This stroy contains GRAPHIC sexual situations, if you are under age or easily
offended. Stop reading.

Elekra/Fantastic Four/Hulk/X-Men: Doom Triumphant (MF,Mf,F-best,orgy,mc,ncon)
by Wonder Mike


The detonation of the missle sent shockwaves all through the Nevada dessert,
the US was caught completely unaware.

President B: What the hell just happen?!

Secretary of defence R: We are trying to find out now Mr. President.

President: Where we attacked? Or was it an accident?

Secretary: I am checking now, it wasn't an accident, all of our missiles
are accounted for.

President: What was the damage?

Secratary: It hit an old nuclear test site, no casualitys.

President: Thank God for that. Now somebody tell me what the hell just

Secretary: From what intelligence is telling me, it just appeared over the
dessert than hit a minute later.

President: Who could have done this? It had to be launched from the dessert.

Secretary: I just don't know sir. Hold on, I just got a message to turn on
the television.

They turned on the television, on every channel was a man in green armour
wearing a cape.

President: Who is that?

Secretary: I don't know sir.

President: Then find out, and I mean now.

The man then spoke.

Doom: I am Dr. Victor Von Doom, I am the ruler of the country Latveria. I am
sure by now, you have seen my display of power in the Nevada dessert. Thanks
to my benevolence, no one was killed. Follow my demands to the letter, and I
assure you, no one will be hurt.

President: Where in God's name is Latveria?

Secretary: I believe it is just outside of Romania, surrounded by mountains.

Doom: If you will look over my shoulder, you will see my row of hundreds of
missiles, you can't stop them, you wll comply to my demands. First of all,
Congress and the senate will be dismissed, then Mr. President, you will
transfer all power to me, your new supreme ruler.

President: This man is insane.

Doom: I am sure you are wondering what will happen if you fail to comply,
well wonder no longer. 12 noon tommorow, 24 hours from now, the next missle
will strike downtown Manhattan.

President: My God, we have to find out where that missle came from.

Doom: I am sure you think you can stop it, but don't fool yourself. Turn your
satelittes to the skies over Washington and watch.

Doom waved his hand, the first missile behind him vanished.

President: Some kind of parlor trick.

The hotline to the White House rang.

Secratary: Mr. President, a missile has just appeared over the White House,
you must get to the bunker now.

Doom waved his hand again, the missile reappeared behind him.

Doom: I am a benevolent ruler. I have no desire to destroy your great
country. I have eliminated all crime and hungar here, I can do the same in
your country. I will end all suffering in the US, then spread my benevolence
throughout the entire world. I will bring in the new age, all will hail DOOM.

Secratary: I just got the file on this madman. He has links to every
terrorist organization on the planet, he as executed half the population of
Latveria, the UN has him under watch, but as usual, they have refused to act.
We suspect the usual pay offs.

President: We have to find out how he is transporting those missiles, and we
have to do it now.

Doom: If ou fail to comply with my every demand, I will strike down one US
city every 24 hours until the country is reduced to rubble or until I am in
the White House. Thank you for you attention.

Secretary: We know where his castle is located. It is a fortress, but a
nuclear strike can level it.

President: We need to call a special session of Congress before we can launch
a nuclear attack.

Secratary: We don't have time for that, we have to strike now.

The President order the launch to be made.


The missile flew from the sub in the Baltic Sea. It would reach the castle in
10 minutes.

President: May God be with us.

Congress and various business men began to pour into the White House bunker.
They watched the flight of the missile as it approached the castle. The
missile exploded a mile above the castle, bouncing off of something.

President: What happened?

Secretary: I am sorry sir, I don't know. It looked like it hit something
before it reached the castle.

Dr.Doom reappeared on the television.

Doom: I hope you realize now that castle Doom is inpenetrable. Your feable
attacks are useless. I know that this is a difficult day for you all, but
you must also know your insolence will not be tolerated.

Doom waved his hand a missile behind him disappeaed.


The missile appeared Tijuana, then detonated.

President: Oh My God, what did you do?

Doom: You have forced my hand. That place was a cesspool for decadence. I did
the world a favor by removing it. You have 23 hours. Good day.

President: What do we do now?

Secratary: The Chief of staff as suggested a special forces attack. A small
group may be able to breach the castle. We can a seal group sent from
Afganistan in 10 minutes.

President: Do it.

1400 Hours

The seal group landed outside of Latveria, and began to make their way
through the mountains.

1500 Hours

The team crossed the moat to the castle. All the doors and windows were open.

Seal Leader Col. James: Looks like he has no security at the castle.

Lt. Wells: The report is there is no crime here.

Col. James: He had public execututions of crimminals every day until the
crime stopped. He has executed the homeless, and he calls what he created a

The five man team entered the darkened castle, the where stopped by a
redhaired girl in a black leather jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit featured a giant X across the chest, the SEAL team drew their

The girl raised her hand.

Girl: Hello, I'm Jean Grey, and you're trespassing.

The President, Congress and Senate watched in horror as the SEAL team turned
their guns and blew out their brains.

Dr. Doom's voice came out of Jean's mouth as she spoke into Lt. Wells camera.

Jean: I told you your feeble attacks are useless.

A missile appeared over Prince Edwards Island Canada, and detonated.

Doom appeared on television again.

Doom: This young lady is Jean Grey, I found her drowned and half dead. I
revived, and retrained her. She is a very unique young lady and now she is
one of my very special staff. Resistance is futile. Good Day.

President: What have we done, 1000s are dead, and we have no defence. We have
to look into capitulating to his demands.

Secratary: No, I have a backup plan already in motion.

President: What is it?

Secretary: I am afraid I can't tell you. It involves an illegal operation,
which this office cannot be responsible for.

President: I don't like this.

Secretary: I have never kept you in the dark before, but I assure you it has
to be done.

The secretary picked up the hot line and said, "It's a go!"

1700 hours

The two girls dressed in red jumped over the moat. The castle was still open.
They entered and immediatly ran into Jean.

Jean: I'm Jean Grey, and you're tresspassing.

Jean Started to raise her hand, the taller girl in red spoke.

Elektra: I'm Electra!

She launched a throwing star at Jean.

Jean managed to deflect the star with a wave of her hand. The smaller girl
spoke as she launched herself at Jean.

"I'm Abby Miller, and your unconscious."

Abby flew into Jean landing a kick to her stomach, she knocked her out with
a roundhouse kick to the head.

Elektra: Nice work.

Abby: Thanks, I told you you would need me.

Elektra: Yeah, yeah.

Elektra called the Secretary and told him she breached the castle. They began
the search for Doom. He found them first.

Doom: Welcome to Castle Doom.

Elektra fired a star. It bounce off his armour. Abby lept striking him with
her chain whip, it had no effect. He threw her to the ground.

Doom: I don't have time for this now. I must prepare for my move to the
White House. I am on the verge of creating paradise.

Doom turned and walked away Elektra charged him. She skidded to stop when she
saw the 7 foot talk green hulking figure. Doom turned and said, "Meet the
body guard of my team. Hulk."

Doom: Hulk, have some fun.

Hulk: Hulk smash!

Elektra jumped up and began to back away from the monster. Hulk lept and
landed straddling her. Abby hit him with her chain. Hulk growled at her as he
grabbed Elektra by the neck. He began to squeeze until she passed out.

Abby continued to annoy Hulk with her chain, He dropped Elektra and lunged at
Abby. She managed to flip over him. She kicked him in the back of the leg.
She grabbed Elektra and tried to drag her away. Hulk lept behind them and
slapped Abby into unconsciouness.

1800 hours

Abby awoke tied to a bench. Electra was tied next to her screaming at her.
They where both naked. Doom, Jean and Hulk watching them.

Abby: I'm awake, you can stop screaming now.

Doom: I see our guests are awake now. I think we need to send another message
to the President.

Doom appeared on television again, standing behind Elektra and Abby.

Doom: Once again you fail to realize the situation you are in. All you have
succeeded in doing is given me two more recruits to train. You didn't learn
your lesson losing your SEAL team, maybe you need a diffent type of lesson.
I am going to put on a little show to discourage you from sending any more
women to do a man's job. Bring them in.

Jean waved her hand, two rotweilers entered the room and sat at the feet of
Elektra and Abby.

Doom: These dogs are horny and hungry. Luckly for you we can control which
urge is stronger. I am going to release these dogs on one of you. Electra,
you get to decide which one of you I release them on to.

Elektra: You are a sick fuck! You are going to die slowly.

Doom: Of course, now which one of you is going to be untied?

Elektra: Fuck you!

Doom: Choose now.

Elektra: Fuck off and die you pig!

Doom: Hulk, rip off Abby's arm.

Hulk: Hulk rip.

The Hulk, grabbed Abby's right arm, Abby and Electra both screamed "NOOO!!!"

Electra: Untie me.

Jean waved her hand, the ropes untied themselves. Elektra charged at Doom. He
waved his hand and she froze.

Doom: There will be none of that, or Abby, will have an arm removed.

Elektra: Okay, okay, I'm sorry.

Doom: Now Abby, you choose for the world to see. Will King and Rex be hungry
or horny?

Abby: I can't do that.

Doom: Then both it is, then I will let them lose on you.

Elektra: Do what you have to Abby, remember you training.

Abby: I am sorry sorry Elektra... horny.

Jean: Tell us what you want the world to see.

Abby: Fuck you!

Doom: You heard her, tell the world what you want to see.

Abby: Fuck all of you!

Doom: Hulk, maybe you should rip off Elektra's arms and stuff them inside of

Hulk: Hulk like that idea.

Abby: NO, leave her alone.

Jean: Then now, tell us what you want the world to see.

Abby: I want to see those dogs fuck her.

Jean: Come on, once more with feeling.

The tears began to well up in Abby's eyes as she cried out.

Abby: I want to see those dogs fuck the shit out of her.

Doom: Mr. President your arrogance is responsible for what you are about to

Jean waved her hand at the dogs and they lunged at Elektra. They knocked her
to her hands and knees. Rex mounted her.

Rex buried his 8 inch cock into her and began to thrust. He pounded at her
cunt mercilessly.

Doom: Untie Abby so she can help Rex and King.

The ropes untied themselves. Abby covered her eyes, she couldn't believe what
was happening to her mentor.

President: This is a madman, there must be something we can do. Think of

The secratary stared at the screen, he was at a complete loss. Doom was in

President: We have to launch a full scale attack.

Secratary: We are stretched too thin. We don't have the man power to fight
another war.

President: We have to give up the fight in Iraq and Afganistan. All our
resources have to go to Latveria.

Rex had his front paws wrapped around Elektra, the back of her neck was in
his mouth. Jean waved at King. He marched around to Elektra's mouth. He began
to pump at her mouth.

Jean: Suck it, bitch!

Elektra shook her head. She would not stick a dog cock in her mouth, the
whole world was watching.

Jean looked at Abby and yelled at her.

Jean: Tell her to suck it.

Abby lowered her head.

Abby: Suck that dog's cock!

King found Electra's mouth and began to pump. Rex hammered away at her cunt,
is grapefruit sized knot bounceing off her pussy.

Jean: Abby, get that knot inside of her, she needs it. Electra, tell Abby to
put that knot inside of you.

EleKtra: I need that knot inside of me.

Jean: I don't believe you.

Electra: I need to be tied to this dog.

Jean: This is so fucking hot, I'm horny.

Hulk: Hulk horny, too. Hulk fuck.

Jean: Well, come her big boy.

Jean unzipped the Hulk's pants, his giant cock fell out into her hands. She
began to stroke it with both hands.

Abby looked in amazement at the size of Hulk's cock, it was the size of a 2
liter Coke bottle. Jean licked up and down the side of it, it was way to big
to fit in her mouth.

Abby was behind Electra, she didn't even know she had shoved Rex's knot into
Elektra until she let out a yelp.

Electra was tied with Rex. Neither of them was going anywhere. King had his
entire cock buried down her throat. He fucked her throat, his knot bouncing
off her lips.

Hulk laid on his back, his cock stood striaght up. Jean pulled off her
leather pants and climbed on top of him. She slowly lowered herself all the
down on the monster cock.

Hulk had fucked Jean once a week for months, so she took it all rather
easily or as easy as was possible. She began to bounce up and down onto the

Jean: Oh God, it feels so good baby! I love you baby! Fuck me like you can
big boy.

Hulk began to lift and lower Jean on his cock, slowly at first, then harder
and harder.

Jean: That's it big boy, split me in half. Of God I'm cumming!

King thrusted his cock between Elektra's lips, half his knot was in her
mouth. He exploded his load down her throat.

Electra: Oh my God, I can't believe this.

She then had the best orgasm she ever had in her life. Rex shot his load into
her cunt. He then began to pump at her again.


Hulk slammed Jean up and down on his cock. She was like a rag doll flapping
uncontrolaby, she was also unconscious. Hulk just slammed her harder.

* * *

The President was transfixed on the screen. His gazed was interrupted by a
scientist who burst into the White House bunker.

* * *

Jean was now a blur being slammed on Hulk's expanding cock. Just the way she
liked it. Rex hammered Elektra even harder than he did the first time, the
knot slid in by itself this time. They where tied again.

Elektra: Fuck, I'm cumming, I'm CUUMMMINNNG!!!

Doom: I think Jean has had enough.

Hulk: Hulk not done now. Hulk fuck.

Doom waved his hand at Hulk. Hulk lifted Jean off his cock and laid her on
the ground.

Hulk: Hulk fuck now!

Doom: Hulk may fuck Abby.

Hulk: YES!

Abby: NOOOO!!!

* * *

The President approached the scientist and asked if he could help, the
scientist introdced himself.

Reed: I'm Reed Richards, this is my wife Sue, and her Brother Johnny Storm,
our friend Ben is a getting our plane ready.

* * *

Rex shot another load into Elektra, she had another earth shaking orgasm.
Rex's knot shrunk and he let her go. Electra saw Hulk approaching Abby, but
at the moment she really didn't care. She was Rex's bitch now. Doom waved his
hand in front of her face. She tried to fight the mind control, but she was
in no shape to resist.

Abby tried to run from the Hulk, but he was too fast. He grabbed her by the
neck and spun her around. She kicked and screamed. Hulk smiled at her.

* * *

Reed: I have delt with Doom before. I have a plane that can get us to
Latveria in a hour before you launch a full scale attack you have to give us
a chance to stop him.

* * *

Hulk shook Abby like a rag doll. He inserted a hotdog sized finger into her
cunt, then a second then a third.

Abby: Oh God, please noo, please don't.

Hulk began to work his fingers deeper and harder into her cunt, it began to

Doom: Excellent, Electra, would you like to help Hulk?

Electra: Yes Master.

Electra went over to Abby and pulled her legs apart. Hulk lowered her to his
waist. Electra wrapped Abby's legs around the Hulk, he slowly began to enter

Abby: Please no, it's too big! I'm a virgin, please no.

Electra: Don't worry, everything will be all right.

Hulk slammed his cock into the tight young pussy. Elektra pulled Abby's legs
forcing the cock in deeper.

Abby: It's too big!

* * *

The President managed to turn away from the screen long enough to speak to

President: Mr. Richards, I am going full ahead with the full scale assault
on Latveria, you have until 11:00 to seize Castle doom.

Reed: Sue, Johnny, lets go!

Sue: Oh Reed, I can't have that happen to me.

Reed: Don't worry. Johnny, lets' go.

Johnny: I think I need to see just a little more of this, just to see what
we will be up against.

* * *

The Hulk had half his cock buried into Abby now. Electra was pulling at her
legs trying to get more of it in.

Electra: It's too tight.

Hulk grabbed her by the ass and shoved, it was all the way in now.

Abby: Oh my God, I'm cumming.

Hulk braced his knees as he slid Abby up and down his cock. Electra slid a
finger into her ass as Hulk fucked her. He then pulled her off his massive
cock and dropped her to her hands and knees.

Hulk positioned himself behind Abby and mounted her fom behind, he slammed
his cock into her wide open pussy.

Hulk: Pussy, so tight, Hulk like!

The monster worker his cock deeper and deeper until all 18 inches where
buried deep inside the tight twat.

Elektra: Bust open that virgin pussy, that's it, fuck her good.

Abby: Fuck, Oh God Fuck, yes, please fucke me hard, please make me cum again.

Elektra dropped to her hands and knees in front of Abby, she shoved her ass
right into Abby's face. Abby stuck out her tongue as Elektra wiggled her
pussy againt it.

Hulk began to slam his cock harder into Abby. He held her by her shoulders
to keep her from flying across the room.

Abby: God yes, it feels so good, I am split wide open, I'm Cuuumminng

Hulk slammed her cunt even harder, Abby began to shake until she colapsed,
the Hulk kept her from falling face first, it was what he was waiting for.

He lifted her off the floor and began sliding her back and forth on his cock,
harder and harder with each stroke.

Abby was being slammed so fast on his cock, you couldn't even tell she was
human anymore.

Doom: I think she is done Hulk.

Hulk: Hulk not done yet.

Doom: Let her go.

Hulk: Yes.

Doom: Yes, what?

Hulk: Yes, Master.

Doom: Elektra, Hulk isn't finished yet, release the monster.

Elektra: Yes master.

Elektra knelt in front of the giant Hulk and stuck out her tongue, she placed
his massive member on her tongue and began to stroke it with both hands.

Jean awoke and saw what was going on, she had to be a part of it.

Jean: Master, may I help her?

Doom: Of course.

Jean Grey quickly joined Elektra, both hands wrapped around his cock, they
each had a side to lick, it was way to thick for either to get in their

Twenty minutes later, Hulk began to spurt, and spurt, and spurt. Hulk shot
a liter of cum down the throats of Elektra and Jean. They gobbled it up

Elektra: Thank you for allowing this master.

Doom: Your strengh added to my group is all the thanks I need. Now go rest,
I am sure our enemies are planning another attack.


The Invisble Jet landed a quarter mile outside of Castle Doom. Sue turned the
quartet invisble and flew them into the castle.

Reed: We need to split up search the castle. Sue, your with me, we will find
and dismantle the missiles. Johnny, you and Ben disable the force field
surrounding the castle. One way or another this castle is coming down.

Ben: Why is it I'm always stuck with hot head?

Johnny: You know you love it.

Reed and Sue headed for the upper levels of the castle. They knew that's
where the missiles where. Johnny and Ben headed for the main hallway.

Ben: I'm going to finish Doom once and for all.

Johnny: That's not the plan. We need to deactivate the force field so the Air
Force can level this place.

Ben: I am sick of Doom, I'm going to finish him.

Johnny: And you call me a hothead.

* * *

Sue and Reed found the missle's quickly. There where no guards or resistance.
Doom really didn't need any. They did run into Elektra and Jean though.

Jean: I'm Jean Grey, and you're trespassing.

Reed: I know who you are. Doom is controling you. He has mastered mind
control, but I am able to block the effects of it.

Doom appeared on a moniter above them.

Doom: Welcome to Castle Doom, Reed. I've been expecting you. I know you have
been able to counter act my mystical mind control in the past, that's why I
have developed a chemical agent which you have been breathing ever since you
entered my airspace. You are under my control now, just as is everyone in my
country, as will be everyone on the planet soon.

Reed: I am not under you control, Doom, and I never will be.

Doom: All you need is a little boost from Jean.

Jean pointed at Reed and Sue and ordered them to ther knees. Reed quickly
complied, Sue resisted.

Doom: What is this?

Sue: I haven't been breathing your air.

Elektra fired a thowing star at Sue, it bounced off the force field
surrounding her.

Elektra: I guess we have to do this the hard way.

Sue: That's fine with me.

* * *

Johnny flew through the castle, Ben right behind him. He flew right into the
Hulk. One deep breath and Johnny was extinguished.

Hulk grabbed him by the neck and slammed him against the wall as The Thing
approached him.

Ben: It's clobbering time.

Ben charged Hulk lamming both feet into his midsection. The Hulk went down
flat on his back.

* * *

Elektra charged Sue bouncing off her force field. Sue expanded the shield
forcing Elektra against the wall. Abby struck at her from behind with her
chain, it too bounced off her shield.

Jean sat on the ground, trying to get into Sue's mind. Sue was well trained
in defending mental attacks. Elektra grabbed Reed from behind, outting her
sword to his throat.

Elektra: Drop the shield or suddenly Reed will be half the man he used to be.

Reed: Do it honey, drop the shield.

Sue then knew Reed was completely under the control of Doom. She pushed out
with her mind forcing Abby against the castle wall.

* * *

Hulk rose to his feet, landing a blow to the top of the head of the Thing.
Ben went down, shook his head and rose to his feet.

Ben: I hope that's not all you got, or this will be over quick.

Hulk grabbed Ben by the arm and began to slam him from wall to wall of the
castle, The Thing thrashing wildly trying to break his grip.

* * *

It was a battle of wills. Jean trying to break down the mental defences of
Sue Storm, while Sue held the three woman at bay. She looked at Reed for
support. She got none.

* * *

Hulk wrapped his hands around the throat of Ben. The Thing finally colapsed.
Hulk raised his arms for the killing blow.

Doom: No Hulk, go help Jean.

Hulk dragged The Thing through the castle, Doom instructing him on what he

Hulk quickly found the girl fight, and began hammering at Sue. Her shield
weakening with every blow. Reed joined in on the attack using his arms and
hands to form a giant hammer.

The Hulk used The Thing as a battering ram to attack the shield. Finally it
was down. Reed wrapped himself around his wife. Jean instructed him on what
she wanted.

Reed: Hulk, I want you to fuck my wife senseless.

Hulk: Hulk fuck.

Reed ripped off Sue's suit. Sue tried to reform her shield, but she was
mentally and physically beaten. Reed dragged her over to the Hulk.

Hulk unleashed his giant manhood then grabbed Sue. He lifted her into the air
and slammed her on his cock.

Sue took the massive member easily, Jean couldn't believe what she was
seeing. It was amazing that Sue could take that cock so easily.

Reed: That is nothing, you should see what I've been fucking her with. It's
why I am Mr. Fantastic.

Abby: I would like to see.

Reed laid on his back and whipped out his 6 inch cock. It then double in
size. Than it doubled again.

Abby: I have to have that inside of me.

Abby climbed on top of Mr. Fantastic slowly lowering herself onto the cock.
She was still wide open from her earlier Hulk fucking. She bounced up and
down on the cock. It grew even wider.

Hulk slammed Sue up and down on his cock. His entire body began to grow. The
hornier he gets, the bigger and stronger he gets.

Jean: I need to get fucked.

She lifted the unconscious Thing with her mind then flipped him on his back
next to Hulk. She ripped off his pants and forced an erection from him.

The Think was almost as big as Hulk and he was ridged. She jumped onto his

Jean: Of God it feels so good, it feels so gooood!

Jean slammed herself up and down on his cock, The Thing slowly began to stir.

Reed was making his cock expand and contract as Abby rode him. He grabbed her
by the hair and pumped his cock up into her. Abby rode him matching him
stroke for stroke.

The Hulk wrapped his arms around the waist of Sue Storm, slamming her
unmercifully onto his cock. Not even reed could match the fucking that Sue

Sue: I'm cumming Oh God, I'm cumming it feels so good.

Reed slammed Abby as hard as he could expanding his cock even more. His size
dwarfed Hulk now.

Abby: I'm Cuuumming, oh God thank you, I'm cumming.

Abby fell off the massive cock completely satified and unable to even move.
Reed patted himself on the back

Elektra: What about me guys, I need it bad now.

The Hulk shoved the unconscious Sue Storm Richards to the floor. Elektra
quickly jumped on top of him.

Elektra: Oh God, it's so big, it's so big, it hurts, no it feels good, fuck

Reed stood over the Hulk shoving his cock down Elektra's throat. He stuffed
eight inches of cock all the way down her throat, then watched as it began
to expand and grow. Elektra choked on the cock, as Hulk shoved more and more
of his cock inside of her.

It didn't take long for the Hulk to force his entire cock into Elektra's
formally tight cunt. Reed pumped his cock deeper and deeper down her throat.

The Thing unloaded his seed deep into Jean's pussy, Jean stood up, Abby
managed to roll over and catch the cum dripping out of Jean's cunt on her

Jean: I know what I havn't seen today.

Jean sent a message to Reed, he nodded that he understood. He pulled his cock
out of Elektra's mouth and climbed on her back. He narrowed his cock and
shoved it into her ass.

Elektra: Oh God, yes, fuck my ass, fuck my cunt, FUCK ME.

Reed began to expand his cock inside Elektra's ass, the Hulk slammed his cock
deep inside of her.

Reed slammed his ever expanding cock deeper into her, Hulk wrapped his arms
around her and began bouncing her and reed up and down.

Elektra: I'm cuumming.

Hulk: Hulk cumming too.

Hulk gave one more mighty thrust, harder than he had ever done before. He
shot his load deep into her, the force of his seed lifted both Reed and
Elektra into the air. Reed shot his load into her ass.

Elektra's entire lower body was covered in cum. Abby and Jean licked her

* * *

The President hadn't heard from the Fantastic Four in over an hour. Then
Doom appeared on the television, the Fantastic Four, Elektra, Jean Grey and
the Hulk at his side.

Doom: I will sending over a list of improvements I want made to the White
house before my arrival tommorow.

President: They wil be made.

Doom: They will be made what?

President: They will be made, Master.

The President knew he had no choice, Dr. Victor Von Doom, was now the Supreme
ruler of the United States of America.

The End


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