Even Stevens: Crossroads Part 3 (mmf,slash)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Louis Anthony Stevens walked out of the GLBT meeting. The meeting had taken
place at a small brownstone building somewhere in town. There were lots of
people there. Young men and women who were gay, bisexual or questioning. He
had gotten used to coming to these meetings since it dawned on him that he
might be bisexual.

He was not alone. His best friend Twitty was there. Twitty was one of those
guys who looked and acted straight. Twitty was Louis's best friend and one
of the first people he came out to. He had recently learned that Twitty was
bisexual and had a girlfriend named Ruby who knew about her boyfriend's
sexual orientation and was fully supportive. Presently, they were in Ruby's
car. They were driving to the house. Ruby's parents were away for the
weekend. Ruby and Twitty had planned to have some fun and stuff. Louis had
been glad to tag along. All three of them had more than a few beers to

Alan Twitty kissed Ruby and they started undressing each other. Louis
admired them both. Alan Twitty had a swimmer's lean and muscular body. Ruby
was gorgeous with her cute face, trim body, nice tits and pert, sexy little
ass. The sight of them aroused Louis immensely. He watched them go down on
each other. Those two obviously knew each other's needs and bodies very well.
Ruby started kissing Twitty from head to toe and he did the same to her. She
lay on the bed with her legs spread. Twitty came and started licking her
pussy. His agile tongue lapped at her cunt like it was the sweetest thing
she'd ever tasted. He stuck his tongue inside her pussy, licking and probing
her gentle folds. The feeling drove her wild. He kept licking and probing
until she couldn't take it anymore. Even then, he stuck first one finger then
two inside her and moved them inside her. His fingers played with her pussy
like a piano. It wasn't long before Ruby's scream of ecstacy filled the room.

Ruby was eager to return the favor. She took Twitty's cock into her mouth
and started sucking it. She licked him, running her tongue down the full
length of his cock and then started licking his balls. Twitty groaned in
pleasure, clearly loving what she was doing to him. Before Louis's amazed
eyes, Ruby made Twitty cum, and then drank all of his seed. She drank his
cum, which had spilled on his belly and down to his balls. She licked him
clean without spilling a drop. When she had gotten him nice and hard, she
climbed on top of him. Twitty easily slid his cock into his girlfriend's
hot pussy. He started to really give it to her. He pumped his cock in and
out of her hot pussy. As she was fucked by Alan Twitty's thick cock, Ruby
screamed like a banshee. He fucked her hard and fast, thrusting his cock
deep inside her. He exploded inside her and she shrieked like a woman
possessed as his hot cum filled her pussy hole.

Louis watched all this and was incredibly turned on. Ruby's sexy body rolled
off Twitty's. Both of them looked at Louis...expectantly.

"I want to watch you and Ruby do it." said Alan Twitty.

Louis hesitated. Ruby came closer to kiss and smiled. "It's ok, Louis." she

She kissed him full and deep and he felt all his doubts melt away. Ruby
pushed him down on the floor. She kissed Louis and began tracing a trail down
from his lips to his chest with her tongue. She licked his belly and made her
way down to his crotch. She breathed in the masculine scent of his cock and
took it in her hand. She held his manhood, it was quite long and thick. Louis
grunted. Ruby held his cock and pulled back the foreskin. She licked his
cockhead like a lollipop before putting it into her mouth. She sucked his
cock and seemed eager to get as much of his cock as she could inside that
mouth of hers. She sucked his cock and licked at his balls. He grunted, she
was an expert at what she did.

Once she had gotten him hard and ready, Ruby looked at Louis and grinned.
"I'm gonna ride you like a friggin bronco." she said.

With that, she straddled him. She climbed on top of him. Louis reached up
with his hands to caress her breasts. She placed his hands on her hips and
lowered her pussy onto his cock. She went down until most of his cock was
sheathed inside her hot, wet cunt. She grunted and, using his shoulders for
support, she began to bounce up and down on his cock. Louis thrust his cock
into Ruby's pussy. She groaned as he fucked her. He thrust into her with all
his might, wanting to go deeper into her and achieve greater and greater
penetration. She shrieked like a banshee as he fucked her. Her pussy was so
friggin hot and wet. Louis was loving it. He slid his cock in and out of that
hot pussy of hers. Ruby went wild. He felt her nails dig into his back. He
couldn't take it any more and came, sending his hot seed deep inside her.

Ruby rolled off Louis. She looked at him. "How was it?" she asked.

"Great." Louis said breathlessly.

Ruby and Twitty looked at Louis. "We're not done with you." said Ruby.

"Plenty more where that came from." said Twitty.

With that, both came at Louis simultaneously. Louis was surprised, and
pleasantly so. He felt Ruby's tits on his face and started sucking on them.
He felt something warm and wet around his cock and looked down to see his
best friend Twitty sucking his cock. Twitty sucked Louis's cock like a pro.
He licked the head of his cock and then sucked at the balls, giving Louis a
fellatio of unprecedented candor. Louis felt Twitty's warm mouth going up
and down on his cock and felt Ruby's kisses all over. He was overwhelmed.
Once Louis had gotten hard as steel, Twitty climbed on top of him.

Louis looked at his best friend as they were about to have sex. Louis desired
Twitty as much as Twitty desired Louis. Both friends looked into each other's
eyes. They had forgotten about Ruby, who sat back and watched. Louis and
Twitty rolled around on the bed and played, like old pals. They had forgotten
that not long ago, both of them would have found it strange to do this. Now,
they were just being themselves. Louis had forgotten about what his family or
Tawny might say or think. Alan Twitty did not care either. They started to
stroke and caress each other's bodies. Louis felt Twitty's hard body press
against him. He felt Twitty's hard cock press against his thigh. Louis felt
his own cock grow hard. He felt incredibly excited, more excited than he had
ever gotten with Tawny.

Louis and Twitty looked into each other's eyes. Louis kissed Twitty tenderly.
Louis had never kissed another boy before. He smiled. Twitty smiled back.
Both boys grinned. They looked at each other with undisguised lust in their
eyes. Without words, they each knew what the other wanted. Twitty looked at
Louis. Louis nodded and watched his best friend stand up and then move behind
him. Ruby watched the scene, fingering herself furiously. As Louis looked
back between his legs, he saw Ruby squirt some lubricant on Twitty's cock and
rub some on his ass. Twitty then moved up behind him, grasped his cock and
then Louis felt the pressure on his asshole. The head of his best friend's
dick pushed into his ass and, much to Louis' s surprise, there was no pain.
Twitty then pushed forward until the entire length of his own cock was buried
in Louis's ass. Twitty began shoving his cock faster and faster into Louis's
asshole. Louis felt his cock bobbing back and forth in sync with his best
friend' s thrusts. He thrust his cock hard and fast inside Louis. Louis tried
not to scream but he felt like he was being split in half. Finally, he
screamed. At the same time, a great shudder took Twitty's body and he came,
sending hot cum deep inside Louis's ass. After cumming, Twitty pulled back
slightly and Louis felt his asshole squeeze his best friend's cock out.

The two young men rolled on the floor and panted, their bodies covered with
sweat. Ruby started to moan from her pussy-fingering and the excitement of
watching two hot boys going at it. Twitty and Louis watched her cum. She
joined the boys on the floor. She kissed first Twitty, then Louis. Ruby was
a wild chick with a serious lack of inhibitions. She had no problem with sex.
She was a hot chick and she loved her man Twitty to death. "How was it?" she

Twitty smiled. "Great, babe." he said, and kissed her.

Louis looked at Ruby. "I think I'm gonna have trouble sitting down for a
week." he said.

All three of them burst out laughing.

Louis lay there, thinking. He had just had sex with another boy and another
girl. He had indulged his bicuriosity to the extreme. He found out that he
really was bisexual. There was no turning back now. He was not a straight but
curious guy with a supportive girlfriend. He really was bi. That's who he
was. He liked both men and women. He hoped that Tawny could accept that, and
maybe his family too one day. He didn't feel any guilt after sleeping with
Twitty and his girlfriend Ruby. He was fully satisfied. Sated with a dose of
hot pussy and hard cock. He was fucking bi and loving it.

The End


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