EastEnders: Kat And Zoe (FF,inc,reluc)
by Anonymous

Kat had just got back from a strenuous day at the Queen Vic, she was still
depressed by Alfie's sudden lack of interest in her and the only thing she
wanted was to strip off her sweaty work clothes and slide her body into a
warm scented bath. She walked up to her room and began taking off her
clothes, revealing her fantastic body and massive tits encased in their
silky prison, she unclipped the bra that was holding them in place and
lifted it free revealing that despite her age her tits were surprisingly
firm and could still support themselves with no sag at all. She finished
changing and grabbed a towel before walking down the hall towards the
bathroom and going in. She stopped dead in the doorway and her jaw dropped,
there in the shower was her 18 year old daughter Zoe seemingly unaware of
her presence taking a luxurious shower and in the middle of soaping up her
large tits.

Kat had never thought of her daughter like this before, but just seeing
her there with her eyes closed rubbing soap into her flesh and pausing
occasionally over each nipple to give it a small tug was enough to make
Kat seriously rethink how she felt about her daughter and her body already
was showing her the telltale signs of arousal. Her hand had dropped to her
bald pussy and was slowly rubbing in circles and her cheeks were flushed.

Kat grabbed a hold of herself and ran back to her room in a shock. She had
just started masturbating over her daughter for god sake! What was wrong
with her! Even though Kat had always been taught that incest was very wrong
just thinking about Zoe again was making her wet. Kat didnt know what to
think but she knew she wanted to see Zoe's body again.

That night she thought carefully about what to do, she couldnt just come on
to Zoe, she might freak out and tell everyone. But on the other hand maybe
Zoe wanted this too? Kat decided that she would test the waters that night
and make a judgement on how she thought Zoe was reacting.

So that night she made the decision to stay home instead of going out with
the others and she found herself alone with Zoe sitting by the TV. Zoe was
wearing a tight pair of shorts and her pyjama top with the logo hot stuff.
Kat didnt know why but just looking at those words emblazoned across her
daughters breasts turned her on more than anything she had experienced
before. "errm, why dont you come sit with me Zo?" she said and she smiled
as Zoe got up and sat next to her with a grin. Under the pretence of moving
up the sofa Kat managed to brush her hand over Zoes ass and almost groaned
as she felt how tight and smooth it was.

Luckily for Kat the movie they were watching was very boring and Zoe soon
dozed off on cats shoulder leaving Kat free to study in detail her lithe
young daughters body. Zoe had the most perfect c cup breasts that curved
upwards into perky twin globes topped with little nipples that Kat could
just see through the thin material of Zoes top. Her hair was a wonderful
golden brown colour and flowed down her neck onto her shoulders, Kat leaned
over and smelled her daughters hair, grinning as a delicate strawberry
smell filled her nostrils. Kat just couldnt resist and after checking that
Zoe really was asleep she reached over and gave her breast a light squeeze.
She had never touched another womans breasts before and the feeling was
heavenly for Kat as she savoured a new shape and size other than her own.
The effect for Zoe was that if made her roll over a touch causing her head
to slide down and pillow on Kats own fleshy pillows. Kat held her breath
wondering what to do but Zoe seemed to settle back down and Kat resumed
her exploring of her daughters body even venturing as far as rubbing Zoe's
pussy through her tight shorts causing Zoe to jerk in her sleep and her
breathing to deepen.

Kat was in mental anguish, she didnt know what Zoe wanted but shed been this
far and had gotten just a taste of what could have been. Kat just couldn't
leave that behind now she new what it was like. Kat made her decision, she
would have her daughter that night and she wouldnt even care what Zoe made
of it, Kat was crazed by Zoe's smell and she desperately wanted to see more
of her young innocent daughter.

She slid Zoe down off her tits and laid her on the couch before easing her
top and shorts off being careful not to be too rough, her baby was a heavy
sleeper but she didnt want to take chances. There she was, her daughter in
nothing but a bra and panties sleeping peacefully, Kat stripped herself
completely and straddled her daughter resting her tits on Zoes tits and her
face inches away from her daughter's. Kat took the leap and kissed Zoe, just
a kiss at first but she eventually plucked up the courage to ease Zoe's lips
open and slip her tongue inside her daughter's mouth. It was divine, Kat
tasted her daughter sweet lips for the first time and went crazy, nibbling
and biting and sucking in an effort to get as close to her as possible.

It was around this time that Zoe woke up to someone kissing her, at first
she thought it was Tarik her Asian boyfriend, but if it was he tasted
different, almost sweet. She opened her eyes and came face to face with her
mother open mouth kissing her. Shock took over at first, she pulled away and
looked around, she had been stripped and her mother was completely naked on
top of her, she could feel something wet and sticky on her thigh and didn't
even want to know what was happening. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING KAT?" she

"ZO?" Kat startled and bewildered couldnt even think of anything to say.

"I DONT BELIEVE THIS!" Zoe shouted struggling to get up youre trying to have
sex with me!

"Look Zo it isn't what it looks like ok?" Kat said pulling Zoe back
underneath her in an effort to somehow contain what was happening.

"What do you mean?" Zoe screamed, "You were kissing me!"

"I LOVE YOU ZOE!" Kat cried out, "I really want you!"

"Well, I don't want you!" snarled Zoe and tried to get up but Kat was too
strong and forcing her down she kissed her again. "KAT WHAT ARE YOU

"I can't Zoe baby, not now," and Kat again kissed her girl on the lips
whilst slipping her hand under Zoe's bra to pinch a nipple.

"ahhh my god!" said zoe, "This isn't real! Get off me. HELP SOMEONE HELP!"
she shouted desperately but again she was buried in a kiss by Kat. "Kat why
are you doing this?" said Zoe now uncontrollably crying.

"I need you baby, I can make you feel so good," Kat said softly massaging
Zoe's tits.

"Kat!" cried Zoe. "Please?" she begged, but Kat was already too far gone and
she slipped down Zoe's panties and pressed to fingers to the entrance of
Zoe's dry pussy. "PLEASE?" Zoe cried but Kat was insistent and she thrust two
fingers deep in her daughter, eliciting a long groan form Zoe who instantly
relaxed beneath Kat. "Kat," she moaned weakly humping against Kat's fingers.

"shhhh! shhh! Its ok baby," Kat replied, "Mummys got you," and with that she
thrust deep and massaged her babies clitoris with her thumb bringing her to
the brink of an orgasm.

"Oh Kat. I'm going to..." and she leant down and grabbed one of Kat's mammoth
tits and fondled it as Kat took her fingers out and commenced a fast humping
motion grinding Zoe's pussy against hers and bringing them both to the brink
before they came. "MUM!" Zoe shouted and wrapped her slim legs around her
mothers hips and held her mum close as they both came with such intensity
that the blacked out for a few seconds.

When they came to, Zoe was softly crying but she looked into Kat's eyes and
said, "I love you mum," before leaning in and kissing her mother deeply and
massaging the outer lips of her pussy.

Kat was satisfied, she had had her daughter and she had no doubt that she
would have other opportunities to have her but for now she was content to
lie on top of her hot little body and be at one with her.


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