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Description: When the Orc Warrior and the Bosmer Fan meet again, he shows her what he's learned.

Content Codes: MF, nc-cons, pwp, M-dom, inter, bond

Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion: Ending The Fan Part 2 - Rolled In The Hay
by JD ([email protected])

Cooling water washed the blood of the recent battle from Moz's green skin. If the Orc warrior hadn't helped the brothers Odiil fight off the Goblin attack, they'd have been slaughtered amongst their crops. They asked her to return with them to Chorrol for their father's reward but she declined. Instead, she would take anything worthwhile from the Goblin corpses and then continue towards the Imperial City. One side of the farm's well was piled high with Goblin loot, from knives to the shackles they took prisoners with. Beside the pile was loosely piled hay, which Moz's horse chewed disinterestedly,

"By Azura! It is you! The Odiils were telling everyone along the road you saved their farm."

She'd moved one hand towards her axe hearing someone approach, but her eyes widened at the familiar Bosmer voice. Moz hadn't seen the speaker since securing him work as a castle clerk for Countess Valga weeks before. The surprised Orc shifted her perch on the well to nod a greeting, and continued washing. She wasn't concerned for her nudity; he'd seen it all before.

"Leaving Chorrol?"

"The Countess said I could visit my family. I've become indispensible at the castle!" he gushed, apparently unaware he had been temporarily dispensed with, "I've learnt so much about girls while I was there, though. Thank you, again."

Moz still stood tall over the Bosmer when she rose. She was impressed that he managed to maintain eye contact, though her large black nipples were at eye height. 'Girls?' she thought, 'so much for setting him up with just one.' Moz linked her fingers together and cracked her scarred knuckles, the sound like a whip crack at the quiet farm.

"Want to show me what you've learned?"


"See this hay? Let's roll."

Fighting hard always made Moz aroused, though she was hardly unique in that. It helped that while the Bosmer was short by Orc standards, his member was very respectable. Funny, she recalled his cock, but not his name. She grinned hungrily, drool wet on the tusks protruding amongst her lower front teeth. The Bosmer fan stripped fast, probably because she'd ripped his clothes off before. His short, neat, straw coloured hair contrasted wildly with the Orc's unkempt thick black hair. Moz hadn't cut it since her escape from the imperial prison. It certainly wasn't the only contrast.

The Bosmer's pale arms seemed like dried stems of grass as he reached beneath thickly muscled Orc shoulders for her waist. He tilted his head slightly to take a nipple between his lips. He suckled and licked, hardening the black nipple under a newly skilled tongue. Moz's rough hands roamed his smooth body as he chewed upon first one nipple, then the other, hard enough to draw blood on a human. Just right for an Orc, Moz's thick bush glistened with her leaking juices as they sank into the fresh hay.

The Orc pulled his face to hers, dragging him through the hay for the kiss. All he could in reply do was hold his thin tongue down as she explored his mouth with her large, hot one. She felt his eager hands on her breasts, each nipple almost throbbing from the attention. As she released him he half stood and his cock bobbed close to Moz's mouth. Missing his intent and happy to oblige, she took the Bosmer's shaft between her lips. Careful with teeth that could leave him half a man, she bathed his straining cock in slimy Orc saliva. She heard metal rattling over his appreciative cry, and then the Bosmer slapped Goblin shackles about her wrists, chaining her to the well. He withdraw from her mouth just before her teeth snapped shut,

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I've learned that strong, powerful woman like you sometimes like to be helpless."

Moz pulled hard on the shackles, arms taut, but in vain. The Bosmer dropped down behind, and pressed his spit encrusted shaft between Moz's hard muscular buttocks. She was so surprised that the formerly arena obsessed Bosmer would bind her that she didn't try to shake him off until he grunted, and opened her ring with his crown.

"Who told you that, you little fetcher?"

"The Countess! Oh... you're tighter, Grand Champion!"

Moz's struggles quickly lessened as the Bosmer pressed more of his cock into her ass. Once again, a human woman would have been torn and bleeding, but for Moz it felt really good. Her pussy ached, rubbed roughly into the hay stalks beneath as the Bosmer hammered her ass good and hard. When the Bosmer grabbed a huge fistful of her hair and pulled back hard, bringing her head up, the feeling intensified,

"Admit it, you love taking it like this, don't you?"

"Yes... damn you! Slap my ass!"

The Bosmer stifled a yelp as her tough Orc buttock stung his smooth palm. Moz gripped the shackle chains in clenched fists, pushing back to meet each of the Bosmer's relentless thrusts. She was familiar with the stretched pleasure of ordinary penetration, but this rough anal sex was entirely new to her, The Bosmer was pulling back hard enough on her hair to arch her back, gaining extra depth as they both sought peaks amongst the crushed hay. The only thing that would have improved it for Moz was another cock pounding her pussy.

The Bosmer reached around, just able to rub her erect clit with his still-stinging fingers. It was too much for Moz, and she screamed loud enough to startle her horse. Her over stimulated body seemed to explode as she gushed heavily into their hay nest. The Bosmer released her hair, wrapping an arm tightly around her chest, pressing their bodies together, as her muscle spasms brought him off. He groaned wordlessly, showering small kisses on her back, his pleasure spent deep in the shaking Orc's ass.

Moz shuddered, gratefully satisfied, but already she planned a suitably pleasurable punishment for the Bosmer's penetrative presumptuousness...

To be continued...


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