This story is fictional. Although, the pictures are not fake. In the story,
if you are squeamish about a 16 year old teen slut getting boned by a fat
black dick, please hit the back button now. Otherwise, enjoy!

Even Stevens: Ren Stevens Gets Double Boned (Mmf,inc,inter,scat)
by FiShMan

"Ren!" shouted Principal Wexler down the hall to a turning round the corner
Ren Stevens.

She instantly turned around and replied, laughing. "Principal Wexler, lovely
morning isn't it? What is it sir?"

He went up to her at the end of the hall. She was wearing a tight, red shirt
that made her bra enclosed, perky B tits bulge out. Wexler noticed this. Ren
Stevens became a little worried, but carried on. Wexler spoke. "Ren, I know
that you have a plan for the new team game coming up, is that right?"

She nodded and saw that Wexler's pants were slightly raised. She tingled for
a second. Could Wexler be aroused by her? She blushed. Wexler beckoned her to
come into his office. Wexler rolled down the blinds and covered the door with
a black leather sheet. Ren became a little unsettled, but did not worry that
much, but started to fiddle with her long black hair, twisting it into little

"Ren, don't ruin your lovely hair, please." Wexler came up to her and stroked
her hair very slowly. Ren's whole body tingled. Wexler was hitting on her!
She never thought of Wexler as fuckable, because of his weight, but he knew
how to make her feel good, but was it right?

"Why don't you bring a chair over here, Ren?" She dragged a chair over to
him with a smile in her face.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and Louis Stevens walked in,

"You wanted to see me for a detention, sir?"

"Yes, I do, Louis. Bring a chair over here next to your sister."

Ren frowned at him, but moved away form Louis. Wexler was sitting at his
desk, legs crossed. He spoke.

"Now, Louis, I wanted to ask you something. Your sister, Ren, she is very
hot, do you agree with me?"

Louis had to nod, but was a little startled.

Wexler asked again. "Have you ever seen her naked?"

Louis shook his head, but his pants rose, and Ren noticed, blushing.

Wexler stood up and spoke to Ren, his large black cock making a bulge in his
trousers. Ren started to egde away slightly. Wexler went over to her and
Louis. "Louis, take off all your clothes."

Louis was kinda freaked out, but did as he was told, his 5 inch 14 year old
dick springing out into Ren's view. Ren had never seen her brother's dick
before, and did not realise that he was so nice. His dick was surrounded by
dark brown pubic hairs and his balls hung low between his firm legs.

Wexler became aroused. He moved to Ren. "Take off your top and bra, Ren, if
you want a good report."

Ren knew grades meant everything to her so she teasingly removed her tight
red top to reveal a push up bra, and her B size cleavage was making her tits
look very firm, round and beautiful. Ren took off her bra to reveal pouting
teen breast that plopped into their views. Louis started to rub his dick. His
sis' tits were very hot, and he had never seen them before.

"Move over to Louis, Ren. That's it. Kneel down and rub his dick, like a good

She did as she was told. Louis' pubescent rod was veiny and throbbing red,
and Ren's hand moving slowly up and down his shaft made Louis moan.

"OK," Wexler said. "Now put his thin dick in your mouth, Ren. Be a good girl
for your Principal."

Ren looked up at Louis. "Louis, when we get out of this, we're going to the
toilets and we're doing this again. Your dick looks so nice in this light.
And it's just the right size for me to swallow down...hard."

Louis became seriously aroused and sat back into Wexler's leather chair.
Ren went over to him and aggressively shoved her head onto Louis' dick,
swallowing it whole in one mouthful. Wexler was getting a massive erection,
and his dick now went to its biggest point, 10 inches long and 2 inches
thick. Ren saw this, but her brother's dick was roaming around her mouth,
and she sucked it so hard her cheeks touched the middle of his dick.

His dick was right down her throat and she was gulping loudly. A dick had
never appealed her before, but now. Her brother's dick was just so firm.
She felt bad about all the times she had teased him. She continued actively
digesting Louis' teen dick into her gullet, the head battering her throat
walls and her cheeks, face-fucking her.

To Louis, his sister's mouth was like putting his dick through velvet
sheeting. Louis had never masturbated before, and this was his first blowjob
too. His body shuddered as his first orgasm in his life swept through his
5'4" body as he unloaded his warm load into Ren's mouth. Ren felt this and
prepared for her first taste of cum, and what a way for the first time -
sucking off her brother! Louis leant back and shot a wave of young virgin
sperm down her throat and into her stomach. Ren loved the taste of Louis'
cum - it was like salty milk, with a hint of sugar. She swallowed every
drop, as Louis collapsed into the chair.

Ren pulled away, enjoying her first head giving. As she pulled away though,
she moved her lips across the glob of cum on Louis' piss-hole, eating it with
delight. Suddenly, Louis lurched and another jet of spunk flew out of his
twitching penis, to land all over Ren's face and bouncing breasts. Ren was
overjoyed, and laughed as Wexler moved over. "Let me help you with that,

* * *

He moved her over to a chair and lay her down. She stared at the spectacled
face of Wexler moving to her lips, as he French Kissed her for at least 10
seconds. He moved to her nicely shaped teen tits. They were a nicely formed
pair, with a few moles on the left one. He moved to it. Her nipples on both
breasts were erect and went out at least 1.5cms. Her face had no more spunk
on it, but her tits were coated in Louis' gooey cum, which reflected in the
light. Wexler put his fat hand on her tits and rubbed in the cum. Ren let
out a moan, as she touches herself up almost every day and knows her tits
are very sensitive. Wexler went onto her nipple and sucked away. Ren was
moving around quite a bit as he worked the cum into her rock hard nipples.

He started to lick the left nipple as Louis came over, his dick dripping cum.
He dripped some cum onto her right tit, then rubbed his dick across her
chest. He wanted her now. He pushed Wexler away from her tit and straddled
her midriff, putting his dick inbetween her well formed tits. She knew what
he wanted and squeezed her tits together, each tit meeting Louis' dick. Louis
started to move his dick back and forth, and in a minute he came, his dick
gushed sticky love juice all over Ren's lips and in her mouth, strands of
spunk between each lip.

She then pulled him into her face and kissed him for a long time, exchanging
the spunk he had just shot into her mouth into his. She sucked Louis' tongue
before pulling out and whispering in his ear. "I want you, Louis. I want you.
My virginity is waiting."

Louis moved away, dragging the strands of cum across her bare torso.

Wexler removed his pants and shorts, exposing his huge black cock. He sat
down on one of the chairs. "Ren, move over here." Wexler's huge dick ripped
through the air, and Ren started to deep throat it there. But he stopped her.
He pulled her off his massive shaft and spoke. "Ren take off your tight
pants, babe. Stop teasing and come to papa." Wexler smiled and Ren gladly
came over and slowly undid the buttons on her pants, showing she was wearing
a red thong that had a dark wet patch, and Wexler could see her tight slit
through it.

"Do you like my new project, Sir? I shaved it all."

Wexler laughed and slowly removed her wet thong. Indeed, she had shaved her
whole genitals. Louis saw her sister's teen vagina and a rush of blood shot
to his cock. He moved over. Wexler stood up and let Louis sit down. Louis'
dick was fully erect now and was just 6 inches now. Ren loved her bro's dick.
So perfect, so smooth. She wanted Louis to deflower her right there and then,
and her wish was granted.

Wexler was rubbing his dick slowly. "Sit on his little dick, Ren. Make him
invade your tight pussy."

Ren did not need convincing. Louis wanted Ren aswell, and if her pussy was
as good as her mouth, then this would be heaven. Her cunt was a perfect one.
Her mound was hairless, the slit was inviting and a reddy pink. The pussy
hole was dripping with creamy pussy cum. Louis prepared for penetration. Ren
moved slowly onto him, facing him directly. He slowly eased his dick into her
virgin slit. God! It was so tight. She had obviously never fingered herself.
Her tight pussy walls wrapped onto Louis' dick. He lurched backwards in
absolute pleasure. Ren started to move up and down, humping him, very slowly.
Wexler moved over to the scene of incest.

Wexler knelt down and set his eyes on Ren's ass. It was so perfect. A tight
clamp of creamy soft asscheeks for him to fuck. "Now, Ren, I hope you washed
this morning, because Daddy has another hole to fill!" Ren took no notice of
this, she was too busy milking Louis' stiff cock.

* * *

Wexler moved to Ren's perfect, beautiful ass and placed his hands on her
cheeks. He started to lick around her tight little asshole, licked the
frowning entrance with great care and precision. Ren was in ecstacy. She was
leaning back screaming, moaning and whimpering in time with the slow beat of
Louis boning her. His dick was pushing against her pelvic wall and it felt
so good. Wexler placed his index finger into Ren's asshole, making her moan
a little, and suddenly, Ren took a shit on Wexler's office floor. He laughed.
He would make her regret that. He gripped his huge dick and rubbed it across
her asshole and suddenly with one push, forced his dick into her tight

Ren let out a huge groan and she cried out, tears running down her cheeks.
She fought back the pain like a pro but still spoke. "Please, Principal, I
need your cock in my ass, shoot your load in my asshole, sir.."

He grinned. He put in more and more of his cock, until she said it was too
much. Now Wexler methodically plunged in and out of her ass, close to cumming
for the first time in this orgy. His dick was throbbing in time with each
thrust, Wexler's giant dick pushing further and further until Louis made Ren
lean back into his cock and Wexler's too, ripping the thin layer of skin
inside Ren's cunt and pushing Wexler's dick the furthest it will go. Ren let
out a scream. It literally echoed round the school. Of course, no-one was
here, it was after school, but it still echoed.

At that exact point, they both shot their loads. Louis injected a series of
cum jets into his sister's cunt, making her groan and lean even further back
into Wexler, who withdrew his cock and came on her asshole, creaming it up.
Wexler's cock was coated in a lot of shit, but no cum, only at the head.
Wexler moved over to Ren, who was still bouncing on Louis' dick very very
slowly. A mixture of blood and cum leaked out of her tight deflowered cunt.
Wexler put his finger in her cunt, stirring up the mixture and scooping some
out, only to put his finger into Ren's mouth. She sucked it up greedily.
"You like that Ren?" She nodded. "Then you'll like this, Renny baby."

He pulled her innocent head onto his dick, which was covered in her own
excrement. She sucked hard, swallowing her own shit down her throat. It
tasted nice, as Wexler's cum was mixed into it. Louis came again, lubing up
Ren's cunt. She was still sucking the shit off Wexler's cock, and she spread
it along her lips, then pulled out and kissed Louis longingly, wiping the
shit on his face. He licked it all off. Then she pulled off Louis' dick and
sat her ass on his dick, and took another shit. Louis kept butt fucking Ren
until he came. She got off and started to suck his dick, which was covered
in shit, Ren sucked it all off and got up.

She went out but said to Wexler, "Did I pass sir? And Louis?"

They said in unison, "Yeah, Ren."



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