Note: I have changed the timeframe of this story, it takes place the year
after Dennis and Carol split up. Also this takes place as if Ed had never
been in the position to choose Frankie or Carol and the three of them all
remained friends with no tension, except for the tension between Ed and

Ed: Carol Vessey's Columbus Day Weekend - Day Two: Saturday
by Johnny 5 (F-Mast,FF,FFF,FFFF)

The next morning around 11, Carol woke up with a bright idea. She quietly
got out of bed without Nancy noticing. She went over to her dresser and
pulled out her 7 inch dildo. She then went back to the bed and lined the
dildo up with Nancy's asshole. With one quick thrust 4 inches made it up
Nancy's ass. This woke Nancy up almost instantly.

"Ohhh Carol, fuck my tight asshole, it feels sooo good, I love this dildo
up my ass." Nancy moaned. Carol kept pumping and pumping the dildo inside
Nancy. Nancy hadn't taken anything big up there for a long time and that
dildo felt so good.

Carol started licking and sucking on Nancy's tits. "Yes Carol, suck on my
titties, fuck my ass, ohhh, I'm gonna cum soon." Carol then moved down to
Nancy's pussy and started licking around it. "DON'T FUCKING TEASE ME!! EAT
MY PUSSY!!!" With that Carol stuck her tounge in Nancy's pussy and started
licking her clit. This combined with the dildo finished Nancy off. "OHHH
CAROL, YES, YES, KEEP FUCKING MY ASS, OOOOH," with that she let out her
juices all over Carol. She then went to Carol and started kissing her.

"Look Nancy," Carol said breaking away for a moment "we should get cleaned
up, let's go take a bath," Carol suggested.

"Good idea."

So the two naked women went into Carol's bathroom and ran the water to the
jacuzzi tub. As the water was running Carol poured soap into the water for
a bubble bath. When the water was ready they both got in and Nancy started
to scrub down.

"What are you doing Nancy?" Carol asked.

"Just washing like we were going to." A confused Nancy replied.

"Let me do that for you." with that Carol took the washcloth and started
soaping up Nancy's body, while Nancy's pussy was on the jet. The feeling
of the jet against her pussy was almost too much, and she started moaning.

"Don't cum yet, I've got a plan," Carol said.

After Carol finished with Nancy, they switched positions and now the jet was
massaging Carol's pussy. All the while Nancy was wondering what the surprise
could be.

After they took their bath, Carol ran to the kitchen and called someone up.
Nancy had no clue what was going on. When she made it down to the kitchen,
Carol had just hung up. "Just wait a little bit."

20 Minutes Later

"Please Carol, what's going on?" Nancy pleaded.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

"There's your answer Nancy," Carol said as she went to the door. When Carol
opened the door Nancy saw their friend Frankie outside.

"Hey Car- WHOA!!" Frankie shouted when she saw the naked duo at the door.
She apparently had no idea what was going on when she walked in, but now she
did. She closed the door and they went into the living room. Nancy was so
horny at the time that she made a beeline for Frankie and started kissing
her and undressing her. Frankie was working on taking off her jeans. Her
clothes were just thrown across the room. Her and Nancy were all over each
other. Frankie went down and started eating Nancy out.

"Oooh Frankie, eat my box, suck my clit, I need this bad!!!" Nancy moaned.

Carol went up behind Frankie and started licking her asshole. This made
Frankie all the more eager to finish Nancy off.

I'M CUUMMMMINNNG" Nancy moaned as her juices splahed onto Frankie.

Carol had switched from Frankie's ass to her pussy. Nancy was still
recovering from the powerful orgasm she had just experienced, but she went
behind Frankie and started licking her asshole. The feeling of these two
beautiful women licking and sucking both holes was enough to finish her off.

Frankie moaned loud.

"Come on Frankie *slurp* cum on my face, you taste so good, I want your
juices on me *slurp*" Carol said as she licked Frankie's pussy.

"I'M CUMMING, I'M CUUUUMMMMMIIIIINNNNGGG!!!" Frankie moaned as her juices
spilled all over Carol's face and tits.

Nancy then went over to Carol and started licking her breasts clean. Carol
let out a soft moan at the touch of Nancy's tounge to her tit. Frankie went
from behind Carol and shoved two fingers up her ass. This penetration caused
Carol to jump. Frankie just kept pushing her fingers up Carol's ass while
she used her other fingers to finger her own ass. Nancy started to move her
head down from Carol's breasts to her pussy. As her tounge dissappeared
inside Carol's pussy, Carol was extremley horny as she had both her holes
filled and she still had yet to cum all day.

"Ohhh yesssss, keep it up I need to cum soooo badly," Carol moaned, "I looove
it sooo much. Keep fucking my ass Frankie, it feels sooo great, ahhh, OHHHH,

"Come on Carol" Frankie said as she pumped her fingers in and out of Carol's
ass. She abruptly took her fingers out and replaced them with her tounge.
This new sensation caused Carol to be pushed over the edge.

came all over Frankie and Nancy. The three girls all licked the remaining
cum off of each other's faces and breasts.

Carol suddenly remembered "Oh man, I just remembered, my sister Stella is
visiting this week. I'm supposed to meet her at the Smiling Goat and an
hour. We can't do this anymore."

"So what? Of course we can." Nancy said

"NANCY!! THAT'S MY SISTER!!" Carol exclaimed. "That's just wrong"

"So what, what we're doing is considered wrong, hell, I'm married."

"Yeah Carol, I think it would be fun if Stella joined us," Frankie said.

"FINE, but ONLY if she agrees to it," Carol sighed.

"YES!!" Frankie and Carol said together.

"Alright, it's 2 o'clock now, we have to go meet her at three, so let's
leave in about 45 minutes." They all agreed. They also all decided to
not get dressed until right before they had to leave. So for the next
45 minutes they just watched tv and hung around the house naked.

At 2:45 all of them put on their clothes and drove over to the Smiling Goat.
Fifteen Minutes later they arrived and went in. They saw Stella sitting
alone at the bar and walked up to her. Stella greeted Carol with a hug.

"Hey Stella, you remember Nancy and Frankie right?"

"Of course, how are you two?" Stella asked.

"Fine, and you?" Nancy replied.

"Never better."

The four girls talked and reminisced for an hour or two and then they decided
it was time to get back to Carol's place. Stella didn't have her car as she
took the bus to town, so they all piled into Carol's car and headed to
Carol's house.

They walked into the house and started watching tv. After a while Stella got
up to go to the bathroom. While she was up there Nancy, Carol and Frankie
thought of how to get Stella in on the fun. Frankie decided it was her that
needed to go up to the bathroom and seduce Stella.

Frankie went up the stairs and walked in on Stella quietly. Frankie saw
that Stella had her hand in her panties and was fingering herself. Stella
was in her own world and she didn't notice Frankie walk in. "Ohhh, Carol,
that's it, keep fingering my pussy, I loooove it" she fantasized. Frankie
quietly took off her own clothes and then went over to Stella and planted
a big kiss right on her lips. Stella opened her eyes and then without
thinking, started making out with Frankie. She was so horny, she needed
to be satisfied as soon as possible. She pushed Frankie's head down to
her pussy (not that Frankie resisted too much) and Frankie started eating
her out. "OHH YESS FRANKIE, EAT ME OUT!!!" Frankie changed her tounge
from Stella's pussy to her asshole. She started playing with her own tits
and fingered her pussy.


Frankie went back to Stella's pussy and found her clit. "Ohh Stella, I love
the taste of your pussy, I want your juices on my face."

"FRANKIE I'M CUUUMMINGGGGGG!!!!!" and with that Stella came all over Frankie.

Both girls walked downstairs naked and found Nancy and Carol making out on
the couch. "Whoa, you two are doing this as well, I thought it was just me
and Frankie." Stella said, both shocked and turned on by the whole situation
she was in.

"Me and Carol have been doing since yesterday and Frankie joined us this
morning." Nancy said.

"I feel really uncomfortable right now."

"Fine, then we won't do anything else, we'll stop here," Carol suggested,
with a slight sense of dissapointment in her voice."

"No, I feel uncomfortable because you and Nancy still have your clothes on."
Stella replied, and with that she jumped on Carol and wrapped her legs around
Carol's waist. Carol, stunned by how fast this had happened, fell backwards
onto her sofa, holding onto Stella's naked body. The two sisters started
making out and with very quick breaks in betweeen, Stella and Carol struggled
to take off Carol's clothes. Once Carol was topless, Stella gave up on the
clothes and started sucking on Carol's tits. Nancy, who stripped herself down
as fast as possible, went over to Carol and pulled off her jeans and panties.
With a "Thanks" from the sisters, Stella moved down to Carol's bare pussy.
It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She quickly put her legs
around Carol's head in order to 69 with her. Carol was a surprisingly good
pussy eater for her second day. Stella found Carol's clit and started
teasing that. She would start licking it, but then suddenly stop, this was
torturing Carol. All the while, Carol was licking Stella's clit exclusively,
she NEEDED Stella's juices on her. "Ohhh Stella, you taste SOOO goood, why
couldn't we have done this earlier."

"Ooooh Caarrol, You're tounge feeels soo good up my pussy, ohhh, I'm gonna
cuuuum sooon, oooohhhh, I need to cuuuum, keep licking my clit, ohhh I'm
LIIIIIIIIIFFFEEEEEEEEEE!!!! And with that, Carol's face was covered in her
juices. Nancy, who was the only one who hadn't tasted Stella, quickly went
over to Carol and licked Stella's juices off of her face.

"Ohhh Stella, keep on licking my pussy, I need to cuuum soooo badly."

With that, Stella stopped.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!!!????" Carol yelled, not caring if the
neighbors heard her.

"I have an idea, everyone, get your clothes on, we're to this store I passed
by on the bus, it's only about half an hour from here."

Carol was pissed off, she still hadn't gotten to cum yet. She was extremely
horney and was ready to finish herself off. The other girls were getting
dressed and she was stilll on the sofa naked, she was about to finger
herself when Stella told her to stop, the pleasure she would later get would
be worth it. Carol reluctantly put her clothes on and they all got into
Carol's car.

30 Minutes Later

The four girls got out of the car and walked into the store. Carol had
never seen so many kinky objects. There were dildos, sex dolls and vibrators

Each of the girls looked around for things of interest. After some browsing,
conversation and pooling of money, the girls each had picked out a diffrent
type of dildo. Stella picked up a 9 inch dildo, Carol got a 12 inch
strap-on, Nancy got a 24 inch double ended dildo and Frankie got a 7 inch
vibrator. They each picked up a different uniform from the selection the
store had. Carol got a black and red cheerleader outfit, Nancy got a nurse
uniform with white stockings, Frankie got a catholic schoolgirl uniform and
Stella got a french maid uniform. They decided these should be their
"Halloween" costumes.

Since no one could trust Carol while she was driving, she sat in the backseat
with Nancy, who held onto Carol's hands so she couldn't finish herself off.
Frankie fingered herself and Stella, who was driving, untill they were near
orgasm as well. Nancy used Carol's hands to finger herself until she was
about to cum.

When they got back to Carol's it was about Nine o'clock. They all rushed into
the house and stripped each other down. Stella hid all the dildos from Carol
except for the strapon, which she took and put on herself.

She decided to go over and fuck Nancy first. Stella was on her back and just
had Nancy come over and be on top. Nancy lowered herself onto the dildo and
started moving up and down slowly. "Ahhhh ohhhhh ohhh, yeahh, this feels
niice, ooohhh, it's soooo biiiig!" Carol was turned on by Nancy's moaning,
and tried to finger herself, but Frankie wouldn't let her do it. Stella loved
the sight of Nancy's bouncing tits and was almost getting off to it.

Nancy then let out a powerful orgasm all over the dick. She then went to
suck off the cum, but Stella wouldn't let her, she was "saving it for later".

Frankie was next up and Stella had her lie down on her back. Stella went up
and started thrusting into Frankie. First at a slow steady pace, but as the
thrusting went on, she increased the speed.

"Ohhhh fuck me Stella, this cock is soooo big, I love the way it feels in
I'M CUUUUUUMIIIIIING!!!" and with that her juices also covered the cock.

Finnally it was Carol's turn, she had been waiting for about an hour. She
was about to climb on top and ride Stella like a bronco, but Stella had
another plan. "Carol, get down on all fours" Carol did as she was told.
Stella put the tip of the fake cock against Carol's asshole. "Ok Carol, we
have plenty of lubrication now, before we do this, you have to relax."
Carol relaxed a bit and Stella thrusted into Carol's asshole. She only got
about 1/4th of the dick in the first try as Carol had never been assfucked

"Ohhhh, that feels gooood, fuck my virgin ass" Stella decided to do so and
continued thrusting into Carol's ass. Stella started spanking Carol's firm
butt as she was thrusting.

"Ohhh fuck my ass, spank me, it feels soooo gooood, I need to cuuumm sooo
badly, ohhh fuck."

"Say that you love getting your ass fucked."

"Ohh Stella, I'm a dirty whore, keep fucking my ass like the whore I am, I
love being fucked in the butt, nothing satisfies me more. I especially love
being assfucked by my own sister with her strap on dildo." Even Carol was
shocked by what she was saying, she had never been into talking dirty, but
it didn't matter. Nancy and Frankie each went under Carol and lay down and
started licking Carol's pussy.


And with that Carol released the biggest orgasm of her life, all over the
awaiting duo of Nancy and Frankie. The two of them swallowed as much of
Carol's juices as they could in and each chose a sister. Carol licked her
juices off of Frankie while Stella did the same to Nancy.

Stella took off the dildo and they all went into Carol's bed and fell asleep
in each other's arms, resting up for the next day.

To Be Continued...


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