Even Stevens: Crossroads Part 4 (mf,mm)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Louis lay in his bed. He was deep in thought. It had been some time since
he had his first time sex with a male and a female at the same time. He had
enjoyed sex with his best friend Twitty and Twitty's girlfriend Ruby. Louis
lay thinking. He didn't think the experience would change him but it did. He
had made love to his best friend. This was his first time having sex with a
guy. He had crossed the barrier between bicuriosity to full-fledged
bisexuality that night. The experience changed him. He didn't think that
another male's touch could bring him such pleasure but it did.

It was unlike anything that he'd ever felt before. He remembered the first
time he had sex. He was an inexperienced youth and so was Tawny. Tawny. His
beautiful and sexy girlfriend. The girl who had made him a man. Also, the
same one who fully accepted and supported him when he told her that he might
be bisexual. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. Since he had sex with
Twitty, he had changed. Usually, Louis felt attracted to both men and women.
Not anymore. Somehow, sex with Twitty had changed him. He now felt attracted
to Twitty. Almost exclusively.

Louis was plucked from his thoughts by the phone. He picked up the phone and
heard the voice of his girlfriend Tawny at the other end. "Hey, girl. What's
up?" he said.

"I miss you, Louis." said Tawny. "I want you to come over."

Louis smiled. "Why?" he asked.

"You'll see." Tawny said in that sexy voice of hers.

At once, Louis knew what was up. His girlfriend was inviting him over for a
booty call. That's what's up. Louis smiled to himself. He would go see Tawny
and they would have sex as usual and he would prove to himself that he was
still attracted to girls. He liked girls and boys. He was bi. He didn't want
to become Gay. He loved his girlfriend. He didn't want to lose her. He
hurried to prepare himself.

Louis drove to Tawny's house. He found the door open and there was a trail
of sexy underwear leading up the stairs. Louis sniffed one of Tawny's used
panties and felt like a horny wolf on the prowl. "I'm coming up." he said.
"Ready or not."

With that, he hurried up the stairs. He looked through the various rooms of
Tawny's big house. There was no one there. The young man finally thought of
going to the main bedroom....and gasped as soon as he stepped in. Louis
Anthony Stevens found himself in the presence of a rather beautiful young
lady. He looked at Tawny. There she was. His beautiful and sexy girlfriend.

"Hello, Louis." she said. "Like what you see?"

Louis looked at her. She was standing there, facing him. She was naked as a
jaybird. He smiled. "You are gorgeous." he said.

She smiled. "Come here." she said. She tapped the bed.

Louis came forward. Louis came and held Tawny in his arms. He held her
and looked into her beautiful face. She smiled at him. He kissed her lips
tenderly. He still thought she was the prettiest girl in the world. She
pressed her body against his. She whispered in his ear. Laughing at what
she told him, Louis picked her up and carried her to bed. Tawny giggled as
Louis carried her there. She went directly for his cock, wanting to feel
his manhood in her mouth. She wanted to taste him so badly. She undressed
him hastily and he watched as she took his erect cock in her hand. She ran
her hand up and down on it before she licked his cockhead.

Louis closed his eyes and tried to enjoy what his girlfriend was doing to
him. She licked his cock like it was the most delicious thing she'd ever
tasted. She started to suck on his balls and licked them. Tawny paused and
breathed in the masculine smell of Louis's cock. Louis grunted. She sucked
his cock, and he felt himself surrender to her. Her mouth was like a vacuum
cleaner and was drawing out everything he had. Louis tried to picture the
beautiful face of Tawny in his mind.

His mind formed the image of his beautiful sexy girlfriend in his mind but
right before it finished forming, Tawny's sexy and beautiful face morphed
into the handsome and boyish visage of Twitty!!! Louis was shocked but not
in time to stop himself from cumming... he came and Tawny drank his seed.
He closed his eyes and heard nothing but the slurping sounds her mouth made
as she finished him off and the beating of his own heart... he barely noticed
when Tawny climbed on top of him. She started kissing him from head to toe
and he failed to feel aroused. Again his mind wandered and he thought about
Twitty... about Twitty's handsome face and sexy, masculine body. He got rock

Tawny gasped. "Louis!" she exclaimed. "You must really be horny."

Louis nodded without saying a word. His hands went to her waist and she
begun to ride him. He felt his hard cock penetrate her wet, warm and tight
pussy. Tawny supported herself by resting her slim hands on his shoulders
and rocking back and forth on his cock. She rode him like a wild horse and
he thrust into her like an automaton until she shrieked in pleasure and
collapsed in his arms.

A little while later, Louis and Tawny lay in bed together. Tawny looked at
Louis adoringly. She kissed him on the lips. He didn't respond. "Are you
okay?" she asked.

Louis looked at her. How could he tell her? He felt almost nothing for her.
He had come to realize that he cared a lot for Twitty. He was scared to tell
her. He was beginning to think that maybe he wasn't totally bisexual but kind
of leaning toward being Gay. He took a deep breath and stood. Tawny looked at

"What is it?" she asked.

Louis sighed. "I've got something to tell you."

She looked at him. "What?"

Louis took another deep breath and told her... everything. He had gone to
the GLBT meeting with Twitty and Ruby. They ended up having sex. Louis's
first threesome. He felt guilty about it but his body had betrayed him.
When he was done talking, he looked at Tawny. She looked like she'd been
hit by lightning.

"This is a joke, right?" she said.

Louis quietly shook his head.

"You monster!" she said. "You never loved me, did you?" she shouted. "I
accepted you even though you liked both men and women, and what do I get?
You betrayed me with the first boy and girl that come along."

Tawny glared at Louis. Louis looked at her and suddenly felt frightened. Her
beautiful face had become a mask of rage.

"Tawny, I'm sorry!" he said.

She stared at him. "Get out, you faggot!" she said.

Louis stared. She snatched a lamp and threw it at him. Louis narrowly avoided
it. He saw Tawny rise from the bed and come at him like a fury. He snatched
his clothes from the floor and ran out of the house. He could still hear
Tawny's cries of rage as he left her house.

Louis went home. His parents and brother and sister weren't there. He went
straight to bed and closed his eyes. He didn't want to think about anything.
He could still see Tawny's face in his mind. God, how could a woman change
like that? The beautiful girl he loved turned into a wrathful monster right
before his eyes. She tried to hurt him. He lay in bed and felt tears roll
from his eyes. He didn't have any idea what to do. The next day, when Louis
went to school, he saw Tawny. She acted like he didn't exist. She just walked
around with her girlfriends.

Louis was crestfallen. He was walking around with his head down when he
bumped into someone. Tall, slender and handsome. He looked at Twitty.

"Hey, dude." said Twitty. "What's up?"

Louis's heart beat fast as he looked at Twitty. They went to the school
cafeteria and Louis told Twitty all that had happened. Twitty had been
surprisingly understanding. When Louis was done, he just held him in his
arms. Louis remembered feeling very safe in Twitty's arms. Twitty told
Louis how Ruby had found an acting gig and gone to Los Angeles.

"I am now officially single." said Twitty. "Or half-single since I am in
an LDR."

Louis blinked at him. "What is an LDR?" he asked innocently.

Twitty looked at how cute and innocent Louis looked. "A long distance
relationship." he said. "Come on. We got class."

Over the next few days, Twitty and Louis became inseparable. Twitty took
Louis to the movies and the mall. They hung out and stuff. They went to
the arcade. Just the same stuff they used to. They hung out with their
guy friends. They played soccer and watched football games. They did a lot
of things they used to do before they discovered sex, girls and bisexuality.
The same old stuff they used to do when they were just a couple of young
boys and the world was simple. Before all the horrible complications. Louis
found that he liked Twitty's company. Since his "breakup" with Tawny, he
hadn't felt any desire for any girl or woman. A very beautiful girl
approached him at the mall, once. She introduced herself as Monica.

He found her attractive but she couldn't compete with Twitty. He rebuffed her
attemps at hitting on him and she walked away, discouraged. Louis felt like
he was betraying Twitty somehow when girls talked to him. Twitty was cool.
One time, a pretty redhead named Stephanie approached Twitty and gave him her

Another time, a tall skinhead named Morris also approached Twitty. Alan
Twitty politely rejected both of them. Louis liked him. He was so fine and
confident and masculine. Both men and women were drawn to him. Louis wanted
to be like him. Heck, Louis realized that they were alike. Both were bisexual
males. Louis felt like he'd had enough of girls for awhile. Twitty still
flirted with them from time to time.

One time, Alan Twitty took Louis to his home. Twitty's parents were absent.
Twitt took Louis to the pool. The two young men quietly undressed and got
ready to go skinny-dipping. Twitty threw water at Louis and ran. Louis chased
him around the house. Twitty was a great runner and he was always ahead of
Louis, taunting and teasing until Louis finally tackled him and threw him on
the soft grass. Louis Stevens looked at Alan Twitty.

"I love you." said Twitty.

"I love you too, Twitty." said Louis.

These words were exchanged quietly.

Louis Stevens looked at Twitty. The two boys grinned. They lay against each
other, their bodies covered with sweat. Louis kissed Twitty and pulled him
closer. Twitty kissed him back and started to caress his body. His hands felt
Louis's hard, lean and muscular body. Louis's tongue darted inside Twitty's
mouth and sent little waves of pleasure inside him. They parted and looked at
each other. Twitty had a grin on his face and Louis smiled, knowing what was
about to happen. Louis suddenly threw himself at Twitty and, taking the other
boy by surprise he drove him to the ground.

Louis placed his hard cock against Twitty's puckered asshole. Twitty pushed
back, wanting to experience the feel of Louis's manhood inside him. Louis
slowly entered Twitty, sliding his cock into his best friend's ass. Twitty
grunted when he felt Louis enter him. Louis gasped when he entered Twitty.
He had never felt anything like it. Twitty's ass felt so warm and tight
around his cock. He started to thrust his manhood inside Twitty. He fucked
him, sliding his cock in and out of that tight asshole. Twitty grunted,
trying not to scream as Louis rammed his cock inside him.

Louis's cock was both long and thick. Twitty jacked his own dick off and
pushed back against Louis, wanting to take more of his cock inside him
and proving that he could be a very energetic bottom. He felt Louis's
hard, throbbing manhood going deep inside him and sighed. The feeling was
somewhere between pain and pleasure. He felt rather than heard Louis gasp
behind him and knew what was coming. Louis came, unleashing a flood of
hot cum and sending it deep inside Twitty's ass. Twitty screamed and came
a few seconds later, his cock spurting out hot cum that splashed onto his

Later, Louis and Twitty lay on the grass. Louis felt happy and satisfied.
So did Twitty. Louis looked at Twitty who lay there with his eyes closed.
He looked at the beautiful boy who lay next to him. He had very few lovers
in his life. He'd been with one boy and two girls. He preferred the boy,
apparently. Would it be so bad to be with someone like Twitty for the rest
of his life? He tapped Twitty and the other boy opened his eyes.

"I wish I could be with you more often." said Twitty. Louis grinned. "I have
a plan." Twitty said.

"What?" asked Louis.

Twitty looked at him. There was an odd look on his face. "I'm coming out."
he said.

Louis's jaw was flapping in the breeze. "What?" he asked.

Twitty grinned. "I am coming out of the closet." he said. "Tomorrow."

The next day...

Louis Anthony Stevens went to school. He saw his friends and siblings. He
went to the Student Assembly at the School's auditorium. He was there, along
with hundreds of people when the school teachers and principal began their
speeches. They spoke of giving the drama club students awards for their
latest deeds. Chief among the honorees was Alan Twitty. When he came to the
podium, Louis's heart skipped a beat. He applauded along with everyone else.

"Thank you." said Twitty. "I have been honored by this award. I take this
opportunity to thank my parents, friends and teachers." he said. "I would
also like to take this opportunity to tell you something that I have kept
from you for so long." he said. He took a pause and looked straight ahead.
Louis was perspiring like a white man in the Sahara.

"I am Gay." said Alan Twitty. Louis gasped. He was not the only one to do
so. "Thank you." said Twitty.

He got off the podium. After an initial silence, everyone applauded the young

"Bravo!" said someone.

Louis made himself small in his seat. He didn't believe this shit!!!

After the student assembly was over, the whole school was talking about Alan
Twitty's public Outing. He was so fine and masculine-looking. Many people had
trouble believing that he was gay. Girls were fawning over him. Louis saw
Twitty, surrounded by a lot of people who were asking him questions. Their
eyes met. Twitty smiled. Louis walked away. He walked away quickly, feeling
sad and angry. Why did he did do this? Why did Twitty have to come out?

When Louis got home, he found his family gathered around the dinner table.
His mother Eileen Stevens was reading the newspaper. His father Steve
Stevens was reading his book. His brother Donnie Stevens was checking out
FHM magazine. It was his sister Ren Stevens that brought up the subject
of Alan Twitty coming out at school.

"Twitty's gay?" Eileen asked incredulous.

"As gay as you want, no wait, gayer." said Donnie. Louis listened to his
family talk. He was scared to talk. "I never knew that he was a faggot."
said Donnie.

"Me neither." said Eileen Stevens.

"You think you know someone and then they surprise you." said her husband
Steve Stevens.

Louis felt angry. Yesterday, they thought of Alan Twitty as the cool kid next
door. Now, they thought of him as some nasty homosexual. He couldn't take
their hypocrisy anymore. "ENOUGH!" Louis shouted.

That got everyone's attention. They all turned to look at Louis. Louis's
heart beat in his chest. He summoned the courage to speak. "Twitty is my
friend and I love him." he said. "I don't care if the whole world hates me
for this. I won't stand by and let you ridicule him. He deserves better
than that." He looked at his family defiantly. They stared at him.

"Dude, lighten up." said Donnie Stevens.

"He's just some queer." said Ren.

Louis looked at his sister. He wanted to strike her. "Why are you always
against gays?" he shouted. "Are you a self-loathing closet dyke?" Louis

Ren glared at him.

"Louis, stop this!" said his mother.

"Why do you defend fags?" said Donnie.

"Yeah, that's what I would like to know." said Steve Stevens. "Those gays
and lesbians are unnatural and weird."

Louis summoned the courage to speak. "I support gay people because I might
be one of them." he said.

"WHAT?" shouted his father.

His whole family looked at him like he had two heads. Louis looked at them.
He saw shock, fear and revulsion on their faces. Suddenly, he couldn't take
it anymore. He just took off.

He ran out of the dining room and took off, escaping into the night. Louis
ran and ran. He didn't know where he was going. He was scared. He was lonely.
He couldn't believe that he just told his family his secret. He couldn't
believe it! He took off and ran as fast as he could, not caring where he was
going. He ran until he felt exhausted and stopped on the road. He took refuge
under a tree to shield himself from the rain. He almost didn't feel it when
lightning struck the tree he was hiding under and a large tree branch fell on
him. Louis felt the impact, and then all went blank. He welcomed blissful


Louis Anthony Stevens woke up slowly and painfully. He was... somewhere. The
young man lay on a hospital bed. He looked around and saw that he was in a
sterile white room. There were people around him. He recognized his family.
Steve and Eileen Stevens and their children Donnie and Ren. He smiled. How
perfect they looked... he was the flawed one. Always the joker and the
prankster, the class clown and the guy who could barely pass his classes.
And now, he was the tragic bisexual lying in a hospital bed...

"What happened?" he asked.

The doctor told him that he was struck by a tree branch that fell from a tree
struck by lightning. "You're lucky to be alive, young man." said the doctor,
a tall man with red hair. "You're gonna be with us for a few days."

The doctor excused himself and left him with his family. Louis fully
expected them to curse him for being gay or bisexual or whatever. He was
quite surprised by how nice they were.

"We understand that you've been through a lot, son." said Steve Stevens.

"You were shocked by Twitty's revelation." said Eileen Stevens.

"You projected him onto yourself." said Ren. She was so sure of herself, his
older sister.

"You started to think that you were a homo because you felt loyalty to your
homosexual friend." said Donnie.

Louis threw his head back and laughed. They stared at him. He looked at them.
They were all so sure of themselves. His picture perfect family. He glared at
them. "Get it through your heads, I am bisexual. I've been with both men and
women, and I liked it."

His father winced. His mother covered her ears.

"Louis, stop it." said Ren.

"Quit the homo shit." said Donnie.

"Never." said Louis. "This is what I am."

They looked at him, shocked. His mother looked at him. "This is not going
away, it it?" she asked.

"No." said Louis.

His father shook his head. "Why can't you be normal, son?" he asked.

"No way." said Louis.

"What about Tawny?" said Ren.

Louis looked somber.

"Yeah, bro." said Donnie. "She loves you and you know it."

Louis looked away. He didn't want to think about how he felt when he came
out to his beloved ex-girlfriend Tawny Dean. She had changed into something
he didn't know she was. A hate-filled monster that tried to harm him. He
felt both pity and anger toward her. Pity because he felt bad that his
second coming out hadn't gone too well. Anger because she tried to hurt him.
What in hell gave women the right to hurt men when they were angry? Men
didn't hurt women when they were angry. Louis found the double standard ugly
and unfair. He didn't want to think about her anymore.

"We are sending you to a very good shrink." said Steve Stevens. He looked at
his wife. "He'll become our little boy again."

Ren and Donnie looked at Louis.

"The doctor is gonna make you all better, bro." said Donnie.

"You're gonna be normal again." said Ren.

Louis looked at them. "Get out!" he said. "Nurse, get these people out of my

After they left, Louis fell asleep. He had dreams. He dreamed first of Tawny.
They were on the beach and made love. Then, Tawny went into the water and
turned into a horrible monster that tried to swallow him whole. Louis ran
from the monster. He ran into the arms of a tall, handsome and heroic-looking
youth. He found himself looking into the face of Twitty. When Louis looked
back, Tawny was standing there. Once more she was in human form. A beautiful
girl whose eyes sparkled with love for her man. He found himself drawn to her
but knew that no matter how great she looked, something evil lurked beneath
the surface. He ignored her and instead looked at Twitty. He felt safe...
safe at all.

The End


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