EastEnders: The Erotic Version Part 1 (MFF,ws)
by Cargy1UK

Margaret and Terry were starting to walk from the Vic to Terry's house when
they heard a voice shout to them from the bushes. Margaret immediately
recognised Janine's voice.

"What the hell does that girl want now?" she asked angrily.

"I dunno, we'd better find out," replied Terry.

They walked into the fenced gardens and found Janine crouched on the ground.
She had pulled up the short black skirt she wore and had pulled her panties
to one side and was pissing in the bushes. Terry couldn't help noticing the
puffed up labia her fingers parted as she let the warm flow of urine splash
onto the ground.

"What on earth are you playing at?" Terry growled "Are you drunk again?"

"No, I just couldn't wait. Aahhhhh that's better," she said as her piss came
to a halt.

"Anyway why did you call us across?" asked Margaret.

Janine pulled her skirt back into place and walked up to Margaret. She was
almost nose to nose with her and smiled insincerely as she said, "I wanted
Terry to see me piss because I know I turn him on more than you do and you're
too fuckin' goody goody to ever let him see you do that."

"What on earth are you talking about Janine. I think of you as a daughter, I
could never think of you in that way. Oh this is ridiculous," and he shuffled
to a nearby bench and sat down.

"You fucking obscene little cow," snarled Margaret, "Terry has told me he
loves you like a daughter. All you're doing is pushing him away. And anyway
you don't know half of what we get up to so don't assume its all just

Janine turned to Terry and moved towards him slowly, wiggling her bulky hips
as she walked. Terry looked up and saw Janine rub her crotch with her right
middle finger and she ran the tip of that same finger along his lips.

He shuddered, he tried to stop himself but the temptation was overwhelming.
He licked his lips and tasted Janine's juice and pee.

Margaret pulled at Janine but before she could say anything, Janine had
pushed her still wet finger into her mouth. Janine felt the silky warmth of
Margaret's tongue slip along her finger as she withdrew. Margaret too could
not help herself, she let out a short "MMmmm" revealing the fact that she
enjoyed the sensations Janine's body fluids produced in her.

"Right you two, back to the flat, we've got a few things to sort out." And
Janine strode off ahead of a very bemused Terry and Margaret.

As they entered the flat Terry saw Janine's top lying in the hall. When they
entered the living room Janine was sitting on the couch wearing only her bra
and panties. Her massive tits formed a magnificent cleavage as she squeezed
them together.

"Right you two. I've always wanted Terry but he was too fatherly to see it.
As for you Margaret, I don't like you, but I fancy you like fuck. I know you
fancy me too as I've seen you peek in the bathroom when I have a shower.
Lets start this relationship again. Terry, I want you to remove Margaret's

"And what if I object?" said Margaret barely able to conceal a slight smile
of anticipation.

"Ye, what if she objects Janine, and what about me?"

Janine unclasped her bra and threw it at Terry who caught it and felt the
heat generated by Janine's tits. Her nipples were swollen and hard. She
rolled them in her fingers and lifted each one in turn to suck the nipples.
"Now Terry, Margaret, don't you want to ...mmmmmm," as she sucked a nipple
again, "...lick me, fuck me...mmmmm," as she rubbed her wet cunt through
the lace of her panties "... and use me any way you please mmmmm
aaaagghhhh," she moaned as she slipped two fingers into her tight wet

"Terry, do as she says," said Margaret who had already unzipped her skirt
and let it slip to the floor. Terry unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it from
her mature shoulders. He undid her bra and let it fall. Her breasts, though
slightly wrinkled were still remarkably firm for a woman of her age and Terry
could not resist running his tongue over her nipples as he bent to pull down
her panties.

"Now you undress Terry and come over 'ere. I want one of you each side of me
on the couch ... naked," said Janine.

Margaret did as Janine asked and soon Terry stood before her holding his
erect cock in his hand. He was no spring chicken but Janine's eyes bulged
when they saw the 10" cut dick in front of her.

Terry sat down on Janine's left and Margaret on her right. Janine pulled
down her own panties and flicked them across the room with her foot. "Right -
lets fuck!" she shouted.

Terry felt Janine's left hand grab his dick and begin wanking him slowly. She
leaned towards him and kissed him passionately, forcing her tongue into his
mouth. He reached across and squeezed her tits, feeling Margaret's head there
already sucking and licking these wonderful globes. Meanwhile Janine's right
hand had found Margaret's shaved cunt and was rubbing and probing gently then
roughly, slipping fingers in and out and reaching further under to Margaret's
arse to push a finger in and out her anus as well.

Margaret slipped off the couch to the floor where she knelt between Janine's
legs and pulled apart her hairy bush. Her tongue found Janine's clit and she
felt it was hard and swollen and was much bigger than her own. She licked and
tongue fucked Janine and saw Terry stand over Janine who was now sucking his
long pole.

Janine rubbed the base with her fingers and expertly licked at his balls
while fingering his arsehole, then taking the full length to the back of her
throat, allow him to buck his hips as he fucked her mouth.

"Fuck her Terry, I want to see you fuck her," said Margaret as she stood up
and embraced Terry from behind while he continued to fuck the lovely Janine's

"OK. Right you little tart. You've wanted this for a long time have you?" he

"Oooo yess pleeeese Terry," answered Janine.

"Right get up and let me sit down. I want you to sit on it facing me so's I
can lick those enormous tits of yours," he noticed Maragaret leave the room.
"Where are you going?"

"Oh it a surprise, be back shortly.

Janine lowered herself onto Terry's rigid cock using her cunt muscles to
squeeze and grip the shaft as she did so. Terry pulled her to him and
feasted on her nipples. He grabbed her bum cheeks as he did so. She fucked
him slowly, always rising to the very tip of his cock before lowering
herself again. Margaret walked back into the room with a broad smile on
her face.

"This'll put you off ever trying to break up Terry and me again," as from
behind her back she produced the biggest strap-on dildo Janine had ever

"You're not... I mean that's never going to ... please not up my arse."

"Too fucking late bitch," said Margaret as she quickly secured the dildo
around her waist and rubbed KY jelly over the tip. The gigantic dildo must
have been about 14" long with a diameter of about 3".

Margaret watched as Janine's arse still rode up and down Terry's dick. She
stepped forward and pushed the tip against Janine's arse and started to
force it in. Janine screamed in agony as the giant dildo eased in inch by
inch tearing part of her anus and causing a small amount of bleeding. Soon
the dildo was halfway in and Margaret noticed that Janine was no longer
screaming but was pushing herself back and forth to fuck her arse on the
dildo. Margaret, Terry and Janine all moved together getting faster and

"OOOOh yes Margaret fuck my bum, I love it- fuck it- fuck it oooo yeeessss,"
moaned Janine.

Terry could feel the monster cock through Janine's cunt wall and the
sensation made him start to cum.

"Get off," he yelled as he felt the first jerks in his cock. Margaret
withdrew the dildo and Janine was thrown onto her back by Terry as he began
pumping out thick white spunk all over Janine's sweaty tits. Spurt after
spurt issued from his manhood covering both of her tits. As he vigorously
rubbed his dick he saw Margaret fall onto one of Janine's tits and lick off
his semen, swallowing every drop. Janine had lifted up her other tit and was
also cleaning off the spunk when suddenly one final tremor ripped through
Terry's body and he shot a wad of cum directly onto Janine's face. But no
sooner had he finished than Margaret was licking up the cum and sharing some
with Janine, kissing her and tonguing her with a passion and fingering each
others clits.

Terry sat back in the armchair to watch the lesbian finale to this great
afternoon. He noticed the his sagging cock was already beginning to stiffen
as he watched the two women, generations apart in ages, kissing passionately
and fingering each others clits forcefully. Janine began to tremble as her
first climax came, she bucked her hips and screamed out with every orgasm
that ripped through her. Margaret also felt her climax cumming and Terry and
she looked at each other as they knew what would happen but Janine had no
idea. Terry winked at her approvingly as Margaret came, her whole body
shaking violently and then it happened - she turned herself so that her wet
cunt faced Janine who was still rubbing her and she peed. She projected the
stream of hot piss directly into Janine's face.

"AAAAAgggh! Agggh!" she moaned while she pissed and pissed. Janine was at
first shocked by the splash of the hot liquid but thought to herself, "any
filth you can do I can do better," and she opened her mouth to receive the
musty juice. She drank willingly and as the stream was reduced to a trickle
she lowered herself to Margaret's crotch and licked every last drop of piss
from her body before relaxing in Margaret's arms and kissing her lovingly.

Terry was sitting opposite them, slowly wanking as he watched and said,
"That's my girls. I think we'll all get on just splendidly from now on. Am
I right?"

"Oh yes," the girls said in unison before embracing and kissing again.


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