Note: This is the unofficial sequel to "Santa's Evil Twin".

Esurance/Kim Possible/Totally Spies: Santa's Evil Daughter
by Hamster ([email protected])

December 23rd...

Kim was awake bright and early, ready for a brisk morning jog. She was not
prepared to find a wrapped gift addressed to her sitting on her front porch.

"This is weird. Christmas isn't for another two days." She said.

The wrapped gift did not say who it was from. Kim went inside and closed
the door behind her. Nobody else was awake yet except for her mother, Dr.
Possible. Kim walked over to where her mom was having some morning coffee
and took a seat.

"Hey Mom, I got this present but I don't know where it came from or who sent
it." Kim says.

"Really Kim? Well that's odd." Dr. Possible said.

"Should I open it?" Kim asked.

"Well I don't see the harm." Said Dr. Possible.

Kim's curiosity was totally piqued so she hurriedly tore the green and red
wrapping away. That revealed a white box. Kim removed the lid. Both Kim and
her mom peered in and saw that it was occupied by a pill-shaped green
metallic object. There was a series of odd bulbs all along the middle. Those
bulbs suddenly began rapidly flashing red light while beeping wildly.

"What the..." Kim started to say before the Thing gave off a blinding flash.

Kim and her mom both blinked until their sight returned to them and the
realized that they were no longer in their home. They were instead in a
fairly large room with wood panel walls and floors. A Christmas tree of
great size was in one corner of the room while, laying on the floor naked
and tied up in Christmas lights were several girls who Kim recognized
instantly. They were Agent Erin E. Surance and WHOOP agents Sam, Alex and
Clover. They all had festive red or green ball gags stuffed in their mouths.
At the room's center was a girl dressed in a Santa like outfit that featured
a fur-trimmed skirt, shiny black leather high-heeled boots, and a red top
with exposed mid-riff, black leather gloves and a Santa hat.

"Oh it's Kim Possible and guest, just in time for my Christmas party!"
Exclaimed the girl as she clapped her hands.

"Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Demanded Kim.

"I'm Christy, Christy Clause. I am the daughter of Santa Clause. Except
instead of rewarding good boys and girls I like rewarding perverts. You went
and landed my uncle Xantha in the clink. He sent me a letter saying that all
he really wanted for Christmas was payback. So, I am getting right on that.
I plan on having fun in the process too." Christy explained.

She threw two balls at the mother and daughter. Before Kim could react the
balls hit the ground in front of them an shattered Lines of Christmas tree
lights erupted forth and wrapped themselves completely around Kim and Doctor
Possible, Binding them and Shredding their cloths in the process.

"No stop!" Cried Kim.

"Let us go!" Demanded Dr. Possible.

"Why? You don't really want to leave my Christmas party early do you?"
Christy asked. Christy grabbed a candy cane and began to suck on the end.
She grabbed a pair of ball gags and secured them to the mouths of the
struggling mother and daughter. The Christmas tree lights constructed
around them tightly and painfully. Try as they might they could not escape
of stop from being gagged. "Now I am going to have all kinds of fun with
all of you and you are all going to be very cooperative or there will be
trouble. You stupid sluts are going to help me make a movie. 'Girls gone
wild at the north pole'. Sound fun?"

Everyone shook their heads at once.

"Well that's tough because we are doing it anyways." Said Christy.

There was a knock at the door and four elves entered the room. The elves
resembled short young girls with pink hair and pointed ears. They were
bringing in some camera and sound equipment in addition to a bunch of boxes.

"We are ready to go Christy." Said one elf.

"Awesome sweetie. So let's get everyone loosened up with some eggnog."
Christy said. With that one of the elves. Began pouring eggnog into paper
cups and the elves all went forth to the various captives and began to
make them drink. The ones who resisted were quickly slapped or kicked or
threatened into compliance. "It's going to be a lot easier on all of you
if you just stop pissing me off and do what I want. If you don't behave
I'm going to have to get my candy cane-cattle prod and believe me, you
stupid bitches don't want that."

Seeing their choices become quite limited the girls decided to cooperate.
Which was all well and good because Christy planned on involving her cattle
prod in some manner soon anyways. Each of her captives drank some of the
magical eggnog. The stuff's purpose was to make the girls extremely horny;
it worked pretty fast, fortunately. Kim felt a little dizzy and very hot
and bothered. The WHOOP girls, her mom and Erin were also clearly feeling
the effects.

"OK now that we have a good mood going let's get our little Christmas party
started with some activities. Elves, get Erin strung up." Christy ordered.
While her elves dragged Erin to some hackled on the wall, Christy grabbed a
popsicle from a mini- freezer and licked it while she approached Clover.
Christy stroked the blonde's hair. Poor lover was feeling the effects of the
holiday eggnog worse than anyone else. "You are all hot and bothered aren't
you? Let me help you cool off."

"W-what are you going to do to me?" Clover asked.

Her question was answered when Christy stuck the tip of her Popsicle to
Clover's cunt. Clover sucked in a deep breath and her teeth chattered.
Christy smiled evilly and drove the popsicle deep into the pussy of the
blonde spy.

"Unnnnnn." Cried Clover.

"Hold it in there slut. If you don't your little spy friends are going to
suffer." Christy said before walking away to deal with Erin. Erin was chained
to the wall with her arms above her head. "How are you feeling Erin?"

"Fuck you." She replied.

"What kind of attitude is that?" Asked Christy.

Christy went and grabbed two cords of Christmas lights; each of these cords
was capped with a clamp. Both of these cords emanated from a fully decorated
Christmas tree. A third cord lay on the ground. It was capped by a thick,
long vibrator.

"What the hell?" Erin exclaimed.

"What a potty mouth. You are making the naughty list for sure. But I will
answer your question anyways. My special toy here connects to your nipples.
Then the vibrator is inserted in that sweet juicy cunt of yours. After that
I flick the switch and you will receive random shocks to your nipples while
the vibrator goes to work on your pussy. Cool huh?"

"NO DON'T" Erin cried. But it was no use. The nipple clamps were attached to
her nipples and then her pussy was filled up by the vibrator.

Christy flipped the switch and laughed musically as Erin started to howl
like a wild animal. The big vibrator that was jammed in her cunt alternately
turned on and off while the nipple clamps randomly zapped her and made her

"You evil bitch!" Kim screamed at her.

"Just wait." Christie said. "I'll get to you soon. But first, I think that
Sam and Alex need to have some holiday fun."

Christie nodded approvingly as she caught one of her elves slide a Popsicle
into Clovers ass.

"W-what are you going to do to us?" Asked Alex nervously.

"Just the usual perverted shit, nothing too special." Said Christie. Christie
pointed to some festively decorated wooden stocks. "Get Sam into that right

Some of the elves ran to comply with the mistress's orders. The struggling
red head could not fight off the elves and they managed to get her head and
wrists into the wooden device and lock her in.

"Stop! Let me go!" Sam demanded.

"Nope. I need to get you all decorated for Christmas. Let's make you all
festive. Get to work elves." She ordered.

Sam shrieked as an elf used a needle to pierce her nipples. Another elf
quickly attached a pair of ornaments. Another elf approached her with a
strand of Christmas tree lights. She looped them around Sam's tits tightly.
Now her boobs were forced together and pushed out painfully. An elf stood
in front of her holding a small Christmas tree. Hanging from the bottom of
the tree was a series of gel-filled plastic beads. The elf made her way
around behind Sam and began inserting one bead after the other into Sam's
ass slowly, one at a time. A teary-eyed Sam groaned with the intrusion of
each and every bead. By the time that the third bead was inside of her, she
was begging for mercy.

"No please, no more! I can't take anymore." She cried.

Sadistically the elf inserted a third and finally a fourth bead.

"Uunnn." She moaned.

With the entry of the last bead the tree looked as though it sprouted natural
from poor Sam's ass. Christie took minute to enjoy the elves' work and then
turned to Alex who was looking on in horror but also with nog-induced lust.

"Afraid that it is now your turn." Said Christie.

"What are you going to do to me?" Asked Alex.

"Give you a present of course! A very, special toy that I had the elves make
just for you." Said Christie.

Santa's sadistic daughter clapped her hands and several elves left the room.
A few minutes later they returned with a large wooden chair set into a wooden
frame. Directly behind the chair was a clear tank. It was filled with eggnog.
The chair's seat had hole in the bottom and the tank possessed a hose whose
head resembled a dildo and had a complex array of straps. The legs and arm
rests also had straps. Alex looked at the monstrosity and bit her lower lip

"What is that?" She cried.

"That is an eggnog enema chair." Christie said cheerfully. "OK elves, its
enema time."

"EEEEK!!!" Alex cried as she was dragged over to the chair and strapped into

An elf quickly inserted a hose in poor Alex's ass and then strapped it
into place. With a flip of the switch eggnog began pumping into her ass and
backing up her pipes slowly and somewhat painfully. As she shrieked Christie
turned her attention to Kim and doctor Possible. Kim gave Christie a look of
pure hate as she approached.

"It's me you want, leave my mom outta this." Kim said.

"And have her miss out on the fun? No way. Elves tie Kim here to the bed
posts." Christie ordered. The elves scurried to obey their mistress and tied
Kim's wrists and ankles to each of the bed posts using strings of Christmas

"You evil heartless girl, leave my daughter alone." Cried Kim's mom.

"I'm not going to touch her, you are." Christie explained.

"You are insane." Dr. Possible said.

"Yes, but I am also in charge here. Take a look around. Don't want precious
little Kim to end up like her stupid friends? Then I suggest that you
cooperate with me. Understand? It would be a shame if Instead of you having
loving lesbian sex with her, I strapped her to a wooden horse and then had
one of the reign deer fuck her into a coma, wouldn't it?" Christie asked.

Dr. Possible bowed her head in defeat.

"I'll do whatever you want." She said.

"Good, nice to see you have some sense." Christie said. Christie retrieved a
polished wooden strap-on that had two heads. "Here you go strap-in."

The elves released Dr. Possible from her bonds. Kim's mom inserted one of
the heads into her own pussy then strapped it in. Dr. possible felt a jolt
go through her and she was suddenly 10 times hornier than she'd been before.
Christie stepped behind her and grabbed the wooden cock. Dr. possible was
shocked; she could feel the girl's hand as though she had an actual cock!!!

"It's magic." Christie whispered in her ear before sucking on her earlobe.
"Now go fuck you sweet little daughter."

Almost as though in a trance Dr. Possible approached her daughter on the bed.

"NO MOM DON'T!" Cried Kim.

"Forget it." Said Christie. "She can't even help herself anymore. You are
wasting your time."

Indeed Kim's mom couldn't restrain herself any longer the magical strap-on
had already transformed her into a fuck-machine. She climbed atop her
helpless daughter and thrust the head deep into her juicy pussy with one
merciless stroke. Dr. Possible pummeled her daughter's pussy and pawed her
tits in a lustful haze. Due to the effects of the eggnog Kim's protests
died and were soon replaced by moans of pleasure.

Christie approached Clover and dragged her by the hair over to where Alex was
getting an enema. By this point Alex's belly was painfully full. Christie
pushed Clover under and behind Alex then turned the hose off and unstrapped
it. She ripped the hose out of Alex's butt and a torrent of eggnog shot out
of Alex's but and splashed into the face of Clover who coughed and coke.
Christie cackled. There were elves who were now fingering Sam or Erin and
elves joining Kim and her mom. It didn't take long for the whole affair to
degenerate into a general orgy. Christie decided to indulge herself with some
'69' involving the lovely Clover. Several elves gang-fucked Alex. Strap-ons
drove into her ass and pussy while she was made to eat out yet another.
Meanwhile an elf ass-fucked Kim's mom while Doc possible fucked another elf
and yet another sat on Kim's face to get eaten out. After cumming Christie
got up and went straight over to Kim's mom and relieved the woman of the
magic strap-on so she could don it herself she then shooed away her elves
from Kim. Christie capped off her night by relentlessly fucking Kim Possible
to 3 separate orgasms.

The next day ...

Christie sat at her desk and looked over the rather long 'Naughty' list. One
of her elves stepped into the room and stood in front of her.

"Ma'am all of the spies have been returned to their home."

"Good. I'm looking at the list now. They are all going to love the video of
the spies getting fucked and sexually tortured. It's going to be one hell of
a merry Christmas." She said.


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