Emmerdale: The Erotic Version Part 1 (MFFF,bdsm,M-dom,inc,voy,ws)
by Cargy1UK

The sun was beating down on the glorious Yorkshire village. Outside the
"Woolpack" many locals sat around picnic tables with their drinks, mulling
over the events of the week. Some of the events we already know about from
the television but others relate more to the off screen antics we are never
privy to.

Jack Sugden sits alone at a table waiting for Diane to bring out his pint.
He was still reeling at the morning's revelations and, indeed, his cock was
still hurting, it had been used so much.

About 9am that morning Jack pulled up in his Land Rover outside Home Farm to
have words with Chris Tate about selling part of his farm. As he approached
the door he heard Chris Tate's raised voice but he could not make out what he
was saying. He banged on the open door but there was no answer. He ventured
inside, calling to Chris , but again without response. He could hear
frightened sounding female voices from upstairs so he decided to take a look,
this time without calling out. A strange feeling had come over him - he felt
as if he was about to walk in on something he should not see.

He reached the top of the stairs but the voices were now too soft to hear but
he could tell they were coming from the bedroom. The door was slightly ajar
so he sidled up against the wall to peek in. The sight that met his eyes
would stay with him for ever. With any luck it would he thought!

There, standing at the foot of the bed was Charity Dingle dressed in a
black leather Basque which was studded with heavy chrome bondage studs. The
suspenders held up patent leather or plastic stockings - Jack couldn't tell
which, and was not all that bothered - and on her feet she wore the highest
heeled pointed scarlet sex shoes he had ever seen. The top of the Basque was
cut under her tits and he could clearly see a gold nipple ring on her left
dark coloured nipple. She clasped in her right hand a cat-o-nine-tails but
did not seem ready to use it. At her feet, kneeling, bound with her hands
behind her, tied tightly together, and then in turn bound to her feet with
heavy coarse white rope, was Zoe. She was blindfolded with a leather mask
but was obviously very distressed. Neither of the women spoke but then Jack
saw out of the corner of his eye, reflected in the dressing table mirror,
Chris Tate seated in his wheelchair stark naked. In his right hand he held
a small black pistol which he was pointing at the girls, and in his left he
was slowly working his foreskin up and down his thick stubby cock. It must
have taken all but a second or two for Jack to take all this in, but although
his instincts told him he should be the hero of the hour and barge in on the
scene disarming Chris in the process, he found he had a very stiff protrusion
of his own to deal with. As a result he decided to stay and watch the

After a few seconds Chris said softly to Zoe, "I told you Zoe, if I ever
found out who Charity was having an affair with I would severely punish them
if not kill them." He continued to stroke his hard cock. "Being my sister, I
can't find it in me to kill you but as you are a lesbian slut, you will not
mind if I direct a short lesbian scene for my own pleasures."

Charity started to say something but Chris raised his voice and retorted,
"You shut your Dingle tramp fucking face. I loved you even though you were a
whore but you couldn't even have the decency to have an affair with another
man. You humiliate me by fucking my own sister. Well now it's my turn for
some gratification. Stand behind Zoe." Charity did so. "Now pull her hair
back hard so she rocks back on her legs and I get a good view of my sister's
pert little tits and that black bush of hers. Yes that's it."

"No Chris Please. This is wrong. I'm sorry!" Zoe pleaded.

"Shut up Zoe, there's a good girl." Replied Chris. He continued, "Now whip
her tits," - Charity begun doing as he asked, Zoe cried out in pain with each
stinging crack of the whip. "That's it harder you bitch, harder you fucking
slut whore. Fucking bleed my sisters tits. Oh yes Oh yes!"

Charity saw that Chris was becoming very excited, little drops of precum were
spilling from the top of his dick.

"Chris," started Charity, "Let me finish you off please. You know I love to
swallow your cum." Her short untidy blonde hair was wet with sweat.

"No!" said Chris as he wheeled his way towards her, "You are bisexual, we all
know that. But she, my slut sister is a dyed in the wool lesbian." He was now
beside the girls but still held the gun. "Suck my cock slut sister. Go on you
bitch, you've never had the taste of real man-cum."

"No Chris, I can't," sobbed Zoe

He grabbed his sister's head and pushed the gun into her mouth. "Suck my cock
or I'll change my mind about killing you."

Zoe then astonished them all. "OK Chris, but if I'm going to suck your cock,
the least you can do for me is kiss my titties better first."

"Mmmm, sounds nice," said Chris with an evil smirk on his face.

Chris took her blindfold off and told Charity to untie her. She stood up and
leaned over him so he could smell the sweat on her breasts. He kissed one
then the other, then licked the weals left by the whip. All the time Zoe
whispered, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Chris felt her take the wrist of his right
hand and she thrust the barrel of the gun in her wet cunt. He began to slide
it in and out as she moaned with pleasure. Charity meanwhile had knelt down
in front of the wheel chair and began sucking Chris's hard length, pulling
back the foreskin, letting her tongue run round the hard edge of the head
before plunging it deep into her throat.

Jack was mesmerised. He had unzipped his fly and was now wanking his 10" long
monster of a cock. He let out a cough. 'Oh fuck,' he thought. Charity ran to
the door, swung it open and all three immediately saw the red faced Jack
standing there with his cock in his hand.

"What the fuck are you doing there?" said Chris.

"I'm sorry I I I..."

"Don't just stand there," said Chris, "Join in the party c'mon."

Jack replied, "I can't. It doesn't seem right. You could go to jail for this.
I mean its not right."

"What's not right you country bumpkin?" asked Zoe who had stood up beside
Chris's chair. "Ooooooo look Chris," she said, "Jack's shocked, are you
shocked Jack?"

Jack could not believe this; Zoe now had the gun fully in her hand and was
continuing to fuck herself with it as she stood talking to him. Both Charity
and Chris were chucking to themselves.

"Will somebody please tell me what the fuck is GOING ON!!" Jack shouted.

"Now now Jack, I'm sorry you barged in on our little fantasy but you see I
found out these two have been having an affair ages ago. At first I was mad
but then I had a better idea. All three of us could have each other You see,
since the accident my sister has taken care of me in ALL departments, you
know what I mean?"

Slowly it was beginning to dawn on Jack, "So this is like the sort of role
play ideas you read about?" asked Jack.

"Yes Jack, now do you want to stand there like a lemon or would you like to
put that cock somewhere nice, warm and moist, like between my legs," said

"All right, here goes," said Jack taking off his clothes.

Jack and Charity lifted Chris from the chair onto the bed, where, in a
reclined position, his cock grew even bigger. Charity grabbed Jack's Cock and
pulled him onto the bed with her. She knelt in front of him, where she could
suck Chris's cock and have Jack's at the same time. Jack thrust in and out
her hot wet cunt and Zoe wriggled underneath him. Her tongue licked his balls
and the base of his throbbing shaft and she ran the wet organ up towards
Charity's cunt. She licked and flicked her tongue over Charity's clitoris
which was swelling into a tiny replica of a cock. She sucked on it and teased
it while using her hands on Jacks arse. She dipped a finger into Charity's
cunt alongside Jack's cock, and slipped it up inside his arse. At first he
was shocked but then he felt the pleasure of her tongue back on his cock.

Jack pulled out and said, "Right Zoe, now it your turn." He rolled her
onto the bed and as Charity pulled up the bed to sit on Chris's pulsating
erection, there was now more room for Jack to fuck Zoe. She was very lithe,
her legs wrapped around his neck and she stared into his eyes with her big
brown beauties as he pushed all 10" into her. He thrust back and forth,
ramming it in with all his might. Then, without warning, Zoe started to
pee. The steaming yellow liquid was spilling all over Jack's cock onto the
bedspread and the carpet but still it came. Jack had never experienced this
and could feel his own cock start to jerk inside her.

"In my mouth," Zoe whispered.

He pulled out his cock covered in her love juice and pee and she quickly
turned her open mouth to his cock just as it spurted its first load of thick
creamy white cum. She slurped like a cheap whore and swallowed repeatedly as
spurt after spurt hit the back of her throat. Jack turned to see Charity
sitting on Chris's cock bucking up and down riding it for all she was worth.
Zoe licked and sucked at his cock cleaning every last drop of cum and pee
off it before she felt the slightly softer member start to get hard again

"My oh my Jack, - already," she said.

"Yes, I'm a quick repeater," he said.

"Over here," said Charity, holding the cheeks of her arse apart. "Stick it in
my bum."

Jack saw her still on Chris, and the thought of giving her two cocks at once
made him all the harder. He pushed it between her open cheeks and felt the
tip of his cock meet the dry entrance of her arse.

"Wait a sec," said Zoe pushing him out the way. She spat directly onto the
brown starfish of Charity's anus and began to lick and probe with her tongue
until it was extremely well lubricated with her saliva. Jack eased his
hard-on into the tight hole and could feel the tip of Chris's cock through
the wall of her pussy. He began thrusting in and out, reaching round to
pinch Charity's nipples. Tugging at her nipple ring making her squeal with
pleasure. Chris was fondling Zoe who was now lying beside him. As she licked
at his left nipple, he reached down to rub her clit which had swollen ready
to cum. With a shout of ecstasy Charity hit the spot. She bucked against the
two cocks spilling her cunt juice over Chris's cock as he too yelled out and
she felt the warm explosion of spunk in her belly. Jack pulled out and pulled
Charity's head to his cock.

"This one's for you," he said as he fucked her mouth until he came, spurting
more of his hot cream into her mouth. She too swallowed every drop.

"That was... well... it was... fan... fucking... tastic!" said Jack. "I think
I need a pint now though," he laughed as he made for the shower.

To Be Continued...


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