Title: And To Think A Mirror Started It All (1/1...?)

TV Show: Evens Stevens

Author: DCForever

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"Okay so it was like this. Here I was minding my own business, walking down
the upstairs hall when I..."

"What? You...minding your own business?" Tawny asked, interrupting her

"Yeah, Louis, don't you think Tawny and I know you better than that?" Twitty
added in.

"Twitty's right, what gives?"

"Dang, talk about ruining a great beginning. That had Oscars written all over
it. Okay fine, maybe I wasn't minding my own business."

"Now that sounds like the Louis Stevens we know. Continue." Tawny stood
with her hands on her hips waiting to hear the latest fantasy spun tale from
Louis's ingenious young teenage mind.

Louise smiled, as he always did when Tawny was around before continuing. "The
part about me walking down the hall was true."

"Oh my, maybe he's already starting to turn over a new leaf," suggested Tawny
with a bit of sarcasm, "Get on with it already. I have better things to do
with my time." Twitty nodded his head, agreeing with the brunette.

Louis leaned back against the wall and began his story anew. "See, it's like
this. When I got upstairs yesterday I saw Ren and Ruby whispering amongst
themselves before they walked into Ren's room. Normally, I wouldn't have
found this interesting or odd, but when I walked past her room...I heard
someone lock the door. Now I know what you are thinking. So what, everyone
locks their doors? Thing is...Ren doesn't like locking her door. She's always
felt it would be a hindrance if there was ever to be a fire or emergency and
she needed to get out of her room quick like."

"Damn, that does sound like our Ren. Fine...I'll believe you for now." Twitty
said, thinking the whole time, "Where are you going with this, Louis?"

"Yeah, stop keeping us in suspense." Tawny added, thinking along the same
lines as Twitty, looking a bit in the process. She was preparing herself for
one of Louis's drawn out fantasy-ridden stories.

"Okay so here I was with a dilemma. What is a loving, caring brother to do in
a time such as this? It wasn't all that hard to decide. In previous years, I
would have tried looking through the door's keyhole or looking under the
door, but I've grown wise since those days. For the latter to work, you must
have something to reflect back what's happening in the room due to your eyes
not being able to see past the thickness of the door's wood along the bottom.
So, I rushed and grabbed one of Ren's cosmetic's compacts from the hallway
bathroom drawer and used the inside mirror. And dudes, I was just in time."

"This is getting good." Tawny and Twitty commented in unison, each chuckling
in time.

"Gets even better." Louis knew he had their full attention now. "Well, I slid
the mirror under the door and positioned it just right to see into the room,
though it was strenuous on my eyes. Mirror had blush or something all over
it. Anyway, I finally got it adjusted to partake in the grandest of
brother/sister moments. You two ready for this?"

"Hell yeah."

"What Twitty said? So were they..."

"Yep. Sure as day...they were both studying."

"What? Are you kidding us?"

"Lame, Louis, Lame. And we fell for it hook, line, and sinker."

"Yeah, I really had you guys going." Louis was laughing, but slightness in
his eyes wasn't that of the normal Louis.

"Studying, Louis? Someone remind me again why we remain friends." Tawny
asked, shaking her head at her own stupidity.

"Hey, you both set yourselves up for that one...but now we got in our laughs,
why don't we get back to the story."

"Hah, we aren't falling for another one of your lame tricks, Stevens. Story,
what story?" Twitty was just as pissed.

"What story? Come on guys, what do you mean by what story? You know...the one
where my sister and her best friend are studying each other's the
nude. Huh, huh? Yeah, what story my ass."

"Did you say in the nude?"

"I sure didn't stutter."

"Louis, if this is another one of your..."

"I prefer you didn't finish that statement, Tawny. Not sure I would like the

"I'm serious; Ruby's jeans had just hit the floor when I tracked down their
location with the mirror. She was standing in front of Ren with her naked
backside to me. Girl has a nice ass. Ren must have thought so as well,
running her hands all over it while licking the girl's stomach."

"I'd bet anything...Ren's tongue was playing with Ruby's new navel piercing.
Can't say it hasn't drawn a glance or two from me since she got it." Twitty

"Same here. Been thinking long and hard about getting one for myself." Tawny
said, grabbing the guys' attention for a briefest of moments.

"Okay, can we all let me get back to my story? Thank you. As I was saying...
oh yeah, I could only see a part of the side of Ren's face. So yeah, she
probably was playing with the piercing. Anyway, whatever was going on was
really getting Ruby hot; in fact, hot enough to push Ren down on the bed and
to crawl over her so her pussy smothered Ren's face. It was at that moment
that I saw a treasured jewel. With Ruby out of the way, I had a clear shot
between Ren's legs. There was her pussy in all its shaven glory. She was
playing with herself too as Ruby rode her face. Neither lasted all that long.
After their first, they started petting each other, making me think there was
to be more, but I heard my brother coming up the stairs. I ran for cover,
accidentally leaving the mirror wedged under the door. Donnie appeared and so
I hid behind the bathroom door. I thought he would be gone, but he wasn't. He
was hovering in front of Ren's door, staring down at the mirror."

"Whatever was going on in that room must have been something pretty hot to
give Donnie a boner so quick. He looked around to make sure no one saw him.
Then he kneeled on the floor on his knees and pulled it out and started
stroking it there in the middle of the hallway. Let's just say I now know
how he got such a great reputation with the ladies. It was a monster and
just kept growing and growing. He didn't last long and then he left and
being the big brother he is, he left the mirror in place. I shot out of the
bathroom and slid head first for the mirror. Who wouldn't have? I was too
late though, the girls were already dressing, but their post-make out session
was quite smoldering. For the life of me, I'll never forget what I witnessed
yesterday. Scout's honor."

"Wow, Louis. So Ren is a lezzy?"

"I guess. Maybe. How am I to know? Isn't it like a general rule for girls to
experiment with other girls at some point in their life?"

"No it's not a rule, though it does sound promising."

"It does?"

"Sure I guess. Ren did it...of all people...and sounds like she really
enjoyed herself."

"Now that would be HOT!"

"Yeah Tawny, you should do it." Twitty added while visions of a naked Tawny
sexing it up with numerous girls overwhelmed his mind.

"Hey, no one said anything about actually doing anything." Tawny shot back.

"But you just said it sounded promising. What, did you lie?" Louis asked,
curious just how far he could push her.

"No." Louis was already causing her to back pedal.

"Then it isn't as far a reach as you might think. Right?" Louis was pushing
the subject even harder.

"Maybe. I don't know." She responded, unsure of herself.

"There you go."

"Hey, when did this turn toward me? I wasn't the one carpet munching in your
story, Louis."

"She's right, Louis. Though Tawny, as much as I think it would be hot to hear
about or see for myself, its nothing we should push her into."

"Thank you, Twitty...I think." Tawny didn't care much for his facial

"No problem. So Lou, what's the one thing that sticks out in your mind after
yesterday?" Twitty asked, knowing what his own response would have been if he
had been in Louis's shoes.

"This should be interesting." Tawny knew for her sake that she had best watch
herself around those two. They both seemed to be on a mission.

"One thing, huh?" Louis thought for a minute or two as he replayed the scene
over and over in his head. "Well I would probably have to say seeing Ren's
moist, bare pussy. You guys should have been there."

"Well duh, if we had known about it we would have been. That's what friends
are for, remember?"

"Hey, don't get onto me. You think if you had seen what I saw you wouldn't
have been glued to that mirror?"

"No, Louis, he wouldn't have because Twitty doesn't have the brain capacity
to have thought of getting a mirror. No offense, Birdman."

"None taken. Okay, so I get it. I'm happy for you man. You've witnessed
firsthand what most guys in this world only wish they could see."

"I resent that. There are plenty of girls out there that would have bought
front row tickets just the same. I know I would have."

"Well, if we aren't seeing a new side of our Tawny today."

"Hah, just you wait. You think you've seen a new side today, just wait until
tomorrow." The brunette girl walked away intentionally shaking her hips,
leaving her friends in a curious and confused state of mind.

"Lou, what do you think she meant by that?"

"No idea. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, I've
decided not to go with you to the arcade. Think I might just go home. Never
know, might get to see something else if I'm lucky. Later, dude."

"Yeah man, later." Louis walked away leaving the tall, blonde teen to
himself. 'Lucky ass devil,' he thought before grabbing his skateboard from
his locker and skating off.

* * *

"Hey Ren, got a minute?"

"What is it Louis? If you're planning another one of your get rich schemes
count me out, I'm broke."

"Nah, nothing like that. Just wondering about something."

"Ok, sounds serious."

"No, not really. It actually has to do with you. Do you mind?"

"Well, I'm supposed to meet Ruby at the mall shortly, but I guess I can fit
you in. What's on your mind, little brother?"

"I was just curious why your door was locked yesterday after school? I came
by to ask you something and I heard some weird noises coming from inside. I
was going to investigate, but your door was locked. You usually don't lock
your door."

"It was? Sorry Louis, but it shouldn't have been. Maybe Ruby or me bumped the
lock or something when we closed it. You know how I am about locked doors and

"Yeah, I know. So nothing was wrong? I did hear some noises."

"Nothing to worry about. We just studied for a test we had in science today."

"If you're sure." He stood up, lightly running his hand over the spot on the
bed where his sister's ass had sat the day before. "Oh, I could be mistaken,
but I was pretty sure I heard someone moan out. Sounded like Ruby was moaning
out your name. What was that all about?"

"Moaning? Are you sure you weren't hearing things? I'm not all that certain
there was any moaning...though maybe when we got an answer right and squealed
it sounded like moaning. I don't know, Louis. I think your mind may have been
playing tricks on you. Truthfully, we were just studying...well...and
listening to some soft music."

"Oh it's not a point of if I believe you or not. I was just curious. Well you
and Ruby have a good day shopping. Maybe you can show me some of the things
you bought when you get back home."

"Maybe. We'll see." Louis turned to walk out the room, heading for his own
room. Ren was left questioning how much he knew about what had happened. She
was quickly becoming paranoid. She walked to the open door and called out,
"Uh come all the attention all of a sudden?"

"Just trying out a few of your suggestions...about trying to act more mature
and all. Taking interest in the family and most importantly, your well being.
I have some homework I should probably get to." He walked down the small
hall, hiding his smirk, knowing he had Ren on the ropes. Seconds later, she
followed him out the door into the hall.

Again she called out, "Louis?"

"Yeah, Ren?"

"Uhhh...never mind. I'll see you later." Louis turned back to enter his
bedroom as Ren rushed down the stairs. The front door closed and he
immediately walked back to her room and kneeled by the bed, sniffing her
bedspread, trying to uncover the scent from his sister and her best friend
from the day before.

Minutes later, he exited the room and run into his brother's shoulder. "Oh,
sorry, Donnie. Didn't see you there."

"Louis. It's fine man. Where's Ren? I...we, wanted to ask her for some help."
Donnie motioned his hand toward the young woman clutched to his arm. "Oh,
where are my manners; Stacy, meet Louis, my younger brother. Louis, Stacy

"Nice to meet you, young man." She turned to whisper in Donnie's ear, causing
the two to laugh at whatever she had said.

"What can I say Stacy, he's my brother." Donnie snickered at the girl and
then winked at Louis. "Right Louis? We can't help it that it runs in the
family genes."

Louis caught on pretty quick, surprised that Donnie and his girl was talking
like that in front of him. 'Maybe he thinks I'm finally mature enough,' Louis
thought before replying. "Exactly." Surprising even himself, he dropped his
hand to his crotch and fixed his bulge. "Can't help it one bit." He winked at
the cute red head and walked past them, pinching her ass as he passed.

Donnie liked this new side of his brother as Stacy reacted to the pinch and
jumped into him, crushing her small breasts against his chest. "See...I told

Stacy's face was a blushing red. "Well at least I know when you get tired of
me there is a little Donnie around to help a poor girl out." She kissed
Donnie on the lips and pulled back, stretching her head to look into Ren's
empty room. "Since your sister isn't here, why don't we go back down to the
basement? I'm feeling an itch coming on."

"Lead the way, pretty lady." Donnie responded, slapping his hand hard against
her jean covered ass.

* * *

"So Tawny what's the all important news that couldn't wait until after

"Louis, if I wasn't so excited right now to show someone, I would walk away,
but I can't wait any longer."

"Twitty should be here shortly."

"Sorry, can't wait that long." She stepped back against the wall so as the
outset lockers blocked her body in one direction while Louis blocked most of
the opposite direction. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it
above her naval, showing off her new studded piercing.

"Tawny, oh it real?"

"No Louis, it's fake. Oh course it's real. So what do you think?"

"Sexy. Does it hurt?"

"It did as I left the store yesterday, but today it's feeling much better. So
you really do like it?"

"May I touch it?" She placed his hand on the tiny beaded end.


"I stick with my first answer. Sexy. Sexy as all get out."

"Yeah, I think its kind of hot myself. Wish Twitty could have been here for
the big reveal."

"Yeah Tawny, but then we wouldn't be alone...together." She smiled at her
best friend and boyfriend and leaned in to kiss his lips.

"Guess it does have its advantages." She said coyly, rubbing her and Louis's
fingers over the piercing. "There's another surprise, but that will have to
wait until we have some privacy."

"If it must, then it must. Just so you know...can't wait to find out what it

"I can't wait to let you know, but like you said, it will have to wait. Lunch
is almost over and I have to use the bathroom. See ya after school."

"Yeah, see ya, Tawny." She walked off, shaking her hips seductively as she
looked back over her shoulder at her boyfriend. Louis's eyes never budged
from her swaying ass, loving how the tight jeans rode up in her crack.

* * *

Tawny pulled up her shirt in the bathroom and cupped some water in her hand
to rub over her stomach. A stall door opened behind her. Tawny and the
stall's previous occupant both shared a glance in the mirror.

"Hey Ruby."

"Tawny." The shorter brunette acknowledged, stopping beside the girl to wash
her hands in the sink. "Wow, nice stud."

"Thanks, just got it yesterday at this new store in the mall."

"You mean Piercings Paradise?"

"Yeah, that's it."

"I know it. That was where I got mine at." Tawny looked down at the other
girl's exposed naval piercing.

"I admire you for being able to wearing shirts to show yours off. I don't
have quite the stomach to just flaunt it. Got to work on toning up before
that will happen."

"Nah, there's nothing wrong with you. You just worry about what others think
too much."

"I don't care what anybody else's what I think."

"Well at least you aren't basing it on others' opinions. But personally, I
think a belly shirt would look hot on your body. Just my opinion."

"Hey thanks."

"No problem. See ya around." Ruby walked out, leaving Tawny staring back at
her through the mirrored reflection. Once the door was closed she found her
hand unconsciously covering her naval. 'Maybe she's right,' the girl thought,
using the water to cool down the burning-like sensation.

* * *

"Psss...psss...Ren?" Ruby leaned forward across her desk trying to get her
friend's attention.

Being the good student Ren was, she hated to get caught talking in class, but
Ruby was one person she could never refuse. She looked at the teacher's back
as she wrote on the blackboard and then leaned back in her chair to bring her
head close to Ruby's lips. "Yeah?" she whispered back, not taking her eyes
from the teacher.

"I'll give you one guess as to who has a new piercing? I'll give you a hint.
You love her ass."

Ren jerked back so she was sitting straight in her seat and quickly spun
around to face her friend. "You mean, Tawny?" She asked louder than intended.

Ms. Saunders turned around and stared at the two girls. "Ms. Stevens, would
you and your friend care to share with the rest of us what is so important
that you just had to interrupt our class?" The short Lit teacher asked,
scolding the two girls with her eyes.

Ren was embarrassed and Ruby almost broke out laughing, but held it together
for her friend's sake. "I'm sorry, Ms. Saunders. It won't happen again."

"Let's see that it doesn't. You have too good of a school record to start
ruining it now with detentions."

"Yes, ma'am, I'll be more studious."

"Oh heavens no. You can't do that. You already do too much as it is, you
don't need to put any more effort toward school or your studies. Personally,
not talking as a teacher here, I would recommend getting wild and letting off
some steam, but considering I am your teacher I'll just leave it're
a fabulous student and I don't require more than you do already."

"Thanks, Ms. Saunders."

"As for the rest of could all learn a thing from Ms. Stevens,
except the sudden outbursts." Ren hung her head while the teacher used her as
a lesson before returning to covering the material written on the blackboard.
Ruby reached forward and placed her hands on Ren's shoulders in a comforting
manner as the class returned to normal with Ms. Saunders regaining everyone's
attention for the subject matter at hand.

* * *

"Hey Tawny. Louis isn't home yet. He's probably hanging out with Twitty."

"Oh. I thought he was coming straight home. Well if it's okay, I'll just wait
for him in his room."

"Why do that when you can wait in my room instead? If what I heard is true,
then we have something to talk about." Tawny looked confused, but then
followed Ren's gaze as she stared at the black material covering her stomach.
She immediately understood and followed Ren to her room.

"So it is true then?"

"Yeah, I got it at Piercings Paradise yesterday. After I got it I wasn't so
sure, but after seeing Louis's reaction earlier when I told him, I knew it
had been the right move. I think it's kind of sexy." She raised up the bottom
of her shirt enough to play with the gold plated, rounded stud protruding
from her belly button.

'Damn, Ruby was right, it is hot looking on her,' thought Ren as she smiled
giving off her normal Steven's spirited charm. "Yeah, it does look good. Just
between us girls...I would say sexy is the rightful word in this case. Just
don't tell Louis what I said. Knowing him he would take it out of character.
That is one demented, perverted boy."

"Hey, he's no more perverted than the rest of us. I think Twitty and me are
way worse than he ever will be."

"You and Twitty?"

"No, not like that. I know a few girls that hangs out in the park with Twitty
late at night so I've heard some things. And I know how I am, and I consider
myself way more perverted than Louis. He's got to be the world's greatest
sweetheart. He's such a teddy bear."

"Louis? Are we talking about the same bratty, money hungry, party pooper I
unfortunately have to share my last name? Damn girl, could you have it any

"That's just who he is. I mean, there are lots of people in this world and I
believe everyone has that perfect someone out there and I'm my
young age I've already found mine." Ren had heard enough and had to force
herself to sit down. She walked backwards and sat down on the bed. Her hand
patted the mattress beside her while she sat.

Tawny sat down beside her and then lay back on the bed. "Ren, you just don't
know Louis like I do. If you gave him just half a chance he would blow your
mind. That tongue of his is a miracle worker."

Ren nudged the girl, breaking her thought. "It's fine if that is the way you
feel about my brother, but I really don't need to hear all that; just the
thought of him using his tongue. I might vomit just thinking about it."

"Can't hate it if you haven't tried it." Tawny whispered to herself, not
knowing Ren heard her as well.

As Tawny laid on the bed, Ren stole glance after glance at her pierced naval
considering her shirt had risen up her stomach and put it out there for all
to see. Tawny's yawning gave Ren plenty of opportunity to see even more
flesh, leading her eyes to trail from the naval to the ever rising shirt to
the other girl's covered buxom. 'Nice breasts, Tawny," Ren thought fighting
the temptation to reach out and touch the girl. Tawny's legs rose up and then
flattened out on the bed with her legs from the knees down resting off the
end of the bed. Ren's heart started skipping beats as she looked between the
girl's legs.

'Thank god for whoever invented gym shorts," she thought staring at the
material as it stretched tight across the girl's mons and pussy lips,
outlining a ring like object beneath the tightened material. She couldn't
stand by and do exactly nothing knowing that this beautiful girl lying
beside her possessed a new pussy piercing as well as a new naval piercing.
She swiveled slightly on the mattress and leaned over, using her hands and
elbow for support. Without warning, Ren ran her hand over the soft material,
feeling the ring rub against her flesh.

Tawny reacted by dropping her hand over the other girl's hand, but she didn't
remove it. She looked at Ren's turned face, as the girl's focus was held by
the intrusion poking against her hand. "Seems you were hiding a certain
something." Ren said, moving her palm over the sensitive piercing. She
watched Tawny's body shake from the attention.

"Ren...I don't think...," Ren's hand continued playing over the hidden
piercing, "oh what the hell...feels damn good."

"Hah, just what I wanted to hear." Ren turned and looked at Tawny's face as
the girl leaned back against the soft mattress and closed her eyes. Ren shot
off the bed and quickly shut and locked her bedroom door and in her rush,
tripped over her own feet on her way back to the bed. Tawny was none the
wiser. Ren got up and gathered her composure and jumped head first onto the
bed. Tawny's eyes flew open to see Ren's excitement and exuberance as she
shockingly started pulling her shorts down over her ass and legs. Ren palmed
the girl's mons and rubbed her pinky over the piercing as her panties
outlined its shape. Her fingernail played across the small hidden object
eliciting a gasp and moan from Tawny's lips.

"You like?" Ren asked already knowing the answer. She pulled the thin panties
to the side and took in her first look at Tawny's naked sex and her first
cuntal piercing. The thin gold metal rounded and then disappeared in the
small nubbin of flesh and then reappeared on the other side, coming together
at what looked like a small diamond stub. She flicked the ring with her
finger and watched the flesh stretch a bit as it bounced from side-to-side,
driving Tawny straight into hell's dark forbidden forest. A few flicks later,
Tawny grabbed Ren's hand and pulled it away so she could somewhat recover.
Ren pulled free and returned her fingers between the girl's thighs, rubbing
them through her wet secretions as she softly treaded her way back to the

"Sorry, but it's like a tracking's pulling me to it."

Tawny begged, "Please don't. Don't play with me. You know what I need." Ren
looked back over her shoulder and looked at the desperate need in the girl's

"As do I," Ren said before dropping her lips over the golden ring and the
girl's clit, sucking them both between her lips.

No time had passed before Tawny's body was shaking violently as her hands
clamped onto the back of Ren's head, smothering the girl's face with her
clenched thighs and heated, moist sex. Ren didn't object to the added
pressure as she continued tonguing her pink inside muscles. Her fingers
danced over the piercings, stretching and twisting the flesh for added

"Oh fuck, Ren! Of god, yes, yes, more, more,...again, yeah, right there,
yeah, yeah, almost, ahhhh." Surprising to Ren, Tawny locked her legs
forcefully around the girl's head, giving her no form of escape or a
passageway to breathe. The only scent resonating was that of Tawny's musky
smell of arousal, which filled Ren's nose to the core.

After a few minutes, Tawny finally loosened her grip and dropped her legs
from around Ren's head and neck, allowing the taller girl to catch her
breathe. "Oh Ren, that should I say it...yeah, breathe taking."

Ren smiled as she slowly moved up the side of the girl's body and looked her
in the eyes, drawing her face nearer to the other girl's. Tawny slightly
lifted her head and looked to her left, spotting Ren's approaching lips,
glistening with her love juices, coming closer and closer to her own. Ren
seductive smile quickly turned to confusion as Tawny's head move from
side-to-side. "Sorry Ren, in my book...kissing are only for lovers...and for
the moment, that position belongs to Louis."

Tawny watched Ren's head drop to the mattress before dropping her own head
back down upon the soft bedding. The chests of both girls heaved in rhythm,
giving the bed a vibration as soft as a retreating ocean wave. Tawny was
satisfied, but Ren couldn't say the same as she held her face in the mattress
trying to figure out where she had gone wrong.

"Ren?" Tawny stared up at the ceiling as she waited a response.

"Yeah?" Ren answered, forcing her head up to look at her latest conquest.

"Don't take this the wrong're good and all...but, you might want
to take some lessons from your brother. When I say his tongue is magic...I
mean, its magic. If he was here with us right now...I wouldn't be able to
speak this soon after."

"Kidding right? Tawny?" Ren scooted closer to the girl's face. "
are joking...Tawny?"

"Just give him a chance is all I'm saying." Tawny closed her eyes and drifted
into dreamland.

Meanwhile, Ren was shaking her head as she once again buried her face in the
mattress. "I must be dreaming," thought Ren, "there's no way that Louis is
better than me. I know...I'll wake up now and still be licking out her pussy,
rubbing my face all in her wetness, running circles around her clit ring.
That's it...its all just a horrible nightmare." She lifted her head back up
to an unwelcome sight. Her face wasn't buried between two taunt, gripping
thighs, but free to move about as Tawny slept just inches from her prone

"Damn does that boy have some explaining to do." she thought, slowly lifting
her body off the mattress and back to the floor. She reached down and picked
up Tawny's clothes and carefully redressed the girl in a manner not to breach
her sleep. As Ren finished up she propped one knee on the bed and kneeled
down and kissed the girl's cheek, then her eye lids, her nose, and as much as
she longed to kiss those delicate looking gloss covered lips, she respected
the girl's wishes and pulled back.

"You're an amazing girl," Ren whispered before walking over and unlocking and
opening the bedroom door. She silently exited the room and headed for the
bathroom to clean up and brush her teeth.

* * *

Ren's concentration was broken away from her studies due to the loud sounds
coming from the basement. "He's at it again," Ren thought as she set her
pencil down, closed her book, and walked out the room, heading toward the
source of the pounding noise. The noise also affected Tawny, waking her from
her slumber. She groggily looked around the room, but there was no sign of
anybody. She wiped her hand over her eyes and then started to get off the
bed. She started to look for her clothes, but soon realized that she was
already dressed. Hearing the noise, she knew her beau was home and headed
for him.

Ren opened the basement door and trudged down the steps, barely able to hear
herself think as Louis pounded away on his drum set. Twitty was right there
with him, strumming on his electric guitar.

"Louis!" She screamed out, catching his immediate attention. He slowed the
beating to a minimum and then stopped cold turkey as he caught Ren's harsh

"Yeah, Ren?"

"Hey, how about giving others in the house some consideration before
deafening all of our ears?"

Twitty spoke up. "Sorry Ren, we didn't realize anyone else was in the house.
We'll tone it down."

"Well, at least one of you has some brains. Thanks Twitty." She looked hard
at her brother, receiving only a shrug of the shoulders in return.

"Hey Louis."

"Oh hey, Tawny!" Louis quickly left his seat and walked over to hug his girl.
"I didn't know you were here."

She coyly looked over at Ren who was trying not to look her way. "Oh, I just
got here. Heard the rocking and came down to listen."

"Yeah, like you couldn't listen to that crap all the down the block?"

"Ren, its all in the eyes of the beholder. Or in this case, ears." Louis
giggled and then briefly kissed Tawny on the lips. In that instant, Ren's
stomach cramped up.

"Oh hell no, I can't be jealous...not of him," she thought.

"Well, if you two promise to tone it down some, I'll be heading back upstairs
to study now." Louis immediately reached for his drumsticks, but Twitty
grabbed them before he had a chance. The two looked at each other for a brief
moment as Twitty shook his head. Ren was already on her way back up the
stairs, unknowing what almost happened behind her back.

Once she was out of sight, "Ah man, you ruined a perfect head banging moment

"Dude, do you always have to get your sister so worked up? You're
unbelievable sometimes, Louis...just unbelievable."

"Oh well, she's gone now. Could have been fun." Louis shrugged and turned to
his girl. "So, how about that surprise you promised me?" She looked over his
shoulder at Twitty who wasn't paying them any attention as he strummed his
guitar without the amplified help.

"Oh don't worry about Twitty. We're all cool here."

"Not that cool," she said pulling Louis closer to her body to hide herself.
Louis was confused by her actions, but when her hands dropped to the front
of her shorts and pulled the elastic band out, away from her body, he had
her reason. He eyes were fixated on the gold covered stud protruding from
his girl's pussy. He reached down her shorts, briefly shocking her, and ran
his finger over its cool surface. Instantly, upon contact, her body shuddered
causing her to reach out and grab Louis's shoulders for support.

"Now that is what I call a surprise." He was beaming from ear-to-ear.

"So you like?" She asked, not needing an answer as she read his facial

Surprised couldn't describe her reaction as Louis quickly unbuckled and
opened his pants. Pulling aside his underwear with one hand and pulling down
her shorts with the other, he stepped closer, pushing his member over the top
of her shorts and embedded himself in her sex. She was dumbfounded as her
boyfriend of six months began fucking her right then and there while their
best friend silently rocked away only fifteen feet away. Louis held onto her
tightly as he thrust his hardened member into her inner cavity, filling the
void with his blood-pulsing flesh.

Keeping contact between their bodies, Louis walked them over to the basement
couch and stopped when her ass hit the couch's arm. Without hesitation, he
pulled the front of her shirt up and over her head, leaving it bunched up,
resulting in her arms being trapped by the material. Louis glared down at the
girl's beautiful and full heaving breasts as they were bared for the world to
ogle over in astonishment. He placed his hand below her breasts and pushed
her over the armrest so her head and upper back rested on the cushions of the
couch. These actions didn't go unnoticed from Twitty as he stared at his two
best friends in disbelief. Louis pelvic actions never ceased. He continued
pounding his meat into Tawny's juicy valley while he gave Twitty a show he
would never forget. The two looked at each other for a second before Louis
started banging his head up and down as he looked toward the basement stairs.
Twitty smirked realizing what his friend was requesting.

Twitty set his electric guitar in its vertical stand and then picked up
Louis's drum sticks and as requested, pumped up the set's amps and started
whaling away at the vibrating surfaces. Ren was immediately disturbed and
threw her books across the room in frustration before running out the room.

By the time Ren's foot hit the basement stairs bottom step, her heart skipped
a beat...maybe more. A pang of jealousy hit her full force as she stumbled
upon Tawny and her brother fucking their brains out. Off to the side, Twitty
stared back at the tall, vixen while his hands pumped furiously along his own
exposed shaft, enjoying both the fuck show and Ren's reactions. Ren feet
slowly made their way further along the basement's concrete floor as if Tawny
heated sex was calling out for her. She never saw Twitty move until he was
standing directly behind her and reached around her body to cast his large
hands upon her breasts. She froze...and nothing more. The hands upon her
squeezed and massaged her hidden orbs as her eyes closed and her head fell
back upon the taller boy's left shoulder.

Realizing she wasn't protesting, Twitty leaned into her neck and started
kissing along her neckline as his hands moved down to start working their
way back up under her shirt, now skin-on-skin. Her head sensually moved
about, taking in the erotic moment as she kept one eye on her most recent
lover, wondering why her brother would want to cover such an angelic face
while he ravished her. Her eyes drifted up to her brother only to find
him staring intensely back at her with an overwhelming smile glued to his
face. Ren didn't know what was going on, but the longer Louis stared and
smiled at her the faster and harder he drove into Tawny, sending the girl
off to another galaxy as her orgasm overtook her bent over body.

Ren wanted to look down as the girl writhe about on the couch, taking in
the completeness of her release, but odd as it was, she couldn't steal her
eyes away from her brother's intense, aggression filled face. Twitty noticed
this as well as his hands was busy and complete with flesh of her breasts
resting in the palm of his hands. But as great as it was, she pulled his
hands from her chest and stepped away. She glared at her brother before
turning to Twitty.

"Maybe some other time," she leaned toward his face and brushed her lips
against his, "like say when hell freezes over." Ren looked back over her
shoulder at her brother and then down at Tawny as she was removing the
shirt from around her face. Yes she was jealous, she knew that much, but
why was the question she didn't know. Looking at the two lovers, "Uh,
silly games...for silly lovers." She said before turning back toward the

Hearing Ren's voice was Tawny's first sign of realizing anyone had been
watching them. She knew Twitty had to have seen them, but until now she
hadn't been sure. They all watched as Ren ascended the basement stairs. She
looked over at Twitty as he was left staring at the stairs, his dick out in
the open, just hanging limply in place. His was the first dick other than
Louis's she had ever seen and now...she was glad she had that opportunity
as she sized the two best friends up, Twitty easily taking the prize.

Louis watched Tawny's face as she stared at Twitty's limp cock and shook his
head. Leaning down over her fully exposed, perspiring body, he whispered in
her ear, "Looks like a friend is in need." She shot her head toward Louis,
shocked at his reaction. He closed his eyes for a second and nodded his head
before backing away, freeing his member from her tight confines. Tawny
struggled to pull herself off the couch stood on wobbly knees as her lover's
seed oozed out of her body.

Twitty turned from the stairs just in time to see Louis and Tawny disengage
and continued to watch as Tawny struggled to stand and compose herself. Many
a nights he had fantasized that it was his cock that Tawny was riding towards
earth shattering orgasms instead of his best friend's, but he knew the two
belonged together no matter what his dreams consisted of. Now, he was being
given the opportunity to see first hand exactly what it was his large
chested, attractive friend had to offer to his best friend when he wasn't
around and boy was he ever jealous. As Tawny pulled herself together and
reached behind to rub her back from where the armrest pushed against it, her
large naked orbs jutted out even further, almost inviting him to take a bite.
His eyes quickly drifted down her body to take in her full nude features,
stopping as Louis and her combined juices leaked from her insides, puddling
on the concrete beneath her feet.

He couldn't help ogling at the beauty before him. The situation they were
all in was out of control. Twitty didn't even realize he was stroking his
hand over his shaft as his stare lingered on Tawny's sex or the fact that
Tawny was slowly walking toward him. When he did realize what was happening
he stopped abruptly, blushed in embarrassment and started fumbling with his
jeans to hide himself.

"Whoa, big boy...why the haste to put that thing away? Me likes it that way."
Twitty stared at the girl in shock, his eyes growing in size as she kneeled
down in front of him and took his member between her lips. Twitty looked over
at Louis who was staring back, smiling. Twitty finally found his voice. "But
she's your..."

"What are friends for if you can't share your possessions?" Louis swung
around and dropped himself on the couch and watched his girlfriend put her
oral talents to work. Twitty didn't know what to say or think...he just stood
stock still and let the fantasy come to life as he stared down at Tawny's
mouth work over his manhood while staring back up at him as they both were
enjoying their fruits.

As Louis sat and watched from the old, tan colored couch, he couldn't help
but wish his sister had stayed around. Now he was left wondering just where
everything could have led. He recalled the linger stares they had for each
other and knew there was more to it than it seemed. It was obvious to him
she was jealous over what he and Tawny shared, but oddly as it seemed, he
felt there even more to it than that.

He quickly stood up and called out to his friends, "I'll be back after a
while. Don't party too hard."

"We wonnnnn..." Twitty tried to respond, but was stopped by the perfectly
timed deepthroating, his cock head now resting along the back of Tawny's

Louis just shook his head and quickly took two steps at a time as he rushed
from the basement. He checked the clock in the living room before starting
up the next set of steps leading up to his and his sister's room.

As he neared Ren's room, he could hear sloshing noises and moaning coming
from the wide open door. As he stood in the doorway, he watched his sister's
hand move furiously under her pants, eye closed, moaning out in ecstasy as
she writhe around unbound on her bed. He entered the room only to walk over
and pull her desk chair over to the bed where he then sat, waiting...and
watching his older sister bring herself to a climax.

She started to remove her hand from her pants, but Louis was quicker with his
hands, trapping her hand behind her pants. Her eyes flew open at the sudden

"No need to scream," Louis said, knowing what was to come next. As angry as
her face appeared, she held off and waited to hear her brother out.

"Did you fuck her?" he asked, taking the girl by surprise. "Doesn't really
matter considering Twitty is probably doing her right now...could be wrong
though," Ren's eyes grew in size at the admonishment. " did screw
my girlfriend...and couldn't bring yourself to ask me for my
permission first? And you talk about responsibility and thinking of
others...seems you need to pay closer attention to your own lectures."
Ren's head fell back to the mattress as she continued listening, knowing
she had made a mistake, she had done wrong by her own rules and by her
family's values. Louis was better than her. She was the one failing this
time...not him. This was the first time she had ever considered her brother
above herself. She looked down at her hands trapped in her clothes by her
brother's hand, the two slowly moving as one under Louis's control. "Did
she do you...or did you just do her? Huh, Ren? Bet you just couldn't wait
to wrap your tongue around that clit of hers...piercing and all. Are you
a slut, Ren? I sounds like that is exactly what you are.
Huh? Answer me please. Well here," he slouched down in the chair to allow
his free hand to reach into his front pant's pocket and pulled out a dollar
bill, "I hope this covers your services." In hand, he slid the dollar bill
under her shirt and under the front clasp of her bra, resting his fingers
and the bill between her perfect breasts. He then pulled both his hands
away from her body, set her chair back by her desk and stopped at the
doorway before leaving the room. "Hey sis...if you want know
where to find me." He left the room hearing only the sounds of his sister's
crying as her fingers sloshed around inside her desperate and waiting sex.

Louis walked back down to the basement and found his friends talking on the
couch, fully clothed. He gave her an odd look as he neared, but then let it
slide as he sat across her knees and leaned into her ear, whispering, "Her
services were paid for." Tawny looked surprised as Louis pulled away,
standing back up.

"What say we jam, Twitty?"

"Right on!" Twitty looked at his friends, not knowing what was going on, but
who was he to complain...he got him some. He picked up his guitar and set his
neck strap in place. "Let's get it on!" He yelled out, obviously pumped and

"Tawny, the keyboard is all yours," Louis called out.

"Sorry Louis, but I have some stuff I need to take care of. Maybe next time."
She walked up and kissed him on the lips and then departed the basement.

"She can be at the door in ten seconds from the time the basement door
closes, but will she be?" Louis thought as he powered up the amplifiers and
listened for the closing of the front door. It never came.

Upstairs, Tawny stood outside Ren's bedroom door and just listened to the
girl in the room pleasuring herself, mercilessly, unaware someone was
listening in. Five minutes later, Louis heard the front door close, and
immediately started uncalled for banging drum solo.

* * *

The following day, Louis was in his bedroom doing pushups when Ren walked in.

"Louis, can we talk?" She asked, unsure of what she should say.

He continued lifting his body up and down on his hands, "I'm listening."

She stood for a moment wondering when it was that Louis started taking much
better care of his body. Her eyes drifted along his bare upper body as he
pushed up and dropped down, looking in awe as the muscles in his arms grew
and shrunk with each pushup. He was still the same skinny guy, but his
scrawniness had faded somewhat for a more muscled tone. She was impressed.

Not hearing a reply, Louis stopped and looked up at his sister. "Ren, I don't
have all day. What did you want to talk about?"

Her concentration was broken. "Oh...about yesterday. I..."

Louis interrupted her as he started back with the pushups. "Oh that. Check
the dresser."

"The dresser?" She didn't know what he was referring to, but she checked the
dresser and found a five-dollar bill. Picking it up she turned back to her
brother. "What's this for?"

"You wanted I not right?"


"What, not enough? You can get more...lots more..."

"But I don't want..."

"Twitty left that for you. He will be over a little later for a knob
polishing." Ren was dumbfounded as she listened everything her brother had
to say. "How can he talk like this and continue his pushups at the same pace
as if it means nothing?" she wondered, shaking her head in confusion.

"Now, if you'll take the money and leave...I would like to finish my
exercises without interruption."

Aghast, Ren left the room and hotfooted it over to her bedroom and slammed
the door. She flopped down on her bed with her head buried in the comforter.
As she went to wipe her tears from her face something rubbed against her
face. She sat up and looked at the five-dollar bill resting in her hand.
"I...I...kept it. As mad as I was...why on earth would I have kept the money?
Did I want it? Is Louis I a slut? I can't believe I took it."

She debated with herself for the next ten minutes and came to the conclusion
she had to be woman enough to give it back and to tell Louis she wasn't a
slut. She stood up off the bed, looked in the dresser mirror to clean her
face of tears and composed herself. "I'll show him," she mumbled while
reaching for her doorknob. As the door opened, she felt something give way,
now looking at a familiar face standing on the other side.

"Hi ya, Ren! Louis told me to stop by...said you took the money." Ren
clenched the bill in her hand and was about to speak when out of nowhere her
right foot automatically stepped back causing her body to turn sideways,
giving Twitty an invite. He didn't wait a second, quickly entering the room.
Ren looked down at the money, slowly turned and looked up at the excited
young man a few years her junior, and then to the door, as her hand reached
out to close the door to and turn the lock.

She slowly turned toward Twitty unsure of what she was doing. "Guess it's
just you and me. Clothes. Off. Kind of hard with them on." She had never done
anything like this before yet she was ordering the teen around as if she was

"Yes, ma'am." He responded, immediately going for his belt.

Minutes later, "Ohhh...ohhh...ohhh goddddd!" Twitty shouted out as the tip
of his bare cock touched the back of the older teen's throat, as she took
everything he had to give. Slowly she allowed him to pull back. She grabbed
his swinging ball sac, gently squeezed them as she held his knob just inside
her mouth, sucking, and sucking, and sucking on the hardened skin, pulling
the seed from his helpless body. She squeezed and released over and over
again as he neared release.

"Oh Ren, now, now...I'm gooiinngg ttooooo...ahhhh!" The warning was late so
even if she had wanted to escape the stickiness and grossness of his male
spunk, it was too late. Twitty grabbed the back of her head, pushing her face
against his lower belly as he shot wad after wad down her gulping throat. She
didn't let a drop escape. She waited for the last gasp before opening her
mouth for release.


"That was fucking fantastic! Where did you ever learn how to suck cock like
that?" She just smiled, letting him think whatever he wanted to think.
"Definitely well worth ten bucks." Ren perked up.

"You did say ten dollars, right? Yep, that's about right." She asked, wanting
to make sure she heard him clearly.

"Yeah, Louis said your prices were cheap, but man...a guy could get mighty
used to this type of ten dollar treatment." Twitty stepped away from Ren and
pulled his underpants and jeans back up, buckling them before thanking her
and leaving the room.

"Ten you say?" she thought, shaking her head, running her tongue all over the
inside of her mouth, tasting the residing spunk all over again.

She took a minute for the color in her face to return before walking to her
brother's room. Twitty was in there glowing as he and Louis talked. "Twitty,
I'm sorry to interrupt, but would you mind if I borrowed Louis for a few
minutes? It won't take long." She walked over and grabbed Louis's arm and
quickly escorted him from the room. Seeing as the bathroom was the first room
she came to she turned on the light and pulled him into it and closed the

"I just heard the craziest thing. Twitty said that he paid you ten bucks. So
what gives, little brother?"

"Is that what this is all about? Give me a break, Ren. I take half. Plain
and simple enough? For every head you go down on, I take half. For every
kiss, touch, fuck, or probe, or whatever else...I take half. It's a
business. Pimping hoes is most definitely a business."

"Let's get something straight right here and now, Louis. I'm not a whore.
I'm not one of these so-called hoes. I'm your sister and that's it."

"Are you sure?"


"Fine then, you're just my sister. So we good here?" He reached into his
pocket and pulled out a five-dollar bill and handed it to her. "Here, take
it, it's yours. Listening to Twitty, you earned every penny." She looked at
the money questionably before grabbing it and sticking it into the front of
her bra.

"Yes, I think we are good. And you can tell Twitty he' s damn right...I am
worth every penny."

"I will...and I know." He hugged his sister, opened the door, and walked back
to his bedroom, thinking "Think what you want my little whore, think what you

Ren walked back to her room proud of her accomplishment. Once inside she
pulled the two bills from her bra and set it on her dresser. She then opened
a drawer, retrieved a pair of panties and some warm-ups, and then returned to
the bathroom for an afternoon shower.

"Alright Twitty, looks like your chance has arrived."

"Are you sure she's okay with this?"

"Do I look like I care if she's okay with it? If she says anything just tell
her you paid me good money and you expect her to be damn good."

"Damn man, you're the most awesome friend anyone could ask for. You know I'll
get you the other twenty later?"

"Ah man, your credit is good with me. Now go get her tiger!" Louis slapped
Twitty on his ass as he rustled him from the room, bare ass naked.

Louis watched his friend from his bedroom door. Twitty stood at the bathroom
door and could easily hear the water of the shower running with a light sound
of Ren's beautiful singing voice. He applied his hand to the knob and slowly
willed his hand to turn it. Seconds later he was in the tiled floor room,
easing the door closed. Louis smiled as he stepped back into his room. "Your
paranoia Ren, could one day be the death of you," he thought, knowing in
advance that his sister never locked the bathroom door when she was occupying
it. "So predictable." He laid down on his bed and pulled out one of his
comics and started reading, waiting for the inevitable screaming.

It wasn't long before Ren was screaming out at the top of her lungs, as
Twitty stood naked in front of her in the shower. "What are you doing in
here?" she screamed out. Twitty couldn't take the abusive noise and clamped
his hand over her mouth.

"Louis told me to tell you that I paid good money so you better be damn
good." He held up his free hand, "See, I've a condom and all." He dropped
his eyes down over her naked features, "You're a fucking goddess in my book.
Please say this is alright because if you turn me away after seeing all of
this...I might just have to kill myself due to a major case of blue balls."

Ren loosened up and dropped her gaze down to his hardened member. "What is
going on...fifteen minutes? He's already this hard again." She thought,
taking in the sight of his elongated six inches. Bringing her gaze back up
to meet his, she appreciated his medium, muscle toned body, amused by the
few strands of hair starting to cover his chest. She looked at his longing
eyes and then brought her hand up to remove his hand from her mouth. "Good
money you say?"

"Very good money."

"Louis what are you thinking? Didn't we just go over this?" she thought as
her hand reached out to grab her only source of protection.

"You'll do it? Oh god Ren, I love you." Twitty grabbed her up in his arms as
he embraced her in a tension-filled hug. Ren didn't want to ruin the moment,
but if he didn't let go there would might be no need for protection. The
younger teen quickly realized that due to his hug, his member was rubbing
against Ren's sparsely haired pussy, giving him a feeling he wasn't sure he
was willing to give up.

She just had to do it. "Twitty, remember...the condom." He pulled away and
looked at her now dangling the open condom from her fingers. "You were
getting a little too close for comfort."

"Oh sorry. Well I'm ready if you are." Twitty put his hand behind his head
as he thrust his pelvic out at the girl. Ren kneeled down in the shower,
letting the spray of water strike the back of her head, as she slipped the
condom over the stiff rod. She leaned close and kissed the head of his cock
before standing back up, the two now staring into each other's eyes.

"Go slow." Ren stepped up close to Twitty's tall frame and rested her the
side of her head against his chest while her hand guided his cock to its
target. She gasped as she felt the rubber covered head push through her
lips. Twitty was on fire, feeling her pointed breasts squashed against his
chest as he slowly sunk deeper and deeper into her treasured cavity. There
was no barrier to stop the intrusion. "So she isn't a virgin after all."
he thought, wrapping his arms around her body for extra comfort and support.

"Don't think bad of me, it was only a hairbrush," she whispered in her mind,
"just take it slow...AH!" Twitty slammed his pelvis against hers, rifling
his cock inside her pussy, before whispering in her ear.

"Not a virgin I see. I bet you love it rough don't you? How this?" He slid
his hands down and let his rough hands grab an ass cheek a piece, then
started rotating his hips as he adjusted and angled his cock to fuck up into
her womb. Ren knew she should have stopped him, screamed, done something,
but she didn't, she just held on for the remainder of the harsh ride, biting
her lips as the pain crescendo.

The two remained close, interlocked, when she heard, "Here, now...
yes!" He held off the scream as the rubber expanded and briefly pushed
against her inner muscles. After it was over, Ren was the one suddenly
missing the fullness, even though the pain remained deep in her loins.
Twitty tensed his arms for a reassuring hug and let go, pulling away. "No,
no, don't go," Ren screamed out in her mind, feeling their body's part and
his member slowly return to the surface. Without thinking, Ren's hand
dropped down and engulfed his shaft, starting a frantic pumping motion. As
her hands pumped along his skin, the condom and its contents slithered off,
dropping into the belly of the shower. Neither Ren nor Twitty noticed or
even cared at the moment.

"Ren, no, too much. No, no, not like this." Twitty briefly locked his hand
atop Ren's hand and guided himself back between her legs. This time it was
Ren pulling her hands loose and grabbing his ass as the two thrust against
each other in a heated moment.

"I'm coming!" Ren screamed out; music to Twitty's ears as he too reached his
peak and refutably pumped and pumped his cock into her wanting pussy. "More,"
she screamed out, "more!" Ren juices lined his member as he spurt his seed
against her inner wall. Her immediate reaction was to tense up, causing her
pussy to clamp down on Twitty's embedded cock, milking it for all its warm

Seconds passed by, then minutes. The two teens refusing to move apart,
refusing to lose their closeness, their warmth, and their completeness.
Ren's head remained against Twitty's wet, bare chest while he supported
his chin atop her head, both exhausted. The two finally began to separate
as the cascading water started to chill their bodies.

"Guess it's time to end this little party." Twitty said as he pulled back
and then quickly dropped his lips to kiss her lips. "Sorry, couldn't help

"Couldn't could you? Well I know another pair of lips that would like one of
those as well. What do you say?" Twitty just smiled as he slowly lowered his
head with the help of Ren's hand atop his head. The teen took a moment to
memorize every bump, fold, and curl before leaning forward and planting a
kiss between her pink, folded lips.

Minutes later the two stood in the doorway of Louis's room, Twitty's arms
wrapped around Ren's body as her back leaned against his chest.

"Over with already?" Louis asked with a smirk on his face. "You two look like
a couple of lovebirds I tell ya. Don't tell two got married in the
shower. Well, was she damn good?"

"Dude, it was magical. She even let me kiss her downstairs."

Ren shot her head up to look at Twitty. "That's something you keep private."
Louis smiled at the two and then excused himself from the room long enough to
walk to Ren's room and find the ten dollars laying on her dresser. When he
returned Ren spotted the money in his hand.

"Hey what's the big deal? That's my money isn't it?"

"Should have thought about that before you let lover boy here pleasure you;
in my book that is the same as you asking for pleasure. And since you work
for me, call it hazard pay. Client pays to use you and if for some chance
you want to use them...then it's going to cost you." He held up the money
and rubbed his fingers against it. "I'll accept ten for the first time. Next will be a hundred."

She stepped closer to her brother with a fit of anger in her eyes, "Hey wait
a second. I told you I wasn't your whore!" She screamed out for the world to
hear, but Louis's hand striking her across the face quickly silenced her

"Louis, what do you think you're doing?" Twitty shouted out at his friend.

"Mind your own business Twitty while I tend to mine. Now if you'll excuse us,
I'm calling an urgent meeting between my whore and me. You can show yourself
out." Louis led Ren over to his bed and sat her down. Surprising to them
both, he leaned over her body and let the weight of his body carry them both
to the mattress as his lips interlocked with his sister's lips.

Twitty was lost for words. He knew what was expected of him, but he wasn't
sure anymore. "She's not saying anything? Say something, Ren...please, say
anything," is all he could think of as he watched his best friend take
advantage of his sister.

Words and sounds departed Ren's lips, though none directed at him. He thought
for a few seconds that there might have been something between him and Ren,
but he soon realized the wrong head had been thinking all along. Taking his
cue, he turned to leave the siblings to themselves, but before exiting,
opened up the top dresser drawer and pulled out a mint condition Michael
Jordan rookie card protected in a extra large glass encasing. Looking back
over his shoulder he could see Louis's hand was already between Ren's thighs,
causing the girl to squirm about on the bed.

"Game over," he whispered in the air as he left the room, a beaming smile
radiating on his face, while he carried a much valued basketball card in
hand. "Well played game my friend well played."

The End...or make the call. Feedback will tell the tale.


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