Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this story, I have obviously done this fiction without permission from NBC. It is pure fiction, nothing like this (that I know of) will be done on the real show. If you are under the age of 18, do not continue reading this.

Author's note: This story takes place before Carol met Dennis Martino.

Ed: Carol Vessey's Columbus Day Weekend - Day One: Friday (FF, F-mast)
by Johnny 5

"Ugh," Carol Vessey groaned as she entered her house after a long day of work
at Stuckeyville high school. "I should treat myself to a bubblebath, those
idiot kids were so damn annoying today." She took off her tight green shirt
and skirt, leaving on her red bra and a matching pair of thong panties and
started running the bath water and bubbles in her two person Jacuzzi tub.
Just then the phone rang. "Just great, I'm trying to relax myself, and the
phone rings. I'm coming, I'm coming," she said aloud to the empty house. So
she runs into her bedroom in her underwear.

"Hello?" She said when she p icked up the phone.

"Hey Carol." It was her friend Nancy Burton.

"Hey Nancy, what's up?"

"Not much, Mike's took Lesley out of town with him and Ed for the weekend
and uhh..." Nancy drifted out, as if something was wrong.

"What's wrong?" Carol inquired.

"Well, they won't be back until late monday night, and truth be told, I'm
pretty scared of staying in my house all alone. Would it be all right if I
stayed at your house until tuesday?"

"Sure, why not, Molly's out of town as well, so it's just us two for the
weekend. I'm sure we can figure out something to do," Carol replied.
"Besides, it'll be fun having you sleep over, it'll be like we're teenagers
again. Come over in about an hour, I have to do some things first."

"Ok, I'll be over at 8, see you then," Nancy said, excitedly.


Carol hung up the phone and headed back to the bathroom, stripping out of her
bra and panties along the way. She made it back to the bathroom just in time.
The water of the tub was close to overflowing. She quickly turned off the tap
and quickly got in. The water was soothing. So soothing in fact, she fell

One hour later

Carol was awoken to her doorbell ringing. She grabbed a towel and ran down to
the door, trying to cover herself up.

"Hey Car.... WHAT THE HELL?" A shocked Nancy exclaimed when she saw Carol
desperately trying to cover herself up, but to no avail. Carol just gave up.
Besides, her and Nancy are both women, why should it matter if Nancy sees her

"Sorry about this Nancy," Carol apologized "let me quickly go up to my room
and get my pajamas on."

"Ok," Nancy said, "I'm gonna go watch tv."

Carol went upstairs, giving Nancy a nice view of Carol's very nice ass. Nancy
went into the living room and quickly changed into her own pj's. She then got
on the couch and turned on the tv and started watching Comedy Central
presents: Stephen Lynch.

When Carol came back downstairs, she heard Nancy laughing up a storm. When
she got into the living room, she saw a man on tv playing his acoustic
guitar. He was singing a song entitled "Superhero". She then jumped on the
couch next to Nancy and started laughing along with her.

After the show, Nancy said that she had to go to the bathroom. She got up and
headed to the upstairs bathroom. Carol stayed downstairs watching the tv, and
thinking about earlier when Nancy saw her naked. Good thing that she was all
wet when it happened because it had been REALLY turning her on. Nancy
couldn't have noticed that it turned Carol on.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Nancy's pajama pants and black thong were down at her
ankles and she was fingering her pussy wildly thinking about the image she
had seen earlier. It was one of the greatest things she had ever seen in
her entire life. She had always admired Carol's body, and had wanted to see
Carol naked for a very long time, since high school in fact. Nancy's panties
had gotten very wet when she saw Carol naked. She began to think about how
much she had wanted to eat Carol out right there. Carol couldn't have felt
the same way, could she?

Nancy finished up and went back downstairs and jumped back onto the couch,
with a big grin on her face because of the best self-inflicted orgasm of her
life. Carol knew something was up when Nancy came downstairs out of breath.
She just shrugged it off and continued to watch the tv.

They soon got bored of watching tv and decided to watch a dvd. Carol
remembered that she had rented a couple movies the night before, and had yet
to watch them. Luckily, they weren't due back until the next day, so she
popped in "Dude Where's my Car?". She knew it was a movie geared towards
teens, but she decided to rent it because she heard that it was so bad that
it's funny.

They watched the movie, and they each laughed at the stupidity of it. They
each liked the scenes with the five space girls in tight cat suits. Without
realizing it, Carol's hands had gone into her pants, and she started playing
with herself.

Nancy had noticed though, so she asked "So Carol, enjoying the girls?"

An embarrassed Carol started stuttering and then she finally managed to
mutter out, "Look, Nancy, as much as I'm into guys, I've always had fantasies
about having sex with another woman."

"That's all right Carol, I have too. I've always wanted to know how another
woman's pussy tastes. Ever since I was 17, whenever I fingered myself, I
would always lick my fingers clean. In my opinion, there is no taste in the
world that matches it, except quite possibly another woman's."

"Actually Nancy, I've always wanted to know how another pussy tastes because
I do the same thing that you do. My pussy juice is the sweetest thing I have
ever tasted."

"Well I guess I'm not alone," Nancy chuckled.

The two girls giggled like school girls for about a minute. Then Nancy
leaned in towards Carol and started to kiss her. At first Carol was extremely
shocked and pushed Nancy away.


"Look Carol, I've wanted you ever since senior year. You are the most
beautiful girl in town, you know that you are."

That had really started to turn Carol on, so Carol moved into Nancy and
started kissing her. Soon, she slipped her tongue into Nancy's mouth. They
kissed passionately for a couple minutes before they decided to take it to
the next step. Nancy pulled off Carol's shirt, revealing Carol's very firm
breasts with hard nipples, and started licking and caressing the beautiful
tits that she had admired for a long, long time.

All the while Carol started taking off Nancy's shirt as well. Once she got
Nancy's shirt off, she started sucking on Nancy's tits, making them hard.
They stopped licking each other in order for them just to look and admire
each other's tits for a minute or five and then started making out again.
They rubbed their tits together, and their nipples got even more hard than
they had just been.

Nancy slipped her hand under Carol's panties and started playing with her
pussy. This was making Carol crazy, she started licking Nancy's tits again.
Each of them were preparing for the next step.

They both stopped at the same time. Carol quickly pulled down Nancy's pajama
pants and thong. Nancy quickly got on the floor and Carol started licking
away at her pussy. Nancy was in heaven, she never knew that having sex with
another girl could feel so great. Carol's tongue was even better than Nancy
had imagined. She was wishing she had a camera because having a topless
Carol's face in between her legs was the single sexiest thing she had ever
seen in her life.

Carol was also having the time of her life. Nancy's pussy juice was the best
thing she had ever tasted in her 29 years of existence. She began to think
that she could get to be really good at this.

Soon, Carol found Nancy's clit and began to lick and bite it. All this
stimulation was pushing Nancy closer and closer to her orgasm. She was hardly
able to hold it any longer as Carol's talented toungework was pushing her
over the brink, she needed to cum soon.

I NEED TO CUM SOON." Nancy moaned.

"Come on Nancy *slurp* you can do it *slurp* cum on my face *slurp* I must
taste your pussy juice *slurp* I need to have it all over my face *slurp*"
Carol said in between licking Nancy's pussy, doing anything to get Nancy to
cum all over her face and tits.

Nancy was closing in on her orgasm She couldn't take much more, she was just
about done. Then without warning, Carol quickly stuck a finger up Nancy's
ass. She started licking and sucking Nancy's clit and thrusting her finger
in and out of Nancy's butt. Nancy couldn't take anymore the feeling of both
her holes being worked on pushed her over the edge.

"OOHHHHH, I'M CUUUUUUMIIIIING" she moaned as her pussy juice splashed all
over Carol's face and chest. Carol tried to swallow what she could, but
couldn't get it all.

"Whoa, Carol, that was the single BEST feeling of my entire life. Thank you
for doing that for me." Nancy was saying as she licked the rest of her cum
off of Carol's face. Nancy then started licking Carol's beautiful breasts,
licking Carol's breasts clean . They then started making out again and Carol
got more of Nancy's cum into her mouth.

"Nancy, I'm so horny right now, please eat me out now!!"

Nancy then preceded in taking off Carol's pants and panties. She then saw
the pussy that she had seen earlier, except this time, it wasn't by accident.
Carol sat down on the couch. Nancy quickly stuck her tongue into Carol's wet
pussy. Carol's pussy tasted heavenly, she was on cloud nine as she kept
licking away, soon finding the clit.

Carol was also in heaven, this was the best sex she had ever had in her
life. Nancy's great tonguework made Carol all the more eager to cum. She was
imagining seeing her pussy juice all over Nancy's sexy face and breasts,
which made her all the more eager STILL to cum.

Nancy couldn't get enough of Carol's pussy, it was the greatest time of her
life. She couldn't stop licking Carol's clit.

CUM, JUST KEEP GOING" Carol moaned, which turned Nancy on even more. She had
to have Carol's cum over her face and chest. Nancy started pushing three
fingers into Carol's pussy. "THAT'S JUST HOW I LIKE IT, STICK YOU'RE FINGERS

"Ooh Carol *slurp* you're pussy is so beautiful *slurp* I love the way you
taste *slurp* cum on my face and my chest *slurp* I want you to lick your
juices off of me, I want to drink your cum" Nancy cooed while licking Carol's

Carol could feel her climax coming up inside of her, she needed to get off as
soon as possible. She was very close, just a few more seconds...


Nancy was now furiously fingering Carol's pussy and biting her clit, she
wanted Carol to cum so badly, she wanted Carol's first orgasm from another
girl to be as special as hers was, she stopped at nothing.

"NANCY, I'M CUUUMIIIIIIING!!!! KEEP GOING" Carol screamed as her pussy juice
splashed all over her couch and Nancy's naked body. Nancy swallowed what she
had gotten in her mouth, and licked her lips. Carol started licking Nancy's
face all over, wanting Nancy to soak up as much of her cum as possible. Carol
then started to make out with Nancy, thus getting Nancy to swallow as much of
Carol's cum as possible.

Nancy and Carol kept making out for the next 20 minutes, nearly nonstop,
taking (very, very) quick breathers for air. Carol then started Licking the
rest of her cum off of Nancy's breasts.

Nancy and Carol went up into Carol's, playing with each other's bodies all
the way up the stairs. They each were wiped out, and climbed into Carol's
bed, still naked of course, and fell asleep in each others arms...

To Be Continued

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writing a story.


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