Even Stevens: Bending Over Backwards And Forwards For A Birthday Gift Part 2
by Dimes N. Nickels ([email protected])

Ruby Mendel had to hold on to the wall. That sharp lightheadedness that was
once a staple of her brain wormed its way through the inner-workings of her
tummy and into her flimsy legs. It also took the time for a rendezvous with
the two scoops of vanilla ice cream with cherries on top that Ruby deemed her
breasts. 'Damn, this bra,' Ruby thought. 'It's nothing but a suffocation
device for my boobs. I just can't get at em.'

Each time that the wind blew through the slightly open navy curtains in Ren's
room, it would cause Ruby to tumble into an impromptu dance. With her weight
now being successfully pressed up against one of Ren's academic awards (The
Prestigious Principal's Pick of the Most Overachieving Overachiever Award),
Ruby was finally able to stare forward without a fear of falling to her
knees. Nonetheless, she imagined it wouldn't be long before she'd end up in
that position anyway.

Ruby had offered to assist in the removal of Ren's jeans, but her
study-sister declined. Instead, the brunette (with the matching oak eyes)
hunched over the edge of the bed with her crack sneaking out of the top of
her blue jeans, and unzipped her zipper. The material was so constricting
that even the lowering of a few inches of silver alleviated a few precious
breaths that Ren held in to fit into her clothing. When the button was
relieved of its duty, Ren had her first undisputed positive thought of the
day. She just felt better when she didn't have to suck in her stomach from
seven in the morning to the time she slipped into her pajamas at eleven at

The overpriced, brand-name denim hugged Ren's rear until the final rounded
cliff was explored. At one point, even the thong (that Ren determined to be
only a nuisance since not a soul would ever see it) was tangled around her
robust backside until it stretched across the largest part of her cheeks.
With the Victoria Secret underwear barley the size of thread, it looked like
its straps could snap at any moment, leaving Ren with a $24.99 string of
satin. When her jeans finally journeyed completely down to her knees, Ren
decided to pull up her underwear.

"Ren, Ren, Ren. You might as well leave them down. How else am I suppose
to get in there. It'll either be by your fingers or by my teeth," Ruby

"Undressing was a whole lot different when it was just done to try on
clothes. At least you never looked at me like THAT then."

"I never looked at you like THAT? Are you sure about THAT?"

"Well, at least I never looked at you like THAT."

"Ren, must I remind you that you're my friend, and I know when you're lying.
And anyway, Ren, I heard from Suzy Manchester who heard from Lindsay Lee who
heard from Michael Bopstar who heard from Tawny Dean that Mandy Sanchiez was
complaining to a friend in the ladies room that she just couldn't compete in
the rump department with a certain Ms. Stevens. Apparently Mandy got so
distraught that she broke a fingernail. So, just pull down those panties
before I do. What's to be ashamed about?"

It was a point Ms. Stevens couldn't refute. So the pink stretched until it
past the mole Ren had on her left cheek. The pair fell haplessly down to the
scrunched up jeans Ren was still donning around her ankles.

Ruby clamped her hands together and rubbed them as if she was trying to start
a fire, then fell down when she noticed that she was no longer applying her
weight to any solid object. However, one solid object, Ren's cheeks, were
firm enough to hold Ruby up. Maybe they were firm, but they were also soft
as feathers and could be used as a pillow, which is what Ruby did, as she
crawled face-first in the direction of Ren's bopping behind.

"Are you okay back there?" Ren asked, with her face planted on her bedspread.

"Wait," Ruby answered, just before she unveiled her tongue to lick Ren's
right skin cushion like a kitten sopping up spilled milk. "Now, I'm good."

"What was that?"

"An appetizer."

"Ruby, is this going to hurt?"

"Yeah, but in a good way. Listen, Ren, if gets to be too much, you just grab
Mr. Pookie and you hold on to him. He'll be there for you."

Ren extended her arm and felt around her bedspread towards her pillows. On
top of the pine-fresh piles of bags filled with well-fluffed feathers lay a
primate stuffed with cotton. His face always wore a smile, and his arms were
always prepared for a hug. Ren dug her crimson fingernails into his chest
and pulled him towards her. She tucked the monkey under her arm, and bit her
lower lip.

As Ren got to know her stuffed friend a little better, another friend was
about to stuff a little of herself into Ren. Ruby positioned one hand in the
middle of the left cheek and her other on the right. Both sides were large
enough for Ruby to grab a handful until the flesh seeped between her fingers.
As her nails were about to pierce the outer layer of skin, Ruby divided both
sides apart, and with no intention of reuniting either area, moved her
swimming-pool blue eyes to a puckered hole that was just north of two pussy

The pressure for Ruby to hold both sides apart was beginning to take its
toll. Both cheeks were chiseled in place, and acted as if they Siamese twins
that weren't about to be separated. However, the only visual anguish on Ruby
was her forehead, where another bead of sweat drizzled down to her bra and
dissolved into the cliff between her breasts. If she had a hand free, Ruby
might have just carelessly let her twins breathe. But she couldn't let go
now; after all, she didn't know if she could spread Ren's ass apart again if
she let it close.

"Okay, Ren, I'm going to start out easy with something small. I'm gonna push
my index finger in. If this starts to be too much, you just squeeze Mr.
Pookie, okay?"

"Okay, Ruby, I'll try," Ren said as a few strands of her hazel hair cascaded
down her face and blocked her vision. "Mr. Pookie, don't let me down."

With a couple fingers keeping the right cheek at bay, Ruby grazed her index
finger on the secluded third opening. Even before Ruby had a chance to insert
it, Ren gyrated, and waved her ass around as if she was trying to get Ruby to
lose her concentration. After Ruby rolled her eyes, she puckered her lips
(which were accentuated by the color of flaming desire) and drew them closer
to Ren's rectum. With a warmth that matched her lipstick, Ruby huffed, huffed
and blew.

"Gosh, Ruby, stop that!" Ren screamed as she jutted off the bed and looked
behind her.

"Now, Ren, your parents will hear. Keep your voice down!"

"Ruby, I thought you were going to be nice. THAT wasn't nice."

"Not being nice would have been a coke bottle. That was my breath. I think,
I mean, I hope for your sake that Bobby is a little larger than just my

Ren sighed, and bent back over the edge of the bed. She took another look at
Mr. Pookie. They shared picnics, bedtime, and even tears over books about
lost parakeets. When Ruby and Ren had a tiff over a job position, Mr. Pookie
was awaiting Ren with his style of friendship that emphasized listening over
responding. He would guide her through this milestone in her life too, with
some assistance by a blond who seemingly could never keep her hands to

"Now that's better," Ruby said as she flung her palm against the white cheek,
and made it ripple like the rapids in a lake.

"What was that for?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to spank you."

"Well, if you're not careful, my butt will be all red."

"That's if I am careful."

Ruby applied another tap of her hand on Ren's ass. Seconds later, as a hand
print started to materialize, Ruby rubbed on the affected area. Much like
her mom used to do for her injuries, Ruby kissed the bruise to make it all

This tender moment was broken with the tip of Ruby's finger pushing into the
reluctant entrance. Just as she was about to watch her fingernail succumb to
the hole, Ren unleashed a "STOP!" and nearly ripped Mr. Pookie's arm off in
the process.

"What now?!? I didn't even put it in!" Ruby yelled.

"I know, but I could feel it. It's too big."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Use a smaller finger."

"Ren, when you're with Bobby, are you going to tell him politely to use a
smaller penis?"

"No, no, of course not."

"Look, I know what was wrong. I'll use my pinkie and I'll lube it up. It was
dry before; that's all."

"I don't think I have any lube, Ruby"

"Ren, don't be silly, I'm just going to suck on my finger."

After pointing her pinkie towards the ceiling and collapsing all the other
fingers in a depressive downward gesture, Ruby wrapped her lips around the
smallest finger and sucked from its halfway point. Her cheeks sunk in, as
she showered her makeshift probe with enough saliva that when she pulled it
out, the clear liquid drooped south as if it was made of a slimy elastic.
When her spit-coated finger was so shiny she could view her own reflection,
Ruby winked and positioned it just above Ren's anus.

"Is this going to hurt?" Ren squeaked as Mr. Pookie's chewy skull was
clenched under her soapy-white teeth and the braces that she wore to keep
them on the straight and narrow.

"Ren, it's going to be like summer camp. You fight and fight and fight
your parents because you don't want to go, then by the end you're screaming
because you don't want to leave."

Due to Ruby's littlest finger draping itself in a jacket of Ms. Mendel's
homemade lubricant, it was able to slide into Ren's ass with less resistance
than before. As Ruby watched her fingernail tuck its head into backdoor and
bring about a total eclipse of the nail, she imagined it squirming inside.
Her eyes grew to matching moons in anticipation. However, seconds later she
wished she would have taken a picture, because Ren's leg instinctively
reacted as she drove her foot into Ruby's midsection.

Spread out on the floor, her arms stretched backwards to carry her weight,
and with both of her legs the farthest away from one another as they possibly
could be, Ruby Mendel puffed a loose strand of her blonde hair off of her
face. She looked down at her hand, saw that it was no longer attached to her
best friend's back end, and retraced the last few events in her mind. When
she drew a blank, Ruby shook her head, and directed her sight to the parting
below her. Her skirt was flipped up on her stomach, and the shape of her
sandy-light fur only gave audiences an indication to the folded flaps it
tried to conceal. Which it concealed poorly, if at all.

Ruby quickly closed her legs and placed her miniskirt back to its original
place. Ren, on the other hand, massaged her butt by running her hands up and
down the crack.

"Goodness Ruby, you are a pain in the ass."

"Well, I'm sure trying to be!"

"Do you have anything that would be a little less uncomfortable?"

"I've got one last option."

"Well, it can't be worse than the others."

Ren rested her face back on the bedspread, and in an act that was quickly
becoming a nervous reaction, bit her bottom lip. Her top teeth cut a slit on
the bottom of the red cocoon-shape. When the cut mixed with her salty saliva
and began to sting, Ren was too preoccupied with the other side of her body
to even notice.

"Mr. Pookie, we need to get through this, so hold me, just like you used to
do at the dentist office, okay?" Ren said, giving her favorite monkey a peck
on his stomach for good luck.

"Ren, are you okay? You're not too nervous, are you?"

"Me, no? Of course not. Not at all. Maybe a little."

Ruby held her palm over her chest, sniffled, and gave an "awwwwwww." She
followed Ren from the curving half-spheres, to her back, to the brunette's
sideways resting place. The two lips of Ruby's attached light pressure to
Ren's facial cheek, and then parted to showcase two rows of teeth that were
like miniature snow sculptures. With Ren's earlobe visible, Ruby pulled a
few loose strands of brown hair away from it and nibbled.

"Don't be," Ruby said, as Ren giggled but held in as much as she could.

Ruby traced her bread crumbs of easily identifiable body parts back to her
knees, where she positioned her face neatly in the range of Ren's bobbling
backyard. She secured two hands on both west and east coasts, pulled apart
and revealed the above canal. An outstretched tongue, Ren's ass, and a
perfect fit. Ruby felt like she was probing a damp section of cookie dough
that encased a sauna.

Ren tugged at Mr. Pookie while another hand clutched at her bedspread, ripped
it off from its tucking, and made a mess of the pride she put into her daily
chore. Her math book fell to the floor and shut. The homework was about as
finished as it would ever be.


"Moy towng, Wen," Ruby mumbled, defying her mother's orders and eating with
her mouth open.


Ruby closed her eyes, and entered into an existence that was devoid of sight.
Her instincts ran on touch and smell. With her head bent forwards, leaning a
little on her knees, and two hands kneading Ren's marshmallow-like behind,
Ms. Mendel infected Ren with an impending orgasm.

Ren moved her hand from the covers to her chest, where she tugged at her
blouse, and ripped off two more buttons. The current state of her clothing
was not something that was high on her list of priorities. She chewed on
the bedspread, as a her tongue floundered out of her mouth and gave a
cleansing to her top lip. With her face seemingly latched onto her bed,
Ren's non-stick lipstick smeared off on the sheets. So much for the
Maybelline guarantee.

Whatever Ren smeared on her sheets was nothing compared to Ruby's masterpiece
(which could have been called "Smeared Cosmetics on Flesh"). During a time
in which her tongue was protruding outside of Ren's butt, Ruby digressed from
her usually circular motion to spread out to the cheeks. She attached her
lips to the each fluffy bulge, then closed them so they would flap over as
she brought them back together. Nevertheless, when Ruby noticed the amount of
time she dedicated to the "outer" activity, she retreated back to the hole,
and left the cherry paint that colored Ren's rear as an abstract mesh of
shades and hues.

Ruby's body, despite being in a position that her one session of yoga
certainly didn't prepare her for, adopted Ren's growing stimulation. Her
hands vibrated, her jaw quivered, and during a rush of energy, she lunged
her face forward so her tongue could delve into hole. The grip that she
maintained slipped causing two regions of flesh to envelop her face.
Without an avenue to breathe, her nostrils clogged. Ruby fought for gasps
of air. Each one being intercepted by Ren's backwards thrust and erratic

"Ruby, did you shut, uhhhhhhhhh, the window?"

"Um-huh," Ruby answered as the breeze from the opened window blew up her

Ren's lip curled and the creases on her face were even more apparent. She
found herself ramming her pelvis against the bed, as if she expected to feel
an additional probing from the front of her as well. Her hand tore her brown
hair from roots, before she attempted to accompany Ruby's ass-play with a
fingering of her own lonely snatch.

From the blur of pink and black, Ruby noticed Ren's hand gallantly coming
to the rescue of her neglected pussy. Before Ren was able to make it, Ruby
swatted her friend's palm away, and used her own hand instead to puncture
the walls of Ren's blossoming tulip. Seeing as the activity was continuing
under another of Ren's openings, Ruby decided to give her tongue a break.

"So, Ren how's it for you? Don't you just love it?" Ruby asked, before
kissing Ren's back and resting her face on it while she took a few deep


Ruby's fingers violated Ren's vagina until she felt the elusive clitoris
pinched between two fingers. It was the way Ren jerked her head up and
beckoned a usually taboo obscenity that was about to inspire Ruby to
request the presence of a waterfall of juices. Just as the words "Cum Ren"
were about to drift out of Ruby's mouth, a knock at the door shattered
Ren's concentration, but did little to deter Ruby from mining for honey.

"Ren, honey?" Mrs. Stevens, Ren's mother, asked from the hallway. "Will you
be coming down for dinner soon?"

"Ahh ohhhhh ummmmmmmmmmm," was all that Ren could articulate.

"Oh Mrs. Stevens, she'll be coming very soon. You can bet on that. I'll make
her," Ruby blurted out as she wiped her saliva-coated lips off on Ren's ass.

"Thanks Ruby, you two must really be getting into your studying."

"Oh, Mrs. Stevens, I for one am really digging this new assignment."

"Will you be coming too, Ruby?"

"Oh Mrs. Stevens, if I do, I sure hope it'll be with your daughter."

"Well, Ruby, we'd love it if you would come. Me, Mr. Stevens, Donnie,
especially Louis. I think he'd really love to see you come today. It'd be
great if we could all come together."

"Well, as long as you don't inform the authorities, Mrs. Stevens."

"What? Anyway, remember Ren honey, it's your night to do the dishes so be
sure to finish in time."

"She will, Mrs. Stevens."

Before Mrs. Stevens told the two girls to "have fun," and well before she
started to walk down the hall, Ruby reassigned her licking privileges to
Ren's taut asshole. Her fingers, the middle and the index, ravaged through
the barriers as the color of Ren's inner beauty, pink, engulfed Ruby's
insertions. A deposit of fresh nectar trickled down Ren's thigh and onto
the carpet.

"Stop Ruby! Stop!" Ren screamed, bouncing her head off the mattress.

"Not until you finish for me," Ruby said, pulling her head away from the
spot of pleasurable poking.

"Finish?!? That wasn't parrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..." Ren stated as her
voice trailed into an orgasmic moan. "OHHHHHHH!"

"Oh my gush, I mean ah gosh!" Ruby mumbled.


Ren's first orgasm contained enough force to shoot Ruby's fingers out of the
snatch, even though her muscles had tightened around them. A second flow
came unexpectedly, and Ren attempted to crawl on top of her bed as it was
occurring. With Ren's legs still joined together by her jeans, her mobility
was dampened. It also didn't help that the only assistance Ruby provided was
to lap up the juices. A third aftershock ran through Ren's body, as she
finally climbed to the peak of the bed, and cupped her hand over her quim.

Ruby stood up, and wiped her arms over her mouth. Her makeup was a mess,
her hair was in disarray, and she was dizzy enough to see spots of pinks
and blacks in the place of her surroundings. Still, it didn't compare to
the sight of Ren, who was laying on her stomach, holding Mr. Pookie in
her right hand, with her two ass cheeks coated in lipstick, saliva and a
splash of female ooze (by way of Ruby's hand, of course).

"Well, Ren, Bobby better appreciate what he's giving you," Ruby said as she
sat down on the bed, and played with Ren's gnarled locks. "Because you're
very special."

"Thank you Ruby."

"No, thank you," Ruby said, leaning down and kissing her cheek.

"Will you be staying for dinner?" Ren asked between attempts to breathe.

"I can't. I have to meet Monique for dinner at Your Toast in about twenty

"Call me?"

"I'll call you. I'll call you beautiful."

Ruby stood up. She gathered her backpack and the contents that were strewn
across the floor. With her math homework still unfinished, and the answer to
number five a mystery, she pulled her pink backpack over her shoulder. As she
was about to leave, the blonde looked back and noticed the brunette.

"I meant what I said Ren," Ruby stated as she was about to close the door.

"What did you say?" Ren responded.

"Good-bye Ren."

The door shut. Ruby left. The answer to her question remained as silent as
the loneliness Ren found herself in. She noticed that the trickles of cum had
drizzled down the majority of her lower body, and that she needed a sponge to
soap up the residue. For a second, Ren wished Ruby was still around to lick
off what would soon harden, and perhaps for another reason as well.

"You know Mr. Pookie," Ren said to her stuffed animal. "I'm happy you're not
a real guy, because real guys only have one thing on their mind."

As quickly as those words left her mouth, Ren's pussy gave an involuntary
forth organism. Ren scattered her limbs for an object, but when she came up
empty (and was frightened that the stains would be questioned by her parents)
she sent Mr. Pookie's face towards her crotch. She rubbed him up and down,
brushing her pubic hair and floating him above her vagina until the liquid
was soaped up.

When Ren looked down at her longtime friend in a position that resembled him
feasting on her sex, she rolled her eyes and threw Mr. Pookie to a nearby

"Who am I kidding? ALL men are the same."

(To be continued in part three)


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