Not to be read by anyone under 18. This story contains graphic descriptions
of sexuality. If this offends you, leave now. This is fiction. Hypnosis does
not work this way. If you feel like trying this, seek help.

Hypno TV: Ellen (f/f,mc)
by MAW

"I forgot how good California felt," Kimberly said as she sat down. She and
Sydney were seated at a small outdoor cafe right next door to a bookshop.
"Too bad the plan didn't work out right."

"Who'd have thought the entire gang would pick the same weekend to go out of
town?" Sydney said, shaking her head. "We go to the trouble of arranging and
planning our trip here to have some fun with the others and no one's around."

Kimberly sighed. "Well, we still have a few days here. We can still have some

"Kim, you ever feel guilty over what we do? I mean, hypnotizing total
strangers into hours of passionate sex, just to give ourselves an
overwhelming sense of power?"


"Me neither, I was just checking."

"Excuse me." The two redheads looked up to see a woman standing at their
table. She was about Kimberly's height, with short blond hair, a nice smile
and an attractive face. She was clad in a black suit that showed as little
of her body as possible. "I couldn't help overhearing what you just said,
seeing as how I was eavesdropping as close as I could, and I wanted to talk
to you."

Kimberly and Sydney looked at each other then back to the woman. "Be our
guest," Kimberly said, motioning to the empty chair in between them. The
woman sat down, an air of nervousness surrounding her like a personal cloud.
"Ah, hi, I'm Ellen, I'm a kind of in-between-jobs person right now. Anyway,
I was thinking maybe you two could help me."

"With?" Kimberly asked.

"Well, I'm gay, in case you haven't heard. Just realized it a few months

"Welcome to the club," Sydney said, raising her glass.

"Yes, thank you, I've already received my free bottle of champagne and the
welcome letter from Martina Navatroliva. Anyhoo, for the most part,
everyone's been real supportive of it, except by former boss, who fired me
as part of the annual purge and my friend Paige. Now, I like Paige. I mean,
I like Paige, I don't *like* like Paige. You two following me?"

"Keep going and maybe we'll catch up," Sydney replied.

"Okay, well, I was wondering if maybe there was a way you two could help me
show her that being gay isn't a disease or something. If you can."

"You want us to meet her?" Sydney said. Ellen was slightly put off at the way
she licked her lips at the prospect.

"Well, actually, what I thought was, you two could teach me this hypnosis
stuff, then I could use it on her."

Kimberly stared at Ellen. "Do you always ask complete strangers for help with
things like this?"

"Well, I could ask my friend Audrey, but talking to her for more than five
minutes makes my head hurt. So?"

Sydney shrugged. "What the hell? Let's do it."

"Why?" Kimberly asked.

"Come on, Kim, don't you want to do someone some good?"

"Why ruin a perfectly good record, Syd?"

"Come on, I'll make it up to you," Sydney said.

"Hey, I'll make it worth your while," Ellen said. "I'll pop for a trip to
Universal Studios. I'm afraid you'll only be able to go on the tram."

Kimberly rolled her eyes. "You owe me, Syd."

"I already look forward to paying you back."

* * *

"I give up!" Kimberly threw her hands up and stalked through the kitchen in
Ellen's home. She and Sydney had been trying for the last half-hour to
hypnotize Ellen. The main difficulty was Ellen's constant habit of
interrupting anyone's conversation with a sarcastic comment. It was driving
the short-tempered Kimberly up the wall.

"Look, Ellen, I'm going to try this again," Sydney said. "Now could you
please, please try to keep quiet and pay attention?" The two were sitting on
Ellen's couch as Sydney held up a chain attached to a red pendant. "Now, just
clear your mind of everything. All thoughts. Just let it go blank."

"Oh, wait, I've got that Chubawaba song stuck in my head," Ellen said. She
began humming a few bars.

"Ellen, please just look at the pendant. Just look at it and listen to my
voice. Concentrate on my voice. Just look at the pendant and listen to my

"That's at the same time, right? I mean, you don't want me to look at the
pendant *then* listen to your voice, right, because otherwise we could be
here a while."

Sydney let the pendant fall to the couch as she got up and joined Kimberly.
"Okay, well, I think the first lesson is going great," Ellen called. "I'm
ready for advanced steps whenever you are!"

Sydney walked to where Kimberly was pouring some diet soda into glasses.
"This is hopeless," Sydney said. "She *may* be able to put someone under but
there isn't a chance she'll shut up long enough to go under herself." She
watched as Kimberly drew a small vial out of her pocket. She opened it and
poured a white powder into one of the drinks. "Are you sure that's
necessary?" Sydney said.

"No, but I left the chloroform at the hotel," Kimberly replied as she brought
the glasses over to the couch. Ellen took a huge sip of her drink. "Ah, drink
of second-runner-ups." She leaned back on the couch. Sydney and Kimberly
smiled at one another. The drug was designed to work quickly. It wouldn't
knock Ellen out, but it would lower her resistance value. Kimberly sat next
to Ellen. "Now, Ellen, I know you want to help us on this," she said in a
soothing voice. She put one hand on Ellen's shoulder and slowly let the other
caress her own chest. Ellen's gaze was fixed on Kimberly's hand as she
watched it move in a slow circle just over Kimberly's right breast. "I know
you want to help us hypnotize you. You really want to. And that's important,
of course. Trusting us to hypnotize you. Trusting us to send you deep into
hypnosis. You want to relax and let us take care of you, relax and let
yourself be taken away by us. Hypnotized by us. Isn't that what you really

"..Yeah," Ellen said. Her gaze was fixed on Kimberly's hand, the smooth
motions as it lightly caressed the red shirt Kimberly wore. "..That..and a
pony.." Not even hypnosis could kill her natural sarcasm.

"That's right, Ellen," Kimberly said. "You just want to let us hypnotize you.
And you can feel it happening as we talk. As you watch my hand move, slowly
and carefully. That's right, just watch my hand. Slowly and carefully. See
how it moves, follow it's movements with your eyes. Just watch it move,
slowly, back and forth, around and around. You can feel yourself relaxing as
you watch it, just feel yourself drift. Just watch my hand and you can feel
yourself begin to fall. Falling into hypnosis. Deeper and deeper as you
watch. Just keep watching, Ellen and you'll feel so good and so relaxed.
You're feeling hypnotized, Ellen, aren't you?"

Ellen didn't answer, her eyes, half-open, fixed on Kimberly's hand. "Just
keep watching my hand, Ellen. Keep watching it and feel yourself being
hypnotized." Kimberly took her hand off her chest and slowly began extending
it towards Ellen. "Just keep watching my hand, Ellen. Just keep watching it
and feel yourself drifting deeper and deeper into hypnosis. As my hand comes
closer, you feel yourself drifting further and further into hypnosis. When
my hand touches your eyes, Ellen, you will fall completely under hypnosis.
Just relax and trust me." Kimberly let her fingers touch Ellen's eyes. They
shut as Ellen slumped back on the couch.

"Damn, you're good," Sydney whispered. She could feel the familiar wetness
between her legs that came from watching her lover put people under.

Nodding, Kimberly continued to speak softly. "Ellen, you are now hypnotized.
This is what you asked us to do. This is what you wanted. Now, you want to
do as Sydney and I instruct. Do what we say. It feels so good to do what we
say and to let us take care of you. Now stand up." Ellen got to her feet,
swaying slightly, a look of utter contentment on her face. Sydney took her
by the hand and led her to the bedroom as Kimberly followed.

Inside the bedroom, Kimberly gave a simple order. "Strip." The three stripped
at once, Ellen's movements slower than the others. Her body, once it was
shown, wasn't too bad. An ample bosom, strong hips, legs that, while not
supermodel material, were still attractive. Kimberly gazed at the blond patch
in between Ellen's legs and smiled. She nodded at Sydney, who immediately
moved to Ellen. She took her face gently in her hands and kissed her. Ellen
moaned softly. Having only come to grips with her sexuality a few months ago,
she was still a little nervous about kissing a woman. But, her relaxed state
helped to combat her anxiety and she slowly returned Sydney's kiss. Tongues
entwining, the two nude women fell on the couch, Sydney on top.

She moved down Ellen's body, kissing the curves of the breasts. She let her
hand move down Ellen's body, feeling the curve as she came to the hips.
Kimberly climbed onto the bed, moving herself so she straddled Ellen, her
red-haired pussy inches from her mouth. "Lick me, Ellen," Kimberly said.
"Go ahead. You know it's what you want to do." Ellen let her tongue out and
pushed it at Kimberly's pussy. Kimberly moaned as Ellen slowly pushed her
tongue into her clit. Ellen was driven on by Sydney, who was jabbing her
tongue in and out of her pussy with abandon. Sydney gripped Ellen's thighs,
pushing them apart as she lapped at Ellen's clit. Ellen moaned, juices
beginning to drip into her mouth. She continued to kiss Kimberly's pussy
until she came, Kimberly's juices falling right onto her mouth. Ellen came
soon after, her cum splashing onto Sydney's face.

The two redheads sat up onto the bed on either side of Ellen. "Ellen,"
Kimberly said softly. "In a moment, you will awaken. You will feel refreshed
and relaxed and you will recall everything that happened to you while you
were under."

"Now there's a switch," Sydney muttered.

"Fully awake, Ellen," Kimberly said. Ellen's eyes blinked open as she
recovered herself. She looked at the two redheads. "Whoa," she said. "That
was--interesting. So, I have to do the same to Paige?"

"Well, it's not that easy," Kimberly said. "You were letting us do this,
remember, and you're already gay. Paige is straight and you've got to put
her under without her expectations."

"Have you got any ideas about that?"

Sydney smiled. "Oh, we'll think of something. Later." She and Kimberly both
descended onto Ellen. There was a lot of grunting going on from that point.

* * *

It was later in the evening as Paige and Ellen enjoyed a drink together in
Ellen's apartment. Paige was attractive, with reddish-brown hair and a cute,
upturned nose. She and Ellen had been friends for awhile, but Ellen's coming
out had added a tension between them. A tension Ellen was looking to relieve.

"What is this?" Paige said as she giggled. "I'm so--giddy."

"Oh, just a little vodka, ice, sodium penethrol," Ellen replied in a light

"More, please," Paige said as she giggled again. She couldn't help herself.
She hadn't felt this relaxed in a while. Her studio job usually put a lot of
pressure on her. "So, what's the trinket you wanted to show me?"

"Oh, I met this woman at the cafe today and she let me have this," Ellen said
as she reached onto the table and removed the pendant Sydney had left there.
She held it up, the chain unwinding so the pendant hung just above Paige's
line of vision. "She told me it was supposed to be one of those old witch
rubies," Ellen said. "You know, you find those everywhere. Witches used to
have them around, to increase their power."

"Really," Paige said. She didn't believe a word Ellen was saying, but the
ruby was nice. She watched as Ellen tugged on the chain and the ruby began
to gently swing from side to side. "It's nice."

"Yeah, it is. I like the way it gets your attention as it shines. It really
does shine now, when it moves like this. It just swings from left to right,
left to right and you just enjoy watching it and the light bounces off it.
Left to right and you see hundreds of different patterns of light flashing
at you, into your eyes. Left to right, flash, flash, it's soothing to watch,
it's relaxing. You just keep watching it, your eyes following it as it moves
left to right, left to right and back again. You just keep watching it swing
and shine, the light going into your eyes and you just feel so relaxed and
calm. It's so nice just to watch it swing and shine and feel yourself
relaxing, feeling so tired, so very tired. You just keep watching it swing
and shine and you just feel more and more tired. Your eyes keep moving left
to right, left to right and the light keeps flashing into them and they feel
so heavy, so very heavy. All you want to do is close them. You just want to
close your eyes and relax and sleep. Just sleep. All you really want to do
right now is sleep. Just close your eyes, Paige. Close your eyes and sleep."

Paige's eyes shut and Ellen grabbed the glass before it slipped out of her
limp hand. She sat there, her head slumped forward, her eyes shut firmly.
Ellen put the glass down and took Paige's hand in her own. "Paige, can you
hear me?"

"..Yes.." Paige whispered.

"Paige, remember when we kissed?" To get back at both Paige and a woman who
had spurned her advances, Ellen had pretended that she and Paige were lovers,
going so far as kissing her in the process. "I remember," Paige said.

"How did you feel?"


"Really?" Ellen said. "You felt good kissing me?"

"Yeah..Kind of.."

"I want you to remember how good you felt, Paige. I want you to remember how
good that felt. I want that feeling to just go over your whole body." Ellen
moved forward and kissed her friend. Gently at first, she was surprised when
Paige responded passionetly, wrapping her tongue around Ellen's like a pro.
Ellen broke off the kiss and lay Paige down on the couch. "You want this,
Paige," she whispered. "You know you do. You can feel the desire for this
going all through your body. Just go with the feelings and relax. Relax and
let me take care of you."

Ellen unbuttoned Paige's pants and slowly pulled them down. She pulled down
Paige's panties, exposing the dark patch in between them. Ellen moved up to
unbutton Paige's shirt. She was happy to see that Paige was wearing one of
the bras with the clasp on front. Undoing it, she let Paige's breasts go
free. She gently buried her head in between them, hearing Paige groan in
response. She moved one hand down to Paige's pussy and began massaging it,
moving her index finger in and out. She suckled a nipple as she continued
to finger her friend, sending pleasure throughout Paige. After a few more
minutes of suckling and tickling, Ellen moved down to Paige's clit. She
placed her tongue inside and began licking. Turned on by her entranced state,
the fingering, the kissing of her breasts and the images in her mind, Paige
soon came, her juices spilling onto Ellen's face.

Swallowing her friend's cum, Ellen sat up. She pulled up Paige's panties and
redid her bra. With Paige's pants and shirt both open, Ellen said, "Wake up,

Paige's eyes snapped open as she awakened. She looked at Ellen, her memories
jumbling together. She seemed more shocked than angry. "What--what the hell
did you just do?"

"I hypnotized you," Ellen said. Her face was filled with concern. "I'm sorry,
Paige, I didn't want you to be hurt, it's just--"

"Just what?" Paige said as she quickly rebuttoned her shirt.

"Paige, has the earth cracked open and swallowed you up? Has a lightening
bolt come from the sky and fried you? Has a mob broken down the door to take
you away and burn you at the stake?" Intensity covered Ellen's face. "You
already had these feelings, Paige. All I did was intensify them. Deep down,
this is in everyone. People like me just have more of it."

Paige bit her lip. "I guess I had it coming," she said. "Considering what a
jerk I've been to you. I'm sorry, Ellen, it's just, ever since you came out
it's felt like we don't belong in the same circle. I just feel like we don't
belong anymore."

Ellen smiled. "We belong, Paige. You're still the same person you were an
hour ago. I'm still the same as I was a few months ago. I can't see why we
can't be friends. Well, except for the fact that I just made love to you
while you were drugged and under hypnosis."

Paige smiled. "I think we can work around that."

* * *

"It feels good to help people, admit it," Sydney said as she and Kimberly
arrived at the airport.

"Syd, if there's one thing we've learned in our various relationships, it's
that people are for the most part scum. Relationships based on feelings are

"Ah. That's why we base ours on sex, right?"


With that inspirational thought, the two headed off to take their flight to
New York.


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