Eastenders: Exploiting The Eastender Teens Part 1 (Mf,oral,anal)
by MikeTheMaster ([email protected])

Tony smiled as Whitney unzipped his jeans then stared nervously at the huge,
erect organ that immediately popped out. Bianca had decided to take the
younger kids out for tea leaving her lecherous partner with the perfect
opportunity to spend some quality time with his sexy step daughter. Bianca's
stupidity never failed to amaze the evil Tony and he wondered if the red head
would ever question why Whitney always wanted to stay home if Tony was going to
be in. He had wasted no time in heading up to Whitney's bedroom and was
now nodding expectantly at her as she broke into a smile then began to jerk
him gently at first then with increased pace, her handjob skills improving all
the time thanks to their regular sessions in her room.

Tony was proud of how much he had corrupted they oungster in the short time he
was with Bianca, she had been reluctant at first but always curious and it
hadn't taken him long to groom her into doing almost everything he wanted. "Now
suck it" he murmured through approving gasps and nodded down to the bulging cock

Whitney was always a bit nervous giving her step dad blowjobs as he was so big
it often choked her but she wanted to keep him happy and bobbed down taking as
much as she could between her ruby red lips. She was still learning t he nuances
of giving good head, Tony coaching her everytime they were al one together, and
his satisfied gasps as he held her head in place so she couldn't pull away as
he reached climax suggested she was satisfying him tonight.

"Fucking hell yeah" he grunted "that's're dad's little slut these days
aint ye? Now dad's gonna do something for you."

Whitney smiled, despite being pressed against Tony's crotch and bracing herself
for him coming in her mouth or on her face, she knew what to expect.

While she continued to suck and brought him to an inevitabley sticky and violent
climax he reached over and pushed her short school skirt up over her pert little
ass, quickly lowered her white panties. He ran his hands over her milky white
ass cheeks then began to rub her pink, untouched anus roughly, letting two
fingers find their way into her thickly matted pussy lips and jabbing them in
and out hard as the already soaking wet teen let out muffled squeals. She
suddenly panicked and tried to pull away as Tony pushed almost all of his cock
down her throat and prepared to climax.

"Stop being a fucking baby!" Tony snarled, refusing to let go of her head "Do
you wanna make me happy or not?"

He finished fingering her, leaving the teen sore and soaking wet between her
legs then shot his thick, creamy load down her throat, pulled his cock out of
her mouth and deposited the remaining semen on her face. He shook his head as
his step daughter wiped the come from her pretty face and dark hair then started
to weep.

"You know it hurts me Tony, why do you have to be so rough?" she said tearfully.

"Just shut it, get on your back and spread ye legs." An angry Tony snapped.

Whitney wiped her eyes and the remainder of Tony's body fluids then shook her
head. "I told you I ain't ready for you to fuck me Tony." Whitney said, dreading
what would follow.

Tony foul temper immediately erupted, "For fucks sake, I thought you wanted me
to think of you as a grown up Whitney but everytime I give you the chance to
show me you're a real woman you won't do it. A man expects to be able to fuck
his woman, I'm starting to think you're not mature enough for me."

Whitney broke into tears, "Oh no please don't say that Tony, I'll be ready soon
I promise."

Tony got up, put his come covered cock back in his pants and shook his head.
"Maybe I'll go find myself a lass who is ready to be with a real man." He said
grinning wickedly, he knew exactly how to push his step daughter's buttons.

Whitney started to sob and grabbed Tony's arm to stop him leaving "Please don't
go Tony!"

Tony shoved her back on to the bed and left her crying as he headed out of the
house, unsure where he was going but sure his craving for young pussy wasn't
over that night.

* * *

Tony sat on a bench in the gardens for a while, cooling off and thinking about
his next move. He knew there was no way Whitney would tell people what they had
been up to and he could pretty much treat her how he wanted then still get his
cock sucked but he was desperate to get inside that tight teen pussy of hers
and it frustrated him that she wouldn't give it up, his lust for young girls
burned away constantly and he knew that if he didn't fuck Whitney tonight he
would have to satisfy himself somewhere else. He looked around the square and
suddenly noticed the lights on in Beale's Plaice, the fish shop. He looked
closer and could see that Ian Beale's coquettish teenage daughter Lucy was
behind the counter and apparently all on her own. He grinned to himself and
decided it was too good an opportunity to pass up, jumping up from the bench
and heading over.

"We're closing in a minute." Lucy said as Tony entered, in her usual blunt tone
"And I aint got no fish left if that's what your after."

Tony smiled and stared at the blonde, beautiful teenager for a moment. Her
nubile body currently far too covered up by the white overall she was
using. "That's alright love, I'll take whatever you can offer." Tony said
continuing to grin.

Lucy broke into a smile, detecting the flirtation in Tony's tone. She loved
older men and had thought he was good looking since he had arrived on the
square. "Well I'll have to see what I can do for you won't I?" she said

"Your dad's a brave man leaving a pretty young thing like you all on your own in
here, get all sorts coming in here." Tony said knowingly.

"Yeah well I'm old enough to look after myself...big girl now" Lucy retorted.

"That right is it?" Tony said Lucy nodded and they stared deeply into each
others eyes for a moment, sexual tension hanging heavy in the air.

A wild child, Lucy was already reasonably experience and keen to learn more
about sex, especially with a good looking older man like Tony. "Well I need to
close up now so do you know what you want?" she continued.

She smiled as Tony turned and closed then locked the door then looked back at
her. "Oh yeah, I think I do." He said.

Lucy's pussy was churning now and she instinctively pushed the flap on the
counter up so Tony could come behind and get at her. Within seconds he had
pushed the teenager against a wall in the back room to ensure they were out of
sight and was showering her with passionate kisses. Lucy was no shrinking violet
and responded by plunging her eager tongue into his mouth and running her hands
over his jean covered ass.

Tony quickly stripped Lucy of her overall, tight top and skinny jeans then
broke off from their kiss to take a moment to savor her superb teenage body
in gossard bra and thong. Lucy had beautiful, developing breasts and a peach
of an ass which she unflinchingly allowed Tony to explore as he pushed down
her bra and suckled on her pert breasts and erect nipples then ripped off her
thong to give unhindered access to the tight cunt, barely covered by blonde
hairs and perfect ass. He was impressed by how relaxed and slutty Lucy was,
allowing him to poke, prod and nibble on everything he wanted without a murmur
and even taking the proactive steps of a little cock hungry whore that Whitney
would never dare do.

"Get ye cock out" she grunted as he continued to explore her naked body,
fiddling with his belt, unzipping his jeans and pulling them down the allowing
him to step out of them before ripping his boxer shorts away from him then
starting for a moment goggle eyed at his cock, the biggest she had ever seen.
Tony grinned broke off from poking Lucy as she licked her lips with anticipation
then could took his sweatshirt off and run her hands over his manly chest.
"You're gorgeous Tony. And oh my god this is amazing." She breathed as she took
hold of his cock.

Lucy needed no encouragement to rub and play with his bulging cock then bob down
and take it into her mouth. Tony grinned as she swallowed up almost all of his
cock without him having to encourage or hold her unlike his step daughter who
was starting to look frigid by comparison. He shook his head and chuckled as he
thought of pompous Ian Beale's face if he knew his fifteen year old daughter
was a dirty, cock hungry whore who he suspected would let him do anything he
wanted to her. His suspicions were confirmed when after what seemed an eternity
of the most skillful, perfectly judged sucking from Lucy he felt himself about
to come for the second time that evening.

He decided that as it was their first time and young girls were sometimes
sensitive about these things he had better give her fair warning. "I'm about to
come." He said.

Lucy looked up and let his bulging penis drop out of her mouth for a moment.
"And? Just fucking get on with it, I wanna taste your sperm." She said before
returning to her expert stimulation of his cock.

Tony had known some slutty girls in his time but Lucy was something else and the
level of her debauchery was enough to make him shoot the thickest, stickiest
load of his life. He genuinely worried that the beautifal young girl might choke
for a second but she seemed unfazed and swallowed it all down before continuing
to suck his cock for a moment then letting it drop out and savoring the after
come that sprayed on her pretty face and into her blonde, bobbed hair.

"Mmm, I love come" she said blowing bubbles with his semen for a moment before
swallowing the last of it down.

"Fucking hell, you're one dirty bitch. If you were my daughter...." Tony began.

Lucy smiled mischievously "You'd fuck me?" She giggled as Tony looked startled
for a second. "Whitney confided in me...stupid cow." She said "I'd be hoping I
might catch your eye sooner or later."

"Fucking hell, that stupid cow. I'll kill her." Tony raged and stared at Lucy
for a second who continued to grin wickedly. He advanced on her, backing her
into a corner again and grabbed her by the throat. "You say a word Lucy and
you're dead." He snarled. He was amazed to see that the naked teenager wasn't
remotely fazed and actually seemed to enjoy him being so rough.

"Relax." She murmured "I aint gonna say nothing." She looked down at his still
fully erect cock then back up at him "So come on me what a man you
are, fuck me."

"You're gonna let me put it in ye?" He said, still struggling to believe what a
slut the girl was proving to be.

"Course...I'm gagging for it." She replied spreading her legs slightly and
rubbing her already soggy snatch.

"I should put a condom on or something." Tony said "I've fucked a lot of sluts
and we don't want you getting preggers."

A frustrated Lucy stopped frigging herself and grabbed his cock "Just fuck me.
I'll get rid of it if you knock me up and I've fucked all sorts. I don't like

Tony needed no further invitation and pressed Lucy's slender frame against the
wall, sliding his cock inside her as she wrapped her legs round him. For a
moment he couldn't quite believe he was having unprotected sex with a gorgeous
teenage girl but he soon forgot that and fucked her within an inch of her life
while the little bitch taunted him.

"Come on Tony...I thought you were gonna show me what a big man you are. Is that
the best you can do? FUCK ME MAN!"

In reality Lucy was having the time of her life and despite the pain of his huge
penis, thrust ever more agressively inside her as she taunted him, it was the
most memorable of her many sexual experiences since she had become active a
couple of years earlier. After bringing the teenager to a series of ever more
intense orgasms that made her squeal with delight and beg for more an exhausted
Tony eventually pulled out and tried to get his breath. He looked over at Lucy
to find she had turned round and was now rubbing her perfect ass against his
come covered cock to bring his erection back.

"I've never had it in my arse...I want you to be my first." She said coolly.

Tony could hardly believe his ears, none of the little sluts he had seduced over
the years ha d been willing to let him go this far, it was a dream come true.
"You'll hurt." He replied.

"Why do you think I want it?" Lucy said smiling.

Tony grinned back and plunged two fingers into her tight, brown anus for a
moment making her murmur with delight then pulling them out and replacing them
his big cock. Lucy quickly screamed with agony and delight.

"Fucking hell yeah...that's amazing." She gasped as the older man began to
pump her perfect ass and groped her tits.

"You dirty little whore...there's nout you won't do is there?" he snarled, his
contempt only serving to bring her to an even higher level of ecstacy.

"Fucking right...I'm a proper nasty little slut." She responded as he continued
to jab the swollen organ in and out of her.

Eventually even the hardcore Lucy could take no more and Tony was too exhausted
to fuck her anymore. They sat in the back room, a naked and sweaty heap laughing
at the frenzied session and poor Whitney sat back at home oblivious to what had
gone on.

"She does my head in...why can't she be more like you?" Tony said.

Lucy smiled "Nobody is as much of a slut as me." Lucy replied, rubbing her sore
pussy and licking the pussy juices that ran from the tips of her fingers.

Tony looked at her for a moment and began to formulate a new filthy plan "Yeah I
bet you could teach her a thing or two alright." He said Lucy smiled at him, her
pussy starting to churn again.

"What you after now?" she said curiously.

"How about we get dressed and pay young Whitney a visit before Bianca gets
back?" Tony said grinning wickedly.

Lucy smiled back and nodded.

* * *

Whitney quickly dabbed her red, puffy eyes, adjusted her make up then padded
downstairs as she heard Tony come in and call up to her. As she walked
downstairs she considered what she was going to say to him to make things
alright again, maybe if she talked dirty or sucked his cock again he would be
nice to her.

"Oh Tony I'm so glad you came back, I was..." the teenager broke off as she
stepped into the living room to find Tony sitting on the couch grinning and
running his fingers through Lucy's blonde hair as she sucked his cock. Lucy also
looked up, fixing her blue eyes on Whitney.

"I invited Lucy round...I think it's time you two got to know each other
better..." Tony said.



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