Even Stevens: Ren Gets Anal Part 2 (mf,inc,oral,anal)
by Roaddogg5555 ([email protected])

Setting: Ren just finds out Ruby screwed over and she had sex with the guy
she was going for and is talking to Tawny when her brother Louis comes in.

Ren: I don't know what I can do now Tawny.

Louis: Do what?

Ren: Nothing its really none of your business.

Louis: Ren your talking to my friend. I think its some of my business.

Tawny: Louis, Ruby fucked the guy Ren was going after and she is upset.

Louis: ohh that sucks. Sorry, Ren. Is there anything I can do?

Ren: Yeah, but not right now. I'll talk to you later tonight.

Louis: Oh, ok. Later.

Louis leaves the room and Tawny leaves with him.

* * *

Later that night Louis came back over to Ren's room and knocks.

Ren: Come in.

Louis walks in.

Louis: Yo Ren so what do you need.

Ren: Well, Louis, I need you to do something for me.

Louis: Ok, what is it?

Ren: Well, come sit on the bed and lets talk.

Louis goes and sits next to Ren and Ren puts her arm around her brother.

Louis: umm, what are you doing?

Ren smiles and puts her hand on Louis' knee, and starts to move her hand up
Louis's inner thigh. Louis voice cracks.

Louis: uhhhh, Ren what are you doing.

Ren: This!

Ren grabs a hand full of her brother's limp dick, feeling it get harder in
her hand.

Louis: Ren, are you sure?

Ren then shoves her tounge deep inside of Louis' mouth. Louis is stunned but
kissed her back. Ren unzipped Louis' jeans and pulled out his hard 6 inch
dick. Ren gets off the bed and on her knees and starts to stroke Louis' dick
and then slides it in her mouth. With her head bobbing up and down on Louis'
penis, Louis starts to feel Ren's small but good breasts through her shit.
Ren took her mouth off and smiled at Louis. She lifted her shirt showing off
her white bra. Louis then unsnaps Ren's bra and pull it down to see her tits.
Louis then takes Ren's right breast and starts to lick the nipple. Ren moans
as her little brother flicks her nipple with her tounge. Louis then reaches
down with his hand and pulls down rens pants revealing a nice little white
thong. Ren pushes Louis a way and slowly pulls down her thong showing Louis
her nice trimed pubic hair and pussy.

She lays down on the bed and Louis flicks his tounge over her cunt and Ren
moans, as he feels her little brothers tounge touching her pussy for the
first time. Louis then moves a finger in as he still licks her cunt.

Ren: ohhhhhh Louis!

Louis starts to finger her harder and harder as Ren screams and moans in
pleasure as Louis' fingers go deeper and deeper. Ren feels she is about to
cum and screams it out at Louis.

Ren: Louis i'm going to CUUUUUUUMMMMMMM!!!

Ren's pussy juice shoots out of her pussy. Louis takes his fingers and put
them in his mouth.

Ren: How do I taste, Louis?

Louis: Great!

Louis takes his dick and goes to fuck her pussy but Ren stops him before he
can stick it in.

Louis: What the hell?!?

Ren: Louis I don't wanna be fucked there, fuck my ass.

Louis never fucking a girl in the ass before and jumped at the chance. He
turns Ren over and slides his hard cock in Ren's tight virgin ass hole. Ren
moans in pain as she feels a dick up her ass for the first time in her life.
Louis slowly starts to pound Rens ass as Ren moans at every thrust.

Ren: Come on Louis fuck me harder!

Louis listin to her and started pounding her ass while reaching up and
grabbing her tits. Ren was screaming as Louis went faster and deeper in to
her ass.

Ren: Oh fuck yeah, cum inside my ass Louis!

Louis kept going and felt it coming and blew his load deep inside his
sister's ass. As Louis Pulled out Cum dripped out of her ass. Ren and Louis
then lay backed on Ren's Bed tired from what just happen and held each other
for a little while before getting dressed.



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