Even Stevens: Cupid's Gamble (mff,inc,mc,magic)
by Hamster

Bob the Cupid was sweating bullets. He was facing off against a mortal in a
game of Turkey Bowling with very high stakes. His duty was to hit people with
love-arrows and to make them have sex with one another. Why? To amuse the
gods, mostly Venus. But Venus had given him a vacation which he used to visit
his old friend Louis Stevens. Unfortunately after a round of games to see who
was better at just about everything (Magic The Gathering, X-Men vs. Street
Fighter, Checkers, Candyland, etc.) Louis and Bob finished in a tie. They had
laid some serious bets down for the tie-breaking Turkey Bowling match.

Louis smiled confidently at Bob as he lined up his shot. Bob was pouring down
sweat. Please split, please split he thought as Louis’s turkey slid across
the Basement floor. The soda bottles toppled every which way leaving Louis
with a game winning strike.

“HA That’s it I win, I win.” Louis said as he did the dance of victory.

“All right, all right.” Bob said sullenly. “Quit your gloating.”

“You know the deal.” Louis said.

“I could get in trouble…”

“No backing out cupid, a deal is a deal.”



Tawny and Ren entered the basement not knowing what to expect.

“All right, Louis what do you want to see us for...OUCH!” Ren was cut short
as she then Tawny was plugged by a love-arrow. “Oh shit Louis I want you
bad.” Ren said as she approached him.

Tawny caught Ren’s shoulder and spun her around to face her.

“Oh no you don’t slut.” Tawny said forcefully. “He’s MINE.”

“Ladies, please. We should all share. Now kiss and make-up” Louis said.

“You’re right Louis.” Ren said.

“Yes.” Tawny agreed. “Sorry Ren.”

“It’s OK Tawny.” Ren said as she leaned in towards the other girl.

Ren and Tawny’s tongues entwined as they fondled each other’s small breasts.
They fell on the sofa and continued to kiss passionately and feel the curves
of each other’s bodies. The desired effect was achieved as Louis began to
sport wood. Ren got up and walked over to her brother. She leaned forward and
kissed him hard on the lips. Louis pulled his sister’s shirt off to expose
her small but firm round breasts. He broke off from kissing Ren to lean down
and suck on her erect nipples. Ren moaned as she rubbed her aching breasts
over her brother’s face.

Tawny peeled the leather pants she wore off her body then pulled off her
panties and shirt before moving over to the embracing brother and sister. She
plunged her tongue into Ren’s mouth and fondled Ren’s tongue with her own.
They kissed for a moment longer before Tawny broke away and bent down to her
knees. She reached both hands forward and caressed both Ren and Louis’s
crotches. She pulled Louis’s hardened cock from his shorts and bent over
licking at the head, before engulfing his cock into her mouth. Louis moaned
as the girl bobbed up and down his cock. He reached a free hand down and ran
it through Tawny’s long dark hair. He continued to suck on his sister’s
breasts covering them in his saliva, as Tawny slurped on his cock.

He pulled away from his sister and pulled his cock out of Tawny’s mouth. He
pulled down his sister’s pants and her panties and then removed all of his
clothes. He pushed Ren down onto the floor, positioning his cock at her
entrance. He rubbed the tip in his sister’s moist folds. Ren moaned at the
feeling of her brother’s hard cock. Tawny bent down and straddled Ren’s face.
Ren reached out with her tongue and licked her brother’s friend’s cunt. Tawny
moaned and ground her crotch into Ren’s face. Ren pushed her tongue farther
into Tawny’s slit, drinking all of the vaginal fluids that leaked out. Ren
thrust her tongue harder into Tawny’s snatch, pumping it in and out bringing
Tawny to a powerful orgasm. Tawny moaned loudly as her juices sprayed into
Ren’s mouth, where Ren swallowed them.

While this happened Louis pushed himself into his sister, causing her to
cry out into Tawny’s pussy. Louis pumped himself into his sister, loving the
feeling of her vaginal walls as they clamped against the sides of his cock.
It wasn’t long until Louis reached an orgasm of his own and pulled out,
spraying his sticky, white cum over his sister’s firm breasts and smooth
stomach. Ren wiped some of the cum onto her fingers, bringing them to her
mouth to suck her brother’s cream from them. Tawny bent over her friend
licking the rest of Louis’s cream from her breasts and stomach.

Tawny embraced her friend pressing her lips to Ren's. Ren pressed her tongue
into Tawny's mouth swirling it around Tawny's tongue to share Louis’s cum.
Tawny moaned into her friend's mouth, rubbing her hands over Ren's firm tits.
Tawny pinched and pulled at Ren's erect nipples making Ren release squeals of
pleasure. Ren ran her hands down Tawny's stomach to her bush of pubic hair.
Ren rubbed her hands over her friends slit, pressing two fingers inside.
Tawny began to suck on Ren's tits. Tawny licked around her friend's smooth
tits taking the nipple into her mouth, sucking hard. Ren pressed her hands
against the back of Tawny's head holding her to her breast.

Ren and Tawny separated, Ren kissing her brother on the mouth, Tawny grasping
Louis's once-again erect cock, pumping her fist back and forth. Louis pressed
his hand into his sister's snatch thrusting his fingers in and out. Tawny
began moving down Louis's body. Tawny took Louis's cock into her mouth,
sucking on his pole. Ren crawled over to her brother, sucking on the head of
her brother's erect pole. Tawny straddled Louis's face rubbing her wet pussy
against his lips. Louis licked up Tawny's slit, tasting her sweet juices.
Tawny moaned loudly, humping against Louis's face. Ren bobbed her head over
her brother's member, sucking his cock deep into her throat. Louis moaned
into Tawny's snatch as Ren licked over Louis's cockhead. Louis groaned, his
cum shooting into his sister's throat.

Tawny pressed her cunt harder against Louis's face, prompting him to lick and
suck harder on her labia. Tawny screamed in orgasm her juices spraying over
Louis's face. Louis swallowed all the juices that he could. He laid back and
watched Tawny crawl over to his sister and lick at her labia. Tawny sucked
hard on Ren's clit, juices spraying over the floor from Ren's orgasm. Louis
smiled as Tawny and Ren cuddled up to him and went to sleep.
_ _ _

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