Esurance/Kim Possible: Santa's Evil Twin (Ff,MF,oral,magic,voy)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Ron was on vacation with his parents to visit some friends during the
holidays. So Kim was by herself when she decided to have some lunch in the
local Bueno Nacho. She was not aware that at that same Bueno Nacho was a
kindred spirit. Erin was a spy and a pretty good one. The pink haired,
leather clad spy WAS aware of Kim's presence as soon as the teen stepped
through the door. She had heard a lot about Kim and her adventures and was
surprised to just run in to her this way. Erin decided not to introduce
herself, instead she concentrated on her Dr. Pepper and her Naco, better
to give Kim her privacy.

Without warning the door burst open and a man dressed as Santa burst into
the restaurant accompanied by half a dozen elves. The elves were all armed
with guns. The elves fired into the air and everyone else dropped to the

"All right everybody this is Xantha Clause, put all of your money in Xantha's
sack and I may decide to let you live." Said Xantha.

The elves all snickered. They knew Xantha Clause had a strict 'no witnesses'

"Hey Xantha." Said Kim as she stood up.

"What?" Asked the not-so-jolly old St. Nick.

"You really chose the wrong place to rob." Said Kim.

Erin didn't say anything at all, she just reacted. It took the elves a split
second to turn their weapons towards Kim Possible. It took Erin much less
time than that to throw a large number of ninja-stars at the elves. These
stars didn't sink deep enough to kill the elves but it was enough to make
them drop their guns or screw up their aim. Erin and Kim were both moving.
Flipping through the air and leaping all over to make themselves hard
targets. SNAP! CRACK! POP! An elf went down with a broken, arm another with
a dislocated shoulder and yet another with broken ribs.

"DAMMIT!!!!" Said Xantha. "Don't you know how hard it is to train good ninja

"Ninja Elves? Big deal, I know a freak that has ninja monkeys." Asked Kim in

"Nice." said Xantha as he swung a giant candy cane that batted Kim across the

Erin tried to jump-kick Xantha but she bounced off of his belly harmlessly.

"HO HO HO, you're both really stupid ho, ho hos." Xantha mocked.

Kim and Erin were both swarmed by elves that quickly tied them up with
Christmas lights.

"Hmmm bring them with us and blow up the rest." Xantha ordered.

The myriad of reporters that were now gathering outside were treated to a
spectacular explosion and the sight of a sleigh flying off into the night.

South Pole...

Kim and Erin both groaned as they awoke. They were locked into a bare wooden
room with a bed and camera in each corner. Xantha opened the door and stepped

"What the hell do you want from us?" Erin demanded.

"He he he. Well right now I want you two to have some eggnog." Said Xantha.

"Eggnog?" Asked Erin and Kim at once.

"Yes eggnog." Said Xantha. "Drink it and you walk. Now don't give me any shit
while I untie you or there is going to be serious trouble."

A few elves piled into the room and untied Kim and Erin then left some eggnog
and two glasses behind.

Xantha made his way to the control room where he could watch the action. A
few elves entered the room to join him. Xantha was naughty. Naughty for the
sake of being naughty. He didn't need to commit armed robbery, he didn't give
a shit about money, he just liked doing it. What he was getting ready to do
was not for money either. He was just a bastard.

"Different types of magic eggnog produce different effects. The type that is
in that jug for Kim and Erin to drink is lust-inducing." Xantha explained to
the Elves. "I'm web casting this thing live and I'm e-mailing any choice
stills that I like to the Dr. Possibles."

"Gee you sure are evil boss." Commented an Elf.

Xantha grabbed the elf by the throat and began to squeeze as hard as he
could. The elf flailed and struggled Xantha smiled as the little elf began
to weaken.

"Who the fuck asked you?" Xantha asked he then chucked the elf into a wall
and knocked him out cold. "Feed him to the leopard seals."

A handful of other elves grabbed their unfortunate friend and dragged him

* * *

Back in their cell Erin and Kim were staring at each other.

"Do we drink it?" Asked Kim.

"He's obviously done something to it." Said Erin.

"But what?" Asked Kim.

Erin poured some into a glass. She smelled it then set it down. Kim and Erin
looked at each other.

"Get on with it or I'll just kill you both warned." Xantha over the intercom.

They decided at that point that it was better to drink it and buy some time.

"Together then?" Erin asked.

"I can do anything." Kim replied.

Erin and Kim each poured themselves a glass and then drank it down. The
effects came on fast. It was like a rush through their bodies. You ever eaten
6 burrito Supremes and chased it with a slurpee that you drank to fast? Well
it felt like that.

"Whoa I feel weird." Said Kim.

"Me too." Said Erin.

"Hey Erin?" Kim said.

"What?" asked Kim.

"I really love your hair." Kim said

"Thanks Kim. Yours is awesome too." Erin said, not adding that she also loved
Kim's flat tummy and peach-sized tits.

"But it's not as nice as yours, I was kind of curious about one thing." Said

"What's that?" Asked Erin.

"Does the carpet match the drapes?" Kim asked.

"Why don't I just pull my pants down so that you can see for yourself?" Said

* * *

"Hell, yeah!!!" Said an Elf who was watching along with Xantha in the control

Xantha reached over and grabbed the elf with one hand. With the other he
grabbed a small Christmas tree. The Elf screamed and flailed wildly. With the
force of a charging Rhino he drove the tree straight through the elves pants
into his body and out his mouth. He chucked him aside.

"Do not interrupt." He said firmly.

* * *

Back in the cell Erin unzipped her skin-tight black pleather pants. She
pulled them down and followed by pulling down her shiny black panties. Sure
enough her pussy was the same brilliant shade of pink that her hair was. Kim
reached out and touched the beautiful pussy exposed in front of her. With
startling speed Erin grabbed the back of Kim's head and rammed the teen's
face into her cunt. Kim lapped at her pussy while Kim arched her back and
enjoyed the sensations of the tongue writhing inside of her. Erin peeled her
top off and started playing with her own tits. When she finally started to
cum she was squeezing her boobs so hard they were going to bruise. Kim stood
and kissed Erin. The pink-haired spy pulled off the teen's shirt and then
pulled her pants down. Erin grabbed Kim's wrists and pushed her down onto
the bed.

"I think it's the eggnog that's making us want each other." Said Kim.

"I agree. Want me to eat you out?" Asked Erin.

"Please and thank you." Kim replied.

Erin dove into Kim's cute cunt and started to eat her out.

* * *

Xantha who was watching, along with a million people online, unzipped his
pants and whipped out his man-meat. He reached for a female elf and shoved
her face into his crotch.

"Suck it." He ordered.

The elf opened her small mouth and swallowed up his large cock. Her tiny head
bobbed up and down on the swollen cock while Xantha watched Erin go to town
on Kim. After Kim came in Erin's mouth they switched to grinding their cunts
together while making out. They were feeling each other bodies as they did
so. Erin thrust two fingers in Kim's pussy and pumped them in and out.

"Yeah, yeah keep going." Moaned Kim.

* * *

After forty-five minutes Xantha had completely filled the elf's stomach with
his seed. He was a little bored so he grabbed a random elf and nailed him to
the wall. After completing that he recovered a set of darts.

"No please master don't." Begged the elf.

"Thank you for crying." Said Xantha.

Xantha began launching darts at the helpless elf, striking him in various
painful areas of his body. This activity was interrupted by a knock at the

"What the fuck?" Asked Xantha.

He walked over to the door and opened it. He was then immediately kicked in
the head by both Kim and Erin. He fell to the floor and looked up.

"What? How?" Xantha couldn't figure out their escape.

"12 year old super genius." Said Kim. "When you advertised for your little
web show my friend Wade learned about it and blocked it from reaching your
subscribers then he hacked into your security system and unlocked the doors."

"Crap." Said Xantha.

Erin and Kim both did a will timed flip that turned into two well-placed
kicks to knockout Xantha.

Hours later at Middleton...

"It was nice working with you Erin." Said Kim.

"Really nice working with you." Said Erin.

"Think we'll hook up again...what I meant to say is..." Kim stammered before
she was cut off by Erin shoving her tongue in her mouth.

"Yeah." said Erin, "we'll hook up again."


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