Note: There was a short-lived Spider-Woman cartoon in 1979.

Elektra/Spider-woman: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 32 (FF,magic,mc)
by Hamster

SHIELD had contacted Jessica Drew aka the luscious Spider Woman and requested
her immediate assistance. Shariq al' Maliq the King of Qurait was in New
York. Shield had learned that a former Russian agent had sold him a nuclear
weapon. It was now up to Spider Woman to get the weapon back. She had to do
it quietly and with minimal force. Jessica arrived at the King's diplomatic
party in a red dress invitation in hand. She strode gracefully through the
room filled with business men, politicians, trophy wives, high paid escorts,
and sycophants. She mingled and made small talk but her primary goal was
finding the King alone. Jessica was carefully taking inventory of the
security when she bumped into the last person that she wanted to see. The
black haired assaissin Elektra was now standing in front of her wearing a
low-cut white dress and stiletto heels.

"Jessica, how nice to see you." Lied Elektra.

"I'm happy to see you too dear." Said Jessica.

Both women turned and headed to the bathroom. They elbowed each other
slightly as they made their way in. Spider-Woman who got in second locked
the door. Each of them rushed into a separate stall and started the work of
changing into their 'work close'. Once they got out They stood and glared at
each other.

"I don't know why you are here but I need Al' Maliq alive." Spider-Woman

"Good luck with that. I need him dead, my client was very clear about that.
Deader the better." Elektra replied as she dodge a sudden stun-bolt.

"So that's how it's going to be?" Elektra demanded.

"Exactly how it's going to be." Spider-Woman replied.

"We will see about that." Said Elektra.

Elektra ran forward sais drawn and ready for the kill. Elektra attacked but
Spider-Woman side stepped her and then delivered a kick to her back. Elektra
turned and backhanded Spider-woman who retaliated with an energy bolt that
just barely missed. The two women continued their little duel for several
minutes with neither giving ground. Spider-Woman and Elektra countered each
other with annoying efficiency and were beginning to grow angry.

Bob the Cupid was invisible and watched the entire battle with great
interest. Frankly watching the two hot women battle it out in their tight
costumes was certified treat but there had to be an end or the two of them
might hurt each other and that was an unacceptable risk. Cupid notched two
of his arrows and fired.

Both women yelped as they were struck by the invisible magic arrows. They
were instantly filled with a deep passionate desire to fuck each other silly.
They both stopped fighting and backed off a little. They stared at each
other's hot bodies lustfully.

"Umm about Al' Malik." Said Elektra.

"Yes?" Asked Spider-Woman.

"No need for us to fight." Said Elektra. "I can help you get any information
that you need from him and then I can kill him after that." Said Elektra.

"That is a good idea." Said Spider-Woman.

"Great. Now maybe we could…Celebrate our new understanding." Said Elektra
as she approached Spider-Woman with a sexy strut.

"That sounds like a good idea." Said Spider-Woman as she licked her lips.

The two women came together and Elektra put her hands on Spider-Woman's hips
and then pulled her close so that they could kiss. The two woman made out and
Elektra grabbed Spider-Woman's but while Spider-Woman's hands slid up to give
Elektra's luscious boobs a good squeeze. Elektra's costume, being easiest to
removed was the first to go. But Elektra was not alone in her nudity for
long. Soon Spider-Woman was in all of her naked glory as well. The two women
were again kissing and playing with each other's boobs. Elektra pushed
Spider-Woman against the wall and inserted a finger in the other woman's
pussy. She began to push it in and out, slowly at first but then she began to
pump it harder all the while massaging one of Spider-Woman's sexy tits with
her free hand.

Bob the cupid had his cock in his fist and was beating it like the Flash on
caffeine. Meanwhile Spider-Woman had two fingers in Elektra's pussy and was
fingering her fast and hard. It was practically a finger-fuck contest with
each woman trying desperately to out do the other. Each woman began to cry
out as they came together. The women separated and began to re-dress in their
party outfits. They had information to gather and a man to kill.
_ _ _

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