This story is pure fiction, this will never be seen on the Disney Channel or
ABC. Not to be taken as a representation of the shows characters or actress
and actors. This is pure fantasy and if your less than 18 please get out
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Even Stevens: Ren The Slut (m/f,f/f,inter,spank)
by Mai Is Da Bomb

Ren Stevens was a very pretty (just turned) 15 year old girl. She had long
dark hair a nice complextion and a pretty smile. Not only was she pretty
she also happened to be the smartest girl in school. Which of course was
intimidating to most of the guys in her school. No guys wanted to date a
girl smarter than them. Bobby Deever was the lucky guy in school who was
with her.

Bobby had just gotten his car and Ren had begged her parents to let her ride
to school with him. Ren always being the good girl her parents realized they
couldn't say no. Ren got ready for school that next morning slipping on a
gray skirt, this one was a little shorter than her other ones, practically a
mini-skirt. She put on a light blue v-cut shirt, then slipped on her buckle
shoes. She wore her hair down as usual, and didnt wear pantyhose today, after
all her leaving for school with Bobby early, for once wasn't to study. At
least not to study school homework, instead she was hoping that in leaving
early she would get to study Bobby's body!

Bobby honked his horn, and Ren was out the door. Her parents said, "Ren
aren't you gonna have your breakf...." SLAM! went the front door. Her
parents looked at each other a shrugged their shoulders. "Oh well, I guess
she's gonna get some studying in before school." said her dad.

Ren got in Bobby's Camero and Bobby could help but eye his girlfriends body!
He had never seen her in such a short skirt her legs were even nicer than he
thought, plus her v-cut shirt was tight on her, hugging her young teenage
tits. Ren brought his mind back to earth, "Are we ready to go?"

"Oh yeah lets go," he put his car in drive and they were off.

School didn't start for an little more than an hour and it was only a 5
minute drive. So Ren asked Bobby to take her to the park before school. It
was Monday morning and just a little bit before 7 am so the park was
deserted. Bobby parked the car.

Ren leaned in and kissed him deeply, their tongues met as they kissed each
other for several minutes. "So are we going to school early everyday, Ren?"

Ren smiled, "Maybe if your a good boy, Bobby!"

The two tried to get closer, but it was difficult in the Camero's bucket

"Lets go to the back seat where we'll have more room," suggested Ren.

So they both slid back, Ren went first sliding between the front seats Bobby
got a view of Ren's white cotton panties under her shorter-than-usual dress.
Bobby was jumping in the back seat after that. They started off kissing again
sitting down. Then he pushed her down in the seat on her back. Their kissing
intensified more and more.

Ren erotically slid a tongue in his ear making his cock even stiffer than it
was in his pants. He kissed her neck causing Ren to softly moan. His kissing
was driving her crazy, she slid her hand to the buldge in his pants and
rubbed his cock outside his pants. Bobby reached up and put his hand on Ren's
right breast and squeezed it gently.

"Mmmmmmmmm, Bobby" moaned Ren as her hand started squeezing his buldge

Bobby slid his hand under Ren's shirt and started squeezing her breast again,
only Ren's bra was separating his hand from her bare round breast. Ren was
in ecstacy, then a car came racing by their car leaving a breeze in the open
window. Ren got scared and jumped, she looked around it was still fairly dark
outside, plus it was still deserted so she laid back and Bobby continued
kissing her neck. Ren was a little weary now though. After all this wasn't a
big town and everyone knew Ren Stevens! What if someone saw her in the back
seat of a car getting felt up by her boyfriend.

Ren felt both of Bobby's hands up her shirt now, this time one hand went to
her back and he seeked out her bra clasp. In a pinch she was unhooked. Ren
was amazed at how quickly he undid her bra, but her mind drifted again as he
slid both hands to her front. This time her bra cups were lifted up and his
hands were touching her bare breasts. "Ohhhhhh, mmmmmmm" Ren Moaned softly.

Ren wasn't gonna be the only one getting felt on though she unzipped Bobby's
pants and slid her hand down his boxers finding his cock. She felt his sticky
pre-cum already there as her hands explored in his pants. Bobby felt her
nipples getting hard between his fingers, he was worried about her reaction,
but he was so turned on he had to try something. He lifted up Ren's shirt
exposing her tits in front of him. They wernt big like something he was used
to seeing in Penthouse magazine, but they were very nice and he loved the way
her dark nipples stuck straight up, do to their hardness.

He took one in his mouth gently sucking it, then tongueing it, he was glad to
see Ren encourage him, putting her free hand around his head and pushing him
into her breast. He went to the other breast and tongued it, Ren closed her
eyes in erotic pleasure her nipples were so hard they almost ached. Next
thing she felt was his hand going up her thigh, his hand touched her pussy
outside her white panties. He felt the dampness in the crotch of her panties
as he pushed his index finger against her young pussy.

Ren eyed his cock as she stroked him off, she had never seen one in person
like this before. He grabbed the crotch of her panties to pull them aside,
Ren wanted him inside her, she wanted him so bad, her eyes closed awaiting
her bare pussy to be touched. She didn't have to wait long! With the crotch
of her panties aside Bobby looked straight at his girlfriend's pussy. It had
only a little bit of dark pubic hair above her pussy. Her young lips were
visible and Bobby could already smell her sweet juices. He slid his finger
inside her. Ren grabbed the shaft of his cock and began stroking it back and

"Oh Ren that's it... stroke it... yeah... mmmmm... faster... ohh... that...
feels great, baby!!!!"

Bobby began fingering her cunt, in and out going deeper and deeper each time,
gradually picking up speed. Ren started to moan as her pussy became wetter
and wetter. Her cunt juices were leaking down to her ass crack and on his
backseat. "Oh, Bobby... yes, baby... ohhh, that's it.... ohhh I love it...
finger my pussy!!!"

She felt so dirty calling her vagina that. Ren had barely fingered herself
before, it seemed like a bad girl thing to do. Bobby was so hard his cock was
pointing upwards towards his bellybutton. He was feeling a orgasm build up
looking down at pretty Ren, she was so hot, her eyes closed and her tongue
licking her lips, he had the idea in his mind of shooting his load all over
her naked breasts!

Suddenly two, three, cars went by them, Ren jumped again, this time she
stopped what she was doing. Bobby tried to hold her down and continue as he
had gone further with Ren in his car than they ever had before. Ren was
angered by this, it was getting lighter outside and here she was pinned in
the backseat, her bra unhooked, shirt up, and boobs visible to whoever walked
by now.

"Get off me Bobby we need to go now!"

Bobby finally did as she asked, he was upset, he was so close to an orgasm
from Ren's stroking. Ren was also upset she pulled her shirt down, got in the
front seat and hooked her bra back up. They sped off to school not saying a
word to each other. Ren upset at him for trying to continue when she asked
him to stop. He was mad at being so close to an orgasm with a girl for the
first time and being cut off by her. They arrived at school it was 7:55 his
car came to a screeching halt. Ren got out of the car and ran inside before
Bobby could say a word to her. She got her books and ran to class she checked
her hair in a mirror in the ladies room. Her hair was a mess so she took a
couple of minutes to fix it. Then the bell rang.

"Ohhh no I'm late and I'm never late to class!!!"

She ran to Mr. Abernathy's class and walked in.

"Well Miss Stevens so glad you could join us."

"I'm so sorry, sir. I'll take any punishment you see fit for my tardyness."

"Ha ha, relax, this is your first tardy this year Miss Stevens you get three
tardys before you get detention, go have a seat, your test is on your desk."

Mr. Abernathy watched as she took her seat. Ren was always a pretty young
girl that caught his eye, but today she was wearing a skirt a little shorter
today. Needless to say his eyes were fixed on her young little ass wiggling
as she walked to her seat. She sat down giving him a glimpse of those white
cotton panties.

He sat as his desk Ren's words were still in his mind, 'I'll take any
punishment you see fit.'

"Well then Miss Stevens then come over here and let me give you a spanking
you bad girl!"

"Yes sir," she responded.

Ren bent over the older teachers lap, he was about 40 years old with brown
hair going a little gray. Her ass was in his lap as he lifted her skirt,
there was her incredible young ass covered only by her white panties. He
grabbed the waistband of her cotton undies and pull then down, his eyes lit
up seeing her tan ass little dimples on the cheeks. The rest of the class
didn't even notice as his hand went back and slapped down on her ass cheek,
his hand went up again slapping the other cheek. Her young ass jiggled like
jello as he spanked her over and over. Her teen ass was red with his hand
prints as he spanked her mercilessly!

"Yes, sir... ohhhh... I'm such a bad girl... I'll never be tardy again. Ohh
yesss sir... oh yes..."

"Mr. Abernathy... ohh that feels so good!"

"Mr. Abernathy!!!!"

Suddenly the teacher was awaken from his daydream as Ren Stevens who he was
dreaming about, was standing by his desk.

"I'm finished with my test, is there extra credit I could do?"

"Oh, uh, hum... yes, here you go." He handed her a extra credit worksheet she
gave him a smile and returned to her desk.

Mr. Abernathy wasn't the only one noticing Ren Stevens this morning though.
Larry Beals who was always giving her a hard time was noticing Ren's unusally
sexy dress today. Larry was one of the few black students in school. He had
his way with white girls before, but certainly he never had Ren Stevens cross
his mind, her being somewhat of a good-two-shoes. Larry dropped his pencil
and reached down to pick it up. Ren wasn't used to wearing a short skirt,
most of her skirts were just below the knees or longer. So she wasn't
thinking about her legs needing to be crossed, instead they were slightly
apart, and Larry looked straight into her white panties under her skirt.
Larry felt his cock getting hard as Ren didn't even notice him eyeing her
panty covered pussy.

'Hmm I gotta get me some of that!' he thought. Larry tryed to think about how
to make Ren his new "white hoe." Then it came to him.

After class he went up to her, "Hi Ren how are you?"

"Um, hi Larry, what do you want?"

"Well, I just wanted to say you really look pretty today, girl!"

Ren had a puzzled look on her face, "ok, so what's the joke, Larry? I look
prettier than what your dog?"

"No, Ren, I'm serious. You look really good today. I'm for real. You got it
going on!"

Ren was speechless Larry never did anything but tease her, could it be
because he liked her? Ren never had thoughts of a black guy before. Not that
she was racist or anything, the thought just never crossed her mind before.
Now here was a black guy kinda cute in a diffrent way basically try to put
the moves on her.

"Well ok, I guess if you are serious, thank you. It's nice to hear a
compliment especially from you, considering we're always giving each other a
hard time," she laughed.

He laughed back, "Yeah, its all good, its just all in good fun."

The two gave each other a look then there was a pause.

"Well, I better get to gym class, I'll see ya later Larry."

"Yeah, later girl."

Ren went to gym class still a little puzzled by his comments but she also
felt flattered by them too. Ren got dressed in her gym clothes yellow shorts
and yellow t-shirt. Ren met up with her friend Ruby a pretty blonde girl with
a nice body and a little bit more sexy of a dresser than Ren. Although they
were about even on this day.

Ruby listened as they talked while shooting baskets. She talked to them when
they were alone and she told her about Bobby pissing her off with his pinning
her down in his car and being late for class. She also told Ruby about Larry
giving her a compliment.

"Wow, that is wierd, Ren, you always tell me about Larry teasing you everyday
practically, you think he's up to something?" Ruby asked.

"I don't know, it seemed sincere, but what brought it on I wonder if maybe
he's growing up, who would have thought it could happen to Larry?"

Ren and Ruby giggled.

"Well, I guess your mad at Bobby then, huh?"

"Yeah," she responded, "you would think he would know that stop it means stop

The two girls chatted about this for quite a while til the P.E. teacher had
them get in teams to play volleyball. Ren entered the front line in front of
Ruby. Unknown to Ren though Ruby had feelings for her. These were feelings
beyond friendship, too. Ruby wasn't a lesbian but around Ren she wasnt the
same girl, certain lesbian tendancies came out. This was something that she
never told Ren, after all how would she react? Would she say, 'Get away from
me you fucking dyke.' Ruby didn't know how or if she would ever tell Ren. For
right now though, Ruby smiled as she stood behind Ren, her ass bent over
awaiting the serve. 'God her ass is so fucking hot!' she thought. Ruby wanted
so very much to reach her hands out and palm her friends hot ass. 'That would
go over real good in gym class,' she thought to herself. 'If i only had her
once, just once would be all I need!"

She imagined Ren naked pressing her body against hers. Ren's beautiful smile
as she brushed her hair out of her eyes, holding her hand not as friends but
as lovers. This was when the ball was served, and not paying attention, hit
her in the face. The other girls laughed as Ren helped her up, "You ok,

"Yeah, Ren, I'm fine, I guess my mind was elsewhere today."

"Well, I can definetly relate!" smiled Ren.

Gym class finally ended, Ren and Ruby chatted on they're way back to the
locker room, they were the last two to make it to the locker room. Ruby stole
glances at Ren as she got undressed, 'what I wouldn't give to pin you down
and have my way with you Ren, but unlike Bobby I wouldn't let you up,' she
thought with a devilish smile.

Ren was naked and grabbed a towel as she went to the shower. Ruby almost
completly undressed watched as Ren's bare ass strutted to the shower. She
joined the others in the shower and got clean. Walking to the shower Ruby
saw Ren's locker and more importantly Ren's panties on the floor. She looked
around, making sure no one could see her she grapped Ren's panties. Ruby
again made sure no one could see her, then the panties went to her face. She
smelled her panties they still had Ren's sweet smelling love juice from her
fingering that Bobby gave her earlier that morning. The aroma of Ren's sweet
snatch drove her crazy, she realized this was the closest she might ever get
to Ren's pussy. 'God if any of the other girls see me doing this ill just
die," she thought. She looked up to see Ren walking out, immedietly she
bolted over to her own locker. Ren's panties were still in her hand, "Oh no,
what do I do, what do I do?"

Ruby took Ren's panties and tossed them in her locker. Ren dryed her hair off
as she sat at her locker. Looking around she realized her panties were gone,
she went through her locker (which only took a few seconds it being so clean
and organized) but they weren't in there. 'I don't get it, where could they
have gone? Did someone still my panties? Why would anyone do that?' Ren
thought it over as she put her bra on then her top she slid her skirt on. She
looked around again but still couldnt find them. 'The one time i leave my
panties on the floor and not in my locker this happens!' she thought. Should
she go asking the other girls if they had seen her panties? They'd think she
was a wierdo. Or should she tell the teacher "someone stold my panties?"

She put her shorts on, but when she stood up her shorts were sticking out
from her skirt. She tried taking off her skirt but unfortunately the yellow
schools shorts and her light blue shirt didn't look right together. In fact
they clashed terribly! So Ren was faced with this delima go to her last class
in ugly yellow shorts, or go into her last class in her skirt and not wearing
panties. She started considering the pros and cons of it. "Well its not windy
today, and it is only one class." The more she thought about it the more it
made sense, "Ok, I'll just go to my last class then get home, before anyone
can notice I'm not wearing any panties,"she decided.

The bell ran and she walked out of gym class. She walked outside to her final
class, it was looking like it was gonna rain so the windy had picked up a
little. This made Ren very nervous and made her wonder if she should have
worn her ugly gym shorts. Luckily, it was a light swirling wind and wasn't
blowing up her skirt. Ren kinda liked the way the cool air felt when it went
under her skirt, it kinda turned her on.

She smiled thinking, 'All these people don't even have a clue that I'm not
wearing panties, what was I so worried about?' She went to her last class,
English class. Ren sat down at the desk and took notes as the teacher talked.

Larry Beals happened to be sitting in front of her. Ren was into her notes
and studying as usual when Larry dropped his pencil. Larry couldn't help
himself, he just had to get another glimpse under Ren's skirt. Imagine his
shock to see no white panties just Ren and her pussy in all its glory, with
dark pubic hair. There was the school's good girl Ren Stevens pussy a few
feet from his face. He realized he had been looking for a few moments then
quickly got up and went back to work before someone realized that he was
staring between Ren's legs.

Larry was shocked. His mind was going crazy. 'Why isn't she wearing panties?
did she see me looking under her skirt earlier? Is she doing it on purpose
knowing that I would look?' Maybe she was just a tease and trying to entice
him and then she'd turn him down. Either way he had to get the upper hand
against her. The teacher told the students they could study together if they
did so quietly. Larry got with his friend Ivan and told him about Ren. Larry
had a plan, one that involved Ivan's help, he explained it to him.

Ivan smiled, "Oh yeah, that's good. You think it will work?"

"Oh yeah, it will work, soon Ren Stevens won't be seen as such a dull girl
anymore!" laughed Larry.

Class ended with the bell, everyone was walking out and that's when Ivan went
to work. Running up behind Ren he grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled
it up!

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" Ren screamed.

People behind her were treated to the view of her tan round ass, while the
people in front of her turning around and hearing her scream saw her young
pussy. Everyone was shocked at this sight. Then Ren heard laughs and giggles
people saying, "She wasn't wearing panties!!!", "God I didn't know Ren
Stevens was a slut!!" Guys even cat called and whistled, "Hey, Ren, you so
eager for some cock that ya couldn't wait to get your panties off, ha ha ha
you slut!!!" Some other guys joined in and were chatting "SLUT!! SLUT!!!!
SLUT!!!!!!! SLUT!!!!"

Ren had tears in her eyes, never had she heard those names refered to her
before. She pushed her way out of the crowd trying to get out of the reach of
those voices. Tears were running down her face as she got outside, she didn't
even look for Bobby she wanted to get home even if she had to walk the two

Ren ran home, some kids even hollered at her on the way, "Hey, Ren you gonna
try going without a skirt tomorrow? Ha, ha, ha!"

Ren was really sobbing now her reputation had changed for good now. No one
would believe her real reason for being without panties, they had all already
drawn their own conclusions.

Larry drove up in his car pulling along side of her, "Ren get in."

"Leave me alone, Larry, I don't wanna hear any of your jokes!!" screamed a
tearful Ren.

Larry responded, "Ren, I heard what happened, if you run home you'll just get
called more names. Get in!"

Ren saw more cars from the high school pulling out, and decided to hop into
Larrys car. Larry took Ren for a drive, after a while Ren calmed down a
little. Larry took her back to his house and asked her to come in. Ren was
weary, but Larry had been the only person who had been nice to her all day
and since he seemed to care about her enough to get her away from the
hecklers at school, she trusted him.

Ren went inside his house, it wasn't upper class like her home but was very
cozy. They went to his room. He asked Ren if she needed at hug, he didn't
have to ask twice. She hugged him tightly. Larry got hot feeling her breasts
pressed against his chest. After they broke the hug, he got under his bed and
pulled out a joint. He lit it up and took a hit. "Here you need this Ren,
(she frowned) now before you say no this will relax you and you need it right

Ren looked at the joint her tears had started to dry but she was still pretty
upset. She looked at Larry he seemed to be sincere, who would have thought
she'd ever look at him this way. Ren tried it and she choked on it. Larry
rubbed her back, Ren took another hit, it wasnt so bad this time, she started
to like it!! The two went back and forth on the joint. Ren was getting to
enjoy this. She gave him a kiss then took another hit. Larry kissed her on
the mouth, his tongue slipping in her mouth they french kissed. Ren liked his
kissing as the joint had gotten her back into a perky mood. Their kissing
went back and forth as they got high.

Ren grabbed Larry's crotch, "Is your cock big, I've heard black guys are?"
she giggled.

"Oh yeah its big let me show you," he unzipped his pants, there was his black
tool hard from their kissing.

Ren giggled (high from the joint) and took it in her hand giving him another
kiss, "I like big cocks, Larry!!!"

Larry smiled and slid his hands under Ren's top he grapped both her breasts
being held in place by a bra. Ren was aware of where this was going but she
didn't care, Larry had been good to her (of course she didnt know he
instigated her skirt being lifted) and maybe it was the joint but either way
she couldn't say no.

Ren removed her shirt on her own, which shocked Larry, it was apparent Ren
was really into this, maybe Ren was seducing him after all going without her
panties, who knows? Ren's bra covered tits were revealed as she gave him that
sweet smile. His face immediately went to her chest kissing between her
breasts. He reached back and unhooked her bra, Ren started stroking Larry's
cock, she looked down at it, 'mmmm... bigger than Bobby, I could get used to

Ren felt her bra slipping off her breasts and onto the bed. Then she felt
Larry sucking on her dark perky nipples as she watched her hand go up and
down his shaft seeing him reach maximum hardness. He sucked them, licked them
with his tongue, Ren was in pleasure as her young breasts were felt up by
Larry's eager hands. Ren went to Larry's ear, "Can I suck on it?"

Larry's eyes grew as big as saucers, never in a millon years did he think Ren
Stevens would say those words to him, but she did. Ren slid down to the floor
as she kissed his black cockhead then her virgin mouth took his black member
past her lips. Ren went down on his shaft swallowing half of it right away.
She took more and more, Larry wanted to shoot his load there and then as he
looked down at Ren's smiling face with his cock in her mouth. Ren was giving
him the blowjob of his life! Ren bobbed her head up and down as Larry's hands
grabbed her hair and helped her out. He didn't even have to force feed her,
Ren wanted it!!!

Ren finally pulled away. Larrys heart sank, he figured that she changed her
mind. Ren however lifted her skirt instead and showed her naked pussy to
Larry. "Wanna take my cherry, Larry? Hee, hee!" Ren giggled, "That rhymed!"

Larry couldn't believe Ren's words she had gone from a brainy girl to a
airhead bimbo after the joint. He wanted that white pussy though so he laid
her down, they started kissing again. Larry positioned his rock hard dick at
her pussy, she was already wet and it only took a little bit of work to get
inside her. Ren wrapped her arms around his back and her legs around his
waist as he drove his rod in her like a piston.

"Ohh... ahh... yeah... mmmmmm... that feeels good Larry... ohhh... yesss...
that's it... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... God!!"

Larry drove harder and harder thrusting his black pole into her sweet teenage
cunt, her love juice spilling out. Larry burst her cherry the blood mixing in
with both of their juices.

Ren started digging her nails in Larry's back as inch after inch was buried
in her pussy. Before long his entire 9 inch rod and black balls were slamming
against her clit. Ren orgasmed causing her pussy to tighten around his shaft.
Her back arched in pleasure, seeing Ren like this got Larry really hot!

"Ohhh, fuck... I'm gonna come Ren, where you want it?"

Ren gave a sexy smile to him, "Shoot it on my face Larry!!!!!!"

Larry did as she asked and looked down on this sexy 15 year old, her tongue
sticking out face smiling awaiting his cum. He shot load after load all over
Ren's face. It went in her mouth, her eyebrows and her hair, she grabbed it
all and licked it up like icing on a cake. Ren looked so good to Larry her
pretty face with his cum on it and her eyes with pure satisfaction, and she
was licking it off like a cheap whore. The two embraced. Larry decided he
better get her home.

He dropped her off, "So are we boyfriend and girlfriend now?" Ren asked.

"Why not," said Larry.

Ren grinned again and kissed him. She ran back up to her house, Larry shook
his head,"Who would have imagined this, me and Ren fucking Stevens," he said.

Looking back he saw her looking back at him. Ren lifted her skirt and showed
him a glimpse of her pussy again and licked her lips. Then Ren pulled her
skirt back down and blew Larry a kiss.

"My God, I'm becoming a slut," she thought.

Ren went inside and took a nap feeling tired from the joint.

Louis went into his sister's room, he had heard the rumors of her sister
being pantyless. He laughed his ass off figuring Ren would never do that.
There was even talk that she purposely flashed most of the school. Louis
figured it was all rumors no truth to it all. Ren was asleep on the bed
still in her school clothes. 'Well theres one way to find out.'

He snuck up to her skirt, he always thought his sister was pretty so he
wanted to believe she was walking around like a slut without panties.
Imagine his shock, 'Holy shit, She really isn't wearing panties!!"

Louis grabbed a camera and started taking pictures he had to remember this
moment. He felt like a little pervert but he was enjoying this and if his
sister got out of line he had blackmail pictures. He took five or six shots
of her pussy, he had a few pictures still left, 'hmm... I wonder if my
slutty sister is wearing a bra.' He lifted her v-cut shirt slowly and
found... her white lacey bra! "Damn, oh well who wouldn't pay to see Ren in
her bra," so he got some shots of that. "Well, I guess my sister is good for
something, hee hee, I gotta get these developed."

Waking up around 6 pm her mom said, "Hey, Ren honey, aren't you staying the
night at Ruby's?"

"Oh yeah, mom, I forgot I'll grab my overnight bag."

Ren got her bag together and her mom drove her to Ruby's.

Ruby was waiting for her at the door, "Oh, Ren, I'm so very sorry what
happened to you today!"

"Oh, thats ok, Ruby, it wasn't your fault!"

'God, if she only knew!' thought Ruby.

Ruby and her went upstairs. They changed in their night clothes. Ruby watched
as Ren slid on a pink pair of panties and a pink tank top. Ruby was in a
white short babydoll nightgown. Ren told her about her first time with, of
all people... Larry!!!!!! Ren smiled and giggled as she told Ruby about her
and Larry. Ruby was kinda sad to hear about her being with someone else. Ren
talked about how she "loved Larry's black cock it was so much bigger than
Bobbys." Ruby was amazed as she found out about Ren smoking a joint.

They ate ice cream watched "Dawson's Creek." They talked about boys, Ren
talked about how she was going to be seen as a slut in school Monday and how
part of her really didn't care what people thought of her anymore. She was
open to new things now, new experiences.

Ruby used this opportunity of Ren saying that to lean forward and kiss her.
Ren looked shocked by this. There was a long silence. Then Ren gave her a
little smile and softly gave her a kiss back. The two girls eyes met. Ren put
a hand on her cheek and they leaned in for another kiss, this time her mouth
opened and so did Ruby's as they're tongues met.

Ruby couldn't believe her luck, her best friend that she had feelings for,
for quite a while, was expressing them at last. Ruby lifted up Ren's top
leaving her beautiful breasts exposed. "So are you ready for a new experience
Ren?" smiled Ruby.

Ren answered her by pulling off Ruby's top leaving both girls in just their
panties. Ruby kissed Ren going down to her neck causing heavy breathing from

"Take me Ruby, I want you,"said Ren ever so softly.

Ruby did just that she slid down Ren's neck to her breasts, she kissed one,
then the other. Ren looked down as Ruby sucked each one of Ren's nipples.
Ruby was so much more soft and tender than any guy had ever been. Ren just
melted in Ruby's arms as Ruby went lower softly spreading Ren's pussy lips
and tongueing her clit. Ruby gave her friend a tongeing that she would never
forget as she caressed Ren's long luscious tan legs. Time became infinite to
Ren all that seemed to exist was Ruby. Ruby hitting every sensitive spot of
her being. Ruby driving her to orgasm after orgasm with her tongue.

Ren felt like her orgasms would never stop coming as she cheered Ruby on,
"That's it... ohhh Ruby... yeah... right... ohhhhhh... right...
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... there!!!!!!!!!" Ren looked down at her best friend
seeing Ruby on her knees eating her pussy. "OOOOhhhh, Ruby, ohhhh... I'm
cummmmmmmminnnnngggg, baby!!!!!"

Ruby licked Ren's cunt faster and faster all the way through her orgasm.
Ren's sweet love nectar was the best thing Ruby ever tasted better than she
ever imagined in her dreams!

After Ren's third orgasm (although it felt like her tenth) Ren collapsed her
breathing eratic. After she came back down from her orgasm she slid to the
floor and leaned her head back on the bed. "Hey Ruby, bring your pussy over
here" Ren stuck her tongue out letting Ruby know she wanted her on her face.

Ruby crawled over and put her legs on the floor she squatted her pussy in
Ren's face. Ren started licking and sucking on her quickly! Ruby was driven
crazy by Ren's enthusiasm. Ren was moving her tongue at warp speed. Ruby's
cunt was shaven and her clit was easy to find. Ren was making loud slurping
noises over Ruby's clit. The feeling was enough to drive her nuts. The sound
of Ren doing this to her got Ruby to orgasm her first time quickly.

Ren got her first taste of another girl, and the taste was very good in Ren's
mouth. Ren feeling greedy wanted more!! She stuck a finger inside Ruby as her
expert clit licking continued. Ren wasn't stopping til her new lover orgasmed
a couple more times at least. She sucked her over and over Ruby came like a
dam in Ren's face. Ren got a little kinky and started nipping on her clit
this feeling brought Ruby to another orgasm.

Ren went faster and faster fingering Ruby. Then getting kinkier she started
licking Ruby's asshole, Ruby's body shook in pleasure as Ren pushed her to
orgasm after orgasm each one bigger than the last. The two girls went at this
most of the night. They even did a hot lesbian 69 til they both colapsed in
exhaustion in each others arms. After that they kissed and fell asleep naked.
Ren wondered what would happen at school Monday. One thing was for they would
never call Ren Stevens dull again.



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