines stared at the other
closely. Both women saw that the other was wearing a set of
large silver disks, each about as large as an old silver
dollar, securely fastened to their temples. Both heroines
tried to rub them off against the table without success.
"I don't like this Dynagirl," Electrawoman said after
several minutes of effort.
"They appear to be glued in place with some sort of strong
surgical adhesive."
"I wonder what they're for?" said Dynagirl as she
stopped her own futile efforts to remove the devices. As if
in answer to her question, the door suddenly opened. In
walked Spiderlady, followed by her henchmen.
"I trust you enjoyed your naps ladies. You both must
have been very tired," joked Spiderlady at the captive
heroines. "The dose of spider venom you received wasn't
supposed to kill you. It was just supposed to put you both
out for a long time while we finished our preparations for
"What are you planning to do to us?" Electrawoman
demanded hotly. For a reply, Spiderlady simply snapped her
fingers. Several of her spiders moved in around the tables
and slid the foot ends until they were now pointed more
toward the center of the room. Electrawoman and Dynagirl
could see each other better now.
Two more villains pulled back the curtains from the far
wall to reveal an almost solid wall of computers, medical
monitors, and laboratory equipment. Two carts were wheeled
forward and locked into place between both heroines wide-
spread legs. Attached to the carts were devices that both
girls recognized.
"Our Electracoms," Dynagirl said with joy as she eyed
the familiar devices. "But what have you done to them?" she
continued. She was looking at the tangle of cables, wires,
and other mysterious devices that now ran from the open
access panel back into the computer wall and out to the main
emitter on her Electracom.
"To oversimplify, I've turned your precious Electracoms
into Electra-dildos," the villainess replied. In shocked
horror, the two heroines listened as their ghastly dilemma
was explained to them.
When their Electracoms were activated, they would emit
a force field shaped like a huge erection which would then
enter their pussies. Once inside them, the Electra-vibe
would be activated and they would be repeatedly forced to
orgasm. Each time the heroines orgasmed, impulses would be
transmitted from the Electracoms into the disks on their
temples. These, in turn, would receive special signals from
the computers and direct them into the brains of the two
The signals were designed to rewrite a tiny portion of
the code in the pleasure centers of the brain and increase
the amount of pleasure felt each time they orgasmed.
Eventually, their sexual pleasure levels would be
permanently boosted far above what the human mind was ever
designed to tolerate. Of course when this happened their
minds would shatter and they would become mind-less zombies.
"Electra-yikes," yelped Dynagirl when she heard this.
"You're going to lobotomize us with our own Electracoms!"
"Not quite Dynagirl. As tempting as that may be,"
Spiderlady replied. "You see, when your minds are on the
threshold of snapping, the second phase of my plan for your
distruction will begin."
The next part of the fiendish plot was now explained to
them. Lobotomizing them would make them useless for
Spiderlady's purposes. Instead, when they were totally
defeated by orgasms, a new personality would be programmed
into their brains. Evil, slutty ones. Their own minds
would be pushed off to the side and all connections that
allowed them to control their bodies would be severed. The
only connections that would remain were the ones that
allowed them to see, hear, and feel. Trapped like this,
their minds would eventually weaken and finally go
In contrast, the new personalities would have complete
control of all functions. Additionally, several pathways
would be left wide open into the heroines trapped minds. As
the new personalities firmed up and started to expand, they
would find these pathways and begin to rob knowledge,
experience, and abilities from the heroines minds and make
them their own. Eventually, the weakened heroines minds
would be completely absorbed into the new evil ones and
disappear forever.
"And it's all going to be powered by your Electracoms,"
Spiderlady chuckled as she rubbed her hands together in evil
glee. Behind her, her henchmen were activating all of the
equipment. All was in readiness. "Time to have fun girls,"
Spiderlady said as she pushed the button that would
reactivate the Electracoms.
At Crimescope, a small alarm sounded on the console.
Frank sat upright in the chair he had been dozing in and
quickly glanced at the monitors. "Good girls," Frank
thought, as he looked at the read outs. "They've managed to
reactivate their Electracoms. Let's see how I can help
them." Leaning forward, Frank watched the monitors intently
and reached for the microphone.
At Spiderlady's hideout, the heroines watched in horror
as two huge shimmering, dildo-shaped force fields sprang
into existence and immediately began probing at their
defenseless cunts.
"My god! They're huge," Electrawoman said through
gritted teeth, as she felt the tip of the field crackle
against her pubic hair. At her side, Dynagirl let out a
loud scream of pain as the huge phallic force field entered
her. A moment later and Electrawoman tried to bite back a
scream as she was penetrated as well. Slowly, surely, the
phallic force fields forced their way deeper and deeper into
the struggling pair. Farther than any man had ever
penetrated before.
"Aagghhh!" cried out Dynagirl in helpless pain. "If it
goes in any deeper it'll split me in two." Now, however,
the Electra-vibe activated. The two heroines quickly found
themselves twisting and writhing in helpless pleasure, as
the vibrating fields began to slowly pulse in and out of
them,mercilessly torture their clits.
Don't think about how good it feels Dynagirl. Think
about anything else. If we start to cum we're done for,"
Electrawoman stammered out as she struggled not to be
conquered by the fiendish device.
"I can't stop it Electrawoman. I'm cuummmiiinng,"
Dynagirl stammered in reply as the most powerful orgasm she
had ever experienced struck her. With her concentration
broken by Dynagirl's screams of pleasure, Electrawoman felt
a monstrous orgasm steamroll over her.
As she came, Electrawoman felt a sudden dizzying
lightness in her head as the computer reprogramming began.
Immediately, Electrawoman felt another powerful orgasm begin
building between her legs. Suddenly, the Electracom audio
links crackled to life.
"Electrawoman! Dynagirl! What's happening? How can I
help you?" Frank's voice crackled in the air.
"Frank! Shut off all power. Shut off all power now,"
Electrawoman screamed at her Electracom as another powerful
orgasm rocked her.
At Electrabase, only silence came from the speakers.
Frank quickly scanned the latest readouts. The instruments
told him that both heroines had activated small force fields
and were using their Electra-vibes. Another monitor told
him that there was a considerable power drain to somewhere.
Where was it going? The monitors didn't say. What about
the audio links? Frank wasn't too worried about that. They
had gone out before. The girls were obviously in trouble
though and needed help. "I'll give them all the power I
can," thought Frank, as he adjusted the controls to feed the
girls' Electracoms more power.
"Aaaaahhhh! Uuuhhhhhh! Electraaawomannnn! I caaan't
stoooopp cummmmminnng," screamed Dynagirl, as a wave of
orgasms swept over her. Each one more powerful than the
Struggling in ecstasy as another powerful orgasm rocked
her so hard, she thought she had shaken her teeth loose,
Electrawoman once again screamed at her Electracom for Frank
to stop what he was doing.
"Did I neglect to mention that I disconnected the audio
links on your Electracoms?" Spiderlady laughed as she bent
over the struggling heroine. "You can hear your friend but
he can't hear you. Too bad," She continued.
Electrawoman's only reply was a helpless scream of
pleasure as another powerful orgasm washed over her like a
tidal wave. "Can't take much more of this," Electrawoman
numbly thought as she strained to somehow free herself from
her bondage. "If we don't find some way to escape from this
deadly trap fast we'll spend the rest of our lives as
mindless love slaves for Spiderlady and her henchmen."
Immediately, another powerful orgasm struck her, further
scrambling her thoughts.
Electrawoman looked over at Dynagirl. Dynagirl lay
with her head turned to the side. Her eyes were closed and
her tongue lolled from her mouth. A continuous wave of
shudders wracked the helpless girl's body, assuring
Electrawoman that she was still alive and now succumbing to
the deadly devices.
"Better death than this," thought Electrawoman numbly
as another series of powerful orgasms rolled over her like a
locomotive. Glancing up at the clock on the wall,
Electrawoman saw that two hours of this exquisitely deadly
torture had gone by for them. Barely able to think
straight, Electrawoman now glanced at Spiderlady.
Spiderlady was sitting in the throne that they had
moved into the room. She was fingering her pussy intently,
while she watched the helpless heroines succumbing before
her. Occasionally, she would issue a command to her spiders
but the roaring in Electrawoman's ears prevented her from
hearing what was said. The spiders themselves were intently
operating the equipment, urgently shouting instructions back
and forth, and occasionally laughing in the direction of the
two heroines deadly plight.
A series of powerful orgasms that lasted over a minute
rolled over Electrawoman like a tank. "This can't be
happening to us! This can't be happening to us!" were
Electrawoman's last coherent thoughts. Another wave of
orgasms struck her mind and she knew nothing more.
When the conquered heroines regained consciousness,
Spiderlady had them put on their restored Electracoms and
costumes again. They led Spiderlady and her minions back to
their hidden Electrabase. While the spiders disposed of
Frank, Electrawoman and Dynagirl explained the inner
workings of the Crimescope computer to the conquering
villainess. With Crimescope at her disposal, Spiderlady
embarked on a devastating crime wave, using the evil
heroines as her new henchwomen.
No bank vault was safe, no jewelry store unplundered,
no museum masterpiece left standing, as Electrawoman and
Dynagirl carried out crime after crime. Back at the
hideout, the conquered heroines would beg and plead for
their gang rape by Spiderlady's henchmen. Trapped in their
minds, the two heroines reeled in horror at their living
nightmare but had no way to stop it. Eventually, with no
hope of escape, the two heroines' minds succumbed to the
probing of the new evil ones. They faded away to nothing
and were lost.forever.
Aftermath II
After a year of successful crimes, Spiderlady and her
henchmen were all multi-millionaires. They all retired from
crime and went their separate ways. However, Spiderlady
kept the two heroines as her personal playthings. Locked in
the hidden dungeon of her new mansion, the two conquered
heroines would provide her with hours of endless


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