Disclaimer: This is my third Fiction story. I hope you enjoy it and if I get
enough positive feedback I will look into writing more soap based fiction
stories. Note this is only to be viewed by over 18's. For now can you start
a thread in the forums for any feedback.

Emmerdale: Away From The Cameras Part 1 (MMFF, cons)
by Derkbob ([email protected])

Katie, Donna, Robert and Andy sat around the kitchen table down at Andy's
farm. The table was covered in a deep green cloth and sat in the center was
a unopened pack of cards. It was strip poker night. Each had bought in and
the winner would be the last one with any chips or wearing any clothes.
However all knew that it was unlikely to get to that stage as it hadnt the
previous two times and so it all had to be restarted the following week.
Destined to descend into a drunken orgy Robert reached for the cards opened
and began to shuffle.

The first few hands went as any good strip poker game should and all were
soon free of shoes, socks and tights. The two lads were wearing jeans
t-shirts and boxers whilst Katie was left in a short skirt with some white
knickers and a tight white top covering the matching bra to the set. Donna
was in jeans and a t-shirt making her at this stage in last place. The next
hand went to Katie with Andy losing the most money so he removed his shirt,
as did Robert at the next hand.

After getting 2 pair dealt Donna was feeling confident and ended up losing a
heads up against Katie resulting in her slowly peeling off her green t-shirt
revealing her breasts to the world and causing her nipples to spring to

"Bit nippy tonight" Robert punned in his usual way.

Next two hand were disastrous for Katie and she was down to just her Bra and
Pantie set. The lads by this point were bulging at their jeans and hoping
that soon they could take them off and get on with what they were all really
here for, To their relief the next two hands were against them and they could
remove their jeans relieving the pressure on their jeans and giving their
cocks a chance to move. Katie lost again and dropped her bra to the ground
revealing her gorgeous milky breasts, now both lads were desperate to get
their hands on the goods and their cocks were standing to full attention
(which both girls made sure to check on).

Giggling Donna bet big in the next hand only to lose and so had to drop her
last bit of clothing, She stood up and slowly slid her jeans down her legs
before gently stepping out of them. She gave the lads a twirl and sat back
down grinning, next hand Katie too had to remove her last piece of clothing
and quickly revealed her trimmed bush to the world.

So there were just three pieces of clothing on the table and it looked like
this game might end this week much to all fours dismay (but knowing they
would just start another). Katie dealt and found herself with 2 pair against
Robert and bet big only to lose.

"Well looks like your out" Smirked Robert talking to Katies breasts.

"Ill take a dare to stay in" Said Katie with a wicked look in her eye.

"Ok, Get under the table and give oral to someone" Said Robert.

Katie grinned and slowly slid under the table, before long Andy felt his cock
being brought free of his boxers by Katie, as did Robert, both looked at each
other and realised what was going on. Sammy gently licked the tip of one cock
then moved to the other, slowly she then slid her lips down Roberts shaft
taking in 4" before bobbing back up and down for a few seconds, Then she
repeated the feat to Andy. By this point Donna had worked out who was getting
the blowjob and feeling left out wanted to get in on the action. She moved
her chair back and crawled under the table behind Katie. At first she rubbed
Katie's cunt with the palm of her hand getting her even wetter than she was
and then proceeded to bury her nose into Katies ass and tongue in her cunt.
Katie began to writhe at the sensation and took more of the cocks she was
blowing into her mouth and down her throat. Before long the lads were ready
to blow and pulled Katies head off them, the girls crawled out from under the
table. They then positioned themselves bent over the table and Robert moved
behind Katie and Andy behind Donna. Sliding their cocks into their wet
pussies they proceeded to Fuck the little girls very hard which they both
knew wouldnt last long because these cunts were very young and very tight,
Swapping over after just 4 or 5 minutes the lads continued to fuck the
grunting whores over the kitchen table and before long blew their loads deep
inside their pussies as the girls continued to orgasm. All the hard fucking
had caused the girls to look like sweaty ragdolls being thrown over the table
and the chips were a mess.

"Well theres only one thing for it," said Andy.

"Yep, rematch next week," Said Robert.

Both girls still slumped over the table smiled at each other.

"But for now", said Robert, as he slapped Katies ass "More fucking."

All four headed upstairs to continue the orgy...


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