This is a make believe story about make believe characters.

Elektra/Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Fem Four Part 2
by Big Red Dope ([email protected])

Sue woke to the sound of the tv in the living room and movement in the
kitchen. She slowly got out of bed rubbing her eyes with the memory of her
sex romp with Namorita from the night before still vibrant and continuously
playing in her head. Sue left her room and found Nita hustling in the kitchen
with bacon frying in one pan and eggs cooking in another.

"Good morning sleepy head," Nita smiled as she poured a cup of fresh brewed
coffee. "I was wondering when you were going to get up."

"Why, what time is it?" Susan grinned stealing the coffee from Namorita.

"It's almost ten. I've been up for hours."

"Thank you for your concern, it's much appreciated."

"Not a problem," Nita laughed. "So how are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling fine, what about you?"

"Never better," Namorita replied sliding a plate of bacon and eggs across
the counter to Susan. "Last night was good for me. I woke up this morning
feeling great and better than I have in a long time."

"I have to admit last night was good for me too. It was nice to have some
fun for once and have something else on my mind other than what I've been
having to deal with recently," Susan replied as she ate.

"I hope it isn't too forward or too sudden to bring this up, but what are
you're feelings about last night? I really like you and last night I got a
feeling or an excitement inside me that I haven't felt in years. I don't
know if this makes any sense since it's hard to explain, but I'd like to
spend more time with you."

"To be honest it took me forever to get to sleep last night because I
couldn't stop thinking about this either. Last night was my first time
with another female and I don't know if I felt the way I did, because the
experience was something new or if you're just really good for me. I don't
think it'd be fair to commit to any relationship because of one night and
my divorce from Reed isn't final yet either. Legally if he find out we
were together during the proceedings it'd really hurt my case. And then-"

"Don't worry about it babe," Namorita said coming around the counter and
kissing Sue passionately on the lips, "I understand."

"Thanks," Susan replied with a half-smile and a growing fondness.

"I've got a class in an hour and that's it. Make yourself at home and if you
want to do something later let me know."

"I'm not going to let you spend all your money on me."

"I want to so don't worry about it. Besides Betty is loaded and won't ever
let me go broke."

"But still..."

"No buts Sue, okay?"

"Okay," Sue said giving in.

As Namorita returned to her room to begin dressing for school Susan began
rinsing dishes and loading them into the dishwasher. Then out of nowhere
the lights and all electronic devices shut off and the water pressure

"Damn it! Not again!" Nita shouted from her room. "The maintenance people
said they fixed the problem."

"I don't think it's a maintenance problem," Sue said as smoke started to
fill the apartment.

"What do you mean?" Namorita asked coming out of her room.

"Come here!" Susan said grabbing Nita's arm and forming a force field around
them. "Something isn't right."

"Fucking right it's not," a masked gunman snarled with three others behind

"Who the hell are you?" Susan demanded.

"Don't worry about it. Just give us your friend and you'll get to live."

"Come on Sue let's kick their ass," Namorita snarled.

"I don't think you should try that. Our bullets move faster than you do.
Once the shield is down you're dead."

"It's going to be awhile then," Sue smirked.

"We've got all the time in the world."

"Yes, but they don't," a voice said out of nowhere.

A single shuriken lodged itself into the throat of the leader killing him
instantly. A second throwing star struck one of the other goons in the heart
and the sounds of necks breaking rang in the apartment before the remaining
two gunmen fell to the floor dead.

"You're safe for the time being. You can drop your shield."

"Thanks for your help Elektra," Sue said. "I thought you quit killing
though. That was the rumor anyway."

"I thought you were dead," Namorita added.

"Not in the least, though I think your cousin would be disappointed to know
you're more into parties and staying out all night and that you've come
close to death once or twice."

"I could break you in half," Nita shot back.

"We don't have time for this," Susan interrupted. "What the hell just
happened and who are these guys?"

"I don't have time to explain this to you right now. Both of you and myself
aren't safe anymore as long as your husband is alive Sue."

"What does Reed have to do with any of this?"

"Several months ago Reed had the thought that you'd be filing for divorce
because of his work habits and he paid me to follow you and get some kind of
proof of an indiscretion so he could clean up and keep all of his money
during the divorce proceedings. Once I found out you were moving in with
Namorita I bugged the apartment one day while she was gone and before you
moved in. Last night I got the proof he wanted and to add insult to injury
he wanted me to kill your lover and frame you for the murder."

"Namorita isn't my lover," Sue protested.

"Not yet," Nita teased.

"It doesn't matter. I refused to kill Namorita after he threatened to kill
me if I didn't. I know Reed had a hand in these goons showing up."

"Reed was a lot of things, but he isn't a murderer."

"Not yet..."

"So what do you propose we do?" Namorita asked.

"I don't care too much for Nick Fury, but he owes me a favor so S.H.I.E.L.D.
should help us out."

"If what you're saying about Reed is true then we can't count on S.H.I.E.L.D.
He's worked for them on multiple occasions."

"That's only business. Fury can get what he wants anywhere. Reed's not the
only one he contracts work to."

"I hope you're right," Susan said with some concern.

* * *

"I'm not paying you good money to fail Fury!" Reed growled as he paced Nick
Fury's private office at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

"This is what happens when you try to do things last minute! We couldn't
very well use standard issue weapons and tactics, because then it'd be too
obvious who killed your wife and her girlfriend. Using our satellite
bio-scanner to track down Susan was a big enough risk of it's own. Oh, and
you failed to mention Elektra would be there."

"Maybe I didn't make this clear. Among other things she has my schematic for
Ultron Alpha. You know the one you gave me to work on and upgrade. Alpha is
infinitely stronger, faster, and more efficient in everything it does than
versions you've faced before. If Sue sells the schematic to someone and they
build an army they'll be next to impossible to take down without uniting
practically every superhero in the world."

"Who would have thought your domestic squabble would lead to the end of the
world," Fury said sarcastically. "Susan will be found."

"She better be if you don't want me working for Stark."

* * *

"Why can't we come with you?" Namorita asked as she, Elektra, and Sue entered
a hotel room.

"Fury may owe me a favor, but I don't trust him. He's a whore and if Reed
has already gotten to him with a proposition and proper monetary payment then
it'll be the easiest buck Fury has ever made if you and Susan are with me."

"Stay in the room until I get back okay? Don't let anyone in except me."

"How long are you going to be gone?" Susan asked.

"It depends on whether Fury's services have been bought already or not."

* * *

"I don't understand sir. If Susan Richards has the schematic why don't you
just send some agents to pick her up?" Jennifer Walters asked.

"Do not repeat this to anyone, not even Natasha, but I don't completely
believe everything Reed is telling me. I want you to find her and find out
what is going on."

"So why me and not Natasha?"

"I want to be discreet about this. Using Natasha wouldn't afford me that."

"Oh come now darling you don't be a word he's telling you do you?" Elektra
asked rhetorically coming out of the shadows.

"It's been awhile Elektra," She-Hulk said acknowledging Elektra's presence.

"It has unfortunately."

"I'll report back once I have something," the green-skinned beauty said to
Nick Fury before leaving.

"It's been awhile for us as well," Fury said turning his attention to

"Cut the crap. Tell me why your men tried to kill Susan and Namorita this

"They were there simply to arrest them and bring them in for questioning."

"Like hell they were. I know the difference between an arrest and an
assassination attempt."

"Not that it's any of your business, but Susan has stolen plans that will
threaten the safety of the entire world if they fall into the wrong hands."

"No she doesn't. She initiated a divorce from her husband who doesn't want
her to get anything and has completely lost his mind."

"Tell me where Susan and her friend are and you won't have to go down with
them once they're caught."

"Not a chance."

As Elektra refused Nick Fury's offer S.H.I.E.L.D. agents began filling the
room. "This is your last chance Elektra. Tell me where they are or else."

Everybody turned and looked as a pen fell to the floor and clanked several
times before coming to a stop. She-Hulk was standing there looking at the
scene before her having just heard Fury's threat. "Sir what's going on?"

"Elektra is now an enemy of the state. She is helping two known fugitives
and is being placed under arrest."

"Don't listen to him Jennifer. He's just using you to find Susan so he can
kill her and her friend for Reed Richards. Your boss has whored himself out
for a lot of money."

"Who are you going to listen to? Someone who still runs errands and works
for the underworld or me? Leave now and don't get involved."

Reluctantly She-Hulk left the room without saying a word and as the door
closed behind her she could hear gunshots start to ring. Jennifer rushed
back into the room only to find Elektra covered in blood and standing alone
in the center of a ring of a dozen dead S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Nick Fury was
nowhere to be found.

"Jennifer please listen to me. Your boss just tried to kill me. This was

"I would like to believe you, but..." She-Hulk began as she looked about the
carnage in front of her.

"Before I screwed things up with us you had the same distrust of Fury and
S.H.I.E.L.D that I did and I know you still believe that to some degree.
Reed Richards has lost his mind and Fury is trying to kill both Susan and
her friend. Now I'm on his list too. Please help us stop them." She-Hulk was
quiet and reluctant to give an answer. "My one night stand with Matt Murdock
was the biggest mistake of my life and one that I regret and think about
every single day."

"Okay," Jennifer agreed as more S.H.I.E.L.D agents began to enter the room.
She picked up the body of one of the dead ones and hurled it at the newly
arrived agents. "Let's go."

* * *

"Where's Elektra at?" Namorita asked impatiently as she paced the hotel

"The longer she's gone the better remember? If something is wrong I'm sure
we would have heard about it by now."

"You had your bad feeling and now I'm having mine," Nita said picking up the
phone to call Betty. When she didn't answer Nita started calling Betty's
other numbers, but with no luck.

"Something wrong?" Susan asked.

"I can't get a hold of Betty through any of her numbers. She wouldn't just
not answer. I need to go by her house and make sure she's okay."

"Let's wait until Elektra gets back and find out what's going on."

"I have to go Susan and find out if she's okay. You can stay or come with
me. It's up to you."

"Okay, I'm coming with you," Sue said after a few minutes of thought. "Let's
leave a note though."

* * *

Sue and Namorita arrived at the house of Betty Prentiss to find it eerily
quiet with all of the lights off. The two friends turned the lights on one
by one as they looked in each room. Suddenly Susan heard a blood curdling
shriek from down the hall and ran towards the source.

"Oh no..." Susan muttered finding Namorita on her knees on the floor and her
guardian Betty crucified to the wall. "Don't look," Susan said sitting next
to Nita and embracing her. "I'm so sorry."

"Hello ladies," a voice said from behind.

"You animal!" Namorita screamed jumping to her feet and lunging at Bullseye.
He easily sidestepped her and deflected her into a wall. Nita crashed through
the wall breaking a few of the beams behind it.

Like she had done at to the thug at the club Sue formed a force field around
Bullseye flung him out the room's door. She put a shield around herself and
dashed towards Namorita who was awake, but groggy. Sue lowered her shield
long enough to grab Nita and then put it back up. She did it with only a
fraction of a second to spare as a knife struck the shield and fell to the
ground. Susan and Namorita stood up and turned around to see Bullseye walking
towards them with a large knife in his hand and an evil grin on his face.

"Give me your friend Susan and I'll let you live long enough to go to trial
for her murder."

"Liar. As soon as my shield is down you'll kill me too."

"I'm a lot of things, but I'm a man of honor. Your husband more than
compensated me to kill her and let you live. He'd much rather you be alive
and miserable in jail than dead. But if I have to he's allowed me to kill
you as well. Murder/suicide is always a sensational thing isn't it?"

"Let me at him Susan, I can take him," Namorita growled.

"Only if I was dead. Give her to me Susan."


"You're shield will eventually come down and I can wait until it does. Your
little bubble won't last forever."

"It doesn't have to," Elektra said from behind as one of her sais went
through Bullseye's heart.

"You bitch!" Bullseye muttered spitting up blood as he fell forward and died.

"What did I tell you two about leaving?" Elektra asked aggravated as she
pulled her blade from the dead man's body. "You're lucky you had the
foresight to leave a note."

"Don't start right now," Susan said. "We've both had long days."

"I'm going to kill your husband Sue," Nita said angrily as she kicked
Bullseye's body several times. "If I get my hands on him I'm going to tear
him from limb to limb, break each of his bones one at a time, and make him
really suffer."

"I'm sorry for your loss," She-Hulk said entering the room and giving her

"I assume S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to help us?" Susan asked noticing She-Hulk's

"No they're not. Nick Fury is working for Reed. Those were S.H.I.E.L.D.
agents that attacked you this morning and now Jennifer and I are on Fury's
shitlist too."

"So what are we going to do then? It's us against Reed Richards, Nick Fury,
and S.H.I.E.L.D. now?" Namorita asked.

"What about asking Tony Stark and the Avengers for help?" Jennifer asked.
"Stark and Fury are bitter rivals."

"I don't trust anybody right now," Susan said. "I say we're on our own until
either we're dead or we stop my husband and Fury."

"I have to agree with Susan," Elektra added. "We can stay at a safehouse I
have in the country until we can figure out who will help us. Let's go home
and get what we need, before our houses are put on twenty-four hour
surveillance if they haven't been already and head to my place."

* * *

Several days went by as the four females stayed at Elektra's house in the
country. One by one they went down the list of possible allies and nobody was
willing to give them a hand. Then as the group received the last rejection
for help they found out why. She-Hulk was standing at one of the windows on
the backside of the house that faced a lake. Susan and Namorita were laying
in deckchairs at the end of a pier that stretched two hundred feet out into
the water.

"It's official," Elektra said join She-Hulk at her side. "We are completely
on our own. S.H.I.E.L.D. is arresting everyone that has ever had ties to any
of us and interrogating them. Those who haven't been arrested want to stay
as far away from this whole things as possible." Just then Elektra noticed
Susan and Namorita holding hands and kissing. "Do you ever regret us being

"I never regretted being with you," Jennifer began. "You're one night stand
with Daredevil didn't even bother me all that much. I'd be a hypocrite if
it did. The only thing that ever bothered me about you is what happened
afterwards. You nearly killed Matt Murdock because you wanted revenge and
after Bullseye killed you and you were resurrected you decided you needed to
take out your anger and rage on the world and rid it of the bad guys. And
even though you eventually stopped killing people for money you still ran
errands and favors for people in the underworld. That's currently how you're
in the situation you're in now."

"Susan's husband is insane and she'd be in prison right now for her friend's
murder if it wasn't me Reed had hired. Once this whole thing is over I'm

"You've said that before."

"I know, but Susan and Namorita don't deserve this. When I've seen them
together they've reminded me what a great thing I fucked up with you." At
that moment Sue and Nita were sharing one deckchair with Nita on top of Sue.
The couple was kissing and making out fondling each other's breasts through
the swimsuits they were wearing. "Do you remember when we were like that?"

"Yeah... Those were good days, but they were long ago."

"I know, but not a day went by after I walked out on you that I didn't think
about you."

"I never stopped thinking about you either, but now's not the time to
reminisce. We need to figure out some way to stop Reed and Fury without
anyone's help."

"I know. Eventually we will be found even here."

* * *

Susan and Namorita came back into the house after a few hours of sunbathing
and found Elektra and She-Hulk talking.

"I'm fixing to head into town to get food and a few other things. You two
want anything?" Elektra asked.

"I'm fine," Sue answered.

"Can I come with you? I know why we're hiding out here in the boonies, but
I'm starting to get cabin fever."

"Sure," Elektra replied. "We'll be back in a couple of hours. I'll call if
anything happens."

"Let me just change real fast."

A few minutes later as Elektra and Namorita left Susan went into her room to
change and Jennifer sat down on the couch with a book. She was interrupted a
few minutes later when Susan returned.

"Can I ask you something?" Sue asked sitting down on a recliner.

"Sure. What is it?"

"You and Elektra have been doing this superhero thing longer than I have so
I've stayed out your way in planning our next move, but do you two have any
idea what we're doing next? Is anyone going to help us?"

"Unfortunately no. We're on our own to get this straightened out. S.H.I.E.L.D
is arresting anyone whose ever had any ties to us and is interrogating them."

"What about Johnny and Ben?"

"You'll have to ask Elektra when she gets back. She didn't get too specific
other than that besides saying anybody who hasn't been arrested yet doesn't
want to get involved."

"Fucking cowards. Half the superheroes don't trust Nick Fury or S.H.I.E.L.D.
yet they don't want to do anything when they start arresting people without

"The world is not always fair Susan."

"I know. Everything is just so frustrating right now."

"We just need to get by for now. Eventually everything you've done catches
up to you and it will for Fury and your husband."


"Don't forget you've got Namorita. You two seem good for each other."

"We're not a couple or anything," Susan quickly blurted.

"Oh... My mistake then. I just saw you two outside earlier and it looked
like you two were getting intimate."

"No... We're just friends..."

"I see. I'm sorry for making the assumption then, but plutonic or not if
Namorita makes you happy then you should pursue a relationship with her."

"What about you and Elektra?"

"What about us?"

"What's your story? How do you two know each other?"

"Years ago our paths crossed as enemies and we fought to a draw. Then a
little while later our paths crossed again when we both worked for
S.H.I.E.L.D. We dated off and on even after she left to work on her own. It
was serious for a while, but then during a trip to New York her father was
killed by Bullseye and she went down a dark road for a while and had some
issues to deal with. I hadn't even talked to her until a few days ago when
Fury tried to have you killed."

"She doesn't seem so bad now. Maybe you should give her a second chance."

"I would, but I've been through this before with her. She may have stopped
killing people for money, but she didn't stop working for the less than
noble people of the world."

"If you still care for Elektra maybe you should give her another chance and
be there for her in case she does fall back into her old habits."

"That sounds oddly like what I said just reworded a bit."

"It's just good advice. Thanks Jennifer."

"You're welcome," She-Hulk replied as she started to think about her past
relationship with Elektra and considered Susan's advice.

* * *

At nearly two in the morning Jennifer found herself unable to sleep and
laying on the couch watching tv. As she channel surfed through infomercials
she was joined by Elektra.

"What are you still doing up?" the former assassin asked getting some water
from the kitchen and sitting on the recliner next to the couch.

"I can't sleep for some reason. It's probably because of the conversation I
had with Susan today when you and Namorita were gone."

"It had to be interesting if it's keeping you up. What was it about?"

"For some reason," Jennifer began as she sat up, "She's still trying to
convince herself she's not into females though clearly her actions when
around Namorita indicate otherwise, but that'll come in time for her. Mostly
she got me thinking about me and you. I know I haven't said it, but this is
a great thing you're doing for those two considering the circumstances."

"I'm not the same person I used to be. I keep trying to tell you that."

"Does that include working for criminal elements in any capacity or just
doing sleazy things like spying on and recording people's sexual habits?"

"Yes, everything! Please believe me Jennifer!" Elektra pleaded as she moved
from the recliner to the couch. "I regret a lot of the things I've done in
the past, but the one thing I regret most is screwing up what we had."

She-Hulk looked deep into Elektra's eyes and watched them for several
minutes. Then with the slightest hesitation the green beauty leaned in and
kissed the dark-haired woman. Their lips locked for several minutes their
tongues intertwining with each other swapping saliva. When their kiss broke
Elektra began to say something, but Jennifer interrupted her.

"I love you Elektra, I always have, but this is your last chance. Let's not
ruin this."

"I swear I won't," The former assassin smiled.

They kissed again before standing up and stumbling towards She-Hulk's room.
There they stripped the clothing from each other's bodies and She-Hulk
pushed Elektra onto her bed.

"Just a sec baby," Jennifer said walking to her bags and sorting through
them until she found the pill bottle she was looking for. She opened it up
taking one pill out and swallowed it.

"What was that?"

"You'll find out later."

"You're not taking Viagra are you?" Elektra grinned.

"Not quite. Relax, and I'll tell you about the pill later."

The green giant pressed her lips to Elektra's where their tongues wrestled
swapping saliva. As Jennifer pulled her tongue from the former assassin's
mouth she smiled. She then took Elektra's tits into her hands and began to
roughly squeeze them, twisting her nipples tight, and slightly digging her
nails into Elektra's titflesh.

"You still like the same old stuff?" Jennifer asked pinching her
soon-again-to-be-lover's nipples and pulling them out with her fingernails.

"Oh yeah..." Elektra moaned.

"Good," She-Hulk said as she spread apart Elektra's toned legs.

Jennifer found out that Elektra shaved down below as her head pushed between
her lover's legs and began licking at her bald pussy. She-Hulk's tongue
slithered up and down Elektra's slit tantalizing her body, but never pushing
in. As she licked the outer edges of Elektra's labia she began to firmly
finger her clit trying to work it out of hiding.

As Elektra's clit started to emerge She-Hulk flicked her tongue in-between
the hairless pussy lips in front of her. Elektra moaned as Jennifer peeled
her cunt open with her fingers and pushed her tongue inside working it up
and down, in and out, pushing against Elektra's inner walls. Elektra's clit
was now fully exposed and the former assassin began grinding her index
finger into it. Her pussy began to wet itself and She-Hulk eagerly lapped up
the cream licking her lips with some of it and swallowing the rest.

"Now, turn over for me and finger your pussy," Jennifer said sitting up with
a bit of Elektra dribbling down her chin.

Elektra did as she was told getting on her hands and knees and moved her
finger from her clit to her pussy and slipped in a second finger as well. As
the former assassin worked her fingers in and out of her opening working
them methodically Jennifer began feeling up Elektra's ass running her hands
up and down the toned buttocks. Elektra let out a pleasurable whimper as
She-Hulk began dragging her fingernails along the flesh.

Digging her fingers hard into both sides of Elektra's ass Jennifer pulled
each cheek apart exposing her lover's anus. She-Hulk plunged her tongue deep
into Elektra's backside thrusting it in and out burying it in her saliva.

"Fuck me..." Elektra moaned with she felt She-Hulk's index finger penetrate
her asshole. Jennifer's spit helped to lube it some making penetration a bit

As she felt Jennifer's finger start to pump in and out of her backside with
some authority Elektra began to really dig her fingers deep and hard into
her own pussy. She wildly thrust them about pushing them against her
sensitive folds causing her opening to wet itself. It was like old times for
Jennifer as she watched her lover furiously pump her fingers in and out of
herself working her body up into a frenzy as her cunt started to get

Elektra then squealed loudly as She-Hulk thrust a second finger into her
backside. She began to rock back and forth as she continued to finger her
pussy as Jennifer fingered her ass. Jennifer thrust her fingers in and out
of Elektra's rectum working to stretch it out which she did little by
little. As She-Hulk worked over her ass Elektra was excitedly thrusting
three of her own fingers into her pussy as her body began to burn up. This
was feeling like days of old for Elektra and her body was aching, begging
her for more.

"Take your fingers out baby," Jennifer said. "I need to make your ass as
sloppy as your pussy."

Elektra nearly came right then when Jennifer said that. It meant one thing
and one thing only and the former assassin trembled with excitement. She
slipped her fingers from her pussy and began spreading the cum on them all
over her anus.

"How sweet, you remembered," She-Hulk smiled.

"Of course Jen, you're the only person I've done this with. It's always been
our thing," Elektra replied with a smile of her own before sucking the
residue from her fingers. Elektra moaned softly as she felt Jennifer's
fingers probe the inside of her pussy for more love nectar then generously
lather it over her backside.

"You ready?" Jennifer asked as her finger teased Elektra's anus.

"Oh!" Elektra moaned as Jennifer thrust her finger into her asshole and it
slid in with ease

Elektra's ass was still loose from earlier and She-Hulk was easily able to
add a second finger less than a minute later. Then as she worked those two
digits in and out she slipped two fingers into Elektra's drenched pussy. The
four fingers pushing in and out of both of her holes pushed Elektra back
into a feverish state. She reached down between her legs and found her
bulbous clit still jutting out and began to gently massage it with her
finger. Elektra's body trembled a few times as the excitement within her
continued to build.

She-Hulk smiled as she watched Elektra get off. The dark-haired beauty was
eagerly fingering her clit, the cream flowing from her pussy was nearly
rushing out, and her asshole was starting to expand.

"Shit that feels good!" Elektra cried out as Jennifer's third finger forced
it's way inside her ass.

"You like this don't you?" She-Hulk laughed as she slipped a third finger
into her lover's pussy.

"Fuck yeah!"

"You're a big nasty slut aren't you Elektra? Aren't you?" Jennifer grinned
as she continued fucking Elektra's lower orifices with three fingers each.

"Just like you!" Elektra groaned as she now pinched and twisted her clit.
Elektra was so in tune with the rising passion of her shivering body that it
took her a moment to register the fourth finger that Jennifer had plunged
into both her pussy and ass.

She-Hulk felt a sense of calm and euphoria overtake her as she eagerly
finger fucked Elektra. Watching the dark-haired beauty feverishly ride her
fingers and play with her own clit reminded Jennifer of days gone by. It had
been a number of years since the last time they had sex, but the way things
were currently going for them now it was like they hadn't missed a beat.

Elektra's moans were becoming increasingly louder and the trembling of her
body was getting more forceful. She-Hulk herself found her pussy glistening
in the light and could feel her wetness starting to cover her thighs.

"Oh my god..." Elektra said almost whispering as the last of the green
giant's hands disappeared into her swollen pussy and ass.

It had been long enough since their last time together that Elektra had
forgotten the joy that Jennifer brought her. Having both of Jennifer's fists
inside her holes gave Elektra an instant sexual high and placed a type of
excitement and passion in her body that she had forgotten about. The hand
she was using to finger her clit fell to the bed and both of them clenched a
handful of sheets as Jennifer started a slow methodical fisting of her body.

She-Hulk herself began to feel a euphoric state overtake her body as her
fists started to plunge in and out of Elektra's cunt and ass with a good
speed and rhythm. The large invasive objects soon began to be too much for
Elektra. Try as she might she couldn't keep her body from charging towards
an orgasm. Her body was tingling, her pussy and anus were clamping down hard
on She-Hulk's wrists, and she just couldn't keep from saying no.

"Jennifer!" Elektra cried hysterically as her body shuddered violently with
orgasm. She shook several times as all of her sexual energy escaped through
her pussy flooding her love canal with cum. If it weren't for Jennifer's
hand the bedsheets would have been soaking wet at that very moment.

"Just like old times hon," She-Hulk grinned removing her hand from Elektra's
now gaping asshole before allowing her to stand up.

She then moved her face as close to Elektra's pussy as she could before
working her remaining hand out. With her mouth wide open Jennifer caught and
swallowed most of the milky white cream in her mouth as it rained down from
her lover's overly stretched pussy. What She-Hulk didn't catch in her mouth
either splashed down on her face or landed on her breasts. When she was done
leaking cum everywhere Elektra sat down on the bed next to her friend and
licked her chest and face clean.

"That was great," Elektra smiled kissing Jennifer on the lips. "Like you
said just like old times."

"Some things you never forget," She-Hulk replied with her own smile.

"Don't you dare think this exchange is going to be one sided," Elektra began
as she got up from the bed and started to walk towards the closet.

"Hold on hon," She-Hulk said, "I've got something that I think you'll like
as much as I do."

"What's that?"

"Remember the pill I took earlier?" Jennifer asked as she felt a tingling
sensation intensely burn between her legs.

"Oh my god..." Elektra mumbled when Jennifer stood up as her vagina
seemingly closed giving no indication that an opening was ever there. Then a
tiny bulge began forming. Slowly it pushed outward taking the generic shape
of a penis. Right below that She-Hulk's skin began to loosen and form a sack
like shape. With in a couple of minutes She-Hulk was sporting a very real
thirteen-inch cock with scrotum. "Where the hell did that come from?"

"You can thank the Skrulls for that. The formula for that pill was one of
the things S.H.I.E.L.D. found in the downed spacecraft in Antarctica last
year. He never said why, but Fury wanted the pill created and tested and I
managed to obtain a few bottles. Just one pill and forty-five minutes later
you've got your own cock. They're great to jack off when you're alone. The
only downside is that the pill only lasts forty-five minutes as well, before
you have to take another one if you want to keep going."

"The I'll just have to make sure you come then," Elektra said moving to
Jennifer's front and sitting down on her knees. She stared at the massive
green cock in front of her for a few minutes watching it pulse every so
often. Then slowly Elektra reached out taking hold of She-Hulk's shaft at
the base and began to slide her hand back and forth over it. Elektra started
to salivate as Jennifer's penis started to harden in her hands. Jennifer saw
the look in Elektra's eyes and couldn't have been happier with her reaction.
Elektra stroked She-Hulk several times before slowly taking the tip of it
into her mouth.

"That's it baby," She-Hulk moaned as her lover slowly began taking the shaft
into her mouth.

Elektra was only able to get seven inches of Jennifer's cock into her mouth
before it began to press against the back of her throat. That didn't dissuade
her though and she kept working the massive prick into her mouth and down her
throat. Elektra gagged several times nearly choking on She-Hulk's dick, but
kept on until she managed to swallow all thirteen inches.

"God this feels good!" She-Hulk groaned as Elektra began to pull her head

When there was about five inches of She-Hulk still in her mouth Elektra
began to push the massive green cock back down her throat. Jennifer's penis
began throbbing as Elektra began deepthroating her again with seemingly
little discomfort. Her groin was aching as Elektra's lips continually passed
over her shaft back and forth. Jennifer grabbed the back of the former
assassin's head and began thrusting herself hard into Elektra's gullet. The
ferocity of She-Hulk's actions caught Elektra off guard and she quickly
began to gag as the massive cock quickly plunged back and forth between her
lips and down her throat. Drool was beginning to drip down Elektra's chin
and she very near threw up several times.

"This is so much better than I had hoped!" She-Hulk grunted with her hands
still behind Elektra's head and her thirteen-inch cock still pushing back
and forth deep into her throat. As she continued to pound Elektra's mouth
and throat for several more minutes Jennifer felt her cock began to throb
and push for release. She pulled herself from Elektra's mouth and the former
assassin fell to the bed gasping for air.

"Shit I can't believe I was able to do that," the dark haired beauty panted
trying to catch her breath.

"I can," She-Hulk smirked. "You always had a big mouth."

"That was lame Jen," Elektra replied rolling her eyes and smiling.

"Get on the bed on all fours and let's see if this is lame."

Elektra did as she was told and as Jennifer walked up behind her she could
see Elektra's asshole was still gaping from the fisting. The former assassin
squealed with delight as the first eight inches of the jade cock easily slid
into her backside.

"Oh my fucking god," Elektra groaned excitedly as Jennifer began inching the
last five inches of her shaft inside her.

As stretched and wide open as her anus was She-Hulk's overly large dick
still managed to tightly fill Elektra. The Greek woman couldn't help but
reach down between her legs and began to finger her clit as inch after inch
of Jennifer forced it's way into her backside.

When she finally bottomed out in Elektra Jennifer slowly pulled out and
pushed back into keeping to a slow steady place. Even with the initial soft
gentle thrusting by She-Hulk Elektra's body managed to extract massive
sexual excitement from the act. She feverishly fingered her clit moaning as
it came out of hiding. Elektra's finger flicked back and forth pinching it
several times as Jennifer's pace began to pick up.

Elektra's body was thrown forward with each hard thrust of She-Hulk's. With
a tight grip on her lover's hips She-Hulk ravaged Elektra's asshole drilling
her hard and deep. Turned on beyond her imagination by the large green cock
splitting apart her buttocks Elektra's fingers leapt from her clit and
buried themselves in her cunt.

The former assassin eagerly fingered her cunt as Jennifer continued to grind
her cock into her asshole. With the very stretched state that her pussy
currently was in Elektra found that two fingers wasn't enough to get off to.
She entered a third then a fourth finger and found those weren't satisfactory
either. Propping herself up with one arm as She-Hulk's mammoth thirteen-inch
cock reamed her behind Elektra carefully worked her entire hand into her
cunt. She was in heaven as both of her lower orifices were worked over.

Experiencing her first true sexual encounter with her dick Jennifer felt as
if her body was going to explode. Each time her member passed through
Elektra's anal opening rubbing against the inner walls Jennifer felt herself
get just a little bit more excited. Her dick throbbed just a little more
teasing her with an orgasm that just wasn't ready to come yet.

Elektra was in sexual bliss not far from a second orgasm. Her body trembled
as her fist and She-Hulk's cock thrust into her body nearly simultaneously
each time. Elektra's body was tensing up squeezing down on the foreign
objects penetrating her body.

"I'm fixing to come!" Jennifer suddenly grunted. With a last gasp and hard
deep thrust she slammed her dick into Elektra's backside and held it there
as it opened up.

As she felt Jennifer's cum erupt inside her burrowing deep into her bowels
Elektra could no longer hold back. Her body spasmed and she experienced her
second orgasm of the night. Her cunt squeezed down on her fist covering it's
second hand of the night with cum. At the same time her asshole was clenching
the large jade penis inside of it milking every bit of cum from it that it
could. She-Hulk pulled out first and flopped onto the bed next to her lover.
Then with semen spilling from her asshole Elektra pulled her hand out and
fell next to She-Hulk.

"Let me help you with that," Jennifer said taking Elektra's hand and licking
one side of it as Elektra licked the other. Once the hand was relatively
clean the two of them kissed swapping saliva and cum.

"Tonight was the best night of my life," Elektra said staring into She-Hulk's

"Me too. I love you Elektra."

"I love you too Jennifer." She-Hulk and Elektra lay in each other's arms for
several minutes just enjoying the other's presence. "We should change your
sheets. There a bit too wet and messy for you to sleep on."

"I could just sleep in your room," Jennifer remarked smiling.

"And how would that look to Susan and Nita?" Elektra smirked.

"It's no big deal. I told Susan we dated while we worked for S.H.I.E.L.D.
and she and Nita really like each other. But if you like sleeping alone
that's fine with me."

"Cute, real cute. You can sleep in my room even if being afraid of the dark
is silly. We still need to change the sheets though. You've soiled these big

* * *

"Sir, you really should get some sleep. Even you need it," Black Widow said
finding Nick Fury staring out one of the helicarrier's windows at four
fifteen in the morning.

"I'll sleep once we find those women."

"What do you plan on doing with She-Hulk once we find them? She's one of us."

"Not anymore. Once she left her with Elektra she became an enemy of the state
like the rest of them."

Suddenly a communicator on Nick's belt came to life. "Sir good news. We found
them," a voice said.

"Great. Where are they?"

"In a house five hours outside of New York City in the middle of nowhere.
The address is being entered into the system as we speak."

"Thank you and tell the team good job. Once we complete this mission there
will be a little something extra for everyone."

"Do you plan to kill all of them or just Susan?" Black Widow asked as she
and Fury headed towards the nearest terminal.

"All of them. There's always someone waiting to take control in every
terrorist organization."

"I'd hardly consider the four of them terrorists."

"Look," Nick said as they reached a terminal displaying the address of the
house and a map of the area. "Susan Richards is a threat to national
security. The others are helping her. They all need to be taken care of."

Black Widow didn't say another work as Nick walked away. She quickly moved
to her room and removed the prepaid cell phone she had hidden. Black Widow
locked her door and dialed ten digits hoping someone was awake.

"I didn't think you'd actually turn on Fury. I'm impressed."

"Shut up and listen. Your team has got to leave now if you want to save
Susan and her friends. Reed really wants her dead and Fury will give orders
to shoot on sight."

"Perhaps you should come work for me. There won't be much left of
S.H.I.E.L.D. once this is over."

"Thanks for the offer, but I'd prefer to run S.H.I.E.L.D. instead."


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