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mentioned in this story are completely made up. Any likeness to the
characters in this work and real life people is completely a coincidence. Do
not read if you are under the age to view sexually explicit fiction. Other
than that enjoy!!!

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Even Stevens: Ren As A Wombat
by Skibbiez ([email protected])

Ren sat patiently awaiting her chance to speak to Principal Wexler.

"It shouldn't be too much longer" the aging secretary said from behind her

Ren just smiled back at the lady flashing her pearly white teeth. Ren got a
notice earlier in the week saying the she would be unable to be valedictorian
of the eight grade graduation because of her lack in extra-curricular
activities. Ren was going over her list of achievements at Lawrence Junior
High School in her head as she noticed the door to Mr. Wexler's office open.
The large black man proceeded to exit the room smiling down on Ren.

"Hi Ren," He said cheerfully, "How are ya?" He asked as Ren stood up and
proceeded to lead Mr. Wexler into his office.

"I'm ok Mr. Wexler, but I got this notice the other day and..." Ren began as
she was stopped by Mr. Wexler.

"Let me stop you right there Ren," he said taking a seat behind his oversized
desk. "It's not that you haven't done enough extra-curricular activities," he
said as he pulled Ren's file from his desk.

"Then what is it?" She asked curiously as she sat in the chair facing his

"Well Ren, quite frankly you haven't joined any sports." He said leaning back
admiring the young beauty.

"Sports?" Ren said, "What do sports have to do with anything?" She again
asked. "I have the highest GPA in all of LJHS, and I have been on the Dean's
List every year." She said trying not to be too conceited.

"That's true and we looked heavily into that, but you see Larry Beale has led
us to a state title in basketball, and football!" Mr. Wexler said excited.
Ren just rolled her eyes as she peered back at the man. "But," He began, "We
haven't counted you out yet." He said once again thumbing through her file.
"If you were to join a sports team before graduation, that may just give you
the added edge needed to put you over Larry in the race for valedictorian" He
said staring at her with his large brown eyes.

Ren smiled at her overweight principal, "Great!" She said in an excited
voice, "What are my choices?" She asked.

"Sharon," he said pushing down on the intercom button, "Please send Coach
Tugnut in." He added smiling over at Ren. "Let's find out what's available."
He said as the door slowly opened and in walked Coach Tugnut.

"What do you need now Conrad?" Coach Tugnut asked as he took a seat beside
Ren. His beady eyes immediately focused on Ren's long tan legs until they met
her shorts.

"Well Coach, Ren here would like to join a sports team." He said pointing
over to the young brunette.

"Well she certainly has the body for sports, he said half-jokingly, "but
there just aint much an opening," he said standing up. "Now if you'll excuse
me I have to finish eating my Danish biscuit." He said beginning to walk
towards the door.

"There's nothing I could do Coach?" Ren said looking up at the coach. "I'm
desperate here!" She added.

Coach Tugnut thought for a few minutes to himself, mostly thoughts of Ren in
seductive clothing, when it came to him. "Alright Stevens, you got it!" He
began, "I can fit ya on the wrestling team, come by the gym today at 4." He
said. "Now! I have a Danish biscuit that is just calling my name." He said
walking out of the office.

"There Ren, you're officially a wrestler!" Principal Wexler said. Ren just
looked over at the principal with a concerned look on her face. "You better
get going," He said, "It's already 3:30." He finished as he stood up waving
his meaty hand towards the door. Ren stood up, straightened out her skirt,
and made her way out the door.

As soon as she got to the hall she opened her cell phone and dialed a number.
"Hello?" The voice on the other end answered.

"Well it's official," Ren said, "I'm a wrestler!" She again stated in
somewhat a downed voice.

"A WHAT!" The sweet voice replied.

"Principal Wexler told me that in order to be valedictorian, I had to pick up
a sport and wrestling was all that was available." Ren said as she hastily
paced down the hall.

"You can't be a wrestler!" Her friend replied.

"Look Ruby, I have too!" Ren said, "My whole life depends on it," she added.

"Yeah, but..." Ruby tried to intervene.

"It means the world to me to be valedictorian." Ren finished.

"Whatever you say Ren, but just be careful." Ruby said in a caring voice.

"Thanks Ruby," Ren said smiling as she approached the gym. "Look, I'm here
now, I'll call ya after the practice." Ren said as the two hung up. Ren took
a deep breath and walked in the gym.

As she opened the gym door she noticed the blue and gray mat in the center of
the floor, but no one was in the gym. She looked down at her watch and saw
that it was 5 minutes until 4. "Coach Tugnut?" She gently called out. "Are
you in here?" She said as she walked onto the mat. She looked around the
empty gym and wondered if Tugnut had forgotten. "Hello!" She shouted out
still to no response. "Alrighty then." She said as she turned and walked back
towards the door.

As soon as she reached the door she heard a voice. "That what you plan on
wrestling in?"

Shocked, Ren turned to see who said it. Much to her surprise Coach Tugnut
was sitting in a chair behind his desk. "Oh Coach," She said regaining her
composure, "Where were you?" She asked.

"Don't worry about that," he said as he stood, "Are you ready to begin?" He
asked as he walked over to the beautiful young girl standing before him.

"Well I actually don't have any other clothes to practice in," Ren said
crossing her arms in front of her. "I just figured I'd watch the practice
today, and come ready tomorrow." She said in a nervous voice as she stared
back at her coach who was just gazing up her tall body.

"Well that's going to be a problem because we don't have a practice today
Ren!" He said. "So I guess you'll just have to wear what you have on." He
said as he led his eyes up her young body starting at her long slender legs.
He continued roaming up her tight lower body reaching her short white cotton
mini skirt that ended at her mid-thighs. He continued up her firm body
roaming over her tight stomach and her small developing breasts that were
only covered by a low-cut black spaghetti strap shirt. Her long black hair
was perfectly draped over each side of her beautiful face almost portraying
it as if it was a painting.

"So... You want me to just come back tomorrow?" Ren said causing Coach Tugnut
to snap out of his journey around Ren's body with his eyes.

"Well, I guess you can, but I can't guarantee that Larry won't get your
spot." He said in a cunning voice.

"WHAT!?" Ren exclaimed.

"You see, Ren, I was talking to Larry right before you got in here, and he
was interested in a spot on the wrestling team as well." Coach Tugnut said
placing his hands on his hips, "But, I did tell him you had first dibs on
the last spot." He finished. "So if you have to wait till tomorrow, I think
it would only be fair that I went and got Larry for the spot." He finished,
"You understand right?" He continued smiling over at his defeated beauty.

"Fine!" Ren exclaimed, "I'll practice in what I have on!" She said angrily.

"Well that's team spirit!" Coach Tugnut said as he walked back to his desk,
"You might want to take them heels off before stepping on the mat, though."
He said as he leaned back on the desk. Ren bent down flashing a slight bit
of her small cleavage in Coach Tugnut's direction. Coach Tugnut had always
had a thing for Ren and the sight before him was almost more than he could
take. He felt his cock begin to stiffen as she finished removing her black
high heels. She tossed them to the side of the mat, and she slowly walked
towards the coach stopping right in front of him.

"Ok, I'm ready." She said with her hands on her hips. It took all ounce of
self restraint that Coach Tugnut had not to tackle her right there and have
his way with his unsuspecting beauty, but he knew he had to wait.

"We better begin with some stretches, so you don't pull anything" He said as
he walked behind his desk knowing that his hard on would be perfectly visible
through his tight green shorts. Ren let out a sigh as she awaited her coach's
orders. "Lets start out by stretching them long legs of yours," He said
gazing up and down the young girls body. "Stretch your legs apart as far as
you can and then reach down to the right for six seconds, middle for six
seconds, and the left for six seconds." He said waiting patiently with

Ren began, and as she stretched her legs out further to her sides her short
skirt began riding its way up her long slender legs exposing more and more of
herself to the coach. As she got to her stopping point she attempted to pull
the skirt back down, but to no avail. She decided that she would just have to
take the stares that the coach was giving her and just do it or she would
lose the spot to Larry, and undoubtedly lose valedictorian.

Coach Tugnut's eyes were focused on her beautiful tan legs as she began to
lean down to her right. As she leaned further she exposed more of her
beautiful small cleavage to the coach much to his delight. She made it
through the first set of stretches as she noticed Coach Tugnut stand up. He
didn't even try to conceal his rock hard cock as he walked to the front of
his desk. "Again!" He commanded standing in front of the young girl.

Ren stretched her legs out once again and began stretching to her right.
Coach Tugnut began to slowly walk around the young girl making his way to
her backside. His eyes were focused on her perfectly round ass that was
protruding high into the air as she began to lean down to the middle. She
placed both her hands on the floor, and Coach Tugnut placed his large hand
on her lower back forcing her down further. As he did this her skirt rode up
just a bit further giving him a slight view of her uncovered ass cheeks. It
was obvious to him now that she was only wearing a thong underneath that
skirt, and this site only made Coach that much harder. Ren finally finished
all three of her sets, and stood in front of her coach, awaiting her next

"Let's start out with 25 jumping jacks!" He said slowly walking back in front
of the young girl.

Ren knew exactly what would happen if she did jumping jacks in her skirt "I
can't do them in a skirt Coach Tugnut!" She attempted to plea.

"Oh I see..." He said placing his hand underneath his chin as if to be
thinking of an alternative, "Well, I guess we'll have to end the practice for
today because there are other exercises and a scrimmage I had planned that
you obviously won't want to partake in." He said smugly.

"But I'll still be on the team right?" Ren asked in a concerned voice knowing
her valedictorian hung in the balance.

"Sure," he said swiftly, "as long as Larry don't need on." He finished
looking over at Ren. He knew he had her where he wanted. Ren knew it too;
however she didn't want to expose herself to the creepy old man.

"Fine Coach Tugnut, I'll do whatever you want." She said giving herself up.

The words rang out like an angel's song. "Ok, Great!" He said, "Let's get to
those jumping jacks!" He said again backing himself up. Right on cue, as soon
as she jumped the first time her skirt flew up exposing her beautiful upper
thighs, and most importantly her red laced thong panties. Ren's face turned
as red as her panties as she watched Coach Tugnut check her out. His eyes
began to shift from her most private region to her small, but yet developing,
bouncing breasts.

As she approached ten jumping jacks she noticed Coach Tugnut once again
moving behind her. She knew exactly what he was doing, but could do nothing
but go along with it. When Coach Tugnut stopped behind her his eyes focused
on her sweet, teenage ass as her skirt continued to bounce up and down with
every jump. When she finished she adjusted her skirt trying to pull it down
as far as it would go.

"Ok Stevens," he said pacing himself back in front of exhausted young girl.
Ren bent over placing her hands on her knees as she gasped for air. "We're
going to scrimmage now to see what you got on the mat." He said walking
towards the middle of the mat.

"You want me to wrestle you?" Ren said as she turned around gazing over at
the aging coach.

"That's right!" He said, "I want to see if you have what it takes to be a
Wombat!" He said staring back at her.

Ren just shook her head and walked over to the center of the mat facing Coach

"First you will put your right foot on this line," He said as he bent down
and wrapped his dry scaly hand on Ren's smooth warm ankle, and he positioned
it on the line. "Now slightly bend your knees," he said sliding his dry hands
up her smooth legs until he reached her knee slightly bending it to the
position he preferred. Before standing up he once again treated himself to
the view up her short skirt checking out her perfect ass once more. "There,
that is a perfect stance." He said as he took his position in front of her.

Ren smiled at him as she thought about yet another thing that she was perfect

"We're going to start with the basic one leg takedown" he said as he readied
himself. "Ready?" He said not waiting for an answer. He shot down and grabbed
her nearest leg bringing it close to him knocking her backwards to the mat.
As soon as she fell her skirt was forced up to her belly exposing her entire
lower body to the coach. He was in a complete shock until Ren began to force
it down. "And that's your basic one legged takedown." He said as he made his
way back to his feet extending his arm in order to assist the beautiful young
girl up.

Ren was feeling a bit intimidated now that her entire lower body has just
been exposed to her gym teacher, but she tried to put it in the back of her
mind as she set herself up once again on the line.

"We're going to do it once more, but this time as soon as you fall to the
ground I want you to roll over on your stomach." He said right before
shooting in grabbing her closest leg once again sending her to the mat.
Almost on cue her skirt flew up once again, but this time Ren didn't even
notice it she just turned over to her stomach forcing her ample ass into
Coach Tugnut's eyesight. He wanted to stare for as long as he could, but he
knew that she would notice so he quickly laid on her back. He could feel her
exposed ass under his cock as the pressure of his body continued to force it
deeper into her. The feeling was incredible, and even more so when Ren began
to attempt to break free of her coach.

After just a few moments he slowly slid off of her allowing her to stand back
up. "That was good." He said leading her over to the lines in the middle of
the mat. "This time you shoot in on me," He said placing his foot on the
line. "I'm going to show you now what to do when someone shoots in on you."
He said as he checked out Ren's long athletic legs as she placed her foot on
the line.

Within seconds Ren shot in and reached out for Coach Tugnut's thick hairy
leg. Instantly he sprawled out flattening her to the mat once again before he
spun around and once again laid directly on top of her. His throbbing cock
once again trying to protrude into her skirt covered ass. "Once you're on top
you have to maintain control and to do that you must secure your opponents
wrists." He said as he slid his grimy hands underneath the petite girl's body
searching for her wrists.

What he found was her small developing breasts. The feeling of her soft
mounds of flesh nearly made his cock explode. He gave the two underdeveloped
breasts a slight squeeze before finally returning to the task at hand. Ren
began to struggle more and more after the feeling of her coach molest her
breasts causing his cock to drive itself further into her. Finally, Coach
Tugnut gripped both her wrists in one hand, and pulled them out from under
her until they were directly above her head.

His other hand was still under her perfect breasts as he still had one cupped
inside his large hand. "Once you have control of your opponent's wrists," he
said as he gave another firm squeeze on her breast, "You have control of your
opponent!" He said in a devious voice.

Ren knew now more than ever what she had gotten herself into. "Ok Coach," She
tried to say, "I get it, can you let me up now?" She again tried to plea as
she felt his large rod prying into her tender ass.

"You don't 'let' your opponents up!" He said as he removed his hand from
under her still holding tightly to her wrists. "You have to break free!" He

Ren couldn't believe what was happening to her. She had her middle aged coach
on top of her with his large cock trying to break into her ass, and there was
nothing she was able to do about it. She attempted to wiggle her wrists free,
but his grip was too much.

"You gotta try harder than that," he said laughing, "Maybe this will help!"
He said as he began sliding his free hand up her smooth legs.

Ren bucked around like an angry bull, but she couldn't free herself. Coach
Tugnut continued sliding his hand up reaching the brim of her skirt. "COACH!"
She cried out.

The plea fell on deaf ears as he just entered her sacred area and he began
to softly massage her soft plump ass cheeks. Ren let out another cry as she
continued to try and break free with no avail. He was just too heavy and like
he said, he controlled her by holding onto her wrists. "Coach! You can't do
this!" She again attempted to plea.

"Ren, didn't you say you would do anything to get on this team?" He said as
he ran his fingers down her smooth crack.

"I know but..." she said.

"If you want to be valedictorian than I suggest you try harder to impress
me!" He said in a stern voice.

"You can't do this!" She cried burying her face into the mat.

Coach Tugnut just ignored her as he began to slide his grimy hand around her
slender side causing Ren to once again attempt to buck like a wild boar.
Somehow Coach Tugnut lost his balance and slid off of her. Immediately she
stood up and faced the dirty old man that lay on the mat. "Very impressive
Ren!" He said as he stood up.

Ren was hunched over obviously it took everything she had to get him off of
her. She just looked up at him with a disgusted look on her face.

"Line back up!" He said firmly.

Ren couldn't believe what he was asking. "I need a break!" She said as she
stood placing her hands on her hips.

"One more run and you'll be done for the day!" He said as he walked over to
her placing his hand on her lower back forcing her back over to the center of
the mat.

"Fine!" She said placing her foot back on the line.

"Ready?" He said.

"I guess." She said hesitantly.

As soon as she got the words out Coach Tugnut shot in and grabbed her
muscular upper thighs with both of his hands and forced his way on top of
her. Ren tried to roll to her stomach, but he held her down and forced her
on her back. Within seconds he had his legs entwined with hers preventing
her of any movement. Coach Tugnut had positioned himself directly on top
of Ren with his raging hard-on trying to pry itself into her cunt.

"Ok! You win!" She cried out.

"We will stay like this until you get out of it!" He said as he forced
himself down harder on the young girl.

"I can't!!" She cried out as she continued to sit up pushing herself more
into his cock.

"Let me help!" he said as he slid his hand on her stomach intruding
underneath her shirt. He continued to slide his large hand up her body until
she grabbed his wrist with hers. Coach Tugnut took his free hand and pried
hers away. His hand continued up her silky smooth stomach until it reached
the cloth material that made up her bra. He looked down in her tear-filled
eyes as he gripped the small bra covered breast in his hand gently squeezing
the small mound. "This is helping your chances of getting on my team." He
said as he squeezed her breasts a bit harder.

Ren now knew what was expected of her as she abandoned all hope of escape and
lay motionless while he continued to molest her.

"Well let's just see what we have under here!" He said removing his hand from
her breast and slowly leaning up.

"Please... Don't..." She said softly as the coach gripped the bottom of her
tight shirt and began to pull it up. Ren tried to resist, but he just paused
and pulled her hands back before continuing the journey.

Finally, he had it up to her neck and her two perfectly round small
bra-covered breasts were exposed. After staring for a bit, he took his hands
and continued to once again abuse her tiny tits. Ren lay motionless knowing
that all she ever worked for came down to this. Within seconds he had gripped
her lace bra and pulled the thin material up and over her breasts exposing to
him the two most perfect breasts he had ever seen. They appeared to be as
round as oranges with small dime sized nipples that were fully erect from all
the unfamiliar attention. Coach Tugnut once again slid down Ren's long body
placing his dry lips directly on her nipple.

Ren couldn't believe it. She tried to maneuver herself, but all his weight
was pressing down on her. She felt his large cock probing into her pussy and
his large lips sucking on her tiny nipples. He slowly slid his hand down her
slim body once again reaching her skirt. This time without hesitation he
entered her forbidden area and began rubbing her moist cunt through her
panties. Ren once again couldn't believe what was happening, but more
importantly she couldn't believe how good it felt. He continued to suck on
her nipples alternating between the two as he vigorously stroked her pussy
up and down before he slid her panties to the side and attacked her bare
virgin pussy.

He removed his other hand from her breasts and slid it to down her slender
body until he reached his shorts. He quickly slid the thin material down his
legs exposing for the first time his large 8in cock.

Ren's eyes grew to the size of golf balls as she felt his bare cock on her.
"Coach..." She said softly, "I'm still a virgin!" She said trying once again
to struggle and break free.

"Don't worry sweetie, we'll trade that for a spot on the team." He said as he
slid large rod into her tight hole. Ren let out a loud moan as the giant cock
entered her. Coach Tugnut slid up forcing it down further and placed his lips
onto Ren's. Ren once again was shocked. He slid his tongue around her lips
trying to pry the doors open. He thrust once more causing Ren's mouth to open
allowing his tongue in. He swirled his tongue around her mouth as he probed
his cock in and out of her virgin slit. His hand ruthlessly tore at her small
breasts all while he pounded himself deeper into the young girl's body.

As soon as he lifted his lips from hers she let out a loud screech of
pleasure. He knew that she was about to climax so he intensified his thrusts
and went back to sucking and biting on her small erect nipples. Ren ran her
hands through her long brown hair as if to almost enjoy what was going on.
Coach Tugnut smiled down once again kissing her on the lips.

This time, however, her mouth opened almost inviting his tongue back in. They
entangled in a passionate kiss until she finally climaxed. She let out a loud
continuous moan, and her entire body shuttered with excitement. He felt her
warm juices flow from her pussy as he slowly removed his cock from her
leaving a trail of semen on her skirt. He once again straddled the young girl
and allowed his cock to rest on her stomach giving her a perfect view of the
massive rod that was just inside her. He leaned down and gave her a long
passionate kiss once more before rising from her and pulling his shorts back

Ren sat up on the mat and pulled her bra and shirt back down much to the
disappointment of her coach. She was very disappointed in her actions, but
knew that she had no other option if she wanted to be valedictorian.

"You can't tell anyone about what went on today if you really want to be
valedictorian." He said gazing over at the young beauty.

"Don't worry..." She said staring back, "I need that more than anything in
this world!" She added.

"Well good," he said as he slowly walked over to her. "Then I guess you're
the newest member of the Lawrence Junior High Wombats!" He said placing his
large arm around the petite girl once again gripping her small breast in his

The End!!!

Remember this is a fiction and everything that took place in this story was
completely made up to entertain my fellow perverts and myself. Send all your
questions, comments, suggestions, requests to [email protected] Let me know
what you think. I hope you enjoyed this and I hope that it has inspired you
to go out on your own and make a story that meets your pleasure. Like they
always say, nobody knows your fantasy like you. =)


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