Here it is folks...the third part of this story. Sorry for the delay but
hopefully you will feel it's been worth the wait, enjoy. Tried to play around
with the format and do something a little different so stick with it and let
me know your thoughts, always appreciate feedback as you know.

EastEnders: Exploiting The EastEnders Teens Part 3
by MikeTheMaster ([email protected])

Lauren stood naked in the shower letting the water run over her slim, shapely
teenage body. The water dripped over her tiny, rosebud like breasts down her
flat stomach and over her thinly matted pussy as she reflected on the
incredible evening that had just passed. Her head was still swimming from
everything that had happened and in her confusion she absent mindedly let a
finger slip inside her tight, once virgin opening and rub herself as she
looked back over the evening that had just passed.

"Alright loser!" Lucy taunted as Lauren opened the door grinning excitedly at
her two friends.

"All excited for your little sleep over are we?" Whitney added with a smile
that Lauren found a little patronising but decided not to let bother her.

"I hope your folks are out like you said, we don't want anyone cramping our
style." Lucy said pushing past Lauren to go inside the Branning house
followed quickly by Whitney.

"Yeah, we've got a big night planned." she added.

"Everyone's out...just the three of us with the place to ourselves all
night." Lauren said cheerily.

"That's what you think." Lucy murmured exchanging a knowing smile with
Whitney as they disappeared into the sitting room.

Lauren was slightly bemused but closed the front door and followed them in.

"What are you wearing for fucks sake?" Whitney said looking at Lauren's polka
dot pyjamas and chunky socks as she came in.

"Well it's a pyjama party ain't it?" Lauren retorted looking at her two
friends who had both discarded their overcoats to reveal skimpy little baby
doll nighties that plunged around their developing breasts and showed most of
their shapely legs.

"Yeah but it don't mean you have to dress like a little kid." Lucy said.

Lauren frowned as the two girls giggled and high-fived each other playfully.
She was also surprised at how close they were sitting on the sofa but, as
always, chose not to question anything.

"So what shall we do? Do you want a drink and then we'll watch the music
channel or a DVD or mum left us PS I love you." Lauren said.

"Well we've got a few other things in mind." Lucy said looking up from
reading a text on her phone and nodding at Whitney who grinned back.

"Like what?" Lauren asked

"It can wait a minute, what drink you got? We're both vodka girls but i'll
settle for white wine." Whitney said.

Lauren looked startled "I ain't allowed to drink alcohol or let anybody
else." she said firmly.

Lucy and Whitney exploded into giggles.

"Fucking hell Lauren you're such a kid sometimes, always do what your mammy
tells you do you?" Lucy teased bitchily.

Lauren scowled "No but they'll notice it's gone and they locked it all away

"Good job we came prepared then." Whitney said pulling a bottle of cheap
vodka from her bag.

"Ooh nice one Whit." Lucy said hugging her friend then shocking Lauren by
fecking the brunette on the lips.

"Get some coke will you Lauren?" Whitney murmured continuing to stare into
Lucy's eyes as they held each other, bare legs entangled and their firm young
bodies pressed together.

Lauren stared at them for a moment uncertainly then, obedient as ever, padded
through to the kitchen to get the coke from the fridge. She was already
feeling unsettled by how bitchy the girls were being with her and how
friendly they seemed to be with each other and she definitely wasn't
comfortable with them drinking alcohol but self conscious as ever she didn't
want to look like a baby so decided not to say anything.

"We've only got one bottle left so you'll have to be...." Lauren trailed off
and her jaw dropped as she came back into the lounge to find Lucy on top of
Whitney showering the brunette with passionate kisses while Whitney ran her
hands over Lucy's pert ass, only covered by the thin material of her night

"What the fuck are you two doing?" Lauren blurted out.

"Ohh sorry hun...just couldn't help ourselves there." Lucy said breaking off
from kissing Whitney, who continued to stare lustfully after her blonde

"You do each other...that's sick!" Lauren stammered.

Lucy and Whitney broke into fits of giggles and lay back beside each other,
Whitney stroking Lucy's short blonde hair gently.

"If you think that's sick you should see some of the other stuff we get up
to." Lucy teased.

The pair broke into fits of giggles and shared another brief kiss.

"Could you stop doing that in here?" Lauren said angrily "You're making me
feel ill."

Both girls rolled their eyes and broke off from each other

"Alright fine...but it's really not a big deal for girls these days to get
touchy feely with each other these days you know Lauren. You need to chill
out a bit and stop being so straight laced." Whitney said.

"I ain't straight laced I just think two girls doing..." she paused wrinkling
her nose in disgust " disgusting and I'd appreciate you not doing
it at my house."

She handed Lucy the bottle of coke and there was an awkward silence as Lauren
sat, still looking shocked and uncomfortable on the chair opposite them while
Lucy and Whitney made themselves a vodka and coke each.

"Take it there's no chance of a three way then." Lucy said quietly before the
two girls broke off into loud giggles.

"Right that's say one more thing and you can both go!" a disgusted
Lauren shrieked.

"Alright, alright!" Lucy said between giggles "We'll change the subject."

They sat for a while drinking and watching music videos on TV - Lucy and
Whitney quickly devouring two vodkas and coke while Lauren stuck to soft
drinks to much derision from her two friends. After a while Lucy and Whitney
tired of the small talk and music videos.

"I'm getting about a game of spin the bottle?" Whitney suggested
flashing a knowing smile at Lucy.

"Ooh yeah that'd be a laugh." Lucy said excitedly.

Lauren looked at them uncertainly, her so called friends seemed determined to
humiliate her today.

"Well alright but if you say or do anything to embarrass me you ain't staying
over tonight right?" Lauren said firmly.

"Yeah yeah... we'll be good." Whitney said impatiently.

She and Lucy had finished the bottle of vodka by now and threw it down on to
the floor then scrambled down beside it letting their tiny nighties ride up
their legs to reveal to an again shocked Lauren that neither of them were
wearing any panties. She quickly realised they were probably planning to
touch each other up when she fell asleep later and shuddered at the mental
image but dropped down and joined them in the circle.

Whitney and Lucy, not wanting to ruin their plan and anticipating that Lauren
would be a tough nut to crack, started the game off innocently with playful
dares like trying to eat as many crisps as possible in one minute, making a
prank phone call and dancing to cheesy music. The girls were soon reduced to
fits of giggles and Lauren, in the midst of all the fun, had almost forgotten
her annoyance and shock from earlier. Lucy spun the bottle and it again
whizzed round to Lauren.

"Ok Lauren, pretend the bottle is Peter's cock and show us how you blow him."
Whitney teased

Lauren scowled as Lucy and Whitney broke into giggles.

"Stop being dirty!" she scolded "Peter and I don't do things like that."

"So you ain't even let him touch you yet?" Whitney probed "Surprised he ain't
dumped u by now."

Lauren scowled again "Peter's nice and he is willing to wait until I'm ready,
we're only 14."

Lucy and Whitney broke into fits of laughter again.

"Will you two stop fucking laughing at me...I'm sick of it!" Lauren snapped.

"I'm sorry babe but you're just so na senseless by the time they're 14, boys won't stay with you for long if you
don't put out." Lucy reasoned.

"Or girls for that matter." Whitney added before she and Lucy shared another
sensual kiss.

"Oh god don't start doing that again or I really will kick you out, we don't
all have to be slappers like you two you know." Lauren said sharply.

Whitney and Lucy raised their eyebrows and grinned.

"Ooh excuse us for having a sex life." Lucy said.

"Yeah well you're getting on my nerves." Lauren said.

"Alright, Alright" Whitney interjected, realising she and Lucy were risking
phase 2 of their plan falling apart if they kept pushing Lauren like this.
"If you don't wanna talk about sex and stuff then have a little drink of my
vodka and coke for your dare, I ain't touched it yet so you can't catch my
dirty bitch genes."

She and Lucy giggled as Lauren scowled then took the glass from her friend.

"Fine...anything to stop you two going on...getting drunk ain't big or clever
though u know." she said taking a short sip of the drink then gasping at the
strong taste and aroma. "How much vodka did you put in there Whitney?" she
asked immediately feeling strange and drousy.

"Just enough to loosen you up darl." Whitney replied, flashing Lucy a knowing
look as Lauren eyes glazed and she stared blankly at the two of them.

"You alright Lauren?" Lucy asked quietly

"Yeah I think it's just gone to my head..I feel sort of...." Lauren trailed
off and suddenly blacked out as her two friends looked on expectantly.

When Lauren opened her eyes again the room still seemed to be swimming and
she felt strange, there was an energy and warmth inside of her she had never
experienced before. She had no idea how long she'd been out for or what had
caused her to black out but the first thing she saw through blurred eyes was
Lucy and Whitney on the floor, night dressed up over their hips and busy
lapping at one other's pussies. She stared for a second and where she would
have previously expected to be disgusted the sight was suddenly appealing, it
made her nipples and clitoris tingle. Still very sexually inexperienced she
couldn't explain the feeling as she watched Lauren's blonde head burrow into
Whitney's dark brown bush while the brunette explored her perfect ass cheeks
and they both moaned quietly.

"Luce...Whitney." Lauren said weakly "What's happening...I feel funny."

The two girls looked up from their position, one another's pussy juices
dribbling from their respective chins and smiled at their beautiful, confused

"Look who's joined the land of the living...I think all that vodka went your
head darling." Lucy said soothingly. She moved across to Lauren quickly
followed by Whitney and they both gently stroked Lauren's arms and long,
brown hair.

"It's alright though, we're gonna take good care of our mate." Whitney

Lauren nodded and smiled gratefully at both of them, any anger she had felt
before was now replaced by affection and a desire to be close to both of them
that she again couldn't explain.

"That's just do what we say and you'll be fine." Lucy added

The two girls then took it in turns to kiss her gently on her ruby red lips.
Lauren expected to be disgusted or outraged but instead she felt no desire to
repel either of them, on the contrary she found herself reciprocating the
kissing and sliding her tongue into each of her friends mouths in turn.

"Why don't we get rid these silly pyjamas? You look like a kid in them don't
you?" Whitney said.

Lauren nodded in agreement and continued to kiss Lucy while Whitney carefully
slid her pyjama bottoms down from her waist over her buttocks and down her
slim legs then Whitney took over kissing Lauren and Lucy unbuttoned her
pyjama top to leave Lauren in just her matching training bra and sensible
knickers. The two girls broke off from the kissing and stared at their friend
now in just her underwear and open to whatever suggestions they made. Lauren,
to her surprise was disappointed that the kissing had ended and longed for
more intimacy with her two friends, she had never experienced desire like it
before with her nipples like bullets and inexperienced pussy churning.

"You're really beautiful you know Lauren, I know we're mean to you sometimes
but it's only cos we're jealous of how pretty you are." Lucy said running her
fingers through Lauren's long brown hair and sensually kissing her neck.
Lauren gasped as she savoured Lucy's touch and Whitney stroked her bare legs
letting one hand wander to just below her panty covered crotch.

"Do you really think so Luce? I always feel so ugly and square compared to
you two, you're so wild and sexy and I want to be more like that...."

Lauren trailed off, surprised at how much she was suddenly willing to reveal.

"Don't worry darling we're gonna show you how. Just relax." Whitney said
soothingly. Lauren nodded and made no attempt to resist as her beautiful
friend ran her hand across her pussy, gently stroking it and smiling widely
at Lucy. "Looks like Lauren's had a little accident here." she said feeling
the wet patch that had emerged between Lauren's legs some of it dribbling out
of her panties "We'd best get rid of these."

Lauren looked down absent mindedly as her panties were removed by Whitney and
Lucy unhooked her bra. She didn't feel remotely self conscious about
revealing her naked body, she loved the feeling of freedom and sensuality it
gave her. Whitney and Lucy quickly pulled their nighties over each other's
heads to reveal their superb naked bodies to a transfixed Lauren.

"You're both gorgeous." Lauren said dreamily "I love your tits and your flat
stomachs and you have so much hair on your pussies."

"Bless you, you're such a little sweetheart." Lucy said affectionately. They
pushed Lauren down on to her back and Whitney spread her new lovers legs then
began to gently finger her while Lucy suckled her fully erect nipples and
showered her with long slow kisses. Lauren quickly began to moan then wail
with ecstasy as her two friends opened her up to a entirely new world of

Whitney intensifying the stimulation of her tight pussy by managing to
squeeze a second finger in then following it up by greedily lapping at
Lauren's sodden cunt.

"You taste amazing fucking sweet." Whitney breathed.

"And these tits are to die for." Lucy added continuing to lick and bite them
as they stood to attention.

"This is too much...It feels amazing...I want more, do it harder." Lauren

Whitney and Lucy grinned at each other, loving the fact they had managed to
get their friend to abandon her inhibitions and morals with such relative
ease. They showered each other with kisses and caressed one another's naked
bodies for a moment while they let Lauren recover from her initial experience
then swapped roles with Lucy reaching for the empty vodka bottle which had
played such a pivotal role in Lauren's transformation to a pussy hungry whore
and Whitney sitting on top of Lauren and lowering her pussy on to the young
girl's face. Lucy rammed the bottle in and out of her ever more accommodating
cunt while Whitney ground her pussy into Lauren's face.

"Fucking lick it you little know you love it." she taunted.

Lauren nodded and moaned with approval as she greedily licked Whitney clean,
savouring every mouthful of the sweet sickly juice that dropped into her
mouth and the ecstasy of Lucy fiercely masturbating her with the bottle until
she came all over it, her blonde lover took great care not to break Lauren's
hymen though as she knew it would displease their visitor who was due in just
a few minutes.

They concluded the threesome Lucy and Whitney had hoped for but never
imagined they would get at the start of the night with Lauren being put on to
all fours and obediently lapping at each of their pussies and eating both of
their assholes clean while the two girls took it in turns to fuck Lauren's
virgin anus with the tip of the bottle. It was only as Lucy had finished her
anal assault that Lauren started to feel like her old self.

"That hurts...that's wrong...stop pushing it in there." She murmured.

"I'm preparing you darling, better I break you in like this than you get it
without any preparation." Lucy said pulling the bottle out then licking
Lauren's ass for a second to try and sooth it.

"Preparation? What do you mean? I don't understand what's happening." Lauren

Whitney broke off from using Lauren's hand to pleasure herself then made
Lauren lick her own fingers clean.

"Well the night ain't over yet...there's still lots more fun to come." She
said grinning at Lucy.

Lauren suddenly wrinkled her nose in disgust realising she had just taste
Whitney's pussy juice, next she realised all three of them were naked and
began to realise what she had just spent the past hour doing.

"Oh my god what the fuck?" She said jumping up and trying to cover her naked,
sweaty body. She blushed as her own bodily fluids dripped from her opening
and on to the hand she was trying to cover them with and grimaced at the pain
of entry from her ass that she was suddenly experiencing. "You're sick, you
forced me to do things...I'm gonna report both of you."

All of Lauren's inhibitions, moral code and usual uptight personality were
now fully restored. She stared angrily at Lucy and Whitney who were now
staring calmly back between caressing one another's naked bodies on the

"Oh chill out Lauren, you weren't complaining from where I was standing." a
deep, manly voice suddenly said from the hall way. Lauren started and looked
horrified as a grinning Tony walked into the sitting room. "You and the girls
put on quite a fucking show for me." he said nodding down to the video camera
he was holding in his hand.

Lauren was too stunned to speak for a moment as Whitney and Lucy excitedly
jumped up and ran over to their older lover, showering him with passionate
kisses and groping his bulging crotch through his jeans while he stroked
their bare asses and continued to stare the naked, vulnerable Lauren.

"What did you do to me? How did you get me to do those things?"

"Well we figured you'd be a right fucking crack hoover so we decided to help
you relax, amazing what half a rohypnol mixed with vodka and coke can do."
Lucy said grinning wickedly.

"You drugged me!" Lauren screamed, on the verge of tears "I'm going to the
police, you're rapists. You forced me." She started to move towards the hall
way, still trying to hide her modesty and failing.

Tony sniggered "Well yeah you could do that love or you could realise that
we've got a video of you consenting to sex and loving every minute of it.."

"Yeah, just imagine this little porno going on You Tube or Facebook." Whitney
taunted "Imagine your parents or your precious Peter seeing it, your goody
two image would be ruined for good."

"But it wasn't me...I don't do that...." Lauren broke off and sobbed, knowing
there was no way she could report what had happened, she couldn't bare the

Tony broke away from his two lovers and moved over to what he hoped would
soon be his third. Lauren turned her back on him exposing her perfect ass as
she continued to try and cover her breasts and pussy.

"Please just go now and I won't say anything." she said in a defeated voice.

"Oh come on Lauren, doesn't have to be like this darling." he said gently
putting a hand on her bare back.

"Don't touch me you sick bastard!" she snapped back and moved a little away
"just get the fuck out now!"

Tony's ferocious temper flared up and he grabbed her bare arm spinning the
terrified teenage girl round to face him.

"Now you listen here you little slut, I was gonna give you the chance to play
along but let's be clear I ain't come here just to watch a teenage lesbian
show, I want some action too.!" he snarled.

"I can't do things with you, I'm a virgin...please Tony." she pleaded.

"Why do you think I want you so much?" he said grinning wickedly back.

Lauren looked pleadingly at Lucy and Whitney who stared impassively back,
they loved it when Tony took charge.

"Please, help something, stop him." Lauren said tearfully.

They both smiled and shook their heads relishing the scene that was about to

Lauren sobbed knowing she had no choice but to do Tony's bidding.

"All you got to do is give me what I want and this video will never see the
light of day, be difficult and I'll humiliate you in front of everyone." Tony
said with quiet menace.

Lauren nodded, still sobbing as Tony softened his expression and gently moved
her arms away from her breasts and cunt to get a proper view of the naked

"I'll be gentle and you'll enjoy it, you enjoyed being with the girls." he

Lauren nodded, too frightened to dare disagree and obediently moved across to
the sofa with him, desperately trying not to catch Lucy and Whitney's eye as
Tony layed her down on it, spread her legs and began to strip off his

"You two get me warmed up and show her how it's done." he barked.

Lucy and Whitney helped him finish removing his shirt and jeans then dropped
to their knees and began to alternately wank and suck his massive, fully
erect cock. Inspite of her anger and fear Lauren was impressed by Tony's
physique and couldn't take her eyes off his huge organ. She had never seen a
man's penis before and this seemed like a particularly big one, she just
prayed he would keep his word and take her virginity gently.

"That's it, get ready." Tony breathed to the two girls who waited expectantly
for a few seconds and were rewarded with a face and mouthful of his warm,
fresh semen across their pretty faces and into their eager mouths.

He grinned at the two sluts then across at a terrified but transfixed Lauren.

"Don't worry beautiful, Tony's got enough for you too."

Lauren grimaced as the girls giggled and exchanged his come by kissing each
other passionately. Tony left them to their lesbian play and turned his
attention to Lauren, he dropped to his knees beside the sofa and stared
deeply into Lauren's eyes. Even though he disgusted her Lauren had to admit
Tony was handsome and had a remarkable presence, if she hadn't hated him for
forcing her she would have almost certainly had a crush on him.

"Just relax and let it all happen, you try to hold out on me and I will get
angry." he warned.

Lauren nodded then gasped as he slid two long, thick fingers into her now dry
pussy lips and began to gently explore her tight opening. She quickly
responded to his expert stimulation partly in pain and partly in pleasure as
he teased her labia then found her clitoris, the first time she had
experienced that kind of pleasure despite the best efforts of Lucy and

She glanced across at her two so called friends and was torn between disgust
and desire as Lucy fisted a squealing Whitney, the two of them in turn
aroused by watching their older lover take add another young conquest to his
ever growing list. Lauren was sure the rohypnol had played a part in her
behaviour with the two girls but she was also increasingly aware of a dark
desire growing inside of her. As Tony brought her to orgasm she no longer
felt she was being forced, she started to feel she was being pleasured. Her
growing comfort helped by Tony's compliments.

"Fuck me you're so tight." he murmured as he went down on her and greedily
cleaned up the mess he'd made "what a piece of ass, I love every bit of ye."

Lauren forgot herself and murmured her approval as his tongue teased her
opening and licked her clean. Tony grinned as she yelped "oh god yeah!"

"Ha ha...see I knew you would get into it." he said encouragingly.

"I always knew she were a little fucking slut inside Tone" Whitney said
between sliding her fist in and out of a panting Lucy.

Lauren scowled and scolded herself, remembering that she was effectively
being raped and she should not sound or feel like she was enjoying it. Tony
completed his initial exploration of her pussy then sat up and without any
warning pulled her head towards his bulging, come covered cock.

"Take as much of this in your mouth as you can and suck it gently." he

Lauren looked at him with terror for a second, worried she would choke on the
massive organ or the thick come dripping from it.

"Bet she can't manage as good a blow job as us." Lucy taunted as she and
Whitney grinded their sodden pussies and rubbed their breasts together, torn
between wanting to see behave like a total slut and get their hands on Tony's
cock themselves.

Lauren scowled again and took it in her mouth, she immediately bawked as come
trickled down her throat and she came to terms with the size of the organ she
was trying to suck. Lucy and Whitney howled with derision as she spat it back
out for a second but Lauren regained her composure and began to suck it
diligently to gasps of approval from Tony. Again she found herself torn
between anger at being forced into her first blow job and savouring having
such a lovely cock to start on.

"That's it...ooh you're a fucking natural darling." Tony said encouragingly.
He had resorted to his usual trick of holding his young lovers head so that
Lauren had no choice but to deep throat him or swallow the thick and
seemingly never ending stream of salty come that resulted from her hard work.
Eventually Lauren signaled she could take no more and an unusually merciful
Tony pulled his cock out of her mouth jazzing the rest over a grateful Lucy
and Whitney. Now fully erect he ordered her back on to her back and spread
her legs wide open. A terrified Lauren waited with bated breath and Whitney
and Lucy looked on expectantly as Tony entered her gently at first followed
by several rough returns to ensure he was fully inside. Lauren began to gasp
and squeal with the pain of entry but resolved not to give anyone in the room
of satisfaction of seeing her in tears and after a few agonising thrusts for
her older lover she began to respond, widening herself to accommodate him and
ease the pain for him. She was soon unable to deny the pleasure she felt as
Tony fucked her within an inch of her young life while he and the two girls
taunted her with "You're fucking loving it you little slut.", "Look at you
with your legs wrapped round a 30 year old man." "Dirty bitch" and "Filthy

Lauren was oblivious to the pain and humiliation now and just focussed on
enjoying the experience as much as she could as her experienced lover brought
her to a string of earth shattering orgasms and claimed her virginity in the
most violent manner she could ever have imagined. He finally pulled out
shooting the remaining semen from his bulging cock on to her face and forcing
her to open her mouth and swallow the rest down then gave her a moment to

Lauren's pussy was aching and her entire body glistened with sweat and bodily
fluid as she reflected on her experiences that night, she could never have
imagined an innocent sleep over would have degenerated into this but she was
past shock or anger and now gripped by sexual desire.

"You two got her ready with the bottle earlier didn't you?" Tony said.
Whitney and Lucy grinned then nodded knowing what the climax of the evening
was going to be.

"Ooh yeah she fucking loved it didn't you Lauren." Lucy said.

Lauren scowled at her and ignored the ongoing jibes.

"Right get up and on all fours Lauren." Tony instructed.

Lauren was anxious about what was to follow but knew better than to question
her masters orders and obediently got up so that her perfect, milky white ass
was facing Tony and she was looking down at Lucy and Whitney who grinned back

"I'm gonna fuck you in the arse..." Tony began

Lauren looked alarmed and started as if to try and move away from the massive
cock about to penetrate her.

"No please Tony, I've done everything you've asked but please not that...."
she pleaded.

"Relax." Tony said forcing her back into position "It'll hurt but you'll
enjoy it and your mates were nice enough to break you in earlier, just stare
into their eyes and try not to think about it too much, that way you'll enjoy

Lauren fought back tears, knowing she had no choice but to agree to his

She stared angrily at Lucy and Whitney who stopped their taunting grins and
actually looked genuinely sympathetic knowing how painful their first
experiences of anal sex had been. Lauren yelped as she felt Tony slide in
between her tight buttocks and force the bulging organ up her ultra tight
anus, she hoped the agonising pain would ease as he settled inside of her but
the agony continued and grew as he thrust in and out.

"Oh god please be gentle, it hurts so much!" she screamed.

Lucy and Whitney stood up and move across to their friend stroking her hair
soothingly then taking it in turns to finger her sore pussy as a diversionary
tactic.. With their help Lauren began to be able to accept Tony's intrusion
and started to murmur with the dual pleasure of the girls stimulation and
Tony fucking her virgin ass. She made no protest as her face was ground into
each of their pussies and obediently licked them clean between yelps of
delight and agony. Finally an exhausted Tony could fuck his new lover no
longer and pulled out of her anus while Lucy and Whitney concerned Lauren
would vomit if she ate any more cunt or cock tonight also withdrew and let
the young girl lay on the sofa, gasping and trying to take in what had

"We're gonna run you a shower then get off." Whitney said

"Yeah we want some quality time with Tone...just the three of us." Lucy

"Gimme half a fucking hour will ye, ye little sluts." Tony said trying to
regain his breath.

Once the shower was running and they were fully clothed, Lauren's rapists or
lovers depending on how you looked at it prepared to leave.

"Wait." Lauren said sitting up "I want that fucking video before you go,
there's no way you're forcing me to do this again." All of her anger and
moral outrage at what she had been forced to do returning for a moment.

All three of them burst into laughter and Tony pressed play on the camera
then handed it to Lauren, she was horrified to find it was a blank tape and
threw the camera back at him.

"Never mind Lauren, you can't help being a soft touch darling." Lucy said

They all laughed again then left the naked teenager on the sofa crying with
anger, frustration and confusion over the nights event.

Lauren was shocked to find herself masturbating in the shower, wanting to
experience something to come somewhere close to the pleasure and degradation
she had known that past evening. She was angry, aroused, vengeful and
desperate for more all at the same time as she explored her sore, deflowered
pussy. In all her confusion she was sure of one thing however, she would
never be able to stick to her strict moral code again and a life of
debauchery lay ahead for her.


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