EastEnders: Erotic Eastenders Part 2 - Sharon And Jamie (m/F)
by Spurt-Reynolds

Things were pretty quiet in the Queen Vic, and Peggy could easily handle
things in the bar, so Sharon thought she'd slip upstairs for a soak in the
bath before the evening rush started. She turned on the hot tap and poured
in some bubble bath before stripping off her thin cotton blouse and slipping
out of her mini-skirt.

She stood in the bathroom admiring herself in the mirror, as the bath filled
beside her. Although pushing 40, she was still a formidable sight. Her face,
although heavily made-up was still extremely youthful and although she wasn't
fat, her figure was certainly voluptuous. She had curves in all the right
places and the white body stocking she was wearing showed them all off to

Downstairs, young Jamie Mitchell had entered the pub through the back
entrance. He had been changing an oil filter down at the arches and was
covered in grease and oil. He was meeting Sonia after work and as there was
not much left to do that day, Phil had let him finish early so he could get
cleaned up before his date with Sonia. He stripped off his dirty overall and
left it by the door, so as not to drag grease and oil all through the pub
leaving him in a grubby blue T-Shirt and a his boxer shorts. He climbed the
stairs and went into his room to grab a towel. He stripped off his shirt and
took off his pants, before wrapping the towel around his waist and heading
to the bathroom.

In the bathroom the water splashed noisily into the bath as it neared
fullness, making any outside noise inaudible to Sharon who continued to pose
in front of the big full-length mirror, which had begun to steam up. As
Peggy was busy downstairs and Phil and Jamie would be at least another hour
at work she left the door unlocked.

Sharon had now turned her back on the doorway, and she bent over the bath to
turn off the tap. Jamie tried the door handle, it was unlocked so the
bathroom was free, and he slipped the towel from around his waist and
entered. Hearing the door opening behind her, Sharon turned around. Before
her stood Jamie, totally naked, clutching the towel in his hand. Sharon
attempted to cover her breasts and crotch with her hands as she asked what
he was doing there, but it was clear from the erect state of his penis, that
he had already seen more than enough!

Sharon only half listened to Jamie as he mumbled his explanation about being
let off early as he needed to clean up before meeting Sonia that evening,
she was too busy staring at the young mechanics throbbing dick. He was
definitely an attractive young man, the black oil glistening on his slim
athletic torso. His thighs were muscular and shapely and tapered down to a
smooth shapely pair of calves.

However, it was the appendage atop those legs that had become the sole focus
of Sharon's attention. His cock was extremely large for a lad his age and
his large heavy balls dangled proudly beneath the 9-inch member. It had the
length of Grant's and the considerable girth of Phil's she thought to herself
as she beamed a lusty smile.

"She's a very lucky girl that Sonia" she gasped, still unable to tear her
eyes away from it.

Jamie replied equally gleefully, "Not as lucky as Phil, getting to screw that
beautiful body."

Sharon eventually met his gaze and grinned slyly at him, "You want a better
look?" she enquired, hoping his reply would be a positive one. She was not
disappointed as Jamie reached behind him and turned the lock on the bathroom
door behind him. He stepped forward and grabbed the neck of the thin mesh
body stocking, which barely camouflaged the luscious contents within.

"Show me", he said lustfully and tore the flimsy garment open along the front
down to her navel, causing her massive fleshy boobs to spring forward, until
they were pushing against his hard chest.

She felt her breath quicken as his oily hands grabbed them roughly, his long
oily fingers gliding over them easily leaving dark dirty streaks all over

Sharon stroked his blonde hair with her fingers as she felt the sensations
of pleasure flow across her heaving bosom. "Ohhhhh Jamie..." she moaned
breathlessly as he continued to massage the flesh bosoms in his clutches
"...That feels so good." Jamie looked up at her sexy face, she had her eyes
closed and was panting hard as she ruffled his hair with her hands. He
leaned forward and placed his lips on hers. She responded parting her full
red lips allowing his tongue to explore the wetness inside.

His tongue probed inside her hot mouth as his hands worked down from her
breasts along her soft belly and across her waist. Her golden body now
glistened with a combination of sweat from the steamy environment and the
deposits of oil and engine grease his hands had left during their

"I want to fuck your big tits," he hissed as he lowered her still trembling
body gently to the deep carpet on the floor. He rubbed his hands between the
rippling globes of flesh creating a long channel of grease for him to slide
his long dick along. He lay his thick cock between Sharon's tits and she
squashed the soft melons around it. Staring deep into her big soulful eyes,
he thrust forward sharply causing the soft fat of her tits to yield as his
throbbing purple cock head emerged from between them.

Sharon flicked out her long dripping tongue and lapped at it before it
rapidly disappeared again amongst her magnificent oily mammories. Jamie
continued to pump his rigid schlong viciously between her wobbling breasts
for around 5 minutes when his rhythm suddenly became more erratic. "Oh god
Sharon, I'm gonna cum!" he yelled as his thrusting quickened further.

"Spray it over my fat tits, you horny young fucker!" Sharon snapped eager
to see the streams of gooey white cum shooting from his pulsing hardon.

Jamie snatched his cock back from between Sharon's big slippery tits and
tossed it off with his greasy hand before grunting an sending several shots
of his milky seed splashing across her sweaty boobs and chubby face, even
managing to shoot some into her long blonde hair. Jamie panted breathlessly
from the force of his climax, still straddling her chunky abdomen, admiring
his handiwork.

Then he climbed off her cum covered torso and kissed the warm stomach he had
just vacated.

As he licked her across her soft golden belly, his hand ventured beneath he
torn lace mesh and down onto her twitching pussy. Sharon moaned softly as
she felt his hands rub her groin slowly, his fingers rustling through her
neatly trimmed pubic hair, not caring the "carpet never matched the

Her moaning suddenly gave way to a little gasp as she felt a long finger
begin to push its way between her swollen cunt lips.

"Mmmmmmm...that's good", she purred as slipped another greasy digit smoothly
inside her. Again the pair shared a long passionate kiss as Jamie continued
his exploration Sharon's juicy fuck-tunnel. The pair's faces slid easily
over each others as Sharon's face sill had some traces of the young lad's
spunk lying on it, lubricating the smooth skin as the couple's tongues danced
erotically. Sharon suddenly bit down hard on Jamie's lip as his probing
fingers discovered her hardening clitoris. Jamie didn't much care,
concentrating on bringing the Rubenesque barmaid lay beside him to a noisy
intense climax.

His fingers rubbed furiously over Sharon's swollen bud as he whispered in
her ear, "You love it don't you, you're a real dirty slut".

Sharon could only nod as the intense feelings building in the pit of her
stomach took her breath away. Suddenly she found her voice as she screamed
out loud, her pussy spasming around Jamie's delving fingers. As her pussy
contracted around her young lover's hands Sharon pushed her large breast up
to her face where she and Jamie sucked hard on her long dark nipples, which
were as hard as bullets due to her state of extreme sexual arousal. As she
feasted on her own squashy tit-meat she could feel another orgasm rushing
through her body.

Jamie stared deep into her eyes as his fingers brought her expertly to
another fierce orgasm her juices gushing from her over stimulated opening.
Jamie slipped his fingers from inside her soaking vagina and sucked the
juice from his fingers. The combination of his actions had caused his cock
to stiffen fully again and he needed to be satisfied. He ordered Sharon to
get down on all fours and she duly obliged, her face leaning over the full
bath she had intended to use before she was so rudely (and so welcomely)

Not wanting to waste any time undressing her, he ripped apart the material
around her cunt making a hole for him to gain access to her dripping hot

Holding onto her soft squishy hip with one hand he guided his long thick
tool carefully into Sharon's still quivering pussy with the other. As she
was still not fully recovered from her last fierce climax the first proper
hard thrust of the young lad's cock caused her to cum instantly, making it
even easier for him to hammer his pole faster and faster into her, his
swinging scrotum causing Sharon's fat ass cheeks to ripple sexily, as his
balls slammed against them. Sharon begged for more and more as he brought
her to orgasm after powerful orgasm with his skilful cock work and
animalistic pounding.

Jamie reached his hands around her large tanned torso and grabbed her
swinging boobs, which hung freely down from her rippling body. Sweat was
pouring from Sharon's heavenly face as the steam from the bath rose in her

After a further 4 or 5 minutes of good hard fucking Jamie was ready to cum
again and he quickly slid his bloated knob out of Sharon's well-pounded
pussy. Again he furiously jerked his shaft until it jumped from his hand and
shot a long stream of watery jism along Sharon's back. It was followed by
another and another, until there was a little river of his salty cock fluid
trickling along her spine and down between the peachy cheeks of her bottom.

Both totally spent, the pair remained still for a few moments as Jamie's
softening cock dripped the last of his cum down Sharon's chunky thighs
before sharing the bath they both so badly needed.


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