The legend on Earth 619 tells of 4 who are 1 who will bring peace to the
land. Now 4 teens from Earth 618 will brave the portal between worlds. But
are things truly as they seem?

Some parts rated NC-17

Epic Movie: Part 3
by Tyval ([email protected])

Lara pulled up into the parking lot outside the Acme chocolate factory. The
Lot was empty but the factor seemed to be going full time. She didn't know
the factory was a S.H.I.E.L.D. front for the portal. The factory actually
made a small profit every year, but that was countered by the fact that
every year some of the agents and techs went insane.

'This is crazy," Lara thought as she started to walk forward, then stopped
as a van pulled up.

Dan Starr, wearing the black uniform of a X-Man, stepped out. Lara had heard
about the X-Men and mutants of course, even seen a few. On 618 there was
some, but not quite the mutant prejudice some Earth's had.

Dan smiled at her reassuringly and pulled out his golden card. Dan was
solidly class 3, but Lara was potentially a near class 5.

"I am very glad to finally meet you Lara," Dan smiled.

"Okay, so you know my name, and you have the same card I do," Lara said, "So,
I'm willing to believe there's a reason we're both here. You have a name?"

"Dan, Daniel Starr," Dan smiled

"I always thought you guys went by, 'Electro Man' or animal names like
'Bobcat' or something," Lara said, keeping her distance.

"Mines Wildstar, but considering what we're here for I'd rather you call me
Dan," Dan said.

"And what ARE we here for?" Lara asked, she liked him, but had a couple of
spells ready.

"Answers," Dan replied," About who we are, who our family was. Answers that
may lie here when all 4 of us are together."

"All 4 of us?" Lara asked cautiously.

A small bus pulled up. Fawn Jackson, now dressed in a camo version of
Kestrel's Native American outfit, her bow on her back, her quiver strapped
to her thigh, exited smiling. Having been told about her siblings and shown
their pictures she walked over and hugged Lara, then Dan.

"Um, excuse me," Lara said, "Who are you people."

"Well, we don't have much of a family resemblance, but I'm your sister," Fawn
smiled, then pulled out her card, "Fawn Jackson, I call myself Fawn now."

"Dan Starr, I'm your brother," Dan grinned, "You real brother. And you have
another brother."

As if on cue a G.O.L.D. flying car landed. Dressed in a new, updated version
of 'Condor's' outfit a grinning Roberto jumped out. Dan walked over to him
for a friendly handshake. Fawn gave him a quick hug. For some reason she
couldn't explain Fawn had liked Dan and Lara on sight, but while she didn't
show it, something about Roberto didn't quite feel right. Roberto drew his
card, it matched the other's.

"Roberto Alverez," Roberto said, "But Mr. Ray said I could change it to
Condoras. I may not have his wings, but the 'Condor' will fly again."

"Okay, this is not possible," Lara said, still apart from the others.

"But it is true sister, the X-Men and G.O.L.D. have been looking for us,"
Fawn said, "You eluded them so they weren't able to tell you."

"I had a family," Lara was about to cry, "I had friends, I was happy. It's
all been taken away from me. For what?"

"Our destiny Lara," Dan said softly, "I am sorry about your loss, but this
is real. Our parents went to great lengths to keep our identity's secret. We
were separated for some reason I can't understand. Why?"

"That's the question," Roberto said sarcastically, "And why was the white boy
surrounded by, and protected by an army of mutants. Yea, and the white girl
got adopted into a rich family. The black girl and hispanic kid got the

"That wasn't my doing," Dan said, not liking Roberto's tone.

"So our own parents were racists' Fawn shot back, knowing for sure she didn't
like Roberto," My God! We only found each other a few minutes ago and you're
playing the race card? I'm black and proud, but an old white woman is the
only one who ever gave a damn about me, and they murdered her. Whoever they

"Was it an albino dressed like a monk?" Lara asked, "That's the bastard that
killed my parents."

"Look, the point is, like it or not, deny it or not, and despite racial
differences, we are siblings and we've been brought together for a reason,"
Dan said taking charge," Our parents thought it was important to separate us.
Some of you may or may not know, there's a portal to another world inside
this place. Our parents thought that whatever was on the other side was worth
fighting for, even worth dying for. Can we do anything less? You, Roberto,
what would the Condor do?"

"The Condor would fight," a humbled Roberto said.

Fawn and Lara were impressed at Dan taking charge. It was then that Fawn saw
cars and vans lined up a few miles away.

"Um, we're not alone," Fawn said.

"I don't see anyone," Roberto said.

"I don't either," Dan said, "Guess you got our mother's super vision Fawn. I
know who they are though. Avengers, X-Teams, G.O.L.D., who knows who else.
They want to help."

"Help? Why are they hanging back then?" Lara asked.

"After the last team went in the portal wouldn't reopen," Dan said, "Later
on, I don't know how, they found out it would only react to the d.n.a. of
Mace or Pixie. Well, Questar's too, but he's been missing for 20 years. I
think the Watcher was actually allowed to tell G.O.L.D. that he is alive but
can't return for awhile. Anyway, the check also verified my identity. I was
2 at the time."

"And each of us has a power or powers of our parents," Fawn said.

"I manifested at 13, but until about a month ago I was a lightweight power
wise," Dan said, "The increase of my powers must have been some kind of

"I got the strength of Mace," Roberto said.

"I got Pixie's agility, eyesight, and bow," Fawn said.

"I still don't believe it, but, well, what I've been doing, it's seemed like
magic," Lara sighed, "Pixie."

"And I got Mace's telekinesis," Dan said.

"And the golden cards," Lara asked, "Just a way of identifying each other? A
clue? A key?"

"Or all of the above," Fawn said, "But why are they hanging back like that?"

"Waiting for us to make our move," Dan said, "Dr. Richards and Dr. McCoy
believe that when we go into the portal it will close behind us. They're all
hoping to get some people in to help us before it closes. They're waiting for
us to get to know each other, family time."

"Why don't they just co-operate and have a mutually agreed on team to back us
up if they all want the same thing?" Lara naively asked.

"Oh hell, even I know that one," Roberto laughed, "Team rivalry. Every
team thinks it's the best, and they all lost people here. They want the

"So do I," Lara said, "But until I know more I'm saving mine for the albino

"Well then, ready to kick some ass little sister?" Fawn asked, 10 minutes
older than Lara.

As the 4 teens started walking towards the front gate the assembled teams
started to slowly move forward. Dragon waved to Captain America who smiled
and waved back. Emma Frost was the lead X-Men since Magneto had to stay at
Xavier's because he was still technically a fugitive. Emma was flirting with
Princess Tara causing Dragon to groan.

"I hope some of us make it," Billy said.

"I don't care who," Dragon said, "I just hope someone gets in to help those
kids. If only we'd known. We could have helped them, raised them."

"Roberto's an angry young man," Billy said, "Lara had a family, Dan had a few
friends and good teachers, even Fawn had her coach. Roberto had no one. I'm
hoping his newfound pride will carry him through."

"Condor was a good man, that was a good move telling him about his
grandfather first," Dragon said.

The gate opened leading to open air courtyard with beautiful sculpture and a
fountain in the middle. This was a front of course. An inner door opened at
the other end. Three armed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents stepped out. For reporters and
the like they had disguised PR men. They knew who these 4 teens were and why
they were here so there was no need for pretense.

"Special Agent Summers," agent Summers said in greeting, "Your codnames are
good enough, we know how supers are about their I'D.'s."

"Wildstar," Dan smiled.

"Condor," Roberto proudly said.

"Fawn," Fawn said, sensing something wrong about these men.

Lara was silent for a moment. She still wasn't sure about all this. But Dan
and Fawn seemed nice, Roberto had a chip on his shoulder, but he'd had the
hardest life.

"Minx," Lara sofly said.

"All right sis," Fawn high-fived her.

"This way please," agent Summers said, "We've been waiting for you."

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led them past the public section, then past the
automated section where the candy was made. Almost without thinking Roberto
swiped a candy bar. The teens were led into a partially open air stadium type
area, where a shimmering small sphere of multi colored light about the size
of a basketball floated in mid air about a foot off the ground. Surrounding
the sphere were banks and rows of instraments, computers, desks, and all
manner of equipment.

About 20 techs were doing various tests and operating equpment. They could
see it through the clear plexiglass walls. Dan felt uneay. There seemed to be
too few techs for so much equipment and why were they all armed?

"That's it?" Roberto asked, "That's the portal?"

"What did you expect?" agent Summers asked.

"I don't know," Roberto answered, "Something bigger, grander."

Lara moved closer and the portal suddenly doubled in size, then tripled that!
Lara jumped back startled, but the portal now stayed in the larger size. Fawn
moved closer and the portal again tripled in size and stayed that way even as
she backed up.

"Okay, I'd say that's getting more like it big bro," Fawn smiled.

"I'll say," Roberto said as he unwrapped the candy bar to see a human finger,
"Holy shit!"

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion. A tech tried to draw a pistol,
Dan kicked it out of his hand and knocked him out with a backfist. Two techs
by the wall opened fire on Fawn. To teir surprise she flipped out of the way
of 12 bullits and pinned their arms to the wall with 2 arrows. Dan leaped
over a desk and kicked a tech who was drawing on Lara.

"I thought you were a psi," Lara gasped as Dan knocked the man out with a

"I'm also the unenhanced martial arts champion of Xavier's," Dan said a he
used telekinisis to hurl a dozen PC's at other tech's trying to draw weapons.

Roberto threw one tech through the plexiglass wall, knocked the assault rifle
from one of the field agents and sent the man flying with a punch. Besides
Agent Summer's there was only 2 other field agents in the room, the rest were
all techs, most of whom were pretty scrawny. Dan had taken out 3 more men
when Roberto leaped, headscissored one of the field agents, put the other in
a head lock and then flipped both over.

"Judo," Dan asked.

"Lucha Libre," Robeto grinned throwing the 2 men into a computer bank.

A fresh squad of a dozen field agents and a man in a 'exo suit' gave Agent
Summers the chance to pull out a device. Pressing a button blast doors sealed
all the exits. Fawn knocked out a tech with a kick, tripped a field agent
with her bow, then clocked him one with it.

"Time to die!" Summer's screamed.

Fighting the techs had been one thing, field agents was another. Robrto
quickly found out that his strength had limits as neither his punches or his
lifting could budge the blast doors. The 'exo' agent punched him, sending
him back. For the first time in the fight Dan found his blows blocked as he
fought 2 agents. Fawn did a 'frankensteiner' move on one man, as Dan took a
hard right.

"Before you ask, gymnastics," Fawn said, then kicked an agent in the crotch,
"And street-fighting."

Thanks to Fawn, Dan got a moment to recover. He used it well sending a desk
flying that swept up several agents. Duckng under 2 men, Dan landed hard
chops in their mid-sctions, doubling temove. He finished both men off with
chops to the back of the neck.

Roberto took anoter punch tat spun him around, but his own training took over
a he caught the next swing of the 'exo' and used it's own momentum to throw
it into the blast door hard. Summer's took aim atobert's back, then gasped a
Fawn's arrow skewerd his hand. The gun clatterd on the ground. Through all of
this, Lara had hid under a desk, not really out of cowardice, she had tripped
one field agent then smashed a PC on his head, but because she had never
really been in a real fight before.

Dan finally had a moment to breathe, saw her, and understood. Lara was the
most powerful of all of them, but her power's weren't physical. He jumped and
kicked a leftover tech that was behind her.

"Run for the portal!" Dan ordered, Lara hesitated, "Now! There's only a few
left, we'll be right behind you!"

Dan took a punch, but ducked the agents follow-up, and took the man out with
a 'rising pheonix' punch. Three men were shooting at Fawn. Thirty bullits and
not one came close a she triple flipped and shot all 3 in the foot with 3
arrows while still flipping. Lara took off running and dove through the

The 'exo' could tell by now he wasn't going to beat Robeto by strength as he
was slammed into the door again. He tried to bring a sonic weapon to bear
when Dan's telekinisis jammed it causing it to explode. With a nod of thanks
Roberto ripped the 'exo' suit in half. Without the 'exo' suit the last few
agents went down quickly. The trio wasted no time going through the portal.

Minutes later the other heroe's, who had been figting an entire army of
crazed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, backed by Mandroids busted through. The portal
was shrinking rapidly.

"Too small," Dragon said, "A group of women might get through. Looks like
your team gets it after all Emma."

"Thanks Dragon," Emma smiled as she led her X-Women in.

Emma, Laura, Nina, Stormy, Julia, and Misty barely got through before the
portal complerely collapsed and dissapeared

End of Part 3


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