Emmerdale: Cain And Nicola's Revenge (MF,MF+,F-best,ws,exhib,cons,ncon)
by Michael_John11 ([email protected])

Nicola groaned as Cain slid his bulging cock back inside her and resumed his
vicious assault of her wide, accomodating cunt. They stood in the woolpack
carpark, Nicola pressed against a brick wall by Cain with her panties round
her ankles and her legs wrapped around him as he brought her to yet another
very welcome orgasm. Cain had noticed Nicola drinking alone in the woolpack
and quickly discovered her slutty reputation was deserved as she'd agreed to
"go outside" with him after just a couple of gin and tonics. Nicola had been
eyeing Cain up for a while having always found bad and dangerous men like him
a major turn on, she was hoping the sex would be wild and animalstic and she
hadn't been disappointed as he fucked her within an inch of her life
breathing obscenities into her ear and pressing his muscular body against
hers so that she had no choice but to accept more and more of his big cock
into her ever widening pussy.

"Yeah fucking take it ye bitch!" Cain snarled "I knew you'd be right up for

Nicola screamed out as he shot another laod inside of her and she had a
triple orgasm. "Now my arse! Dead hard!" Nicola gasped as Cain pulled out of

Cain grinned then flipped her round and pushed her short skirt right up
over her bare buttocks and ramming his cock up her wide anus to squeals of
approval from Nicola. Nicola's ecstacy was intensified by Cain yanking her
blonde hair back and groping her big, firm breasts through the thin blouse
she had on.

"It's a good job ye let me have my way with ye." Cain said as he intensified
his anal assault "Cos if ye hadn't I was gonna wait till closing and rape

Nicola's eyes lit up, it had always been her darkest fantasy to be the victim
of a violent rape or be part of one.

"You'd really do that?" Nicola said between gasps.

"Oh yeah definitely." Cain said "There's a few cunts round here who'd better
watch their backs."

Nicola's arousal and curiousty grew. "Like who?" she asked.

Cain considered for a moment.

"That Katie for one, the little cows begging for it and I'd be able to rub
Andy's nose in it... And that stuck up bitch Chloe, she needs taking down a
peg or two and she's got a right pair of tits on her... hey speaking of tits
I'd do Ollie Reynolds an'all, except I'd force her this time instead of
manipulating her into it...."

He broke off as Nicola let out a scream, he grinned at her and pulled out of
her anus.

"You dirty cow! That were turning you on weren't it? Me talking about rape I

Nicola turned round and nodded emphatically. "Oh god yeah Cain, I love the
thought of you showing them bitches who's boss, what I wouldn't give to

Cain was takenaback for a moment, he'd known Nicola was a slag but he'd never
imagined she was this hardcore. He grinned as an idea suddenly occurred to

"Y'know Nicola..." he began "I could make our fantasy come true...with your

Nicola's eyes widened.

* * *

Katie hurried excitedly towards the disused barn well out of the village
that Andy's note had given her directions to, she had also complied with his
instructions to come in her school uniform knowing how much it turned him on.
She'd been a little surprised when she'd got the note but she was turned on
at the prospect of outdoor sex, she always liked to try new things.

"Andy are ye there?" she shouted as she opened the barn and blinked into the

It was hardly the most romantic of venues, smelly and damp, Katie was also
sure she could hear animals and as she listened closer the sound of muffled
whimpering. She started as she heard a match being struck and the barn was
suddenly illuminated by several carefully placed candles. She was bewildered
to see a gagged and bound Chloe and Ollie on the floor desperately trying to
warn her of something then horrified as she turned to see a grinning Cain
bare down on her. Terrified, she turned and ran back towards the barn door
only for Nicola to step out, smiling wickedly and push her to the floor
before slamming the door shut and standing in front of it. Cain picked Katie
up kicking and screaming and dragged her back across the barn, keeping firm
hold of her.

"What's going on?" Katie stammered "Why are you here, why are Chloe and Ollie
tied up?"

"Fucking hell, they're not wrong about blondes are they?" Cain said grinning
at Nicola "You've been set up ye stupid little cow, Andy never sent ye no
note it were me and Nicola, we did same to Chloe and Ollie, all three of you
dopey sluts fell for it."

Nicola grinned maliciously at a tearful and angry Chloe and Ollie. "Yeah we
knew you slags wouldn't think twice about a bit of outdoor nookie."

"Wwwhat are you gonna do to us?" Katie asked tearfully, though she already
had a good idea.

Cain ran his hand through her long, blonde hair then pressed his head against
hers. Katie felt sick as she smelt his foul breath on her beautiful face.
"I'm gonna show you what it feels like to be fucked by a REAL man." Cain

Katie shuddered as he began to rub her small, pert breasts through the thin
material of her school blouse then frustrated at his restricted acess he
ripped it off followed by the bra beneath leaving the young girl topless.
Katie began to sob and tried to cover her modesty but Cain angrily pushed
her arms away and yanked at her hair viciously.

"Don't make this any harder on yourself Katie, resist and I'll be ten times
harder on ye." He warned.

Katie was mortified but knew she would have to submit to Cain's assault or
face an even worse fate. Cain resumed his caressing of her now fully exposed
breasts, her pink nipples now standing on end much to Katie's humiliation.

"See ye enjoying it already." Cain grinned.

Nicola felt herself getting moist as she watched the unfolding scene, she'd
had her reservations right up to them luring the girls to the barn and was
still worried about being caught or the girls reporting them but all her
worries began to drift away as she watched gorgeous young Katie being
humiliated and she couldn't wait for those bitches Chloe and Ollie to suffer
the same fate. She grinned at the terrified pair as they watched poor Katie
being felt up by the evil Cain then ordered them to their feet and pulled
off their gags.

"You bitch! How can you be part of this?" Chloe demanded.

"Yeah ye both gonna pay for this!" Ollie snapped.

Nicola grinned wickedly at them both and nodded at Cain who was busy tearing
off Katie's skirt.

"Ye in no position to be making threats, maybe I'll get him to go easier on
ye if ye shut the fuck up and do what I say."

Chloe and Ollie exchanged glances, they were both terrified about what that
bastard Cain might do to them, maybe it was worth co-operating with Nicola.
They both fell silent and awaited Nicola's instructions. Nicola smiled "Good,
now let's get on with it."

Chloe and Ollie looked alarmed as she pulled a stanley knife from her pocket
and began to approach them.

"Please Nicola no, I'm sorry if..." Chloe sobbed.

"Shut up!" Nicola snapped and began to gently cut the thin material of
Chloe's tight low cut top in two leaving her big firm breasts covered by just
a silky bra, Chloe gasped as Nicola then ripped off her short skirt, worn
specially for Scott, to reveal Chloe's hazel coloured bush.

"No knickers eh Chloe? Jesus you're a slut." Nicola grinned.

A humiliated Chloe bowed her head as Nicola unclipped her bra and yanked it
off releasing her magnificent breasts and leaving her naked. Cain leered at
a scowling Chloe as he slid his hand up a sobbing Katie's skirt and groped
her pussy through the thin fabric of her panties.

"Very nice Chloe, can't wait to get me dick between those babies!" he jeered.

Chloe glared at him. "You're dead if Scott finds out about this!" she

"So are you." Cain replied menacingly.

Chloe fell silent, she knew Cain was serious and didn't want to provoke him
any further.

"Hey Cain, here's a familiar sight for ye." Nicola said as she slashed
Ollie's sweater and jeans then helped her out of her matching satin bra and
panties. Cain surveyed his former lovers naked body approvingly as she tried
to avoid his stare.

"Looking good Ollie, lost a bit of weight haven't ye? Hey at least ye won't
be so tight this time eh?" he grinned.

Ollie scowled but continued to avoid his stare. She and Chloe shivered in
the freezing cold of the barn as Cain and Nicola both eyed every inch of
their vastly different but equally alluring naked bodies. Chloe was tall and
slender while Ollie was small and curvy, there were similarities however not
least in the ample size of their respective breasts and the thick, hazel
coloured bushes that covered their pussys. Nicola had always repressed her
bisexual tendencies but staring at the two of them she could hardly contain
herself and decided Cain wasn't going to have all the fun.

"Right, while Cain's busy with blondie over there, you two can warm each
other up." She said.

Cain grinned as Ollie and Chloe looked horrified.

"Nice one Nicola, that'll REALLY get me hard for young Katie." He said.

Katie shuddered as he ruffled her blonde hair playfully then ripped off her
skirt and tight thong leaving her naked as the day she was born.

"Oh Nicola get a load of this." Cain said as he stared down at Katie's pert,
milky white arse. "What an arse she's got on her."

Nicola grinned and nodded "Minge's not bad either." She said.

Katie flinched as Cain turned her slightly and glanced down at the thin,
blonde mat of pubic hair covering her tight, teenage twat. She grimaced as
he slid three fingers inside her.

"Mmm, she's quite tight." He said. "If I didn't know any better I'd say she's
still a virgin."

Katie looked awkward as a grinning Nicola stared at her.

"You are aren't ye?" she said starting to giggle.

Katie nodded tearfully.

"Andy's never been big enough to pop my cherry." She turned to Cain and
stared pleadingly into his eyes "Please be gentle Cain."

Cain exchanged glances with Nicola and they began to roar with laughter.
Katie sobbed knowing they would show her no mercy and Chloe and Ollie looked
on in horror at the poor girls impending violation. "I tell ye what, gimme a
good hand and blow job and I might be a bit easier on ye eh?" Cain said.

Katie nodded, praying that he might show her some mercy if she was
co-operative. She gulped as Cain unzipped his jeans and his huge cock burst
out then reluctantly took it in her hand and began to jerk him off.

"Bet you've given Andy a few of these hey?" Cain said as he watched her work
"what with his limpdick."

He and Nicola began to laugh again as she turned her attention to Chloe and

"Come on then, get on with it." Nicola snapped.

Chloe and Ollie exchanged nervous glances then shared a tentative and
reluctant kiss.

"Tounges as well." Nicola ordered.

"Yeah and feel each other up, really put on a show." Cain said between gasps
as Katie brought him towards climax.

Chloe and Ollie nervously slid their tounges into each others mouths and
began to run their hands over one anothers breasts and buttocks. Though
neither would normally dream of doing such intimate things with a girl and
they were both angry at being forced, they both had to admit it felt good.
Ollie was enjoying the feeling of Chloe's pouting lips and Chloe loved
caressing her teenage lovers big, firm breasts. Instinct and arousal began
to take over and they dropped to the floor, continuing to kiss passionately
as Ollie climbed on top of Chloe and slid a hand between the older girls
legs rubbing her already moist pussy.

"Ooh look at them go." Nicola said rubbing her perky breasts and sliding a
hand between her legs as she watched. "What a pair of dykes."

A transfixed Cain nodded, he'd only ever seen lesbian sex in porn films
before and it wasn't a patch on the real thing. The sight of Ollie frigging
a moaning Chloe while Chloe stimulated her anus sent him over the edge and
he shot a warm, thick load over a disgusted Katie who began to sob again as
come trickled through her hair and down her beautiful face. Cain glared
angrily at her.

"Oh I wish you'd shut ye yap, them two are getting on with it." He said
nodding towards Chloe and Ollie who were bringing each other to loud,
intense orgasms. Katie glanced across at them, shocked but also intrigued
by the scene. Cain suddenly grabbed her head and forced her to her knees
then pushed his come covered cock into her mouth. "Here this should keep
ye quiet for a bit!" he snapped.

Katie wretched and struggled for breath as Cain held her head firmly in place
and she was forced to deepthroat him, swallowing down his foul smelling and
tasting semen without respite.

"Taste nice does it?" Nicola jeered as she looked on, now masturbating
furiously. She smiled as Chloe and Ollie both moaned loudly having reached
orgasm then awkwardly withdrew their sticky fingers from one another and
looked embarassed at how much they enjoyed their introduction to lesbianism.

"Oh, got that awkward after sex thing have you?" Nicola sneered. She pulled
her hand from her panties then slipped off her skirt and tight top followed
by the bra, panties and suspenders beneath so that she too was naked.

"Maybe I can break the ice eh?" she said grinning as she approached then
layed down. Chloe and Ollie surveyed her naked body nervously as Nicola
spread her legs and pointed to Ollie. "You work on my cunt and make it
good." she snapped.

Ollie looked hesitant but with Cain looking on expectantly she knew she could
not refuse and positioned herself between Nicola's legs.

"I wanna taste you hotlips." Nicola said grinning at Chloe.

Chloe nodded nervously and moved towards Nicola's face, still hardly able to
believe what was happening to her. She mounted Nicola's slight frame and
positioned herself near her captors mouth as Nicola's tounge snaked out and
began to tease her already moist cunt groaning as Ollie frigged her,
determined to make it as painful as possible.

Katie almost choked as she felt Cain's cock bulge yet again in her mouth
and another thick load shoot from her mouth, she swallowed the foul tasting
liquid down then unable to bear anymore she fell backwards to the ground
sobbing leaving Cain's come covered cock flapping in the cold night air.

"Please" she begged "I can't eat anymore, I'll be sick."

Cain smiled and nodded then dropped to his knees and spread her thin, shapely
legs to give him an unbroken view of her tight, pink cunt. Katie braced
herself for the ultimate violation then screamed as Cain viciously entered
her, his huge organ forcing her tight lips apart and leaving her in agony.
She tried to make it hard for her attacker, keeping her pussy as tight around
his cock as possible but Cain's thrusts were too powerful and she eventually
had no choice but to submit as he pumped her furiously. Cain grinned as he
felt Katie loosen up and allow him easier entry.

"That's it, y'know ye want it really." he taunted.

Katie's screams were almost matched by Nicola as Ollie angrily jabbed four
fingers up her captor while Chloe reluctantly let our murmurs of pleasure as
Nicola alternately licked and fingered her pussy. Nicola reached another
sticky orgasm then ordered Chloe and Ollie to swap roles with the older girl
now forced to lap at Nicola's sloppy cunt while Ollie payed for her impudence
by being subjected to a vicious four fingered assault by Nicola whose long
nails heightened her discomfort.

Katie's discomfort was also evident as Cain rammed his huge cock back inside
her deflowered cunt. She bit her lip trying not to let out sounds of orgasmic
pleasure but was unable to resist them and began to sigh and moan as Cain
brought her to orgasm.

"Now that's not so bad is it?" Cain said "I bet Andy's never got ye off like

Katie grimaced, equally horrified by Cain's taunts and the feeling of his
come shooting inside her unprotected pussy as he grinned widely.

"Hey, maybe you'll be able to keep MY baby." he said.

Tears began to roll down Katies cheeks again as Nicola joined in Cain's cruel
laughter. She prayed the worst of her ordeal was over as he pulled out of her
but her hope was short lived as he flipped her on to all fours and slid a
finger up her tight anus.

"Mmm, no one's been up here before have they?" he grinned.

Katie shook her head and braced herself for more agony, she was still
unprepared however as Cain slid his cock up her previously untouched anus and
began to ram it in and out furiously.

Chloe and Ollie looked on sympathetically, knowing their own ordeal was not
long away. Chloe felt sick as she alternated between frigging Nicola and
lapping up her sickly sweet pussy juice while Ollie was trying but failing
to avoid letting out murmurs of pleasure as Nicola's skillful tounge explored
the most sensitive parts of her slit.

After a string of vicious anal assaults that Katie thought were going to
split her slender frame in two Cain finally tired of the blonde and pulled
his come covered cock from her aching asshole and slapped her bare buttocks

"That'll do for now, go and join the girls." he growled.

He grinned as a tear and come stained Katie crawled across the barn
traumatised by what had just happened and scared at what Nicola would ask her
to do. Chloe and Ollie exchanged nervous glances as Cain grinned knowingly at
them then gestured to Ollie.

"Come on slutbags, for old time sakes." he said.

Ollie nervously walked over to Cain and he immediately pushed her to her
knees and pointed to his come covered cock.

"Suck it." he snapped. "You always were good at blowjobs."

Ollie glared at him for a second, humiliated by him recalling how easy she'd
been to seduce and the extremes she'd been prepared to go to satisfy him. She
finally bobbed down and took the organ between her red lips before sliding as
much of it into her mouth as she could take, grimacing as his thick, salty
come trickled down her throat.

"Hey Nicola why don't you help me with this one eh?" Cain suggested. "Chloe
can look after Katie."

Nicola grinned and nodded then turned to Katie and Chloe.

"We'll still be watching so make it good." she warned and made her way over
to Cain and a terrified but silent Ollie.

Nicola's grin widened as she noticed a long, cattle prod on the barn floor
which she immediately grabbed exchanging knowing looks with Cain while an
oblivious Ollie continued to suck him off.

Chloe stared sympathetically at Katie, she knew the young girl was terrified
at the prospect of making love to her and decided to make it as painless as

"It's alright sweetheart." she whispered soothingly "We'll just take it

Katie nodded and halfsmiled, grateful for Chloe's tenderness. The older girl
pulled Katie close and kissed her gently on the lips, Katie was uncomfortable
at first but began to relax as they exchanged soft, affectionate kisses and
Chloe began to caress her aching, violated body settling between Katie's legs
and gently massaging her sore and bloodied cunt.

Meanwhile after swallowing down several loads of Cain's come Ollie was
dragged back up to eye level and was horrified to see Nicola brandishing the
cattle prod.

"You bitch!" she shrieked "You can't do this to me..."

She trailed off as Cain grabbed her by the throat and forced her on to all
fours so Nicola was right behind her plump but shapely ass.

"Shut the fuck up!" snapped Cain "Do her extra hard for that outburst."

Nicola grinned and nodded then rammed the prod up Ollie who screamed in
agony, It had hurt when Cain had fucked her up the arse during their fling
but nothing to compare with this. Nicola showed no mercy as Ollie squealed
and begged for mercy but Cain in a twisted act of compassion slid beneath
her and rammed his cock inside her pussy while biting and suckling on her
big breasts, inspite of herself Ollie had to admit Cain knew how to pleasure
a girl and she was almost grateful for the stimulation his cock and roving
hands provided to take her mind off the agonising anal assault she was being
subjected to.

Chloe sympathised with poor Ollie but feeling increasingly protective of
young Katie she tried to keep her distracted by pushing her down on to her
back and sliding down between her legs then kissing her aching pussy better.
Katie sighed gratefully as Chloe's pouting lips and tounge soothed her, her
inhibitions about such intimacy with another girl slipping away. Her piece
of mind was suddenly shattered as Ollie let out a blood curdling shriek and
pleaded for mercy as Cain and Nicola intensified their attack. Chloe looked
up, the blonde's pussy juice dripping from her chin, to see Katie starting
to sob again as she was reminded of her own terrible ordeal. Chloe had
quickly developed a bond with Katie and was desperate to help her, thinking
quickly she suddenly pulled Katie to her ample breast and guided her to one
of her bullet like nipples.

"Suckle, it'll make you feel better" she breathed.

Katie was bemused but could hardly think straight anymore and took one of
Chloe's nipples between her pouting lips and immediately began feeling more
at ease while Chloe stroked her long blonde hair affectionately trying to
block out the horrible reality of her own imminent attack.

Even the coldhearted Cain and Nicola could see that a gasping, almost
hysterical Ollie had been subjected to enough as she was brought to yet
another painful, bloody orgasm. Nicola pulled the prod from her swollen
anus and Cain withdrew from her accomodating but red raw cunt then a
sobbing Ollie was pushed on to her back and curled up into a defeated

"Ye should have kept quiet, took it like the whore ye did then we wouldn't
have had to be so hard on ye." Cain snapped "Now get over there, Katie can
kiss ye better."

Nicola grinned enthusiatically "OOh yeah, I'll make sure they do it

She dragged Ollie across the barn while Chloe immediately obeyed Cain
summoning her to him and Katie nervously prepared to take the lead in a
lesbian encounter.

Cain grinned wickedly at Chloe seeing the terror and humiliation in her eyes
as she walked over to him, naked and exposed. "I need to get it hard again
after all that exertion with Ollie, wank me off for a bit." he said.

Chloe moved her hand towards his cock only for him to shake his head and nod
to Chloe's ample tits.

"With them..." he snapped.

Chloe wasn't new to titwanks but she was appalled at having to give one to
Cain, however she obediently dropped to her knees and took the organ between
her breasts, grimacing as Cain began to sigh.

"You've done this before haven't ye?" he taunted.

Chloe scowled and focused on making him come as quickly as possible, hoping
her ordeal would be over all the quicker. Cain's arousal was aided by staring
across the barn as Katie and Ollie reluctantly began their lesbian show
watched by a masturbating Nicola. With Ollie still in a daze it was up to an
uncertain Katie to take the lead. She began to tentatively kiss the redhead
who slowly began to respond, eventually startling Katie by slipping her
tounge into her mouth.

"Come on ye pair of slags, get it on." Nicola shouted "69 each other, come

Katie and Ollie exchanged nervous glances then the ever submissive blonde
dropped backwards and Ollie sat astride her so that they were facing each
others violated pussys. Nicola began to frig more intensely as she watched
the teenage girls nervously begin to finger and lick each other cunts.
Frustrated at their hesistance, she slapped Ollie's bare bottom and Katie's
exposed breasts with the cattle prod forcing both of them to intensify their
stimulation and exploration of the other for fear of further punishment.

Watching the developing spectacle had made Cain quickly come back to full
force and he'd shot several streams of sticky come on to a disgusted Chloe's
red hair, face and breasts.

Satisfied he was ready to perform, Cain pulled his come covered cock from her
breasts and layed back. "You do the work, I'm knackered" he said.

Chloe relcutantly impaled herself on his huge cock and began to slowly ride
him, quickening as he slapped her bare arse and pushed further inside her.
Inspite of herself, Chloe couldn't denie Cain's size was impressive and
despite her best efforts she couldn't help but start to moan with orgasmic
pleasure as he found her g spot.

Nicola glanced across for a moment savouring that prissy bitch Chloe being
made to act like a whore but her attention quickly returned to Ollie and
Katie who after their initial reluctance were gettinng more at ease with one
another. Katie, inparticular, seemed to have quickly developed a taste for
pussy and was lapping greedily at Ollie's cunt while a moaning, aroused Ollie
repayed Katie's hardwork by frigging both her cunt and anus simultaenously
making the blonde scream with genuine delight.

Chloe was also screaming though more in agony than delight after Cain had
shot several loads inside of her and thoroughly defiled her pussy then
ordered her to spin round and lower her tight, puckered anus on to his
throbbing manhood. He was now jabbing it in and out of her while squeezing
her ample breasts, taking her to relcutant but intense heights of pleasure
she had never previosuly attained.

Tired of being on the sidelines, Nicola ordered Ollie to take a break
and lowered herself on to Katie showering her with passionate kisses then
caressing her beautifal young body before fingering licking her. Katie was
Nicola's biggest fantasy, there was just something about her innocence and
beauty that drove her wild. Katie was ashamed to admit she had enjoyed her
lesbian experiences with Chloe and Ollie but she returned to feeling
humiliated and violated as another of her captors brought her to orgasm.

Finally neither an exhausted Cain or Nicola could do anymore and, after
Chloe had been made to suck Cain clean and Katie had almsot vomited as
Nicola held her blonde head between her legs while she licked her clean,
the three victims were ordered to their feet and told to stand in a row.
They all prayed their ordeal would be over but Cain and Nicola had other

"You all look thirsty after that." Cain said grinning.

"Yeah and we're not totally heartless." Nicola added smiling "We'll give ye
a drink."

"On ye knees and open ye mouths wide!" Cain ordered.

Despite their horror at what might be about to follow they dared not disobey
and immediately dropped down. A smug Cain positioned himself in front of
Ollie while Nicola walked in front of Chloe grinning wickedly. They then
began to piss into the two girls mouths, Ollie and Chloe grimacing in disgust
as the warm, salty liquid trickled down their throats. A disgusted Katie
braced herself as both Nicola and Cain bared down on her and, after grinning
at one another, began to piss into the poor girls mouth. Katie almost choked
on the foul smelling and tasting stuff but dared not resist.

Chloe, the taste of urine still strong and her defiled body aching, could
take no more. "For god's sake let us go, we promise not to breathe a word
about this if you just let us go!" she vowed.

The other two girls nodded in agreement and stared desperately at Cain and
Nicola as they considered.

"Well I suppose it is getting late." Nicola said Cain nodded.

"Ye promise on ye lives not to report us?" Cain asked.

All three girls nodded emphatically, the small glint of hope they'd felt
suddenly slipped away though as Cain and Nicola shook their heads and grinned
their chillingly evil smiles.

"Not just yet, we haven't had the main event of the evening." Nicola smiled.

Katie, Ollie and Chloe looked horrified as Cain pulled a bull and a horse
from out of the dark, far side of the barn.

"Can't beat a bit of bestiality to round off an evening eh girls?" Cain

The three girls stared in disbelief, this was a whole other level of
depravity and Ollie for one could contain herself no longer.

"I won't do it, fuck you!" she screamed spitting at Cain then turning and
running towards the barn door as fast as her bare legs would carry her. She
crashed into it and began to bang frantically as Cain bared down on her.
"Let us out please! Somebody help!" she screamed then burst into tears as
Cain grabbed her roughly and dragged the naked teenager back over to the

"I've had about enough of you, you're going first." he growled.

A defeated, tearful Ollie resisted no longer as she was pushed on to all
fours in front of the bull and beneath the horse. Chloe and Katie looked on
in horror, while Nicola grinned widely and stroked herself as the bull
mounted it's young prey and Ollie miserabley took the horses big, smelly
cock into her mouth and began to suck it off.

Muffled yelps could be heard from her as the already excited bull pounded her
tender arsehole and shot streams of semen inside her while she gagged on the
thick, foul tasting bodily fluid of the horse. A horrified but obedient Chloe
and Katie were forced, in turn, to share Ollie's terrible experience with the
younger girl screaming hysterically as she was ravaged by the bull and
throwing back up the fluid deposited inside her by the horse, Chloe remained
calm and quiet as she was fucked by the animals praying that there ordeal
would soon be over. Her prayers were finally answered as Cain and Nicola,
worried that someone may come looking for their girls if they were away any
longer, allowed them to dress.

"Just remember, any of you slags say a word about tonight and I'll cut ye
from ear to fucking ear, right?" Cain said as he held a knife to each of
their throats.

Ollie had been contemplating going straight to the police but like Katie and
Chloe decided against it. They trudged silently out of the barn all still in
shock at what had occured and confused by their mixed feelings of disgust and
arousal at their experience. Katie was surprised by how much she'd enjoyed
being with other women even if it had been forced upon her, while Ollie was
disturbed by how much she'd relished having Cain inside her again despite her
hatred for him and Chloe was troubled by how much pleasure she'd felt as the
bull and horse reached dual climaxes while working on her.

"That taught them." Nicola grinned "Those fucking slags won't be so full of
themselves in the future!"

Cain nodded and grinned as he pulled Nicola close and caressed her naked body
"Maybe we can do Donna Windsor and Trisha next eh?" he said.

"Ooh yeah!" Nicola nodded. They began to kiss and Nicola grabbed Cain's cock,
she was takenaback as he pulled it away.

"Fucking hell you're insatiable you Nicola, My cock's about ready to drop
off." he said.

Nicola grinned "No problem." she said "I've got two ready made replacements."

Cain grinned widely as she headed over to the bull and horse,
preparing himself for yet another amazing spectacle.



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