Setting: Ren Stevens an A+ student who has never failed at anything in her
life, recently lost her Beloved Boyfriend Bobby after he cheated on her.
Ren didn't know why they broke up they had sex 5 or 6 times and she gave
him everything she wanted, she just didn't know. So one day at lunch Ren
Stevens was sitting and her friend Ruby came over to talked to her.

Even Stevens: Ren Gets Anal Part 1 (mf,anal)
by Roaddogg5555 ([email protected])

Ruby: Hey Ren you seem kinda of depressed.

Ren: Yeah I miss Bobby.

Ruby: Ren its been a month move on with your life he wasn't that great

Ren: I don't know, what if I can't do better.

Ruby: Ohh you can do better.

Ren: We had sex but he still wouldn't stay with me. What does that tell you?

Ruby: Well, maybe he was looking for more than sex.

Ren: More? What do you mean? Sexually?

Ruby: Yeah!

Ren: Like what?

Ruby: Anal Sex, for some reason guys love that. It's like a goal for all
guys. I've done it a couple of times.

Ren: I heard it hurts.

Ruby: Nah, its kind of feels good.

Ren: Well, it's too late now. Bobby is gone.

Ruby: Yeah, well, find some new cock. I mean there is plenty around here.

Ren and Ruby look around and see Ren's brother.

Ruby: How about Louis?

Ren: He's my brother, shut up!

Ruby (laughing): I was just kidding!

They keep looking and see Nelson.

Ruby: What about Nelson? Do you want some chocolate?

Ren: God, no! I'd rather have Louis. Nelson is too sick all the time.

They good back to looking and see Arty the guy who plays bass for Louis and
Twitty's band.

Ruby: What about Arty?

Ren: Damn, when he can look down and see his dick we can talk. Damn.

Ruby: Picky, Picky, Ren.

Ren: Well the guys are sad, that you picked.

Ren then catches Louis's friend Twitty, who isn't too bad looking.

Ren: umm, maybe we should try and get Twitty. He is hot.

Ruby: Yeah! Ok, let me talk to him and get you some.

Ren: Ok, but don't make me sound like slut.

Ruby gets up and says.

Ruby: Don't worry Ren I got ya back.

* * *

Later that day Ruby was walking around and found Twitty and walked up to him.

Ruby: Hey what's up?

Twitty: Nothing, just chilling.

Ruby: Hey, well, Twitty, I got a question for ya.

Twitty: Ok, shoot.

Ruby: Are you single and if you are, looking?

Twitty: No, I'm single and if the right girl comes along I could go for it.

Ruby: Really because I know a really hot girl who is looking for someone just
like you.

Twitty thinks Ruby is talking about herself.

Ruby: She wants to get some and is really looking for some nice looking guys.

Twitty gets closer to Ruby.

Twitty: Oh really? Well, if the girl wants me maybe he will receive.

Ruby starts to realize that Twitty isn't talking about Ren anymore and is
talking about her. Ruby really like the way Twitty is looking at her though.

Ruby: Well, maybe we should take a shot at this girl, Alan.

Twitty: Well maybe I should do this...

Twitty leans forward and kissed Ruby straight on the lips. Ruby starts to
kiss him back and moves her hands up his back. Twitty starts to move down
and suck on her neck while lifting up Ruby's shirt. Ruby reached back and
unsnapped her white bra and lets it fall to the floor showing off her small
B breast. Twitty starts to move down to her tits and suck on Ruby's nipples.
Ruby moves back against the wall as Twitty plays with her breast. Twitty
then reaches down and unzipped his Jeans and moved out his throbbing 8 inch

Ruby: Wow, Twitty you so fucking big!

Twitty: hehe, thanks!

Ruby gets on her knees and starts to stroke his cock and then starts to lick
the tip of Twitty's cock.

Twitty: Ohh yeah Ruby! Suck my dick you little slut!

Ruby then starts to bob her head up and down on his dick, she starts to do it
faster and faster. Ruby looks up as she does it and sees Twitty, with a look
of amazement on her face. Then she deep throats 6 inches of the 8 inch cock.

Twitty: Fffffffffffffffuck!!!

Ruby then takes the cock out of her mouth and unbuttons her jeans and starts
to pull them down exposing her round ass covered by a white thong. Twitty
then comes over and slides down and starts to rub Ruby's ass.

Ruby: Oh yeah spank my ass I've been a really bad girl!

Twitty then takes his hand and slams it against Ruby's ass.

Ruby: Ouch, I want you to fuck it Twitty fuck it hard!

Twitty then takes his cock and slides all 8 inches deep inside Ruby's ass.


Ruby never having an 8 inch cock before didn't want to get hurt.

Twitty slowly started to fuck Ruby's ass, but wanted to speed up so he
started to go faster.

Ruby: FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK! Come on fuck me harder you pussy!

Ruby's words did nothing but make Twitty go faster. As Twitty fucks her ass,
he starts to spank it as well.

Ruby: OHHHH MY God fuck me, fuck me!

Twitty soon couldn't take it anymore and blew his cum in Ruby's ass.

Ruby: Ohhh My god! You were fucking great!

Twitty (pulled out): Yeah, I thought I was. You weren't bad youself.

They both got dressed and kissed each other good bye but what they didn't
realize was that Twitty's friend Tawny saw them fucking the whole time.

Later that day Tawny went to the Stevens house hold and told Ren what she
saw, Ren was crushed.

Ren: Damn! First Bobby cheats on me now; Ruby takes my other guy what is

Tawny: I'm sorry Ren.

Louis Walks in.

THE END OF PART 1 too be continued...


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