EastEnders: EastEnder Uncovered Part 2 (MF)
by Freedom666

Zoe fell backward and sat on the floor. As Jamie recovered from the blowjob
that he had just received, he looked down at Zoe. She had her hand down her
jeans again, obviously vigorously fingering herself.

"You little whore!" Said Jamie, "you got off on that!"

"Yeah but..." Zoe replied, "you stopped me... earlier and.... I'm still

Jamie stood up. He picked up his clothes, and stood over Zoe, as she

"Well why didn't you say something?" He stared at her, "Get upstairs to your
bedroom bitch and we'll sort out those urges."

Zoe stopped immediately. She looked up at Jamie, to see if he was serious.
He didn't flinch. She quickly got up, and led Jamie upstairs and into her

Jamie pushed Zoe onto her bed. He pulled off his top, leaving himself
completely naked then leaned over and practically ripped Zoe's T-shirt off,
revealing her bra. He kissed her deeply on the lips, then slowly moved down
to suck on her neck. As he did this, his hands undid her jeans and slipped
them off. They massaged her legs, while his tongue progressed further down
Zoe's body. He licked her stomach, and snuck a finger under her panties and
into her.

Zoe moaned in pleasure as Jamie explored her body. Suddenly Jamie popped her
bra off, revealing her moderately sized breasts. They weren't huge, but they
were ever so firm, and had perfect nipples on them. Jamie began to suck on
them, making Zoe moan more. His fingers sill thrust in and out of her pussy,
while his other hand did away with her panties. Suddenly he stopped his
sexual assault.

"No!" moaned Zoe, "please, I'm so close!"

Then, without warning, Jamie knelt and stuck his tongue into Zoe's pussy. His
tongue snaked about inside her, and played with her clit. Zoe was pushed over
the edge by this. She began to squirm on the bed uncontrollably, and her
pussy gushed with her juices. But Jamie continued sucking, taking in all of
her juice. Zoe's hands kept him there, until she was finished.

"God Jamie!" she said, "I didn't know you were so talented! I'm beat!"

"I hope not!" Came Jamie's reply form over the bed.

Jamie stood up. As he did, Zoe saw his 9 inch boner appear again.

Jamie took a leg in each hand, and positioned his cock in front of Zoe's

"No!" said Zoe, "please no! I can't"

"Too bad," Said Jamie grimly, "you took it before, you can do it again!"

Zoe remembered the mixture of pain and pain from Brighton, when Jamie had
used that monster to destroy her virginity.

As she thought this, Jamie stuck his prick into her. She moaned in pain. She
didn't remember it being as big before. Jamie was being very aggressive. He
hadn't remembered how tight she had been, and how satisfying it was to fuck
her. He rammed her hard for a good long while. Gradually Zoe's moans of pain
turned into moans of pleasure.

'Good' Jamie thought,' The bitch I turned on! She's less likely to tell

He bent over and kissed her deeply, but before returning, he whispered in her
ear, "here it comes!"

With that he thrust his monster into her hard and deep. He fell his balls
explode with hot cum, and felt it rush into her. Zoe screamed in pain as
the huge dick was force into her, but that was immediately was replaced by
pleasurable screaming, as for the second time that night, she came. She
loved the feeling of Jamie's huge cock filling her up with man spunk. Her
body convulsed with pleasure.

Eventually the pleasure stopped, and the two fell asleep.

Jamie left early in the morning, before Zoe had woken. She was disappointed,
but he had left a note assuring her that he would be back that night.

The End


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