Based on the hit FOX show Empire. This is entirely fictional and all a fantasy I have of mine. The story follows Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson) being freed from jail after 17 years. Her second son Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) understands her situation and advises to make things right with the youngest son who barely knows her - Hakeem Lyon (Bryshere Y. Gray).

All advice is welcome at [email protected] I am looking to make this an ongoing series and the ending of this story has opened me up for more story opportunities. *SPOILERS* THREESOME INCOMING

Cookie and Hakeem weren't on the best of terms. Hakeem felt angry that at the age of 20 his mother came grovelling back into his life as if nothing had ever happened.

Hakeem felt angry especially because she had left him with Lucious when he was three, who wasn't exactly father of the year.

Hakeem had hooked up with British beauty Camilla Marks, a chocolate skinned babe who was old enough to be his own mother, whilst still in a relationship with Tiana.

Tiana was a mocha skinned babe who was an A List singer and at the top of her prime at Empire Entertainment.

She was flawless with her smooth skin and small perky tits and a tight ass to die for.

Hakeem would have been a fool to have let her go, he had recently discovered that his girlfriend was a bisexual when a viral video of her making out with a girl got out.

Hakeem planned on using this to his advantage to have a threesome with two girls but Camilla wasn't particularly keen on the idea and so Hakeem has been waiting out for the perfect moment.

Empire: Cookie Earns Her Son's Love Part 1 (MF, inc, fist, m-dom, reluc, nc-cons)
by JokerAlfred94

"Oh, yeah baby. MHMMMM." Cookie was in her office strumming her clit to catch up on the new generation's porn after 17 years.

"Ahhh yes. I'm gonna cum. OOOOOOOH FUCK YEAH BABY."

"Yeah just make sure you schedule that meeting with my father for after lunch."

She heard her middle son approach the door. She quickly reached out her free hand to shut the computer screen whilst still fingering her pussy.

She knew her son was about to come in but she didn't want to stop.

"Hey mom!" Cookie pulled her skirt down as her son entered the room.

"HEY BOY DON'T YOU KNOW HOW TO KNOCK! Rude boy. Where your manners at? What did yo daddy teach you whilst I was away?"

"Well for starters Dad told me to stay away from you and I can see why now."

"Well at least I know you yo daddy's son. Especially with them beautiful eyes and the sparkle you two get when you sing. Hmm yeah."

Cookie gave a slight chuckle as memories of her and Lucious living in a garage in Philly came flooding back.

"Mom! No! Stop it!"


"You can't do this. You can't just come back into our lives and continue on like... like nothing ever happened. Hakeem's right you know. If you want us to show you some respect then you gotta be willing to make up for those 17 years you lost with us. I mean for fuck sake Mom, you left Hakeem when he was three. He doesn't even know that we lived in Philly for those three years. He thought we always lived in that 10-bedroom house dad bought after you got locked up. You gotta make things right. Especially with Hakeem."

Jamal left for the door as Cookie called out: "But how?"

Jamal ignored his mother and left to head back to the studio.

Cookie's fingers were still covered in the sweet wet nectar from her pussy. She brought her fingers up to her mouth and began sucking at her fingers as she let out a small giggle.

"Ain't too late for a little bean flick?" She put the video back on but this time she got out her purple bullet shaped vibrator which Lucious gave to her as a gift along with her first gun.

She placed the vibrator into her vagina and began strumming her clit whilst she worked her vibrator to hit her G Spot and a few minutes later she was squirting all over the table.

"PORSHA! Damn where the girl at. Can't even do her damn job. PORSHA!"

"Um Cookie did you call me?"

"Yeah I called you. Clean this damn mess up!"

"Oh, did you spill your water again?"

"It don't matter if it is water or wine if I tell you to clean it up you CLEAN IT UP!" She yelled this at Porsha as she left to head to Hakeem's penthouse to make amends with her family.

* * *

Hakeem was working on his music when he heard a knock on his door. He was surprised to see Cookie at the door.

"What do you want bitch!"

Cookie tried her best not to get angry. She didn't like being insulted especially when it came to her son.

"Do I need to get a broom again? I thought I raised you -"

Hakeem cut in. "Raised? You didn't raise me. Lucious did!"

"I know I'm sorry baby. That's why I'm here. I wanna make it up to you."

"How you gone make it up to me. Huh? You ruined our lives. Jamal is a gay man getting advice from his father, a homophobe. Dre's crazy ass has to deal with his Bi Polar issues and Rhonda ain't in no position to take care of him. And then there is me. I make dope music and I make dad proud. I don't need you. So why don't you get your cheap ass up out of ma crib. That's how you can make it up to me!"

Cookie was lost for words.

"Baby I'm really trying here. I know that I hurt all of you and I know that you especially hurt the most but I just need a chance. I'll do anything, anything you want."

"Alright." Hakeem started looking out the window and into the distance

"Good. This is good. We on the right track. So... whatchu want me to do?"

Hakeem looked back at her with his eyes squinted. "Suck my dick."


"Get on your knees and suck my dick!"

"Boy is that how you talk to your mother?"

"You said you wanted to make things right by doing anything I wanted. What I want is for you ... to ... SUCK ... MY .... DICK!!!"

Cookie was scared to her core. She saw a fire burning inside her son that she only saw in one other man: Lucious. Whenever she saw this fire in Lucious' eyes she was struck with fear and she always forced herself to do things she didn't want to in order to make the other happy.

She put her Louis Vuitton handbag down on the pool table and slowly got down on her knees. She unbuckled her son's Calvin Klein belt and pulled the zipper down. She let his trousers fall to his ankles. She looked up into his eyes waiting for that sign of approval to let her continue.

"What are you waiting for bitch. Take it out"

She pulled his boxers out and Hakeem's 10-inch wonder slapped Cookie in the face. Her eyes were bulging as she saw the magnificent beast before her.

"You like what you see huh?" Hakeem chuckled at the sight of his own mother bewildered by the sight of his cock. "Bigger than dad's?"

"Um yeah Keem.... Much bigger" Cookie said in a raspy voice, the surprise quite obvious in her voice.

Cookie let go of the boxers and let it pool around his legs. She continued to stare at it in awe.

Hakeem grabbed his mother's arm and forced her to grasp his cock. He held his mother's hand and began to stroke it in unison with her.

He slowly helped her quicken the pace. Hakeem let go of her arm and let her stroke his member faster and faster and faster.

Before they knew it, Cookie was stroking his pole at lightning speed. Hakeem let out a few grunts because none of the groupies he had been in were this experienced. Then again Cookie was obviously more experienced than her these young thots having had three kids and what not.

"C'mon Cookie. You telling me you had three kids just by stroking dad's dick. Get some tongue in there too."

"Boy this dress Gucci. I can't have none of my spit and your cum on my dress."

"Here then." He handed his mom a BJ bib.

"I'm guessing one of your little whores left this."

"If you're calling your daughter in law a whore then yeah. A whore left it behind."

"Really? You're screwing Rhonda. Do you have no respect?"

"Well I ain't the one on my knees in front of my half naked son holding a BJ bib."

Cookie pulled a face of disgust.

"You blackmailing me? Lemme tell you something honey where I'm from - urghhh!"

Hakeem shoved Cookie down onto his pole causing her to reach up - bib still in hand - to push against Hakeem's thighs to force herself off his cock.

Her hair was done up in a ponytail so guiding her hand was easy for Hakeem. Hakeem shoved and violated her throat with tip of his penis.

He forced her 6 inches down his meat stick before she finally got free.

"Hakeem you're hurting me."

"You may be from Philly but I'm from the city of New York. This the city that never sleeps baby. We never sleep because we too busy fucking. And you know how we fuck: rough and hardcore till every part of our body is sore."

Cookie knew she had no choice and put the bib on. Hakeem slowly guided her back down before thrusting with a rough force sending all 10 inches down her throat. Cookie began to cough and splutter but she mustered the spit she had available and used it as lube to soften his thrusts. Cookie pushed Hakeem's hands away and placed two hands along his shaft and began stroking and sucking at a rhythmic pace.

Cookie had a gag reflex so there was a lot of squelching that filled the room. Her tongue circled the crown of his dick as she tickled his piss hole causing Hakeem to moan out. She retreated from his shaft and spit on his dick a couple of times. She used the spit to stroke up and down his shaft and get it all nice and lubed up.

She slid back down his dick and this time she was able to reach the base of his shaft till her face was buried in his pubes. She was about to retreat back up but Hakeem had other plans. Hakeem grabbed her by the ponytail and began face fucking her roughly till her eyes rolled back in her head.

Cookie was barely conscious as her head bobbed to and fro with the sound of uck at every fro. Hakeem was on the verge of cumming.

He slapped Cookie in the face to regain her focus.

"I'm cumming. Stick your tongue out."

Hakeem pulled his dick out and began to stroke his shaft rapidly. Cookie had her two hands wrapped around each leg with her fingertips touching each cheek. She stuck her tongue out and began wiggling it about.

"Yes baby. C'mon Keem give your momma some sugar." She let out her sexy laugh she always does.

"Gimme every last drop." Cookie's dirty mouth pushed Hakeem over the edge. Hakeem sent three stringy ropes of sticky cum onto Cookie's face. The first hitting below her right eye and splashing off into her hair. The second hitting her nose splashing off into all directions with the cum still remaining on her face. And the third was smothered across her forehead. At this point, Cookie was more aware and Hakeem sent thick loads into Cookie's mouth with no drops wasted.

"Don't spit it out or you'll be sorry. Show me what's in your mouth and then swallow it."

Cookie showed Hakeem's seed swirling around in a pool of spit on top of her tongue. She began gurgling it and mixing it about in her mouth. She closed her mouth and began to throw it around in her around in her mouth. Before taking a massive gulp and swallowing a cup load worth of cum.

"Boy you been taking good care of your body cos that is the realest shit I've tasted from a man."

"Gurl you ain't special. You think girls haven't told me this before."

"Nah I'm serious. I've sucked my fair share of cock back in my day and nuttin came close to the sausage and mayo I've just munched on today. And I ain't talking bout my breakfast."

Once again, she let out her famous sexy giggle.

"So, boy is all forgiven?"

Hakeem grabbed Cookie by the arm and slammed her onto the pool table. He flipped her over so that her ass was facing him. He unzipped her Gucci dress and revealed her black lacy panties. Hakeem pulled one side of her panties and placed in her ass crack. He rose his hand and mustered all his anger and strength into his arm as he brought it down causing a loud slapping noise across the room.

"AHHHH FUCK! KEEM! What was that for? I did what you asked for didn't I?"

"You're done when I say you're done! You think you the boss bitch around here but you ain't. You don't run shit. You never have. Never will."

Cookie was speechless at this point. Now Cookie spent a lot of her jail time working on her ass and making sure that when she got out that she would have the best and sexiest ass around. Little did she know that every whore that walked in and out of Empire Entertainment had a smooth and young ass. The slap that Hakeem gave caused ripples in the fleshy meat of her ass. Hakeem's hand print was painted over Cookie's left ass cheek.

"Take your clothes off!"

Cookie still speechless stood straight and began to take her fur coat off. She reached for the BJ bib to take it off too but Hakeem grabbed her hand and gave her a cold stare which she immediately got the message from. Cookie's figure was accentuated with a white strapless white dress. The dress was cut off at her thighs which made her milky chocolate thighs pop and her silky-smooth glimmer with sexiness and glamor.

And because the dress was strapless all she had to do was lift the dress, between her cleavage, forwards and let the dress fall. Cookie was wearing a matching lace red and black bra and panties. She simultaneously pulled the string of the matching lingerie and let it drop to the floor.

Cookie Lyon was standing in the middle of her youngest cub's living room buck naked - except the BJ bib of course.

Cookie's boobs weren't the biggest especially with all the whores and sluts getting tit implants, but her soft firm tits were full and high and were capped off with dark chocolate areolas - the size of jelly beans.

Hakeem looked at Cookie with a confused face. He thought that her tits were larger but the power of the padding had once again fooled the minds of men's.

"Whatchu lookin at? They perky."

Hakeem was good with any tits he got and having said this Cookie grabbed Hakeem by the arm and walked over to the hot tub. Hakeem's dick was still hanging out and Cookie's heels was heard clanking across the tiles.

Cookie took off her heels and she grabbed the bottle of oil that she knew her son kept hidden behind the tub. She squirted a big glob onto her palm and then began rubbing her legs and thighs with oil. She sat in a corner of the empty tub. She raised her legs and rested them on the sides of the tubs. Her legs were now spread wide exposing her bare clean shaved pussy. Hakeem grinned at the sight of his mom's dark clean pussy. Cookie reached down and using her index and middle finger she spread her lips apart.

Cookie had the prettiest cunt that Hakeem had ever seen. He always fucked whores and sluts who were desperate for dick but his mother wasn't like that. She only fucked the men who had earned the right to put their dick in her. All the thots Hakeem fucked had pussies that we're ruined by 10 inch dicks and gigantic dildos. Cookie's pussy had been destroyed multiple times but Cookie always wore protection to keep her vagina in tip top shape.

She had a bright pink clitoris surrounded by a puffy labia that looked like the elegant wings of a rare butterfly. Just underneath this stunning beauty was the contrasting dark colour of Cookie's ass hole. It was tight and looked as if it had never been fucked.

"Why you standing there grinning like the Joker?"

Hakeem approached the ebony queen with his dick wobbling from side to side. He took off his 500 dollar Giuseppe's followed by his 300-dollar top. Hakeem jumped into the tub with his chain dangling from his neck. He knelt down in front of his mother and began kissing Cookie's thighs. He kissed her gently and in short bursts to tease her.

Cookie moaned her approval and rested her head on the edge of the tub. Hakeem kissed in an upward direction before reaching the golden pot and the end of the chocolate coloured rainbow. Hakeem inhaled in her musky sweet fragrance in through his nose and breathed out the hot fiery air into Cookie's vagina. This drove Cookie crazy and she wrapped her long silky smooth legs around her youngest son's neck.

"Just tongue fuck me already."

The aftertaste of the honey flavoured oil was tingling on Hakeem's tongue as he slowly extended his tongue as Cookie's vaginal opening sucked Hakeem's tongue in covering his tongue in Cookie's sweet fragrant nectar. Hakeem's instincts took over as he began lapping away at the 46-year old's scrumptious vagina.

The 20-year-old rapper had been fucking girls since he was young and every girl always praised him for his cunilingus skills. Hakeem slowed the speed of his tongue flicking and stuck his index finger above his tongue and began massaging Cookie's clitoris.

"Ooh.... Ahhhhh.... FUCK......YES KEEM......URGHHHH BABY THAT'S THE SPOT."

Cookie gripped her eyes closed. Hakeem was getting put off by his mom's sex noises and so grabbed the ball gag found behind the tub. He placed it in his mom's mouth and continued what he was doing. This time he added his middle finger in and began adding extra pressure onto her clitoris. He followed this up with the addition of both his ring finger and his pinkie finger.

Cookie's screams and moans were bombarded into the ball gag as the only sounds in the room was the suction and slurping of her pussy. Hakeem had his thumb in as well and proceeded to curl his fist up tightly and began mustering all the force and power into his knuckles as he thrusted his fist in and out of her vagina. Cookie's eyes widened as if they were about to pop out.

Juices started to seep through the gaps between his fist and her vagina. Hakeem quickly retreated his hand as soon as he felt the rumbling of her vagina. Cookie started squirting uncontrollably all over the hot tub. Her legs began to relax as she lowered them back to the sides of the hot tub.

Hakeem took the ball gag out allowing Cookie to breathe. Hakeem continued licking up the remaining juices splattered on the outer layer of her vagina and the source of the semen itself. Hakeem slurped it all up as Cookie shivered in the tub.

Hakeem hadn't tasted pussy like that since his encounter with pop starlet Selena Gomez. Hakeem wasn't done and wanted a second serving of her twat. This time he wanted Cookie to have some fun too. He lifted Cookie up by her ass. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her two hands connected around his neck.

"Imma flip you over into the 69-position alright Cookie."

Cookie nodded as Hakeem rotated Cookie 180 degrees in a swift motion. Cookie was faced with the monstrosity she encountered not long before. Even though Cookie had seen it 10 minutes ago as well as wrapping her lips around it and letting it reach the back of throat, she was still surprised at the size and girth of it bearing in mind that she gave birth to this boy by consummating with a man who didn't have a penis as big as his.

"Go on. Suck it. I thought you wanted to make amends. Don't make me force it into your mouth! Don't worry I gotchu. I won't drop you. I've done this a million times before."

Cookie wrapped her ruby red lips around his bulbous crown which seemed even more swollen than before. She began sliding her lips up and down his shaft.

"There's a good girl." Cookie let go of Keem's ass and put full focus onto his penis. Hakeem was now able to focus on Cookie's swollen cunt which was begging to be fucked with his tongue. Hakeem got stuck in and shoved his face into her vagina. Hakeem buried his nose and his tongue to get the full experience of a MILF's pussy. The combination of the smell and taste of syrupy liquid massage oil mixed with the fragrance and relish of pussy nectar gave heaven a new meaning.

Cookie couldn't hold it in any longer and went to town on Hakeem's meat. She spat all the saliva she could gather onto his cock and began stroking up and down like her life depended on it. She put her mouth back on it and started bobbing furiously at lightning speed. She was giving Hakeem the sloppiest and messiest blowjob Hakeem had ever seen both in porn and in reality.

They were pushing each other to their limit. They were both competing to see who would cum first and Cookie's squirming and moaning strongly suggested that she would be the first to bust.

"I'M CUMMMMMING." The queen Lyon squealed at the top of her lungs as she flooded her juices onto her son's face. Hakeem had experience in lapping up jizz and he was a champ at it. He slurped and sucked at her clit making sure he feasted on all her nectar.

"Mhmmm that pussy was the bomb. URGHHH. Fuck. COOOKIEEE!!!! JESUS MOM!!!! DAMNNNN!!!! I THINK I'M ABOUT TO BUST!!!!!!!!!"

Hakeem had used enough words to command his mom to stop but she insisted that she sucked his prick dry. Hakeem aggressively plucked her off his cock and pushed her down to her knees. Cookie's hair was scrambled from the aggressive act and straightened her hair up getting ready for her second load. Hakeem had trouble getting a grip on his shaft as it was covered in a mass amount of saliva.

Cookie was prepared this time knowing the tsunami of jizz her son exploded out the last time. She stuck her tongue out begging for his seed.

"C'mon give it to me. Cum all over my pretty sexy face and all over my perky tits."

"Tell me you my mama.... my sexy little whore.... my slutty cum dumpster," he said between grunts.

"I'm your mama, your sexy little whore. I'M YOUR FUCKING SLUTTY CUM DUMPSTER!!!!!!"

Hakeem decorated Cookie's pink tongue with three splashes of cum followed by a trail of jizz on her soft velvety cheeks leading up to her eye. Cookie closed her eyes as she felt the warm semen splash, ripple and ricochet off her smooth sexy face. Hakeem unloaded his remaining jizm all over her tits as it coated her neck and stomach in numerous dabs of sperm.

"Fuck you're so much better than Tiana!"

"I think you mean Tiana who." Cookie and Hakeem laughed it off as Hakeem knelt down and made out with her. He couldn't help it seeing his mom on her knees smeared in layer of his cream.

Cookie moaned her approval into Hakeem's mouth. Hakeem reverberated with a patterned moan. Hakeem stared into her eyes as Cookie caught a surprising glimpse in the corner of her eyes.

"Ummm. Keem looks like you have a visitor."

Standing there in the doorway with her hands on her hips was Hakeem's RnB superstar girlfriend - Tiana Brown.

"Yo T. How long you been standing there?" Hakeem asked with a nervous shake in his voice.

"Well I don't know. Does 'tell me you're my slutty cum dumpster' ring any fucking bells?"

"Look T. My moms and I, we was just reconciling after all these years. You get that, don't you?"

"Nah Keem. When I saw my dad in the first time in years we got coffee from a caf, not from stroking his dick."

"He. Keem your girlfriends funny. You should hold onto this one."

"Shut the fuck up whore!" Tiana retaliated.

"Let me tell you something ho. If it weren't for women like me, bitches like you would spend a lifetime on their knees or in your case underneath my 20-year-old son."

"You really gonna call me a ho whilst you covered in your son's jizz." Tiana scoffed at her comment.

"Look Keem. You want Cookie's nookie: ditch the bitch!" Cookie turned to Tiana. "The names Cookie ask about me!"

"Where dyu think, you're going?"

"What?!" Cookie and Tiana said in unison.

"The deal wasn't you suck my dick and it's even. My dick hasn't even tasted your pussy yet."

"You really that much of a man whore? Really? And in front of your girlfriend."

"You ain't the one to talk. Unless you gone tell me you had some kind of messy pudding for dinner."

"Tiana gurl you can call it whatevvvver the hell you want. Just know that you're the most virgin ass girlfriend Keem's had if you can't please him like his momma did."

"Oh, so you think you can do so much better. Oh did Ms. Cookie Lyon get raped everyday by a she male for 17 years. Bitch how bout you walk the walk instead of talking the talk. Ain't no point of having such a big mouth if you don't know how to use it."

"You messing with the wrong bitch. I know things a girl like you would never know." Cookie said pointing her pedicured index finger at the 19-year-old singer. "If you such a bad bitch why don't you come show me what you can do with your voice other than 'sing'." Cookie said with air quotes.

Tiana removed her hair pin and wrapped her hair up into a ponytail. She then removed her top revealing a white skimpy bra. She tore her skirt off revealing a matching white thong. She ripped her thong and bra off simultaneously revealing a young fresh and bald mound between her leg with rack three times the size of Cookie's with two small tic tac sized nipples. She was still in her heels as she marched towards the mother and son standing in the tub.

Tiana looked Cookie up and down before saying, "You call that tits? Tsk! If you knew your son well enough you would know that he likes it when the heels are on." She said this whilst lifting her heel up off the ground and bending her knee so that her heel pointed out. She wrapped her silky fresh hands round Hakeem's face and began French kissing Hakeem just like the dirty girl she was. She retreated and looked back at Cookie who stood there dumbfounded at her competition for a brief moment.

Tiana started laughing in her face. As her laughter died down she said, "Yeah I get that reaction a lot."

Cookie all of a sudden broke out of her stance and gave a sarcastically fake smile at Tiana.

"Hmmm. Yes, Keem you really picked a winner on this won." She moved towards Tiana and grabbed her breasts. "They ain't perky like mine but they certainly do stand out." She spun Tiana around. "I guess I could learn a thing or two from her seeming as Hakeem does get a kick out of the 'fresh stuff' that only you can provide." Cookie said once again with air quotes.

She moved towards Hakeem and stood between Tiana and him. She faced Hakeem whilst Tiana was behind Cookie giving a perfect view of her ass. She tried her best not to stare out of jealously.

She leant in for a kiss trying to replicate what Tiana did to Hakeem. She summoned her tongue to aggressively attack Hakeem's mouth firing saliva down his throat. Her chest started heaving causing her tits to rise up and down. She started to slow down her attacking and retreated her tongue. As she did so Hakeem's tongue started to reach out as if beckoning her lips and tongue back. As her tongue left she bit down hard onto Hakeem's lips. This turned all three of them on as the sexual tension skyrocketed up in such a brief moment.

"Oh, and Tiana. This is an ass!" She said spanking her ass causing a ripple in her cheeks and the silence in the room.



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