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The following is based on the British soap "Eastenders". The Title and
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EastEnders: When Sam Met Jamie (MF)
by Maxim ([email protected])

Sam Mitchell had been back in Walford in the East end of London exactly two
weeks and she was already regretting her decision to return "home" from
Spain. The 22-year-old blonde had been working in Spain as a pole/lap dancer
when out of the blue her mother had appeared to rescue her from a world of
vice. Thing was Sam had enjoyed working in her own little world of vice, she
had independence, she had money, good money, and was doing something that
she'd been doing since she was a 14 year old teenager, that is, turning on
men of all ages. That was easy for Sam, she was blonde, maybe not a natural
blonde, but blonde, she was just over 5'9" had blue eyes, shoulder blonde
length hair, she was slim and was 36b-24-35 and Sam knew had to use it.

She's returned to live in the pub, the Queen Vic, where her mum was the
landlady/owner. Sam had been promised this and that, but after 2 days back
she felt she'd ended up with nothing, she'd been treated like a teenager,
told you can't do this, you can't do that, serve in the pub, don't serve in
the pub, been told by her mum "I rescued you from goodness knows what!"

This morning Sam felt like shit, she'd had enough, she'd just finished
repacking her bag that she'd arrived back from Spain with 2 days ago. It
was 9.30am, her mother Peggy had "Gone up West" to do some shopping for her
daughter as a surprise, her brother Phil was bottling up downstairs in the
Queen Vic, that left Sam alone in the upstairs accommodation. Sam was going
to have a bath before she dressed and left in the taxi that she'd booked for
11am, she'd been gone and on her way to Stansted airport on her way back to
Spain before anybody knew what had happened.

Sam crept across the landing she didn't want to get another lecture from her
brother Phil about being a Mitchell and doing what she was told. Sam turned
on the hot tap and poured in some bubble bath, she stoodin the bathroom
admiring herself in the mirror, as the bath filled beside her. "Just wait to
I get back to Spain," Sam smiled to herself in the mirror, Sam felt horny,
what else was knew, she always felt horny. In a way Sam felt like spending
the rest of the day in the bath and rubbing her clit till it was raw.

Sam stripped off her blue dressing gown, leaving her large tits jiggling.
Sam placed both hands on her hips, she felt like putting on a showfor herself
like she used to do back in the bars in Spain for guys. Sam stood in profile
to mirror, and bent over. She looked into the mirror, her own eyes burning
into her, concentrating on her tight arse, as she wiggled it a little. Sam
turned slowly showing the mirror more and more flesh of her allover tanned
smooth skin. Sam glanced at her breasts, side-on she could see just how large
they were, her nipples standing out. Sam knew they were perfectly rounded
full breasts and once more they were natural too, she also knew her legs were
fantastic, but her arse was stunning.

Still bent over Sam crossed her ankles; it had the effect of poking her
arse out further. Looking in the full-length mirror, Sam reached down to her
ankles, causing her pussy lips to fold between her smooth thighs, so that
they poked between her long legs bending over. In profile, Sam could see her
smooth downy pink flesh, glistening with juice; beginning to poke between her
legs. Sam's heart jumped a beat; she knew she wanted to cum.

Still bent over looking in the mirror, Sam slowly raised her hands up her
long legs, taking forever over the smooth tanned flesh. She ran them slowly
over her hips, and then over her flat stomach, rising over the dips and
curves of the contours of her body, till they reached her large breasts. Sam
stood up and held her tanned globes of flesh in her hand, squeezing hard,
so that her flesh oozed from between her fingers. Sam squeezed harder and
moaned, delighting in the pleasure she was giving herself, she moved her
hands down slowly, cupping each breast in her hand, almost like a demi-cup
bra. Sam then raised her thumbs, each rubbing her erect nipples. As she
rubbed the nipples rolled from side to side, Sam let out a deep sigh as she
did so. Sam glanced over to the mirror and grinned.

Downstairs, 18 year old Jamie Mitchell had entered the Queen Vic through the
back entrance. Jamie had been changing an oil filter down at the arches and
was covered in grease and oil. He was meeting Sonia at lunch time, so he'd
come over to the Queen Vic so could get cleaned up before he met Sonia. He
stripped off his dirty overall's and left it by the door, so as not to drag
grease and oil all through the Queen Vic leaving him in a grubby blue t-shirt
and a his black boxer shorts. Jamie climbed the stairs and went into his
bedroom to grab a towel. He stripped off his t-shirt and took off his pants,
before wrapping the towel around his waist and heading to the bathroom.

In the bathroom the water splashed noisily into the bath as it neared
fullness, making any outside noise inaudible to Sam who continued to pose in
front of the big full-length mirror, which had begun to steamup. As Phil was
busy downstairs, she left the door unlocked. Sam had now turned her back on
the doorway, and she bent over the bath to turn off the tap. Jamie tried the
door handle, it was unlocked so the bathroom was free, and he slipped the
towel from around his waist and entered.

Hearing the door opening behind her, Sam turned around. Before her stood
Jamie, stark bollock naked, clutching the towel inhis hand. "JAMIE FOR FUCKS
SAKE GET OUTA HERE!!!!!" Sam screamed at Jamie. Sam attempted to cover her
boobs and crotch with her hands as sheasked what the was fuck he was doing
there, but it was clear from the hard state of his cock, that he had already
seen more than enough!

Sam only half listened to Jamie as he mumbled his explanation about being let
off early, as he needed to clean up before meeting Sonia at lunch time. But
Sam was too busy staring at the young mechanics throbbing cock. Jamie was
definitely an attractive young man, the black oil glistening on his slim
athletic torso. His thighs were muscular and shapely and tapered down to a
smooth shapely pair of calves. However, it was Jamie's cock that had become
the sole focus of Sam's attention. Sam had, had her share of cocks, but
Jamie's cock was extremely large for a lad his age and his large heavy balls
dangled proudly below what seemed an 8-inch cock, not as big and thick as
Ricky, but fuck Jamie was hung. Sam also knew she hadn't had a fuck in 5 days

"Shut the door for fuck's sake Jamie, if Phil sees us we're dead," Sam
whispered. Sam looked up and down at the naked Jamie standing in front of
her. Jamie also looked at the equally naked Sam standing in front of her,
since he'd seen her for the first time two days ago, he knew he'd wanted a
piece of her, but he never dreamed he'd be standing naked with her in the
bathroom in the Queen Vic. "She's a very lucky girl that Sonia," said Sam,
still unable to tear her eyes away from it, his hard cock.

"Not as lucky as the guys in Spain getting to screw that beautiful body,"
said Jamie.

Sam eventually met his gaze and grinned slyly at him, "You want a better
look?" she asked, knowing she'd get a positive answer. Sam was not
disappointed as Jamie reached behind him and turned the lock on the bathroom
door behind him.

Jamie stepped forward and grabbed Sam's hands. "Show me Sam," Jamie whispered
as he moved Sam's hands away causing her large boobs to spring forward, until
they were pushing against Jamie's hard chest. Jamie's hands went down to grab
Sam's tits, but Sam pushed him away.

"Nahhhhh, no touching yet, Jamie," said Sam smiling at Jamie. "Just stand
there and watch," she said. "Do you like my big..." Sam cupped her right boob
up, towards her head, her nipple towardsher mouth and whispered, "...tits

Jamie nodded a bit like a deer caught in the headlights of a oncoming truck,
his large cock dripping pre-cum onto the bathroom carpet. Sam extended her
tongue, licking the tip of her hard nipple. Sam took as much as she could of
her boob into her mouth, sucking hard on her nipple. She rubbed the top of
her tongue against her boob, she slowed her breathing, taking long deep
breaths, Sam slowly raised her head, dropping her hands to her sides. She
turned to stand in front of Jamie, crouching against the bathroom wall, she
was in control, that's how she liked it and Jamie was just beginning to find

Sam stood there, her long smooth legs, tapering up to her hips, her hip bone
curved into her pussy, her public mound rising lightly, and her pussy itself
covered in a neatly shaved yet thickly haired strip. Sam's labia were not
visible yet, still tucked away between her legs. Yet Jamie could see the thin
clear oily fluid that was visible between her Sam's upper thighs, a thick
strand of the liquid shared between the smooth rounded pieces of flesh,
linking the two, it being the only visible sign of the excited state she was
in. Her stomach looked like it was made of porcelain, flat and precious,
dimpled only by her small cute belly button. Her boobs stood proud, jutting
out, her areoles now deep pink, puffed and pecked with lust, Sam's right
nipple particularly red from its sucking and twisting, Jamie had been with
loads of different girls since he lost his cherry at a party when he was 14,
but he'd never seen a girl, a older woman like Sam before.

"Are you alright Jamie? I'll stop if you want me to," Sam smiled. Jamie
smiled back at the blonde. "Come and get them then," Sam whispered.

Sam felt her breath quicken as Jamie's oily hands grabbed Sam's big boobs
roughly, his long oily fingers gliding over them easily leaving dark dirty
streaks all over them. Sam stroked Jamie's blonde hair with her fingers as
she felt the sensations of pleasure flow across her heaving tits.

"Fuck Jamie..." Sam moaned breathlessly as he continued to massageher tits
"...That feels so good."

Jamie looked up at Sam's face, she had her eyesclosed and was panting hard as
she ruffled his hair with her hands. Jamie leaned forward and placed his lips
on hers. Sam responded parting her lips allowing Jamie's tongue to explore
the wetness inside. Jamie's tongue probed inside Sam's hot mouth as his hands
worked down from her tits along her soft belly and across her waist. Sam's
tanned body now glistened with a combination of sweat from the steamy
bathroom and the deposits of oil and engine grease Jamie's hands had left
during on Sam's body.

"I want to fuck your big tits," Jamie whispered as he lowered Samon to the
deep carpet on the floor.

"I don't want carpet burns," Sam laughed.

Jamie rubbed his oily hands over Sam's big tits creating a long channel of
grease for him to slide his long dick along. He laid his thick cock between
Sam's tits and she squashed her soft boobs around it. Jamie thrust forward
sharply causing the soft fat of Sam's tits to yield as his throbbing purple
cock head emerged from between them. Sam felt Jamie squeeze her boobs
around his hard cock, sliding his cock between her Sam's boobs, twisting
her nipples. Sam knew just what to do; she'd done it before loads of times.
Sam flicked out her long dripping tongue and lapped at it before it rapidly
disappeared again into now oily boobs.

Jamie continued to pump his hard cock until Jamie's rhythm suddenly became
more erratic. Sam smiled up at Jamie and looked down at cockhead beginning
to twitch and expand. "Oh fuck Sam, I'm gonna cum!" Jamie whispered as his
thrusting quickened further.

"Go on spray it over my tits, you know you want to!"

Streams of cum started shooting from Jamie's pulsing hard on. Jamie snatched
his cock back from between Sam's big slippery tits and tossed it off with his
greasy hand before sending several shots of cum splashing over her Sam's oily
boobs, and then shooting some into Sam's long blonde hair. Jamie panted
breathlessly from the force of his climax, still straddling Sam admiring his
handiwork, he climbed off her cum covered torso and kissed the warm stomach
he had just vacated.

As he licked her across her soft tanned belly, Sam stood up and leaned
against the bathroom wall. "Look at me, look at my pussy, I'm very wet
Jamie," Sam's thighs formed an outward `V' that centred in, like an arrow
towards her dark curly crotch and the soft velvet skin surrounding it.
Sam took her right hand and with two fingers pointing down straight, took
two fingers and opened her pussy lips, showing Jamie her delicate pink
folds of skin, puffy, thick and very wet. Sam jutted her hips forward
towards Jamie, her pussy hole now very visible to Jamie. With her other
hand Sam took hold of one of her outer pussy lips, and started massaging
it slowly between her long fingers, Sam's fingers getting covered in her

Jamie's on his knees came and knelt in front of Sam, she moaned softly as
she felt his hands rub her groin slowly, his fingers rustling through her
neatly trimmed pubic hair, not caring the "her carpet never matched the

Sam's moaning suddenly gave way to a little gasp as she felt a long finger
begin to push its way between her swollen cunt lips. "Mmmmmmm...that's good,"
Sam purred as slipped another greasy digit smoothly inside her.

Jamie and Sam's faces slid easily over each others as Sam's face still had
some traces of the Jamie's cum lying on it, as their tongues continued to
French. Sam suddenly bit down hard on Jamie's lip as his probing fingers
discovered her hardening clitoris. Jamie's fingers rubbed furiously over
Sam's swollen bud as he whispered in her ear, "You love it don't you, you're
a real controlling dirty slut."

Jamie spread Sam's pussy lips wide and placed three of his fingers into her
pussy, her juices trickling down over Jamie's fingers. Sam smiled and nodded
as her pussy contracted around Jamie's hands. Sam pushed her large boobs up
to Jamie's face, he sucked hard on her long dark nipples, Jamie brought Sam's
tits close to his face and rubbed his face against it. Jamie opened his mouth
and sucked hard on Sam's nipple, her tits bouncing up and down as she moved
about. Jamie slipped his fingers from inside Sam's soaking pussy and sucked
the juice from his fingers.

"Down, boy," Sam smiled.

Jamie knelt between Sam's legs, his face at her pussy. Jamie's tongue dived
into her Sam's pussy, licking, sucking and biting at her clit. Jamie's cock
had got hard again. "Lean over the bath, get down on all fours, Sam."

Sam leaned over the side of the bath, holding onto her Sam's hips with one
hand he guided his long hard cock carefully into Sam's pussy with the other.
Sam groaned as she gyrated her hips in circles, her arse cheeks began to
ripple as Jamie's balls slammed against them, Sam reached down with her
right hand and lightly squeezed his Jamie's full hairy balls, Jamie meanwhile
reached his oily hands around Sam's tanned body and grabbed her swinging
boobs, which hung freely down from her rippling body.

Sam with her arse stuck up in the air, wiggled it for Jamie's benefit,
gripping Sam by her hips. Sam groaned as her pussy really began milking
Jamie's cock, humping her arse back against his hard cock. Sweat was
pouring from Sam's as the steam from the bath rose into herface.

"You like my arse do ya Jamie, you want it do ya, you wanna fuck my arse do
you Jamie?"

"Yeahhhh!" Jamie cried.

"Well fuck it then. Fuck my tight little arsehole," Sam whispered.

Still fucking her pussy, Jamie opened Sam's arsecheeks exposing for the first
time to his eyes, Sam's arsehole. Jamie took a finger and slid it into her
arsehole, rotating his fingertip inside her to help loosen her up, Jamie
slide his cock out of Sam's tight pussy, heading for a even tighter home,
drawing himself up behind her arse and slowly nudged his way into her arse
placing his cockhead against Sam's arsehole, his cock sinking past her
sphincter in one go. 'Not the first time Sam's done this,' thought Jamie, he
could feel her arsehole clamp tightly on his cock, Sam moaned and her hips
began to twitch, her panting becoming high-pitched squeals as Jamie fucked
hertight arsehole.

Jamie began to fuck Sam's arse going deeper with each stroke, he drew his
cock out of her arsehole and with one shove buried it to the balls, Jamie
reached under Sam and grasped her dangling boobs and began to fondle them,
Jamie's cock was rock hard and Sam's arse gripped it tightly, he knew that
he was getting near, Jamie continued to arse fuck her as hard as he could
giving her his full eight inches and slamming my balls against her pussy
lips. Jamie could feel her juices running down over my balls, Sam's asshole
clenched around his cock, as if Sam was trying to milk the cum out of his
cock, this seemed to trigger her orgasm because all of a sudden her entire
body started spasming.

Jamie slid his cock out of Sam's arsehole and straight into her pussy, Sam
had her legs spread, her hips thrusting upwards like a horny little slut, her
legs open so wide she was nearly doing the splits, Jamie could see her pussy
hole contracting as if it wanted to devour his cock out of sheer hunger.
Jamie gasped as he pulled his near exploding cock almost all the wayout of
her pussyhole then pushed in again, Sam's long blonde hair was fanned out
over her back, leaning forward over her as Jamie thrus this cock in and out
of Sam.

Jamie let his face rest against her hair for a moment, breathing in the
freshly washed scent of her clean hair, he started for the final time to pump
her tight little pussy, listening to Sam grunt and groan like a sexy little
whore beneath him. Not being able to hold off any more, Jamie pulled himself
out of Sam's pussy, jerking his cock shaft until it pumped a long stream of
cum over Sam's back, followed by another and another, until there was a
little river of his salty cock fluid trickling along Sam's spine and down
between the arse cheeks.

Sam looked down at her reflection in the bath water and smiled to herself and
thought. 'Maybe I'll be staying in Walford after all.'

The End


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