This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

A few notes on the characters before we start. Nothing is taken from any one
particular universe. Susan Storm is the movie version that's married to Reed
Richards. Namorita is in her fourth year of college and is the ward of Betty
Prentiss. Parts of Elektra's history is borrowed from the movie and some is
made up. She-Hulk's history was made up to fit the story.

Elektra/Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Fem Four Part 1 (FF)
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

With the defeat of Galactus with the help of the Silver Surfer the popularity
and celebrity of the Fantastic Four blew up and went through the roof. While
once a tight knit group that stuck together getting by on money from Reed's
patents the foursome were not prepared for what was about to hit them.

Having once thought to have gotten past his selfishness when he took the
powers of the others and separated Dr. Doom from the Silver Surfer's board
Johnny quickly returned to his old habits in a hard way. He once again became
the center of attention hocking cheap merchandise to make a quick buck,
hitting every red carpet event in New York with a different girl, and quickly
developing a reputation as a hard partier.

While still heavy into his research Reed had slowly learned to relax a
bit more and give Sue more attention than he had been as their wedding
approached. Once the Fantastic Four's battle with Dr. Doom was over and the
Silver Surfer had saved Earth Reed was given near infinite money for his
research and started to ignore Sue once again.

Other than Sue Ben was the one who didn't change much after the affair with
Galactus and Dr. Doom. Though he noticed Reed's return to his former self
and saw Johnny's behavior getting out of hand Ben remained steadfastly loyal
to Reed and decided to let Sue work out the problems with Johnny.

Things came to a head six months later. A homemade sex video appeared on the
internet starring Johnny and one of his many girlfriends. Johnny wasn't fazed
by the increased publicity it brought and Reed didn't seem to care about
anything other than his science and research. Reed became more and more
isolated with his work and less concerned with the group and though Ben
admitted to noticing this he seemed reluctant to do anything.

One day Sue had finally had enough. She picked up Reed's mug of coffee from
his research station and hurled it at the monitor he was looking.

"What the hell was that for?!?" Reed screamed turning to look at Susan.

"What was it for??? Are you serious Reed??? Sex videos with Johnny are
showing up on the internet, you've become a hermit and are more interested
in your research than in me, the group is falling apart and you're completely
uninterested in anything going on around you!"

"You knew I was like this before we married!"

"You've gotten worse since you've gotten that grant money! I bet you haven't
even realized that I moved out of the building six weeks ago!"

"Why would you do that?"

"Because you literally haven't talked to me for more than half an hour a day
for the last six months. I'm tired of this Reed. I want out."

"What do you mean you want out? Do you want a divorce?"


"Fine. Get the papers ready and I'll sign them, but know this. All the money
that comes in we get from my patents and my hard work. You walk out on me
today and you walk out on every red cent that you like to think is yours. You
will be flat broke with no income."

"Have it your way." With that Sue turned her back on Reed and walked out of
his life.

* * *

"Do me a favor and tell Mrs. Harrison to be at the courthouse at seven a.m.
I know the proceedings don't start until eight, but I want her there early
to go over a few things. Franklin listen to me. I want her to be there at

Matt Murdock sighed as he hung up the phone. He had all the evidence he
needed for Mrs. Harrison to win her lawsuit, but she was being difficult
though perhaps that came with her being eighty-two and suffering from a
severe case of old people's privilege. He was finally done for the day and
ready to head home before heading out on his nightly patrols. As Matt
started to shut down and prepare to leave an unexpected visitor showed up.

"I'm sorry Mr. Murdock is gone for the night. Please come back in the
morning," he heard his receptionist say.

"Damn it, things just keep getting better and better. Okay I'll be back."

Matt left his office just in time to hear the small door to his law practice
slam shut. He quickly followed after the woman who had just left his office.

"Sorry about that," Matt began grabbing the woman by the shoulder. "Tracy's
new in town and doesn't watch tv. So what can I do for you Mrs. Richards?"

"It's Ms. Storm now and thank you for seeing me like this. I really hope you
can help me."

"Let's go back to my office and talk."

* * *

"So what can I help with you?"

"To make a long story short Reed and I are getting divorced. Since most of
our income is from his government patents and I haven't worked for anyone in
a few years because I was helping him with his research he's cut me off from
all of our accounts and I have almost no money. I know you've worked pro-bono
before and that divorce cases aren't your specialty, but I was kind of hoping
you knew someone who owed you a favor and could help me out."

"This could get interesting. You're going from the wedding of the year to
the divorce of the year. Once the media gets a hold of this they're going to
have a field day especially if what you say about your financial situation
is true."

"I know. I can get a job tomorrow if I wanted that's not the issue. I just
won't have any money for awhile and I'll be homeless in two days when I run
out of money for the hotel I'm at right now."

"Well I do have some good news for you if you want to call it that. I have a
colleague who owes me a big favor and will work on your case. As for your
housing situation I have a client who needs a roommate for their ward."

"A roommate?"

"Namorita is in her fourth year of college. Very bright and very outgoing,
but very respectful and doesn't cause too many problems. You wouldn't even
need to pay bills or split the rent. Mrs. Prentiss is very protective of her
and would like her to have a roommate while she's in college."

"Sounds fine. Anything's better than being in the same building as my brother
and Reed."

"Great. Let me give Betty a call."

* * *

Apartment 13B. It had been several years since Susan had last had to make
nice and get to know someone whom she was rooming with. She set her travel
bag down on the ground and rang the doorbell. She rang again when nobody
answered and a few minutes later somebody did. Dressed in only a bathrobe
with a towel on her head Namorita had an exotic look that Sue found stunning.

"Hi, you must be Susan," She said smiling. "I've been expecting you."

"You- You have?" Sue replied returning her attention to the real world.

"Yeah, Betty and her lawyer told me about you."

"Right... I'm just kind of out of it at the moment."

"No problem. Divorces are never easy."

"How'd you know I was getting a divorce?"

"It's already on the internet and in the gossip papers."


"Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up. Is that the only bag you have?"

"Don't worry about it. I won't be able to avoid talking about it once the
proceedings start. I have a few other bags in the car, but this one has all
my essential stuff in it."

"Give me a moment to get dressed and I'll give you a hand."

"That's all right. I can get them."

"Okay. Hey have you eaten today?"

"Not since this morning. Why?"

"Let's stop somewhere and get a bite to eat before we hit the clubs."

"The clubs?"

"I wasn't sure when you'd get here so I made plans tonight to go clubbing
with friends. Come with us, I'm sure you could use the fun."

"I'm really not the club type of person."

"It doesn't matter. Fun is fun and you can use some. Besides it's not like
we'll be doing ecstasy."

"I have plenty of fun."

"No you don't. I'm guessing you were devoted to your work like Reed was
except not to his extreme. You're the kind of person who always uses a
thoughtful scientific process to determine what to do next."

"No I'm not."

"Come on, let loose and have some fun. I'll even protect you from all the

"Why are you so determined to get me to go out with you?"

"Fine, you don't have to go with me and my friends tonight. You can stay
here for just tonight and read a science journal or do whatever it is you do
in your spare time, but you're not moving in until you go out with me at
least once."

"Just once?" Sue asked taking a liking to Namorita's personality.

"Just once."

"Okay, I'll go out with you and your friends tonight and that's it."

"Good. Now go get the rest of your stuff while I dress."

"What have I gotten myself into?" Sue wondered as she took her first bag in
and made her way to her car to get the others. She hadn't gone on a date or
hung with anybody in several years and from that standpoint her socializing
skills were a bit lacking. But Namorita was right. Sue needed to have some
fun because once the divorce proceedings with Reed started it'd be a long
time before she would be able to.

* * *

"Are you okay?" Namorita asked as she and Sue left the restaurant where they
had dinner and got into Namorita's car.

"I'm fine. Why?"

"You're fidgeting and you seem nervous."

"God, I know this is going to sound horrible, but I am nervous. I haven't
done anything like this in years."

"Oh my God Susan, you're making way too big a deal out of this. All we're
going to do is go to the club to have a few drinks, dance, and have a good
time. Maybe we'll find a cute guy along the way. If you want you can hang
out with me until you're ready to go out on your own."

"I am such a loser. I can make a presentation in a banquet hall full of
people with millions of dollars on the line, but I don't know how to go to
a club and have fun around complete strangers."

"Susan really you're making too big a deal out of this."

"I know... So what kind of name is Namorita? What's it mean?"

"Actually I'd prefer it if you'd just call me Nita for short."

"Oh no..." Sue muttered making a realization that should she have mode long

"What is it?"

"I don't know how to ask this, but did you ever hook up with my brother?"


"Why didn't you say something?"

"If it was going to get brought up I wanted you to bring it up. Besides it's
not a big deal. I knew about his reputation before I slept with him and I
chose to sleep with him anyway. Most of the girls he's ever hooked up with
knew his reputation."

"So why didn't you say anything to Betty or Matt no when you found out I
was going to be your roommate?"

"Like I said it's not really that big a deal. I'm not going to base my
judgement of you off of him. Besides I wanted to see if he was as good as I
was hearing. He was good in bed though I probably would have been more
impressed if I was into guys."

"You're a lesbian?"

"That depends on who you talk to. I've had this ongoing debate with a friend
over if I was gay or not. I dig girls a hell of a lot more than I do guys
and I'd much rather be with another female, but occasionally I'm in the mood
to hook up with a guy so I guess technically I'm bi-sexual. What do you

"Well... If you exclusively dated women then I'd say you were gay, but since
you still like to hook up with guys occasionally I'd have to agree with your
friend and say that you're bi-sexual," Sue answered uncomfortably.

"You okay talking about this?"


"Cool, I see Reed and your work hasn't made you completely boring yet," Nita
replied pulling into a parking lot. "We're here."

"Am I boring?" Sue asked as they got out of the car.

"I didn't say that."

"Yes you did. You said I wasn't completely boring."

"Do you really want to know what I think?"

"Yes. I want to know if I'm as geeky and boring to the outside world as Reed
is perceived to be."

"Come here then." Sue and Namorita met at the front of the car. "You ready?"

"For what?"

Without warning Nita leaned in and kissed Susan squarely on the lips. Sue
was caught off guard by her day old friend and thought of pulling back, but
didn't. She let her lips stay locked with Nita's and let her friend pull

"No, I don't think you're boring Susan," Namorita winked at Sue before
walking towards the club.

"Please call me Sue, I like it better."

"Okay Sue, let's go in. Our fans await our arrival."

Sue could only grin as Nita walked off. For the first time in a long time
there was some real personal excitement returning to Sue's life. Though she
didn't know if Nita considered her a friend yet after just one day, Susan
already considered Nita one. After several years with the Fantastic Four and
having been with Reed for almost as long Susan was starting to feel what it
was like to live a normal life again and she was liking it.

* * *

Friendly socializing was never Susan's thing. She spent most of the night
staying off to the side and out of sight playing the role of the wallflower.
It wasn't as if she had been without guys hitting on her. She just didn't
know how to be personable and carry on a conversation without it involving
her work. So most of the night's conversations died quickly.

"I didn't realize how socially inept you are," Namorita teased grabbing Sue
by the hand.

"What are you doing?" Susan asked nervously.

"Dance with me."

It was slow going at first, but finding herself at ease around Namorita
Susan began to let go of her inhibitions and have fun. Whether Namorita
meant for them to or not soon the two females were bumping and grinding and
turning everyone's head. One guy in particularly decided he liked her.

"Hey sweetheart, how about the two of us make some moves of our own?"

"No thanks. It's girls' night out."

"I can do more for you than she can."

"She said no," Susan said shooting the man a look.

"Stay out of this bitch. Me and your friend here are going to dance," the
man snarled grabbing Nita's wrist. Nita quickly wrenched it away and Susan
trapped the man inside a psionic force shield and threw him across the room
crashing into a wall.

"What the fuck???" A second man shouted walking up on Susan. "You're that
bitch from the Fagtastic Four ain't you?"

"Don't be starting anything," Nita warned getting between the man and Susan.

"Fuck the both of you dykes. This ain't your club!"

Without warning Namorita effortlessly picked up the bigoted and flung him
into the wall next to his unconscious friend. Words began getting exchanged
between the other patrons of the club and soon an all out melee ensued.

"Let's go Sue," Namorita said grabbing her hand and leading her towards the
door. "I don't normally condone this kind of stuff, but nice work on your
first real night out as a soon-to-be single woman."

"This wasn't my fault."

"Of course it wasn't. Don't worry though, Mr. Murdock is a great lawyer.
He'll get whatever charges that get filed reduced or dropped completely.

* * *

"What's wrong Sue? You were quiet the entire way back," Nita said as she and
Sue entered their apartment.

"I don't know. Tonight was fun and all even with the fight, but this just
isn't me. I'm a science geek not a socialite."

"That really wasn't much of a fight. It lasted less than ten seconds and we
thoroughly kicked their asses," Nita replied as Sue sat down on the couch in
the living room while she grabbed a beer from the fridge.

"I thought you weren't a troublemaker."

"No more so than anyone else. Besides you started the fight tonight."

"That man had it coming. After dealing with the likes of Victor, Reed, and
the military I have a short fuse with assholes."

"Personally I would have taken him in the bathroom or outside into an alley
and kicked his ass discreetly, but C'est la vie," Nita said taking a drink
and sitting on the couch next to Sue.

"C'est la vie," Sue sighed leaning back and closing her eyes.

"I really hate to keep asking this, but are you okay Sue?"

"I'm fine, I'm just not used to having this much uncertainty in my life.
Even as a child my knack for science drove me from point a to point b and I
always knew where I was going and what I was going to do with my life and
now I don't know."

"You could always just get another job."

"I know and I will, but with Victor and Reed we were always trying to achieve
a certain goal. They were passionate about what they did. Going to work for
some random company just wouldn't be the same."

"If it'll help any," Nita said getting up and caressing Sue's face with her
hand, "you can stay here as long as you want or until I finish my studies.
I'll be back in a little while. I'm going to shower."

"Didn't you take one this afternoon?"

"Yeah, but some jackass at the club spilled his drink all over me when we
were leaving."

Sue sat on the couch in quiet as the running water of the shower began. She
couldn't help but smile as she thought about Namorita's caressing hand on
her face and the kiss from earlier. Namorita had an excitement to her, an
outgoing living life personality that Susan really dug. She was brought
back to reality when the shower stopped and Namorita yelled from the

"Hey Sue do you want to do anything else tonight?"

"One fight's enough for me tonight, but if you want to go out I'll come
along if you like."

"You will?"


"I knew I was right about you. You've been so busy with your work and
research that you inner bad girl has been waiting to come out."

"I have no inner bad girl."

"Of course you do. Everyone does. Anyway, I was just asking if you wanted to
go out because I was going to keep you company if you did, but if not we can
just watch a movie or two if you want. Shower's free if you want to use it."

"Sure, whatever you pick will be fine," Sue said returning to her room to
grab her robe and head into the shower.

* * *

"So what did you pick?" Sue asked leaving her room wearing a large oversized
t-shirt that she stole from Ben that hung down her black panties.

"You seen The Italian Job?"

"Which one?"

"The original."

"Not yet."

"It's much better than the remake."

"Sounds go-" Sue stopped in mid-sentence when she found Nita completely nude
lying on the couch.

"Sorry, I should have asked," Nita said getting up. "My last roommate didn't
mind and I guess I just thought you wouldn't either."

"Don't worry it's fine. I just wasn't expecting it is all," Sue said sitting
down on a recliner next to the couch.

"Are you sure?"

"Your house your rules."

"Seriously Sue I can put something on if you like."

"No seriously yourself Nita, it's fine."

Although Sue watched the movie she couldn't begin to tell how different it
was from the remake if at all. She also couldn't keep her eyes off of
Namorita's naked form for too long either. Unbeknownst to Susan Nita was
fully aware of her wandering eyes.

"You know Susan we don't have to watch the movie if you don't want to. We
can do something else."

"Oh crap!" Sue thought. "She knows I've been looking at her..." "Sorry," Sue
finally said aloud.

"It's all right, though it is a bit rude to stare unless you're going to get
naked yourself."

Susan blushed at the mere suggestion, but was considering it. Whatever
charisma or charm Johnny had with women it was becoming very evident to Sue
that Namorita had it as well. With bated breath Sue removed her shirt and
panties and dropped them to the floor. She sat back down on the recliner and
went back to watching the movie waiting to hear something from Nita.

"My, my Susan I really like you. Only a day together and already you're
coming out of your shell. You are gorgeous," Nita said with a smile.

Sue blushed again momentarily looking away and when her gaze returned to
Namorita she found her still looking at her. "Thanks," Susan almost
whispered. "I think you're gorgeous as well."

"Do me a favor and stand up for a moment please," Nita asked. "Now turn
around for me," she asked once Susan was up. "Damn, you've got a perfect
body." Sue blushed a beet red at the compliment. Namorita giggled at this.
"Sue you really need to learn to take compliments better."

"Sorry," Sue awkwardly smiled as she started to sit back down in the chair.

"You know what? Follow me into my room. I have something I want to give

Susan knew Nita was lying and yet decided to follow. She knew she was
heading into uncharted waters for herself and tried to put on as straight
and unembarrassed a face as possible. Namorita sat down on the side of her
bed and began to go through the drawers of her nightstand. Sue nervously sat
down next to her and waited. Then a small pool of courage began to build
inside her and Susan turned Nita's face with her hand and kissed her. When
their kiss broke Susan was the one with the smile on her face and Namorita
was the one who looked stunned if only for a moment.

"I was only going to give you this," Namorita said showing her some keys.
"The night Johnny was here he lost his keys to your building, but I found
them later. I just never got around to giving them back."

"Oh my god," Susan nearly cried putting her face in her hands as she blushed
once again and looked like a red ripe tomato.

"Hey Susan look at me," Nita said moving the blonde's hands.

"I'm sorry," Sue blubbered.

"Don't be," Namorita, "I want this too."

Namorita leaned in once again pressing her lips to Sue's. When their kiss
broke Sue had a look of almost relief on her face. Namorita gently pushed
the blonde onto her back and her hands slithered to her breasts. Sue let out
a sigh and smiled as Nita's hands began massaging her breasts kneading and
molding the fleshy globes with her fingers.

"I like this," Susan moaned as Namorita began twisting her nipples between
her fingers occasionally flicking her tongue across the tips.

Nita then wrapped her lips around one of the pointy protuberances and began
gently sucking on it massaging it with her tongue for a bit before switching
over to the other. Susan began breathing heavy her breasts heaving up and
down as she felt Namorita's tongue travel down her body. Susan's body
lurched the first time Namorita's finger touched her clit.

"Oh my god," Susan moaned as her clit started emerging from it's hood and
Nita continued to finger it. Her pussy was quickly wetting itself and this
wasn't something that went unnoticed by Nita.

Keeping her hold of Sue's clit Namorita dipped her tongue between Sue's
pussy lips and began licking up and down her slit eating up the blonde's
wetness. A tingling excitement began spreading throughout Susan's body as
Nita continued to finger her clit and eat her pussy. Susan's nipples became
extremely pointy and hard and her hands found their way to her breasts with
her fingers taking hold of each nipple.

"Oh my god Nita!" Sue moaned loudly as her body whirled with excitement
inching towards orgasm.

Susan nearly lost it when Namorita thrust two fingers into her drenched
pussy. Nita wickedly pumped her fingers in and out of Susan's cunt rubbing
them against her inner walls and pushing them in deep. Once her fingers had
began thrusting in and out of Sue's opening Namorita's tongue found it's way
to Sue's large exposed clit.

"This feels good!" Sue screamed still twisting her nipples as Namorita
fingered her pussy and tongued her clit. Susan's body was aching and she was
wanting more. Without saying a word she slid one of her hands between her
legs and pushed two of her own fingers into her pussy that was already
occupied by Namorita's fingers.

"Of fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Susan begged desperately fingering herself as
Nita continued to help her along. Then with a wicked grin Namorita gently
pinched Sue's clit with her free hand. This sent the blonde over the edge.
"I'm coming!" Sue shrieked as her body began shaking and her pussy clamped
down hard on the four fingers inside of it.

Cum began flooding out of Sue's cunt like a broken pipe covering the fingers
inside and spilling out onto the bed beneath her. When Susan's orgasm ended
Namorita slipped her fingers out and licked them clean. Sue was about to do
the same when Nita stopped her and sucked those clean as well.

"That was great," Susan smiled sitting up next to Namorita.

"We're not done yet," Nita smiled gently pushing Sue back down.

"We're not?"

"Not by a long shot. It's your turn now dear. Do as I say and don't argue
with me okay?"

"Whatever you want."

"Good," Namorita said straddling Susan's body getting into a sixty-nine
position with her.

Sue felt her body start to get excited again as Nita began tonguing her
pussy for a second time. She stared down Nita's pussy in eagerness and
nervousness. Namorita was the first girl Sue had ever been with and she
didn't want to disappoint.

"You ok Sue?"


"Don't worry, just go for it."

Susan felt a natural high hit the first time her tongue touched Nita's slit.
The smell and taste of her pussy sent Sue's senses into overdrive. Namorita
smiled to herself as she felt Susan tentatively eat her out while she pushed
her tongue in and out of the blonde's opening teasing her just enough to get
a response, but not enough to push her over the edge again. Once Susan got a
nice steady rhythm going and her tongue was finally getting Namorita's pussy
wet Namorita climbed off of Susan, ran her fingers up and down her slit, and
licked her juices from them.

"Get up for a second," Nita told Sue. When the blonde was out of the way she
got on all fours and stuck her ass up in the air. "I want you to eat out my
ass now."

Susan was temporarily taken aback by Namorita's request, but the last few
days and tonight in particular had been anything but normal for her. Not
wanting to ruin the mood or for the fun to end she complied without a word.

"That's a good girl," Namorita said as Susan's hands slid up and down both
sides of her ass before each took a firm hold of her buttocks. She then let
out a moan as Sue's tongue darted into her asshole and began licking it up
and down.

As Susan's tongue not only touched the outer edges of Nita's ass, but also
started to press inward, Nita got a feeling in her body she hadn't had in a
long time. She didn't know why, because Susan wasn't the only person to eat
out her ass, but Namorita felt genuinely excited and turned on in Susan's
hands. She even began to finger her clit to increase her building pleasure.

"What are you doing to me Sue," Namorita moaned as Sue tongued her asshole,
she fingered her own clit, and her wetness had soaked her pussy and was now
dripping down her legs. "Finger my ass."

Susan did as she was told pulling her tongue out and pushing one finger to
Namorita's opening. She slowly worked it in and out trying to loosen her
backside a bit and not be such a tight fit. Once her finger slid in and out
with some ease Susan then pushed a second one in.

"Oh fuck me Sue!" Nita groaned loudly the self-applied pressure on her clit
intensifying as her new lover pumped two fingers in and out of her anus.
"Now finger my pussy!"

Eagerly Susan plunged two fingers hard into Namorita's pussy and began
feverishly thrusting them in and out. She was becoming wet herself just from
the moans escaping Namorita's mouth. The college student's body was inching
closer and closer to orgasm as it pulsed with excitement and began aching
for release.

"Oh my God!" Nita squealed barely able to hold on.

As she eagerly fingered Nita's pussy and ass Susan found herself moving
closer to a second orgasm without even being touched. Her cunt was dripping
wet and she was sitting on bedsheets soaked in her fluids.

"Finger me again!" Sue begged pulling her fingers from Namorita's holes long
enough to slide under her.

Sue plunged her fingers back into Nita's front and backside orifices and
Nita quickly filled Sue's request shoving two fingers into the blonde's
cunt. The two women frantically fingered each other trying to push the other
to orgasm.

"Oh fuck!" Susan cried as Namorita reached down and gave her clit a gentle
tug. Susan's body shook as her second orgasm rocked her body.

Even as she came all over Nita's fingers and Nita ate her cum Sue kept up
the pace working her fingers hard and deep into her lover's asshole and cunt
with methodical thrusts. Nita was soon panting and moaning her body writhing
with pleasure as she seemed to near orgasm but never reach it. Then
borrowing a move from her friend Sue flicked her tongue instead of her
fingers across Nita's clit.

The college student howled as her cunt and anus clamped down and squeezed
hard on Sue's fingers as she came. Her body let open the floodgates and when
Sue was able to remove her fingers Nita's cum came roaring out spilling onto
Sue's face. Sue licked and swallowed what she could of Nita's cream then
began to wipe it up with her fingers and eat it that way.

"Let me help you with that," Namorita smiled as she sat on the bed next to
Susan. She began licking her cum from Susan's face as the blonde continued
to scoop it up and eat it with her fingers. "That was great," Namorita
sighed laying down next to her.

"It was amazing," Susan agreed. "I mean I didn't think... I didn't know..."

"It's okay, I was like that my first time too," Nita smiled looking at Sue
before kissing her again.

"I am such a slut," Susan said laughing. "My first night here and I'm
already having sex with you."

"Nah, you're not a slut. You're just a fun girl again. Now help me change my

* * *

Life after Mark and Abby Miller was difficult at first for Elektra. She had
saved Abby from the Hand, but not before she died first and had to be
resurrected. That situation along with having been killed by Bullseye two
years earlier was more than enough reason for Elektra to get out of the
assassin game. Even before that there was her relationship with Jennifer
Walters that ended on a very sour note and was part of the reason she found
herself in bed with Matt Murdock one night.

Now days Elektra spent most her life in the civilian world as a certified
public accountant occasionally taking odd jobs as a private eye, bodyguard,
or anything else the client wanted and could pay for. Anything but murder.
As she sat in bed with her laptop paying the last of her monthly bills
Elektra was interrupted by a message indicating an incoming file transfer.

"Bingo," Elektra smiled several minutes later as the video played on screen.
She picked up her cell phone and called her client.


"I've got what you want. Transfer the rest of the money to my account now
and I'll transfer the file."

"I've had a change in plans. I'll give you an additional two hundred
thousand to kill whoever she's with and frame her for the murder."

"Sorry, I'm going to have to decline. Just give me the money you owe me for
the video."

"Four hundred thousand."

"The answer is still no."

"That is my final offer. Do it or else."

"I don't take kindly to threats Mr-"

"If you don't do this you will join Susan's lover in meeting an unpleasant

"Make it six and let me do it my way."

"You've got twenty-four hours."

With that last ominous statement the conversation ended. Now all Elektra had
to do was get to New York and find Susan Storm Richards and Namorita
Prentiss before either was killed. Despite what her client said Elektra knew
she didn't have twenty-four hours.


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