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Ok, there goes another of Little Nana Fics. The second chapter features her
into mud wrestling with Gundam Seed characters and appearance of Asuka from
Evangelion. If you like wrestling and naked anime maidens, that's your place.
Good reading

Evangelion/Gundam Seed: Little Nana Part 2 - The Palace Of Perversity
by Operandi ([email protected]) and Victor2K ([email protected])

Nana had seen and done some outrageous things in her life, but she had never
seen anything quite like this.

The entrance to the Palace of Perversity had a small lobby that led into a
huge hall, and in that entrance hall were very large crowds, and various
"events", all of them of a sexual nature.

Males and females sat together and chatted on the plush sofas, while male
and female strippers performed for them. And on some of those sofas, dirty
behaviours were rampant.

Hundreds of anime characters, many of whom she recognised, were screwing and
sucking and licking and spanking and gagging and chaining and behaving in a
totally dirty manner.

Girls and Boys, Girls and Girls, Boys and Boys. Nana witnessed every
combination as she wondered the hall, her eyes constantly bombarded with
erotic imagery. Cocks, pussies, and asses in every combination, and legs
opened wide.

Some of the anime folks she saw fucking were male and female anime stars she
had always thought of as pure and chaste, certainly not capable of this level
of depravity.

And even worse, they were doing it in front of each other!

Legs spread wide everywhere, pussies exposed for all to see, and all to fuck.
Big hard cocks which girls wasted no time in lowering themselves onto, just
about every sex toy you can think of, Nana struggled to take it all in.

Nana stared in amazement as the Gundam SEED girls were mud wrestling each
other as male and female anime people cheered their lesbian grappling,
clearly getting horny on the spectacle. Murrue Ramius pinned down Natarle
Badgiruel and rammed a big black rubber dildo into her pussy, making the
defeated babe squeal like a pig.

The victorious Gundam SEED girl spotted Nana and beckoned to her, as she
straddled her defeated opponent, whose pussy was now stuffed by a buzzing

"You! What's your name, little girl?"

Nana took offence to being talked down to like that, "My name is Nana! And
I could kick your dirty ass any day!"

"Really?" The Gundam girl called Murrue laughed, her hair messy and ruffled,
her nude body covered in mud.

"Yes, REALLY!" Nana shouted back.

"Come here then, little Nana, and let's see what you are made of!" Miss
Ramius pushed Natarle aside and beckoned to Nana to approach. "Undress, the
rules state no more than two items of clothing in the ring."

Nana regretted her cockiness, and attempted to turn away, but a big 10-foot
tall bouncer blocked her path.

"You have challenged me…you may not leave here until I have finished with
you, little one!"

Nana tried to conceal her nervousness, but she could tell that Murrue sensed
her trepidation...Nana was not sure she could defeat this anime babe, and
wondered if she would suffer the same fate as the thoroughly fucked Natarle,
who was carried out of the ring by one of the Bouncers who had blocked Nana's

Nana took a deep breath.

Nana unzipped her black tight outfit, which dropped around her ankles,
revealing her white panties and bra; she stood before Murrue, who smiled
wickedly, clearly enjoying Nana's form. "Very impressive", she muttered,
ogling Nana.

"Take your bra off."

Nana unhooked her bra...

"Panties off."

Nana stood still for a few seconds, hesitating; she cursed herself for
getting into this situation... "Fuck!" she muttered to herself as she
slipped off her panties, letting them descend to her ankles and then
stepping forward.

"Hmmmm...aesthetically those boobs!"

Nana felt uncomfortable, as Murrue looked up and down, focusing especially
on her boobs and pussy.

Suddenly, Nana felt big hands gripping her waist, as she was grabbed by the
bouncer and lifted into the mud pit, facing her opponent. She stood, naked,
her feet upon the muddy floor.

"Are you ready?"

"Y-Yes...I'm gonna kick your butt!"

"Au contraire, your ass is mine, Nana!"

She charged at Nana immediately, knocking her to the floor, and wasted no
time in pinning Nana down and straddling her. "This is gonna be soooo easy!"

But Nana fought back rolling over and turning the tables on Murrue.

"Ha ha!" Squealed Nana, as she got the upper hand.

"Well, well! You learn fast..."

Murrue pushed her legs under Nana and, using her knees, pushed Nana's tummy
away from her, then quickly bent her legs and moved her feet to Nana's tummy,
and pushed against her powerfully, sending Nana falling back, flat onto her
back, mud splashing around and onto her.

Nana was now back where she started, underneath Murrue, who straddled once
more, this time pinning Nana down harshly, "You're my bitch, now."

One of the Bouncers leaned over with a pair of handcuffs, which Murrue duly
put on Nana's wrists, freeing one of her hands to explore while holding Nana
down with the other.

Murrue Groped Nana's boobs with her muddy hands, smearing the tits with brown
mud, and then rudely sticking her finger in Nana's mouth.


Nana had no choice but to suck on Murrue's muddy finger. It would be an
understatement to say that Nana was starting to regret coming to Anime World.

This was humiliating, and yet...she was having fun, and, well, being
straddled by the mighty Murrue was a rather pleasant business in some ways,
and of course many boys would love to be in her place.

Murrue rubbed her crotch against Nana's crotch, "Mmmm" she breathed, as she
rubbed and rubbed, clearly enjoying the friction against Nana's body.

Nana, her arms above her and cuffed, was getting strange feelings from the
sensual squeezing and groping of her breasts. Her desire to fight back was
ebbing away, and she suddenly realised that she had forgotten to struggle
against Murrue.

Nana could feel the hand that had been groping her boobs moving "south",
caressing her tummy, and moving ever closer to her crotch.

Nana began to struggle.

Murrue thwarted Nana's struggles, over and over, as the hand moved downward,
towards Nana's exposed pussy. If Murrue reached Nana's honey pot, it would be
over for Nana. But Nana would not give up, and with one great heave pushed
her whole body against Murrue‘s thighs.

Suddenly, Murrue was on her back, hitting the floor hard in a splash of mud,
and Nana was free.

Nana quickly unclipped the cuffs and slipped them onto her opponent's wrists,
getting her revenge on Miss Ramius. Now, thought Nana, this is more like it.

"Correction, you're my Bitch!" Nana said with a ruthless grin, gloating over
her opponent's predicament. Nana was now on top.

Nana was now in firmly in charge, which is just the way she liked it. This
was perfect, straddling this woman, pinning her down, humiliating her.

The Gundam SEED babe struggled against her cuffs to no avail.

"Oh, the things I'm going to do to you!" Nana smirked.

For the first time, Murrue‘s ice cool manner was shaken, and she looked a
little apprehensive. Nana gloated, revelling in her dominance.

Nana, as Murrue was about to discover, enjoyed being in charge...completely
in charge.

Nana stuck her finger in her victim's mouth, pushing it in, and inevitably
ordering her to...


She was soon sucking like a devoted whore, which pleased Nana greatly. "I'm
gonna fuck Heero, Duo and all the Gundam boys!" Nana exclaimed, gloating over
the defeated Gundam girl. "I'll show them REAL lovin', not the bland kind you
and Relena dish out...I'll fuck all the Gundam guys, and I'll make sure you
bitches get to see it and know about it, I've always wanted to have those
boys to myself, and this is my big opportunity, so you'd better stay out of
Nana's way, or Nana will spank your butt so hard you won't be able to sit
down for a month!"

Nana was really getting into this, and it seemed that anime world was making
her lose her inhibitions, as she made Murrue suck her finger like a cute
little slut. Nana realised there were so many possibilities for outrageous,
pervy adventures, because in anime world, there are of course far less
consequences for such behaviour. Really, there were no limits.

Suck, suck, suck, Nana's "slut pet" as she called the defeated Gundam lady,
was eventually relieved of Nana's finger. Nana had an idea...

She imagined a ball-gag...


There it was in her hand...this was indeed Anime world, where stuff could
just be obtained by thinking of it!

"Cool!" Nana exclaimed, as she put the ball-gag on her defeated opponent.


Very satisfactory, Nana preferred her this way, "Little sluts should be seen
and not heard!"

Nana then pushed the girl's head down, forcing her ass skyward into a very
compromising position. Nana beckoned to one of the bouncers to come hither...

"What's your name?"

"Erm...Jason", replied the tall, muscular fellow, who looked like those
"heavies" in cartoons, probably because he was. He was certainly big, Nana
thought, but was he big in all departments?

"Jason, this girl has her ass up in the air, and she's wet and horny...what
do you do?"

"Well, I, err...I..."

"You fuck her...and you fuck her hard and good, she's yours for the taking,
look at that juicy bum, all yours!" Nana smiled wickedly, while she had her
left hand firmly on the back of the girl's head.

Jason looked uncertain...

"If I were a guy, I definitely would..." Nana said with a wicked smile..."
show me you're a man. Go on, Ram Miss Ramius!"

"But, but Miss Nana, she's my boss..."

Nana laughed and grinned wickedly, "Well, I think a bit of role reversal will
do this little Miss some good", said Nana slapped the upturned bottom of her
defeated rival.

Jason was not the sharpest tool in the box, but even he could see that this
was an opportunity to even things up with a female who had always treated him
as a lackey not really worthy of her attention. She had always ordered him
about, only rarely complimenting him on his dedication to his job as her
"Personal Bouncer"...yes, he thought, she would be his fucktoy, and his cock
would pound her into respecting him. He was so envious of the Gundam guys,
who had all had a turn on her, having to listen to them fuck her, whereas she
would never let him touch her. He would change her attitude.

Nana could see Jason's mind working...she liked the way the process was

"Yeah!" Exclaimed Jason, "I'll take her, thanks Nana!"

Nana smiled delightedly, giving him the keys to the cuffs that had rendered
Murrue helpless. Nana gave Jason some advice, "Don't take her cuffs off
anytime soon, and only take her ball-gag out when you want her to swallow
something nice and hard!" Nana laughed heartily, and Jason clearly was taking
Nana's words on board, "Yes, Ma'am!"

"Jason, are any of the Gundam boys here?"

"Oh, yeah, I think they are, I saw Heero in the Horny Harem, which I think is
on the Third Floor of the Perversity Palace."

"Thanks, get to work and FUCK her!"

Nana watched as Jason grabbed that raised ass and ploughed into Murrue,
stuffing the haughty bitch totally. Murrue Ramius was being rammed.


"My work here is done." Nana said, putting her hands on her hips


Nana felt that Murrue talked more sense with the ball-gag than without.

"Bye, Jason! Bye, Slut!" Nana said with a big smile as she departed from the
wrestling area of the Palace of Perversity, putting her jumpsuit back on as
she made her way. Of course she looked back to watch the hard fucking Jason
was dishing out at least 8 times, the stifled moans of Murrue into her
ball-gag sounding quite delightful. This was a big "WIN" in Nana's
scorecard...Faye may have got the better of her, but Murrue was thoroughly
spanked by Nana's superior wit, savvy and skill.

Nana vowed she would turn the tables on Faye, and now she knew she could do
it. As Nana strolled past the lap dancers and anime hooters girls, admiring
their not inconsiderable beauty, she vowed she would make Faye her slave,
her pet, her gimp girl. But first Nana would seek out Heero and Duo, who was
the tops of her "Cock List" of anime guys to seduce. She did not have to walk
far to reach the elevator.

Nana pushed the button marked "3", and up she went...

2nd Floor...3rd Floor...

The doors flung open, and an elegant, curtain-laden hall was now in front of
Nana...statues of nude anime females lined the hall, many of them in saucy
poses...Nana made her way into a large circular room.

There were 4 Doors...

Behind each door was a "Horny Harem", and each door was simply numbered, with
no other details provided.





Nana was confused, and racking her brains...which one contained her "perfect
soldier" and the "God of death" cocks? Which door? She had no clues, no
information to go on. Nana realised that she would just have to use trial
and error to find her way to her pilots.

Nana approached door One, and opened it...there was no lock...

She peered into the room, pure white, with a large bed at the centre; she
stepped forward a little...then...


A girl's hand grabbed Nana and pulled her into the room.

The door slammed shut!

Suddenly, scantily clad, nubile anime girls, who all looked sensual yet
innocent, and their hands held her firmly, yet tenderly, surrounded Nana.

"If you don't mind, I'll make my exit!" Nana exclaimed, having realised this
was a Heero and Duo free zone.

"No, no, no, young lady, you will not leave here until we have pleasured you
and served you in every way that us little girls can...we will pleasure you,
and you will stay here until we have satisfied you."

"But, but..."

"No buts...only pleasure!" The lead girl, a petite brunette who looked like
an anime version of Jessica Alba, smiled seductively.

Nana was in a male's definition of heaven, surrounded by lovely maidens who
only wanted to please her in every way. Her objections were overwhelmed by
the beauty and seductiveness of the maidens.

Yet again, Nana found herself nude, as her suit was peeled away by the
charming maidens.

They led Nana to the large bed in this "Horny Harem", and then departed,
adding that Nana need only ring the bell to bring them forth. A ginger-haired
maiden with a curvy figure and firm bust delivered a set of drinks to Nana.
"Miss, these drinks have been especially created to enhance pleasure." The
maiden smiled, her long ginger tresses flowing upon her shoulders, her
slender silk white gown concealing little and revealing a lot, the slit of
the gown showing off her luscious thighs.

"Thank you...your name?" Nana asked.

"My name is Mira, Miss Nana."

"Thank you, Mira." Nana took the drink in hand and sipped from the red tinted

"Mmmmm...oh that tastes sooo good!" Nana exclaimed, amazed by the sensations
the drink had triggered in her. It was like the most perfect, sensual liquid
imaginable, with no downsides or flaws...sensual perfection.

"I see Miss Nana is pleased." Mira smiled shyly.

"Mira, why don't you drink some?"

"I am here to please you, Miss Nana, not myself."

Nana was bemused by such self-denial, but she had figured out how to have
Mira do her bidding.

"It would please me if you were to drink it, so please me, Mira, drink the

"Yes, Miss Nana."

Mira slowly picked up a glass, and slowly, elegantly, began to sip from the
drink, then poured more in, in larger gulps.

Mira looked positively orgasmic as she consumed the drink..."Oooh my..."

Nana smiled, and her smile further increased Mira's already overwhelming

"Mmmmm so nice..." Mira gasped.

"Mira, I want you to come up here on the bed and lay across my lap."

"Yes, Miss Nana."

Without hesitation, Mira climbed onto the bed, and into Nana's lap. She
looked so cute, lying across Nana's lap like a little girl. Adorable, thought
Nana as she stroked the ginger maiden's long tresses.

Nana delighted in the subservient maiden's beautiful body, and could not
resist the temptation..."what the heck", thought Nana, who promptly lifted
Mira's gown to expose her round, yet pert, bottom.

Nana caressed the bootylicious bum. "Mmmm...your ass is begging to be
spanked, it's so cute!" Nana had never been so fascinated by the female
form, but now she could see why guys lusted after girls.

"If spanking me pleases you, Miss Nana, feel free to." Mira replied in a
voice that was so seductively submissive it made Nana horny.

"I was going to spank you anyway, you naughty girl!" Nana giggled as she
delivered the first erotic slaps onto Mira's adorable derriere.

"Owww! Ah!"

"Naughty maiden!"

"Ouch! Oh my!"

After Mira's ass had been nicely reddened, Nana decided to ring the bell.
Wicked thoughts were forming in Nana's mind. The maidens, she decided, would
"entertain" her.

4 Maidens entered the room, all dressed in the same innocent yet sexy white
gowns as Mira.

Nana asked each maiden to give her name, and give their names they did.

Kate, a tall blonde with curly hair, looking like an English Rose, with her
romantic appearance, heart-shaped face, deep piercing blue eyes, a medium
sized bust, a firm little derriere and best of all her long, luxurious

Joanne, a petite brunette with her mouse-brown hair in long straight tresses.
She had large brown eyes, and juicy, ample boobs. Her ass was every bit as
delicious, round and sensual without being unwieldy. She had an angular, yet
supremely feminine face.

Cecille, a tall, elegant, dark blonde with a very slender figure, very
flexible. Her small tits and tight little ass somehow adding to her elegance.

Emine, the curvy, black-haired beauty with her hair in cute little pigtails.
The "meatiest" of the girls, she possessed more curves than a rural road
network. Her lips seemed to be in a permanent pout, and her dark blue eyes
added to her intensity.

The girls spoke in unison; "Miss Nana, how may we please you?"

A wicked, devilish smile crossed Nana's face as her dirty mind went wild.
She now had five obedient, pretty anime maidens willing to do her bidding,
and the possibilities were just so outrageous. Five girls, and so many
interesting and pervy ways to arrange them and position them, and the
things that Nana would have them do...the sheer entertainment!

Nana caressed Mira, still lying across Nana's lap like a pet kitten, as she
grinned and prepared to give the maidens their first order.

The four girls stood before Nana, a picture of sensual innocence, their faces
warm and loving as they looked upon Nana.

Kate spoke...

"Miss, Nana, how may we please you?"

It was at that moment that Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion stumbled into
the Horny Harem, opening the door and wondering in. She was wearing little
blue tight hot pants and a tight t-shirt that exposed her midriff, and her
ginger hair flowed down her back like a river of femininity. She was even
cuter in Anime World than she was on TV, Nana noted.

"Is Misato here?" The cute anime babe enquired...

Mira then whispered to Nana that as she was here first, she could command the
girls to "obtain" Asuka.

"Bring her are very welcome, Asuka, I will do what I can to help
you." The Evangelion babe, ever the polite cutie, thanked Nana for her
hospitality. The maidens tenderly took Asuka by the arms and lead her towards
Nana's bed, slamming the door shut and locking it.

The ideas that had been forming in Nana's mind before Asuka's unexpected
arrival had just gotten much, much dirtier.

Nana licked her lips, her eyes full of wickedness and anticipation. Nana
herself was amazed at how perverted she had become.


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