Note from the authors: Below is a list of all the characters.

Shep, Calley (Yellow Team)
Tyler, Michelle (Orange Team)
Max, Jenna (Brown Team)
Annie, Jeff (Purple Team)
Mike, Keetin (Green Team)
"Scooter", Christa (Blue Team)
Phil, Jacquelynn, (Red Team)

Endurance 2: Sex On The Beach Part 1 (m+f+,inter)
by the Hamster and Storytrade

It was dark after the days challenges and the 14 remaining competitors on the
show where sitting around a beachside fire talking and laughing. Of course
the conversation got around to 'Who-likes-who'. Oh course everyone remembered
the massive lust that Shep carried for Jackie.

"Hey." Phil says why don't you kiss him? "You know throw the guy a break."

"Ahh sure why not?" Jackie said.

Everyone watched as Phil's big-breasted partner leaned forward to kiss Shep.
Their lips parted briefly so that their tongues could dance together. They
kissed deeply and pressed against each other so that Jackie's big firm boobs
were mashed against his chest. Their tongues wrestled for several minutes
and Shep's hands strayed all over her body. Soon Jackie's panties began
tomoisten and shep was sporting a raging boner. Most of the collected
competitors noticed the growing bulge in Shep's shorts.

Phil tactlessly points out the hard-on and says, "Dude, it looks like you
could use some relief there."

Shep reluctantly breaks the kiss and blushes.

Scooter says to Phil, "So Phil, you got a lady who provides you with relief?"

Phil nervously says, "Uh yeah I got a couple who do down on me."

"Sure you do Phil," Max said dripping with sarcasm "I'd bet good money no one
has ever touched you."

"So Max, are you a ladies man?" Phil asked defensively.

Max says with a grin, "I have some experience."

"I hate giving head, cum tastes nasty." Michelle added.

"Yeah, and once the guy cums, he wont eat you out." Calley said.

"Cum doesn't taste that bad, and the guys I have been with ate me out before
I blew them." Jackie countered.

"All this talk about blow jobs is getting me hard, I hope one of you fine
honeys can help me out." Jeff said.

"Me too." All the guys added at once.

The girls laughed then joined together in a group huddle.

"Alright, Christa, Jenna, Calley and I are going to suck off four of you."
Jackie announced when they broke their huddle.

"So which of us gets to be sucked off?" Shep asked.

"The four biggest," Cally said "So strip and lets see those hard cocks of

With that the 7 teens there stripped. Shep and Tyler were clearly the two
biggest guys which cocks that looked to be over 8 inches each, although
Tyler's was clearly thicker then Shep's. Jeff's was the third largest, at
approximately 7 inches, while Scooter's 4th, with a 6 incher. That meant
that Phil, Max and Mike were not going to get head. Phil's cock was about
5 1/2 inches, while neither Max or Mike's was even 5 inches. Max's looked
even smaller due to his height, however his may have actually been slightly
bigger then Mike's. So the 8 teens decided to pair up. Shep went over to
Jackie who he had a crush on.

Soon Jackie was on her knee's with Shep's 8 incher inside her mouth.
Meanwhile Christa paired up with Scooter, her partner because she wondered
what it woudl be like to be with a black guy, although she was disappointed
that Scooter did not hold up the stereotype that all black guys were hung.
Meanwhile Calley and Tyler soon got together. The first thing Calley said
to him was that she had never been with a guy his size before, and it was
pretty evident, by the fact that she gagged a couple times and wasn't able
to get more then half of him inside of her mouth. The last couple to hook
up was Michelle, from the Orange team and Jeff from purple. While the two
teams were competing, the two teens didn't know each other well, however
that didn't stop Michelle from wrapping her lips around Jeff's 7 inch piece
of meat.

Meanwhile several of the other teens began to intently watch the action in
front of them Keetin, Jenna and Annie were all virgins and weren't sure they
were ready for the type of stuff going on in front of them. In fact Keetin
had never even seen a cock before a few minutes ago. The three guys, Phil,
Max and Mike were also watching intently, and in fact all 3 had their hands
wrapped around their own cocks. While none of them had ever had sex before,
Max had received a blow job and a few hand jobs before, while Mike had never
gotten past second base, while Phil had no experience. Shep then decided to
make things more interesting. He yelled to the other guys, why don't we make
this a contest. Last guy to cum wins.

Calley then pulled her lips off Tyler's cock and said "We want in too, how
about first girl to get a guy to shoot his load wins."

They all enthusiastically agreed. They discussed it for awhile and then
agreed the prize for the guy who held out the longest would be another blow
job from each of the 3 girls. While the girl who was first to get a guy to
cum, would get eaten out by the guy of her choice.

Calley returned her attention to Tyler's penis. He groaned with pleasure
as the girl's tongue slid up and down his shaft several times before it
disappeared down her throat. Jackie's luscious full lips applied crushing
pressure on the rock hard cock she was servicing. Scooter had Christa by
the back of the had head and was slamming her head down on his man-meat
shouting things like 'yeah baby, take that big black dick!'. Meanwhile,
Michelle was doing her best to suck all the meat right off of Jeff's bone.

After 5 minutes, Scooter shot his load, making Christa the girls winner.
Jeff only lasted a minute longer before pulling out of Michelle's mouth and
bathing her face in cum. She shrieked and socked him in the shoulder. The
third guy to shoot was Shep, and Jackie swallowed all of his cum. Meanwhile
after 15 minutes, Tyler was still rock hard, making him the winner on the
guys side, however, he still hadn't cum and Calley was getting tired, so
Jackie offered to give it a try.

Jackie grasped Tyler's cock firmly in her hand as she licked the head, her
saliva mingling with Calley's as she tasted his salty meat-shaft. She sucked
and sucked over and over as hard as he she could. Christa asked Jeff to eat
her out in the meanwhile. Jeff dove right in to his moist juicy cunt driving
her tongue deep into the wet sex-hole. Soon Jeff's mouth was flooded with
girl-cum. Christa was moaning and sighing and pleasure as he ate her out.
Jackie was having zero luck with Tyler however and after 10 minutes he still
hadn't cum.

Max was trying to do the same with Annie but she was reluctant to do
anything, while Phil was too nervous to ask Jenna. Soon a full blown orgy
had broken out. Jackie gave up on Tyler, leaving him hard and hurting.

While all this was going on, Mike was trying to convince his teamate Keetin
to let him pop her cherry.

"Come on Keetin, please we're partners. You'll love it I swear." Mike begged.

Keetin was about to give into Mike's request, when Tyler walked over, with a
rock hard cock double the size of Mike's.

Keetin looked at Tyler, then at Mike, and said to him "I know we are partners
and all but I want my first to be a real cock, I mean look how big it is."
Keetin turned and said to Tyler "Please fuck me, with that huge thing of

"Bitch!!!" Mike exclaimed.

But Keetin was already in doggy-style position with her ass high in the air
waiting for Tyler's big rock solid cock to get rammed into her virgin cunt.
Tyler grabbed a firm old of her hips and touched the tip to her tight pussy
lips. Pulling back on her hips he thrust forward into her with all his power.
The thin, pathetic resistence of her virginity was easily shattered by his
man meat. Keetin cried out in pain but her pain was soon replaced by pleasure
as the cock slid easily in and out of her tight wet pussy. Mike watch almost
as if hypnotized as Tyler fucked his cute partner with reckless abandon. He
crept closer and closer to the pair. Mike walked around to the front of the
pair so he could look in Keetin's face as she enjoyed her very first fuck.
Her face was in fact twisted up in pleasure and she was biting her lower lip
with her eyes closed as she was rammed from behind. She opened her eyes when
he brushed her hair with his hand. He saw the look of pleasure in her eyes.

Keetin then said to Mike "it feels so good, I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist

Mike then stepped a couple feet away and watched Tyler's huge dick moving in
and out of his partner's cunt. Mike was mezmorized by the sight. He couldn't
believe how hot it looked as Tyler's dick went in and out of Keetin. Mike
moved closer to get a better look, now he was mere inches away from the two
teen's sexual organs. Mike was both horny and jealous at the same time. He
was turned on by seeing the two teens fuck, but was also jealous it wasn't
him, with the big 8 inch cock fucking Keetin. However the jealousy didn't
stop Mike from jerking off while watching them.

Meanwhile Michelle was still pretty horny after sucking Jeff. She walked over
to Shep and told him that she needed him to fuck her now.

"Please Shep, I need that big cock of yours, give it me." Shep didn't need to
be asked twice. Soon the blond boy was on top of the little black girl giving
her the fucking of a lifetime. She was moaning and screaming "give it to me
white boy, that's it, give it to me."

The smell of sex was clearly in the air at this point. Besides Shep and
Michelle fucking and Tyler taking Keetin's cherry. Scooter was now on 69ing
with Jenna. Jenna was loving Scooter's tongue action, and it also kept him
quite, which was nice for change, since no one could stand his constant trash

Max finally was able to convince Annie to give him a blow job, but the boy
only lasted 30 seconds before spewing cum all over her. Annie was really
pissed at him, because it was all over her hair and everything. Phil was
laughing his ass off watching this, which pissed Annie off even more. She
decided to teach Phil a lesson for laughing at her. She grabbed him by the
balls and told him that he needed to eat her out and make her cum or she
would cause him more pain then he ever imagined

Christa was still getting eating out by Jeff, was loving every moment of it.
Jeff was a natural born pussy eater. After 10 minutes of eating her out, he
brought her to an orgasm. Christa enjoyed it so much, she didn't even notice
Jeff getting on top of her and positioning himself to fuck her. She was dazed
in the afterglow of her orgasm so she was just a little surprised to feel the
cock penetrating her pussy entrance. She screwed her face up in temporary
outrage which gave way to pleasure as the penis plunged in and out of her

Tyler had pounded Keetin to two orgasms that made the former virgin scream
wildly with pleasure and pour with sweat. The whole time Mike pounding his
cock like mad. Finally after such long and varied fucking Tyler shot his
whole warm load inside of Keetin. Almost at the same time Mike blasted her
face with his own cum.

"Mike you stupid mother-fucker!" Keetin yelled as she wiped the cum away from
her face. "You were going to go next but you can just forget about fucking me

Jeff who had been passing by after fucking his most recent orgy partner,
Christa, was snatched by Keetin.

"Fuck me hard!" She told him face to face.

Mike began to cry like a little girl with a skinned knee as he begged her for
forgiveness. But it was already too late. He watched in misery as Jeff lay on
his back and Keetin slammed her pussy up and down on Jeff's meat pole.

Tyler turned around and looked for somewhere else to be. That's when he
noticed Jackie. Cum dribbled from her lips down onto her big boobs. She
looked into his eyes and fingered him to come over. Tyler did not need to
be asked twice. He gladly ran oven to the hot black girl who laid on her
back and spread her legs for him. Tyler began to fondle and squeeze her
cum-coated boobs. As he tasted her deliscous glazed sweater meat, sucking
and biting the nipples, his cock began to grow hard and monstrously large.
He thrusted into her causing her to cry out and making her amazing boobs
wobble up and down.

Max and Phil both noticed that Annie was naked and masterbating but she had
yet to join in the actual fucking with anyone.

"You know," Max said to Phil "I'm tired of that bitch always bossing us

"Yeah, lets jump her!" Phil said.

The co-conspiritors slowly snuck up on the masterbating Korean girl and then
literally jumped on top of her and pinned her down.

"Hey stop it! EEEEEEEOWP!" She started to protest as the wrestled with her
and Phil finally rammed his man-meat into her cunt.

Max had worked his way behind her and managed to cram his cock into her tight
anal opening. Her cherry was destroyed as her ass was violated for the first
time. Soon her moans of pain and protest became moans of pleasure as their
cocks plunged into her at a steady counter rytthm counter to each other.

Meanwhile Scooter was enjoying Jenna wild fucking. She bucked against him
like a wild mustang and loudly vocaliuzing her her approval for the job that
he was doing. She was really beginning to hit her stride when blew his wad
into her pussy.

"Hey," she protested "you can't finish I'm not done yet!"

Scooter just rolled over and started snoring.

"YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" She screamed.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she turned to see her little blonde
friend Calley.

"Don't worry Jenna," She said "I'll get you off."

Before she could say anything the very surprised Jenna was being kissed by
Calley. Her surprise gave way to lust and the pairs tongues twisted and
danced together. Each girl's trailed all over the other's body and eventually
their hands found their way to each other's cunts. The rubbed against each
other as they finger-fucked excitedly.

Meanwhile Annie is being treated like a see-saw with a cock going up her ass
as one pulled out of her cunt then they reversed. Scooter saw this happening.
He had been wanting to fuck Annie for a good long while. He approached the
group but there didn't seem to be anyway for him to get in. Finally she
reached out and grabbed his cock then pulled it to her mouth.

Jeff had been getting pound fucked by Keetin for quite awhile and his cock
erupted up into her cunt after she she had already cum twice.

Christa decides she wants to join in on the Lesbian action.

While Shep who had just finished fucking Michelle nearly into a coma decided
he wanted to fuck Jackie, so he goes and joins Tyler. Tyler is busy with her
cunt so Shep feeds her some cock while they both squeez her tits...HARD.

Mike was still very upset about the way Keetin treated him so he wanders
over to Jenna and Calley.

"Beat it mike, Jenna says we're fine on our own here." Jenna said after
temporarily lifting her mouth from Calley's cunt.

Mike then shuffled over to where Scooter, Max and Phil are triple teaming

"Get lost dude." Scooter said. "This chick doesn't have anymore fuck holes

Mike was getting really depressed until he saw Mischelle laying unconscious
and unattended.

To be continued...


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