For those of you who don't know the English soap EastEnders, there's not
point in you continuing... However, if you do, you should be at least 18
years old and have a good sense of humour! Personally, I'm a bit peeved
that no-one else is doing parodies of our beloved soaps - God knows, I hate
'em! :)

EastEnders: Tiffany Gets Blackmailed! (M+F,nc,bmail)

Grant made his way into the bedroom and stripped off, waiting for Tiffany to
enter. He looked himself up and down in the mirror and stroked his cock
again. "You'll be in for a good time alright"? he smirked at himself.

Meanwhile, after cleaning himself up, Ricky was having a few problems - how
to get out of the bathroom without being seen? The only option was to shimmy
down the drainpipe. Ordinarily, that wouldn't be a difficult task but, at
3:45pm on a Tuesday? Tiffany helped him out of the window and watched as he
skillfully made his way down the pipe. As she watched him leave, she
whispered "Don't forget to come and see me again - I need a good seeing to at
least once a day." Ricky kept this thought in mind as he jumped onto the
ground behind the pub.

Ian couldn't believe what he saw - Ricky sliding down a drainpipe and Tiff
with her breasts bared for the whole of Walford to see? He shook his head in
disbelief? As he watched Ricky coming down, he heard Tiffany talking to him
and was amazed when he caught her eye as she bragged about needing it every
day. "She winked at me!" Thought Ian - "I'm sure she did!"

As Ricky waved goodbye, Grant knocked on the bathroom door "You done yet? -
I'm bursting for a piss.."

"Yeah OK Grant, In a minute!" shouted Tiffany, re-adjusting her tits into her
dress and trying desperately to wipe all Ricky's spunk off of her body.

As Tiffany opened the door, Grant sped passed her "You took your time! What
the hell were you doing in here?" She ignored him, as usual, and went back
down to the pub to clean up. "I thought we might get up to something in the
bedroom this afternoon Tiff, what'd'ya think??" he shouted down the stairs
from the bathroom.

"Not now Grant, I'm off to the market..!" Tiffany had seen enough for one

Grant resigned himself to have a wank instead - as usual! It was then that he
noticed the gooey substance splattered over by the bath "Dirty cow!" he
thought, "probably been wanking in here herself"

Ian caught Tiffany as she was making her unsteady way across to Bianca's
market stall? "That was a bit risky" He said, pulling her to one side.

"What the 'ell are you talkin' about?" asked Tiffany, knowing full well what
he meant.

"You and Ricky! Who'd have thought, eh?"

"You saw us?!" she feigned disbelief.

"So, how longs it been going on?" asked Ian, getting an idea in his head.

"I don't know what you're talking about Ian," said Tiffany defensively.

"Oh come off it, I saw you and you saw me, do you want me to spell it out for

Tiffany began to realize what Ian might be getting at? "So? What you gonna
do about it?" She asked, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Not much, if you're co-operative," Ian lifted her skirt slightly and patted
her rounded backside.

"Ian! I could never? I mean? What do you want??"

"All in good time, Tiff, you'll see - Maybe you should come over and see me
at the Chippy tonight eh - about 8'ish OK?" It sounded exactly as Ian had
wanted - an order!

Tiffany then realized that this might be more than she could handle but knew
she had no alternatives - "Alright Ian, but not a word to Grant or Ricky -
OK?" Ian smirked and agreed to her terms?

Since loosing his kids to Cindy, Ian had been looking for a way to let loose
his frustrations - and here it was being offered on a plate! "Couldn't have
dreamed up anything better" he thought to himself as he waltzed off back
to his house. "I must remember to get her a french maids outfit before

Tiffany strutted over to Bianca's market stall, her head full of thoughts
about what might happen that night. "Penny for 'em?" Bianca broke her line
of thought.

"Oh, er?, nothing Bi, fancy a wander?" she tried to act as unfettered as
possible as Bianca rambled on and on about her and Ricky. "Stupid cow
doesn't have a clue!" she thought.

Time passed by and Tiffany returned to the Vic at about 7:00pm. Grant was
his usual grumpy self - "Where you been? The bars supposed to be open now!"
he snorted.

"Keep yer bleedin' hair on!" - Tiffany realized her joke and laughed out
loud. "I was down the markets with Bianca - and now I'm getting ready to go
out tonight - alright?!" She stormed back up to the flat before Grant had a
chance to answer.

By 7:50pm Tiffany was ready to go - A red crop top and black mini (no
knickers, of course!) Her best togs for a night in a Chippy - She had to
laugh! - All she had to do now was slip out the back before Grant stuck his
nose in. "You're off then?" - Damn! Caught!

"Yeah - I'm going up the West End - don't wait up." 'The best cover would be
not to be around at all,' thought Tiffany.

"Tiff, we need to talk?" Grant put on his 'puppy-eyes.'

"Later Grant, I'm late?" and with that, she was gone.

The lights were out at the Chippy and Tiffany thought that maybe Ian hadn't
meant what he had said. Just as she was about to turn to leave, she heard a
voice from the alleyway, "Oi! In 'ere Tiff!" She poke her head around the
corner to see Ian stood in the alleyway. "Round the back" he gestured to the
back door of the chip shop. She walked ahead of him into the dimly light
kitchen. As she passed by, Ian slapped her right buttock "Ow!" she giggled,
feeling a familiar warmth growing between her legs.

As she became accustomed to the light, she spotted a maid's uniform hanging
on one of the many cupboards. "Put that on" Ian commanded. Tiffany was
beginning to get the idea that she was to be "mastered" and complied without
a sound.

Ian watched in the dark as the moonlight made Tiffany's arse glow as she
slipped on the uniform. "Right, now go through to the front?"


Ian pushed her through to the front of the Chippy and sat her down at one of
the tables. "Very soon, some very special clients of mine are going to come
down here for 'fish and chips' - and you're going to give them what they
want, otherwise my days of trying to become a Councilor are numbered - OK?"

Tiffany was dumfounded - "He doesn't want me! He only wants to use me!"
thoughts raced through her mind as she sat, waiting for her 'clients'?

Her train of thought was broken by the glare of the strip lighting being
switched on. "That's a signal - they'll be here any moment" Ian signaled for
Tiffany to stand by the door and greet the guests. Meanwhile, he set up a
video camera just behind the counter, to catch all the action?

7 men arrived within minutes and Tiffany did as she was told and got them
seated. All of them were over 50, overweight and waffled on about how nice
it was for them to be served by a "wench" (Tiffany hated that word!) Ian
began frying for them as she was periodically prodded and poked by the old
men. Ian loved every moment and caught it all on camera. Tiffany, on the
other hand, was far from happy! She was getting wet again, but was disgusted
by all these old men. To her relief, Ian stepped out from behind the counter
and got her to serve their meals. "Only one thing though, Tiff - You do it

Ian and the other men cheered as Tiffany stripped off before them, not making a
sound. She carefully skirted the table and served them. One of the men
grabbed her arse and slipped his hand between her thighs from the rear. "Oh!"
Tiffany made a small, round "o" with her lips as the old man rubbed her pussy
with his hand.

"Seems like there's more than fish on the menu!" the man joked and they all

iffany looked over to Ian, who nodded his approval. She ground her fanny
down onto the mans hand as another pair of hands clasped around her firm
tits. Tiffany closed her eyes and remembered back to that afternoon, with
Ricky slamming his huge cock into her and immediately she became very wet.

The old man stood up and thrust 3 fingers into her wet slit, whilst the
others stood around her, with their cocks hanging from their trousers.
Tiffany opened her eyes and saw a line of cocks, craving attention - And
knew what she had to do?

The first man stepped up and Tiffany looked up at him, her eyes widening as
she opened her mouth. He very unceremoniously rammed his 4" dick into her
face, as she felt another finger being slid into her from behind. "Ugghh!"
she muffled as another of the men stepped forward and offered his dick to
her. She thought for a moment and then grasped his cock, pulling him
forwards, she opened wider and took his hard-on as well as the other man. Ian
was ecstatic! This was better than he had planned - He picked up the camera
and went to the other end of the table, zooming in and out of all the action.

"Fuck me - someone fuck me!" screamed Tiffany. Another man obliged but no
sooner was he inside her love tunnel that he spurted his load and retreated.
"More? MORE!!" Tiffany was beside herself with lust.

Each of the men took turns at her, all spilling their seed into her
well-fucked cunt. Spunk began to dribble from her cunt lips as a cock
exploded in her face. Tiffany needed to come - NOW! Ian handed over the
camera to one of the men and turned Tiffany over onto the table and pushed
himself into her well lubricated hole. "Ungghhhh!" Tiffany was just about
to come when Ian pulled out.

"No way you're goin' to come for me!" He laughed, wanking himself to orgasm
over her writhing body.

After the men had cleaned themselves up and left, Ian told Tiffany that he
would use the video if she ever mentioned this "meal" to anyone. Knowing she
couldn't win, she agreed.

A few minutes later, Tiffany was back on the street and heading for home.
Spunk still running down her thighs and in her hair, the whole experience at
the Chippy had left her feeling hornier than ever - and she still hadn't had
an orgasm!?

....In EE003 - Grant gets his oats - but so does someone else!

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