Even Stevens: Crossroads Part 2 (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Tawny Dean sat in her room at the Westhall Farms. Her father, Mr. Dean owned
the farms. He was a wealthy landowner.

The young girl sat on her bed, she was deep in thought. Not long ago, her
boyfriend Louis had confided in her one of his biggest secrets. He was
bi-curious. She had freaked out. What girl wouldn't ? Still, she tried to
remain calm. She was supportive. She went and did research on males that
were gay or bisexual. She learned a lot about them. Louis told her that
while he was attracted to girls most of the time, sometimes he felt
attracted to guys. She didn't want to loe him. She went to the GLBT
meetings with him.

Since Louis had come out to Tawny about his bicuriosity, a whole new world
had opened up to them. Louis had never acted on his same-sex desires. Not
once. Tawny feared that someday he might decide to leave her for a man. She
didn't want that to happen to her. She loved her boyfriend more than life
itself. At the GLBT meetings she met a couple of people she already knew.
Alan Twitty, one of Louis's best guy friends was also bisexual. Alan was
dating a girl named Ruby Mendel and Ruby was supportive as well. This sort
of reassured Tawny. Maybe this could work. Louis had told her time and again
that he loved her and not any other boy or girl on Earth but Tawny couldn't
help feel suspicious...sometimes.

She was still deep in thought when she heard a knock on her door. There he
was. Louis Stevens. The debonnaire, cool and sometimes nerdy kid next door.
The boy she loved.

Tawny Dean looked at Louis. He smiled at her. She blushed. Louis's smile
still had the power to make her weak in the knees. He took a step toward her
and she came closer to him. They kissed. A long and deep kiss. Tawny loved
kissing Louis. Every kiss she shared with Louis felt like the first time. Not
that he was a novice but because he made it special. They parted to catch
their breaths.

Louis grinned. Tawny smiled at him. "Come here, you." she said.

Louis hesitated. He never knew what to expect with Tawny. She pulled him into
her arms. He kissed her again and felt her hands stroking him affectionately.
They went down on the hay-covered floor of the barn. Louis and Tawny rolled
around, laughing and giggling. Tawny found herself on top of Louis. He
grinned and looked up at her. "You are so beautiful." he said. Gently, he
stroked her cheek.

Tawny's heart went pitter-patter in her chest. She loved the way Louis made
her feel, like she was the only girl in the world. She felt his youthful,
hard body underneath her. "I love you, Louis." she said. Louis grinned even

Slowly, looking into each other's eyes, the young lovers undressed. Louis
admired Tawny's hot, young and sexy body. Her skin was a pale pink. He
admired her perky breasts, slim waist and cute butt. She admired his young
masculine form and lengthening cock. They stood, facing each other. Without
a word, they embraced and went down in the hay. They kissed and caressed
each other, seeking out every sensitive spot and looking for comfort and
pleasure that only their bodies could bring. Laughing, kissing, they found
each other. They fought playfully, each one jockeying for position. Louis
ended up on top of Tawny. She looked up at him. He glared down at her,
smiling victoriously. Tawny smiled to herself. He thought he had her. She
had him right where she wanted him.

Tawny made a sudden move and wrapped her legs behind Louis's back. He gasped
in surprise. He looked at her. Her eyes begged him to make love to her. Tawny
could feel Louis's hard cock pressing against her leg. She wanted to feel it
deep inside her. She opened herself to him and he slowly guided his cock
inside her. Louis entered Tawny and was amazed by the warmth radiating
between her legs. Tawny closed her eyes and embraced her lover. Louis started
to fuck her, thrusting his manhood deep inside her. She welcomed him inside
her, giving him maximum access inside her temple. Louis continued to fuck
her, hard and fast. He went at a nice and easy rhythm. Tawny felt his hot
cock throbbing inside her. It was an incredible feeling. She caressed her
breasts and moaned, abandoning herself to the mastery of her lover,
surrendering herself to him. He fucked her, nice and hard. Hard and fast. He
plowed deep inside her and she screamed in ecstacy. She felt his body
trembling on top of hers. She knew what that meant. Louis came, sending hot
cum deep inside her. Tawny and Louis screamed as an orgasm rocked their
bodies simultaneously.

A little while later, the two young lovers lay side by side. Tawny looked at
Louis. He rested beside her. His eyes were closed and he seemed spent. She
kissed him on the cheek. It was astonishing how much she loved this boy. They
were best friends and one day, she fell in love with him. He had fallen
asleep. Tawny watched him for the longest time. He whispered her name in his
sleep. Her heart warmed when she heard that. She kissed him. For the first
time since he told her his secret, she felt reassured. Maybe it would work.
She loved him, didn't she ? He loved her too. No one knew him better than she
did. Not any man or any woman. She loved Louis and would fight to keep him at
any cost.

"You're mine." she whispered as she watched him sleep. "No one is gonna take
you away from me, my love."

The End


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