This is a fictional story about characters from the BBC soap "EastEnders".
It involves lesbianism, incest, anal and oral sex and watersports. If any
of this offends you, don't read on. If you have any comments to make please
send them to [email protected] I'd be interested to hear what people
think, especially what women think. This story is the first in a series so
please let me know if you have any requests. Enjoy!

EastEnders: Part 1 - The Slaters and the Butchers
by Scott Turner

Kat Slater gazed at her beautiful 18 year old daughter Zoe. Recently she had
been looking at her more and more and wanting her more and more. The Slater
sisters had always liked fucking each other, but now Kat knew she wanted her
daughter. Zoe had the most perfect pouting lips, the most gorgeous little
budding tits and the most delectable tight little bum. She decided she
couldn't wait any longer and and vowed that night that she would have her.
Luckily for Kat the Slaters' house was so full she and Zoe were having to
share a bed and she and her daughter and grown so close since Zoe found out
she was actually Kat's daughter rather than her sister that they regularly
cuddled up to other in bed. Making a move would be easy.

That night Zoe was wearing her favourite pyjamas, the flannellette cotton
ones with the teddy bear motif. They looked so sexy and innocent to Kat and
as soon as mother and daughter got into bed they snuggled up to each other as
normal. Kat lay behind Zoe, her hands gently massaging her daughter's side
and carressing her hair. Kat moved her hand up Zoe's chest to the base of
her left breast. Zoe hummed her pleasure as she always did and Kat took it
as a sign to move her hand further until she cupped her daughter's sweet tit.
Kat kissed Zoe's neck, causing Zoe to moved her her around so that she was
facing her mother.

"Zo, you are so fucking gorgeous babe," Kat told her. Zoe said nothing but
placed her lips on her mothers and they kissed. "Fuck, this slut really wants
me!" thought Kat and threw Zoe onto her back.

She grabbed Zoe's pyjama top with both hands, just below the breasts, and
ripped it open, revealing the most perfect tits she'd ever seen. At once she
lowered her head to her daughter's nipples and started sucking on them in
turn, as her hand plunged into Zoe's pyjama bottoms. She thrust two fingers
inside her daughter, who gasped with pleasure as her sexy mother ravished
her. Kat was an expert and her fingers and lips brought Zoe to orgasm in no

As Zoe arched her back in ecstacy as Kat's thumbed played over her clit Kat
whispered in her ear, "I'm gonna make you my little slut you bitch," and
pushed her middle finger up Zoe's arse. Zoe could only pant in pleasure at
the best orgasm she'd ever had, while Kat knew that her sister Belinda would
be thrilled to fuck Zoe and vowed to phone her as soon as she'd made Zoe
lick her fingers clean.

* * *

Meanwhile over at Ricky Butcher's flat his ex-wife Sam and his sister Janine
were arguing as usual. Ricky was getting tired of their competing for his
attention, but he couldn't deny that their flirting didn't have an effect.
Sam in particular had really learned how to use her body since her stint
lap-dancing in Spain. Whenever she got up she made sure Ricky had a good
view of her arse, which was flawlessly pert and fuckable. She'd bend over
at any opportunity, and whenever she was wearing a short skirt, which was
most of the time, she made sure Ricky got a good view of her knickers. Ricky
hadn't had much regular sex since Bianca left him and it was driving him
wild. He knew Sam had gone out with Trevor for a while and wondered if she
had a taste for some rough stuff. He decided to find out. That night Janine
went out, giving Ricky a very affectionate kiss on the lips as she did so.
There was something really sexy about Janine, and Ricky had often imagined
what she used to do for her punters when she was on the game. Although she
was his sister Ricky knew she would have no qualms about fucking him and he
doubted whether he'd be able to resist.

When Janine had shut the door Sam turned to Ricky and crossed her legs,
giving him a good long view of her white panties. "So it's just you and
me," she said.

"Get on your knees then," he told her.

"What?" she asked, amazed.

He went over to her, dragged her off the sofa by her hair and slapped her
face, hard enough to stun her briefly. "I said get on your knees, bitch."

She fell to her knees on the floor as Ricky unzipped his jeans and gripped
his cock in his hands. It was hard from thinking about his little sister
Janine fucking for money and he moved towards Sam, whose eyes lit up at the
sight of it. Ricky fed it into her open mouth and she deep-throated him
eagerly, her right hand reaching down under her skirt to finger herself as
her left hand wanked Ricky's thick cock into her greedy mouth. She looked
up and him, grinning, and he looked back down impassively before taking her
head in both hands and beginning to fuck her face. It became an effort to
breathe, suck his cock and not gag but Sam managed it as well as still
fingering herself, her right hand working furiously inside her damp panties.
It wasn't long before she came, releasing his cock from her mouth and using
both hands to bring herself off, the thumb of her left hand working her clit
while the index and middle fingers of her right thrust in and out of her

As her orgasm came to its noisy conclusion Janine's key sounded in the lock
and she came back in. She saw Sam on her knees, her skirt around her waist,
in the final throes of her orgasm, and Ricky standing cock in hand, still
waiting to come and she laughed. "Bad bad Sam!" she mocked, "Neglecting
Ricky again! Mmmm, maybe you should be punished!"

She was half-joking but Ricky, still enjoying his uncharacteristic "dom"
role, took the hint and decided to teach Sam a lesson. He was still angry
at her for teasing him so much and, taking advantage of her post-orgasmic
state, grabbed her hair in his left hand. Sam was still on her knees and
still panting. He pointed his cock at her and let a stream of piss onto
her chest. It landed just above her tits, some splashing up around her
chin, most running down between her tits.

She looked up, shocked, in time for the next jet to hit her full in the face.
Janine laughed out loud and ran to kneel next to Sam, her mouth wide open.
So she had learnt a few tricks working as a whore, Ricky thought, and aimed
his jet over to her. Janine swallowed it all eagerly. Sam, still wanting to
compete with her for Ricky's attention, beckoned him to her own mouth, and
Ricky alternated between the two sluts, pissing straight into their mouths,
until he had no more. Every drop was swallowed and they even licked up any
remainder off each others' faces.

Ricky beamed with pleasure that these two horny bitches would do anything
for him, but he still had the need to fill one with cum. Sam had had her
turn, he decided, so he told Janine to get on all fours on the sofa with
him standing behind her. He gripped her hips and then with a grunt thrust
into her anus. It may have been fucked by countless men before, but it was
tight enough for him. He leaned forward to whisper in her ear, "Is this
what you like you dirty bitch, being fucked up the bum by your own brother?"

She panted with pleasure in response, the only word he could make out being
"Harder." He didn't need asking twice and began pumping faster and faster
into her tight back passage. Her whole gripped his cock, milking him as he
forced his way up her bum. Her knuckles were white as she held onto the top
of the sofa, enduring the buggering her lucky brother was giving her until
with a final cry of "Oh you slut!" he announced that he was coming and pumped
his spunk into her bum.

When he had recovered he leant forward again and kissed her hair. He
noticed Sam had made herself come again while watching the sexy show and
after pulling out his cock he walked over to her and wiped it on her lips.
She smiled at him, as did Janine. He couldn't help smiling himself, as he
imagined all the fun he would have with these two sexy little tarts.


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