EastEnders: Eastenders Uncovered Part 1 (m/f,oral,b-mail)
by fredom666

It was a cold night, and Jamie had no where to go. Sonya had thrown him out,
for having slept with Janine. He needed somewhere to sleep. He looked at the
houses as he walked past. Beppe's houses was lit up, and so was Steve's, but
neither of them were likely to let Jamie kip on their floor. The Slater's
lights were on too, but he wasn't welcome there either. He said Zoe, to walk
off, but them he remembered the Slaters were on holiday! The only one left
at home was Zoe! He was sure he could convince Zoe to let him sleep at her
house. 'Hell,' Jamie thought, 'its Zoe's fault anyway! If we hadn't slept
together in Brighton, this would never have happened!'

He walked up the stairs, but as he was about to knock on the door, he noticed
it was open. He creeped in, being sure not to make a sound.

There was sound coming from the living room. He approached the door. It was
open. He looked in. On the television was a man with a huge cock, fucking a
small blonde girl in a cheerleader uniform. After he tore himself away from
the image on the telly, he noticed Zoe on the couch. She too was fixated on
the screen, but the thing that got Jamie's attention most was her hand down
her jeans. Jamie smiled with delight. He quickly snuck back to the door, and
dead bolted it.

He then walked straight into the living room, and spoke to Zoe, "Hey Zoe!
Didn't know you were into this kind of thing!"

"JAMIE!!" Zoe almost screamed, as if she had been woken up from a dream. She
pulled her hand out of her trousers, and Jamie noticed it covered in cunt

"I was just looking for somewhere to sleep tonight," continued Jamie, "But
now I think I should go reveal to the square, what a dirty slut you are!"

"NO!" pleaded Zoe, "please don't! I'll do anything, please!"

"That's what I wanted to hear!" said Jamie smugly, "Get over here bitch,"
said Jamie as her dropped his trousers, "and suck my dick!"

Jamie dropped his pants, and revealed to Zoe, his 9" dick.

She couldn't stop staring at it!

"Get over here and suck on this!" Jamie commanded

"I don't remember it being that big." Zoe almost whimpered, "I can't take
something that big, I've never given a blow job before!"

"That's because before I just stuck it in you and left, there was no time to
stand and admire! And you'd better learn to suck this cock, or the whole
street is gonna know your dirty little secret!"

Zoe walked over to Jamie and knelt in front of him. She grabbed his cock by
its base, and licked up and down it. She then put the head of it in her
mouth, and sucked.

"That's good Zoe!" said Jamie, "But take it further!" And with that he force
his dick further down into her throat. She had taken 5" of his monster cock.
Jamie admired her beautiful, long brown hair, and it fell over his dick.

But Zoe was getting agitated, she started gagging, and tried to pull out.

"NO!" shouted Jamie. He grabbed her by the hair, and forced her to take the
rest of his cock!

"Now SUCK!" he commanded, and he thrust his penis in and out of her throat,
while forcing her head to bob up and down.

"Yes Zoe. Yes!" he said, "This is amazing! Much better than Sonya or Janine.
Now I'm gonna cum in a second, and your gonna swallow all of my load you
slut! OK?"

Zoe made a muffled noise beneath Jamie's dick.

"I'll take that as a yes! And.. after.. .. that .." Jamie's breathing became
more erratic as he got closer to climax, "we .. see.. what.. else.. you..
can.. do..! OH MY GOD! Here it CUMS!"

He thrust his cock into her throat and pulled her mouth onto him, and then
he shot his huge wad of spunk down Zoe's throat! Zoe began to gag under the
sheer volume of cum entering her mouth. Jamie saw this, so pulled his cock
out, and let the last few spurts of his juice land on Zoe's face.

"My God That Was GOOD!" said Jamie, "what shall we do next??"



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