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Previously on Cookie Earns Her Son's Love Ch. 02 - Cookie Lyon is released from serving 17 years in prison and her family aren't pleased that she tried to resume their lives as if they were a normal happy family. Andre and Jamal developed a healthy relationship with her from when they were younger but Hakeem never had a relationship with his mother due to her sentence starting at Hakeem's baby years. Cookie makes amends based on Hakeem's desire. Hakeem had other things planned for the ebony MILF. Cookie was hesitant at first but enjoys it by the end. Unfortunately, Tiana (Hakeem's girlfriend) walks in on the action and the two women charge up an unexpected sexual tension. Hakeem has his own plan to release the sexual tension amongst the three in Cookie Earns Her Son's Love Ch. 02.

Empire: Cookie Earns Her Son's Love Part 2 (MFF, inc, oral, MF-dom, rom)
by JokerAlfred94

"So, Tiana gurl what's it gonna be? Is this ass too much to handle for ya? Does little boo need surgery to keep up with this meaty ass?"

"Fuck you, you stupid bitch! Girls like me is what it's all about these days. You don't know how to move an ass like a girl like me. So why don't chu move out the way granny!"

Tiana pushed Cookie out of the way and squatted down in front of Hakeem. Tiana stopped at nothing to make sure her man was as hard as a rock. She stroked his member furiously whilst looking Cookie up and down as if she was a cheap thot trying to take her man.

Hakeem was rock solid in a matter of seconds. Tiana impaled herself on his 12 inches with ease. Tiana stuck her tongue whilst her mouth was still full of dick. She flicked his balls a couple times with her tongue. She was proud of how her blowjob skills had improved and Cookie was impressed at the sheer ease and talent the light skinned girl had. Tiana didn't need to retreat for air as she slowly jerked her head back and forth on his dick. She threw her head back allowing her straight hair to cascade down her creamy light brown shoulders. Hakeem had experienced enough of Tiana to not be as impressed as he was the first-time Tiana sucked his cock. Cookie interested him more as a new sexual subject for him. So, he aggressively threw off his dick causing her to fall back and react by landing back on her palms.

Tiana liked it when Hakeem got aggressive and so she slyly smiled as she turned to Cookie. She looked at Tiana with one hand on her hip and the other beneath her chin with her perfectly manicured index finger stroking her chin. Tiana blew a huge spit bubble from all the spit she had gathered up from 30 seconds of deep throat she gave. Cookie's loins were on fire at this point as she threw herself at Tiana. She thrusted her tongue and pierced the bubble as their lips combined. Cookie had her arms wrapped around the mocha skinned beauty as she passionately made out with her. Tiana got into the groove as well as she brought her arms up and softly massaged Cookie's melons.

Hakeem wanted to join in as he began to choke on the sexual lust that filled the room. Their mouths were locked onto each other as their tongues speared each other. Cookie was in a sexual rage as she bit and sucked on the tender smoothness of Tiana's young tongue. The saliva they exchanged was intoxicated with the salty yet sweet taste of the young Lyon's semen.

Cookie lustfully moaned into her mouth and Tiana complied by moaning back and twisting on the erect nipples of the older woman. The horny moans charged Hakeem's sex drive as blood rushed to his member. His pole stood tall replicating the effects of a Viagra. Hakeem couldn't wait any longer so he began stroking his shaft with a slow and steady pace. The fragility of his penis reached heights it had never gone before as Hakeem discovered a new fetish of his - MILFs.

Hakeem had been with older women but he felt an incredible sensation when that older woman was his own mother. Hakeem grabbed the massage oil and squirted a massive gloop of oil onto his right palm. He serenaded his swirling bulb with a thick layer of coconut oil as he jerked another thick coating over his shaft. His cock was dripping with gold liquid as he moved towards the two girls. Hakeem lifted Cookie up by her ponytail and pulled her over to the left of Tiana. He guided her to lay flat on her back. Cookie whilst on the ground remembered what Tiana said and grabbed her high heels and put them back on.

This brought a smile to Hakeem's face as he lined his cock with her slick and shiny pussy mound. Cookie stopped Hakeem and said, "Are you really gonna fuck me without a condom?"

She looked up at the dominating couple before her. They both gave each other a cheeky stare before bursting out into laughter. They didn't even dignify the woman with a response as Hakeem proceeded back to slide his pulsating member back into her wet quim.

"What the fuck do you think you are - urghhh. Nghhh. Fuuuuuuuck!" Cookie's inviting cunt sucked Hakeem's defined head with ease. Hakeem tried to slowly enter her but her pussy had never experienced something so big.

"Hakeem please no! It fucking hurts. It's so painful. I feel so fucking full!!"

Tiana tried hard to stifle a laughter but she couldn't hold it in after she saw tears coming from Cookie's eyes. The mama Lyon was defenceless and helpless as Hakeem's rod dipped into her vagina by only 5 inches.

"Is it there yet?" She said between short sobs.

"Don't worry ma. This is the desired feeling. You'll get used to it within five minutes. T couldn't handle a nigga like me on the first date but it took her pussy 2 minutes to get used to some real nigga dick."

Tiana giggled and playfully slapped Hakeem on the shoulder.

"Look how about this Cookie. How about we kiss. You won't even know the difference." Tiana said as she leaned in to lock lips with Cookie.

"Oh, I'd love that." Cookie was eroded with happiness as she loved to roll tongues with the young starlet.

Tiana started by trailing her tongues across Cookie's perfectly shaded lips which were decorated in a thick coating of red lipstick. She felt the cherry flavour tingle on her tongue as it sizzled and popped with the combination of Hakeem's cum and cock as well as the faint droplets of Cookie's juices.

Tiana kissed Cookie in short bursts as she drew away from her lips whilst biting down on them. Tiana unexpectedly began sucking face in full motion as Cookie's brain shut down and the pure ecstasy of their shape shifting mouths swirled and puckered each other with delicious smacks of escaping air that overcame Cookie's entire body. The sweat on her brow began to evaporate and the tiny shaved hairs on her body stood tall. Tiana brought her hands to Cookie's face and squeezed her head against Cookie's as her fingers traced their way to the back of her hair as Cookie began to explore the goddess' thighs and curves.

Hakeem was caught off guard as he saw the sexual females maul each other out. Tiana didn't lose focus and stayed vigilant to the task at hand - to take Cookie's big cock virginity. The two girls had their eyes closed as they let the situation unfold itself. Tina opened one eye to help Hakeem guide his cock further down her moist pussy. Inch by inch Hakeem impaled Cookie as she was completely oblivious to the whole thing.

Finally, Hakeem was balls deep in his mum. She could feel the monstrous spear in her abs as she began to moan into Tiana's mouth. Tiana wasn't gonna give up easily and suckled at Cookie's tongue as she teased and played around with it. Hakeem slowly began to retreat out allowing Cookie's pussy to relax before Hakeem slammed his cock back in. Cookie's pussy contracted as her eyes bulged as if they were about to pop out her head. Tiana calmed her down by retreating off of her mouth and moving down to her tits instead. She began to play and pull at her nipples causing Cookie to moan louder.

Hakeem began to slowly increase the pace of his thrusts. And before he knew it he was ploughing in and out of her with ease. Cookie's screams of cries turned into to screams of pleasure.

"You were right." Cookie said with a giggle. "Your cock feels right at home in my tight twat."

"Ooooh mom. You talking dirty to me?"

"Maybe I am? How does that make you feel?" She followed up with another one of her giggles.

"Makes me wanna do this...." Hakeem fastened the pace to new heights. He was bashing into her in an aggressive manner and with brute force.

"And this too." He brought his head down to her left tit and began suckling at her erect nipples.

Between grunts and giggles she replies, "Oh you dirty dirty boy. You are definitely my son. No one else but your mama knows how to talk dirty. Come on keep throwing me the nasty talk."

"I wanna fuck your tight asshole and spunk all over your perky tits. I wanna to face fuck your throat till it burns. I WANT TO FUCK YOUR VAGINA TILL ITS JUST A GAPING HOLE THAT'S BEEN WORN OUT!!!"


She rested her head back onto the hot tub and started banging her head in awe of the pleasure. Tiana cooperated to make sure that Cookie was caught up on the best sexual experiences a woman could have in 2017. Tiana ran her long nail along her wet slit with a slow drag resulting in a gasp escaping from Cookie's lips. Her mouth became parched and dehydrated. Cookie sawed her hips in a gyrating motion as she grinded against Hakeem veiny cock. The incredible sensation surged through her body as she began to tremble and shiver as her hooded clitoris began to quiver.

Cookie laid back. Opened her toned legs. Brought her hand down to her vagina. And squirted. Tiana buried her face deeper down as Cookie rubbed the hood of her clit, spraying Tiana as she did so.

Hakeem had a great view as he watched his mother's seminal fluid drip off of his girlfriends' face.

Tiana drew her finger across her cheek and scooped up a drop and sucked on her finger.

"Fuck that tastes so fucking sweet!!! Here baby have a taste."

Tiana held her finger to her boyfriend's mouth as he suckled on her smooth fingers.

He loved the taste and started kissing and drawing the fluid from her tongue.

"That's the sweetest shit I've ever tasted."

Tiana raised an eyebrow. "Even sweeter than me?"

"Sorry babe. Cookie has pot of honey like no other."

"Uh excuse me. Can I have a taste?" Cookie interrupted.

"Why don't you come over here?" Tiana beckoned.

Cookie slowly and gently took Hakeem's cock out of her fragile pussy.

She crawled over to the young couple. She kissed Hakeem passionately for a couple of minutes.

Tiana came nuzzling on her neck with kisses on her tits and chest. Tiana began kissing her chin and began kissing Cookie whilst still kissing Hakeem. All three tongues were intertwined. Cookie stopped kissing Hakeem and she grabbed Tiana by both cheeks and gave her a hot sloppy kiss as they exchanged saliva. Cookie then started picking the remains of her vagina fluid that was secreted on the RnB star's face.

'Damnnn! I taste so fucking good. It's a shame that I can't extract it without one of you two." she said raising an eyebrow.

"Fuck I love it when you talk dirty'" Hakeem said as he flipped his mother over onto her stomach. He forced her ass upwards and gave her a little spank. The flesh of her ass rippled and echoed within the room.

Cookie started giggling but then immediately turned to desperate cries of joy as Hakeem smoothly entered without warning. Her gaping hole was lubricated with her pussy juices she squirted out before. His smooth shaft vanished into the lustful beauty.

Cookie sawed her hips against his groin. Hakeem wasn't having his mother taking control of all the action so he thrust back with an even harder force causing her vaginal walls to tremble as Hakeem's defined head reached Cookie's peak. The pulsating veins were practically bulging and throbbing against Cookie's well-toned abs. Cookie's jail time gave her time to work on not only her ass but her muscles too.

"TIANA!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS YOU DOING? GET OVER HERE?" Hakeem roared at his girlfriend.

The leggy brunette jumped at his command and she put one leg on the left side of Cookie and brought the other leg to the left side of Hakeem's head. She was now facing Hakeem with her tight 20-year-old pussy beckoning Hakeem's graceful touch of his tongue.

His hands were tightly wrapped around Cookie's peachy cheeks, but her round tush was freed from Hakeem's grasp as he pushed the ass of the younger girl towards his mouth. His tongue and her soft smooth mound connected like magnets. Hakeem begin lapping away at her lush cunt. He simultaneously ploughed his swirling bulb in and out of Cookie's wet quim. Cookie felt a warm sensation flood throughout her body. Hakeem was hitting spots Cookie didn't even know she had.

Her heart pounded in her chest as Hakeem pounded her against the hard surface of the tub.

His pure sexual talent turned her cries of joy into soundless grunts of happiness. She licked her lips and flicked her tongue out trying to gasp for the air and oxygen that could free her off her sexual thirst. Her pussy yearned for the penetration she was getting now after 26 YEARS of searching for the right dick.

No man - or woman for that matter - had treated her the way Hakeem was giving it to her now. She was getting fucked in ways she hadn't imagined. Every woman had a fantasy of being fucked and used to their limit and Hakeem helped Cookie reach a limit she didn't even think was possible. And it was earned from her son's 10-inch wonder. She always thought that one day she would be fucked by a pole as big as Keem's but she never would have thought that it would have come from her own son. And the funny thing was - SHE FUCKING ENJOYED IT!

While Cookie was fucked into a world of her own, Hakeem was putting Tiana into her own frenzy using his magnificent tongue fucking skills. The satisfied sucking sounds of her clit filled the room as it fought with the sound of the flesh of Hakeem's thighs slapping against Cookie's fleshy ass.

As Hakeem's long tongue thrust up inside her, Tiana hoisted her leg up even higher displaying her sexual flexibility. Hakeem's tight lips sucked on her delectable labia as Tiana felt a tingling sensation from her pussy. She didn't know it but she was on the verge of a massive orgasm and little by little sweet fluids began leaking from between the gaps of her pussy and Keem's mouth. The sweet delicious fluids began dripping down her thigh and down Hakeem's cheeks. Each drop, dripped and dropped all over Cookie's ass.

The warm but sticky substance brought Cookie back to life as the veiny shaft began relentlessly thrusting into her as it speared and jabbed at her inner walls. Loud whimpers escaped from her mouth as she gasped from the thrill of penetration.

"Fuck did you feel me cum Keem?" Tiana questioned.

"Naw but I tasted it." He looked at her in a seductive manner as he drew his index finger to scoop up the semen using the length of his digit. He began to lick and slurp up every drop.

"Look at chu. Made a big mess and you making me clean up after you. I was gonna give you a treat but bad naughty girls deserve to get punished."

"Now let's see." Tiana began as she stroked up and down his abs. "What you're saying is that I'm a messy and naughty girl who's deserves to get punished? I don't know about you but messy and naughty is all that I ever wanna be. You know that I'm a bad bad girl."

Tiana smacked lips with Hakeem as his hips began to take control and automatically proceed in and out of her Cookie's cunt.

"So how are you gonna punish me?"

"I want chu to get down under and shove your head into Cookie's pussy till you can't breathe."

Tiana raised her perfectly shaped eyebrow.

She seductively said, "Sounds like a reward to me. How about you fuck Cookie till she can't breathe and my cunt will make sure she doesn't get a breath out."

Tiana got up to move over to Cookie but not before Hakeem spanked Tiana's ass leaving a red handprint faintly behind.

Tiana sat on the edge of the bath tub directly in front of Cookie so that her vagina was aligned with Cookie's delicate breath that splattered vapour all over her shiny twat. Tiana finally placed herself so that the puzzle was complete to form a daisy chain.

"Mhmmm. I just love the taste. Urghhh... Yes baby.... Ooh yeah...." Cookie muttered between breaths as Tiana teased her by retreating her pussy back and forth. Cookie tried to slurp up what remained of the cream she painted onto Hakeem's face.

Hakeem was darting in and out of her but refused to lose the speed and velocity that had kept him going this far. Hakeem was surprised at how Cookie had survived for this long. Most girls would have been hit by their 5th or 6th orgasm by now. Hakeem was determined to make her coat his dick in her juices before he did the same to her.

Cookie began to sweat and groan even harder before she announced, "It's coming! Fuck I feel it cumming.... Hakeem don't stop! Keep going!!!!"

"Tiana, I thought I told ya to make her breathless. How the fuck is she talking if she's breathless huh? Do I need to fuck some sense into you as well?"

"I'm sorry babe. Your mums a bigger slut than I thought. She's definitely licked pussy before. I can see where you get your skills from. Nghhh!!!! Ahhhhh fuck yeah!!!!!!"

Once again Tiana took both of them by surprise as waves of honey came splashing and gushing out of her snatch. She came directly onto Cookie's tongue as her tongue switched from its aggressive jabbing motion to stretching it out to freedom so she made sure that she savoured and devoured every drop.

Tiana had a waterfall of cum squirting out leaving Cookie's mouth bloated and full. Tiana saw the struggling woman choke and gag on the jizz that filled her mouth and immediately grabbed her throat and threatened her, "Swallow it you dumb bitch! Do what women like us were born to do!! Swallow my semen! Chug on it like the slut you are! What's wrong? Did the hood bitches you sucked and fucked back in philly not treat you like this?" She let out a short chuckle of pity. "I knew you were weak. Stupid bitch!" She said as she let go of her grasp by pushing Cookie backwards.

Just as she let go a huge gulp filled the room. Tiana turned around to see the mama Lyon with her tongue stuck out. There wasn't a spot of semen left on her tongue. Her mouth was squeaky clean as the day she was born.

"Who you calling a weak bitch, bitch" Cookie retaliated. Cookie grabbed Tiana by her pony tail and dragged her head between her and the tub.

"Crawl under there and I'll teach you how to suck pussy the hood way!"

Hakeem was obviously getting a kick out of the two girls fighting but Tiana unexpectedly had a sexual rush of ecstasy coursing through her body. She knew she was the inferior woman and no matter how sexually experienced she was she knew that Cookie Lyon was the hood bitch that everyone was scared of. She hadn't gone the full way in terms of sex but she had a charisma that could restore fear back in everyone's soul. Except Tiana liked the sexual domination.

"Urghhh Fuck me Cookie!!!! How the fuck is your pussy getting tighter!!!!!!!"

"Don't underestimate these cookies, boy. They were baked and shaked all my life. But that don't mean that my cookies are soft. Hell, no boy. These cookies are the tightest shit your cock will ever taste."

"Shiiiiit! Stop with all this dirty talk! Keep talking like that and you gon end up pregnant. Ain't no way I retreating before I bust a nut!"

"Boy I swear.... If a touch of your jizz.... OHHHH MY GOOOOOOOD!!!! JESUSS FUCKING CHRIST!"

Tiana wasn't playing around as she began flicking at her clit. The pre-cum leaking from Cookie's worn out twat was flailing around hitting Tiana left right and centre. Tiana didn't slow down her licking as she brought her fingers up to add to the rapid motion happening before her very own eyes.

She had never seen Hakeem go at a girl this hard since he had been an orgy with Hailee Steinfeld. She added one finger in as she began strumming at her flabby clit. Cookie's moans began to echo and scream across the pent house. Tiana wanted her to scream the house down and so added not one but two fingers in. She began massaging and playing around with her clit trying to hit the G Spot if there ever was a chance with Hakeem's cock smashing her vagina into a million pieces.

Hakeem's girth was large enough as it is but Tiana's four digits stretched it to levels Cookie had never been taken to before. Cookie wasn't groaning or moaning anymore. She was practically begging and sobbing for Hakeem to spray his load all over her face.

Tears started to roll down Cookie's soft cheeks as Hakeem's pecks were glossy and shiny from all the perspiration that streamed down his body and forehead. He was huffing and puffing as Cookie grinded and sawed at his hips.


It was then that everyone changed. Tiana removed her hand giving Cookie the smallest and tiniest window to catch her breath before it came. Two small drips dropped onto Tiana's nose as it splattered beneath her eye. But then it came....

Tiana was showered with streams after streams of the clearest stickiest fluid yet. Tiana shrieked in both pain and pleasure as the brutal force of her twat hurled the sticky juice at her golden skin. After a good minute Cookie's vagina stopped producing the vile liquid.

Everybody's heart rate had elevated. The blood pressure was reaching its max level. Just as Tiana's began to slow down Hakeem's began to reach its peak.

Tiana let out a huge sigh of relief followed by small cheeky giggle between short gasps of breath.

Threads of pleasure began flowing down Cookie's thighs as Tiana's face was covered in semen and only her eyes were to be seen. She had a literal face mask of semen on her face.


Tiana began screaming at the top of her lungs as it came crashing down on her like waves, like ripples of ecstasy as she felt the flash of heat on her face again. Cookie's vagina began leaking out millions of drops of Hakeem's jizz as a violent pleasure destroyed her beautiful face. A whiplash at her perfectly God made face as the pleasure tore through her body shattering and trembling against her clit and tits. She couldn't stop the noise that rose through her throat.

Hakeem's bellend dripped large drops of ejaculate onto the teen's already messy face. Cream after creamy cum sprang from the young man's muscular cock. His seed spilled from the gaping hole of the gobsmacked Cookie Lyon.

The molten extract had splashed onto her long graceful neck as well.

"Hakeem!!!! I am forever in your debt! Ain't no man gonna fuck me the way you just did! Sweet baby Jesus, I'm full. My pussy has been destroyed beyond limits!"

She laid her sweaty head on the body as the trio huffed and puffed with grins painted across their black faces.

That was before, Hakeem's cleaner, Lolita barged in with the spare key.

Tiana and Cookie screamed clambering for any clothing to cover up their privates.

Tiana turned away and curled up into a ball with her ass pointing downwards so nothing but her bare back was shown. Cookie simply gripped her tits with her right arm across to her left arm with her right arm tightly grasping the sight of her slick shiny mound.

Hakeem had played around with Lolita on more than one occasion so exposure of his penis to the young Latina was the least of his worries.

Hakeem jumped out of the tub with fear in his eyes as his penis bobbed from side to side as he dashed towards to petite Latina. He grabbed her by throat choking her as he slammed her against the wall next to the doorway.

"What did I tell you about knocking!!! Hmmm! Answer me you stupid bitch!"

Between short raspy gasps, Lolita tried to explain her side of the story.

"Hakeem stop it. Youre choking the poor girl!" Cookie freed her arms from covering herself up and leaped at the young girl to free her of Hakeem's hold.

"Whats gotten into you Hakeem! You trying to kill the girl!" Cookie screamed. "Baby girl you alright?"

Cookie's tits were swaying in the swift breeze of the room. Tiana was still trying to get to speed with the cum dump she had just received and what seemed to be a teenage Latin who walked in on them.

"I... Um. .. I . I heard screaming of pain and thought someone was getting raped or abused and I called you but you didn't pick up... so I called Mr Lucious and he said he is coming over right now."

"What?" Cookie said with distraught in her voice. "No I can't let Lucious see me like this."

She started scrambling around for her clothes in the heap of clothes scattered across the floor.

She bent down and squatted on her heels with her round ass flaunted at Lolita and Hakeem.

"Damn Cookie! You've still got that ass I fell in love with."

Tiana covered her body once more at the sound of the voice. This time Hakeem grabbed the metal plate on the side table next to the door to cover his package.

The legendary Lucious Lyon was standing in the door way. He eyed everyone in the room and he was particularly confused at what was going on especially with Tiana's face.

From behind Lucious emerged the two other sons, Anika and Rhonda.

Cookie squealed and brought her fur coat to cover her body.



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