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Even Stevens: Ren The Stripper Part 1 (f/f,M/f,oral,inter)
by Mia Is Da Bomb

Ren Stevens was a sexy 15 year old brunette girl. She was tall and had long
sexy tan legs to go along with a great figure and cute face. Ren was an
overachiever in everything she did. On this particular day she was wanting
to make her school newspaper "The Wombat Report" even better than it was by
adding something exclusively happening in the community. Ren was frustrated
not being able to find anything that was interesting to write on. Sure the
paper wasn't due to be finished for another week but Ren always liked being
done ahead of schedule. So Ren had to come up with something soon.

Later that day back at home Ren was finishing her homework she decided to
call Ruby to see if she had and ideas. Ren picked up the phone but heard her
brother Donnie was on the line talking to a friend, she was about to hang up
but what she heard caught her attention.

"Hey Donnie how bout we check out that new strip club 'Baby Dolls?'"

"Nah no way, I hear they let underage girls strip at that club, I don't wanna
see girls that are as young as my sister strip dancing!"

Ren was intrigued, a strip club recruiting underage girls, if that wasn't a
big story she didn't know what was! Of course Ren would have to prove this
somehow, after all she couldn't write a story without hard facts.

Ren thought it over and realized there was only one way for her to get the
facts, she had to go undercover, Ren was after all tall for her age. Most
girls her age were barely over 5ft tall.

Ren on the other hand was 5 foot 9 inches tall. Certainly if they were
lenient with a young girl's age they would surely hire Ren. After all she
could easily pass for 18 or 19.

Ren looked through her closet she found her old pair of Levi's jeans with the
knees ripped out, she grabbed a pair of scissors and made them into short
shorts. She looked through her underwear drawer and found a gag gift that
Ruby had got her as a joke for her birthday, it was a white G-string. Ren
then found a Motley Crue T-shirt that's she had when she was 10 it was now
nothing more than a half shirt. Her breasts were small but the tight shirt
accented what breasts she had, Ren grabbed her laciest white bra.

Finally she looked through her closet to find some high heels. She realized
she only owned heels as high as 2 inches, only conservative heels. It was
apparent if she was gonna pass as a slut she was gonna have to buy some new
footwear. Ren watched the special documentary on strippers on cable TV for
research. Ren studied the way they danced and acted.

Ren went to the mall to find some "slutty" high heels. She was amazed at how
high the high heels went, there were some as high as 6 inches. Ren decided
to buy a pair of black 4 inch heels and a pair of red 4 inch heels. Ren got
on the bus wearing her usual clothes, certainly anyone would easily notice
Ren Stevens if she was wearing anything that wasn't conservative. She was in
a pink top and lavender skirt that went just past her knees and 2 inch high
heels. She brought her backpack with her and the bus dropped her off about a
mile from the club. Ren walked to the club from there. Once she arrived she
put on her 4 inch black heels, and started giving her hips a sexy strut, like
the girls on cable did as she walked inside.

She went around the club trying to find the club manager. When she was
introduced to him she was not at all shocked at how me looked. He was a fat
older guy with a full beard and long hair in a ponytail in the back. He was
dressed in worn out jeans and a blue silk shirt, he smelled badly like
alcohol. He definitely looked like a sleazy man who would hire underage girls
(in Ren's mind at least). "Hi I'm... (Ren had to make up a name, she
certainly wasn't gonna use her own name) "I'm Christy!"

"Hello Christy what can I do for you?"

"Well, I was looking for a job are you needing any dancers here?"

"I'm afraid we have all the dancers we need but... I was about to fire a girl
if she was late one more time to work, and she is supposed to be here in a
half hour. So I tell ya what, you can audition and if she doesn't show her
job is yours!"

"Well, OK but what if she does show?" Ren wondered.

"Well, I could either keep you in mind when we have an opening, or your
erotic dancing could force me to fire her!"

Ren knew this dance meant everything, she couldn't easily give out her phone
number for a call back. She told her parents she was studying at the library
so she could be at the club. Which of course was something that they wouldn't
be suspicious of, Ren was always studying.

Ren made her way to the back dressing room, she got undressed and slid on her
outfit. First the white G-string, then the bra, followed by the tight T-shirt
then the short jean shorts. Then the 4 inch heels. She then got on stage,
looking around she saw there was about 9 people around the club manager 3
bodyguards and 5 other strippers.

Ren waited for the music and finally some Limp Bizkit start playing loud.
Ren ran up to the pole on stage and swung round and round with her feet in
the air. She did her dancing as close as she could to what she saw on TV. She
shook her hips as she held on to the pole. She felt her shorts practically
giving her a wedgy being so tight and short. Then she pulled off her shirt
to reveal her bra to everyone. Her dancing continued as some of the guys got
in the front of the stage with the ends of dollar bills in their mouths. Ren
had seen this on TV she knew what to do. She used her mouth to get the dollar
bills out of their mouths, meaning she basically had to kiss each one of
them. She did just that kissing each guy and getting the money, then went
back to her dancing. Next she gladly pulled down her annoying shorts, she
bent over at the waist giving everyone a view of her G-string covered

Her sexy ass in full view caused the guys to holler and yell and whistle in
approval. Ren was a tad bit embarrassed and even had to hide her face as she
blushed a little at all this attention. She was able to keep dancing though
as the second song began. Ren knew that on the second song she was supposed
to go topless. She reached back and unhooked her bra, then dropped it to the
floor. She was a little disappointed to not hear whistling this time, but
she knew her top half wasn't near as impressive as her bottom half was. Her
breasts weren't impressive in size, only a B-cup, but her excitement about
dancing in front of a room of people was apparent as her dark nipples were
very erect. Ren danced as erotic as she could, even going so far as to rub
the front of her G-string against the silver dance pole. All the while
giving the men in the room very sexy glares.

She saw that at the stage this time it wasn't guys it was girls with 5 dollar
bills in their mouths. Ren wasn't sure about this, having to kiss another
girl? She certainty didn't wanna back out now though since she had come this
far. So Ren approached the first girl with the $5 in her mouth and gave her a
kiss and pulled the $5 away. Next was a red head girl probably 30 years old
with light skin and huge breasts held in by a lacey red bra. Ren gave her a
kiss got the $5 and pulled away but the girl grabbed Ren back and darted her
tongue in Ren's mouth. Ren gave her the tongue back and she French kissed
another girl for the first time, after Ren broke away the woman's hand
brushed across Ren's tender breast. She then gave a surprised Ren a wink.

Ren was surprised by the fact that she kinda liked that, the thought of
another girl touching her or kissing her before she went to the club would
have made her sick. Ren then danced as sexy as she could to the next girl.
This girl was blonde with a perfect tan and huge breasts. She removed her
top and stuck the $5 between her breasts. Ren went to get it with her mouth
but the girl pulled back. Ren was confused, then the girl whispered in Ren's
ear so she could hear over the loud music, "Get it with your tits Hon!" she

Ren pushed her breasts together and pressed them against the other woman's
chest, it was a different feeling, the feel of her nipples against another
woman's. She got the $5 between her breasts then she surprised herself as
she gave the other girl a kiss. Ren went back to dancing shaking her ass as
much as she could and getting lots of applause for it. She never knew that
dancing could be so much fun, it made her see why some women want to do it!
Ren rubbed her ass up and down the pole and squeezed her breasts as the
music came to an end.

The club owner came up to her and slid a $10 bill in her G-string. Then he
said, "Very nice dancing Christy, the job is yours, just one suggestion you
might wanna go with a push-up bra since your tits are so small."

This pissed Ren off! It was a good thing he turned around and walked away
because Ren gave him a look that if looks could kill, he would have been dead
on the floor. This helped Ren realize why she was here, she got so into the
dancing she temporarily forgot that she was here to bring this club down.
After the owner pointed out her chest being so small (which Ren was very
insecure about) it immediately remind her of her mission. The girl's showed
Ren to the back dressing room.

Ren knew she already had enough info to bring them down, she was underage
and they hired her without even asking her age! She wasn't gonna stop here
though, she wanted to find out what other illegal activities were going on
at the club. The crowd was starting to pick up and soon there were a lot of
people in the audience. Ren worked with her make up in the mirror as she sat
down in just her short T-shirt and gesturing. She put on some rose blossom
pink lipstick and some lavender eyeshadow. She seldom wore a lot of make-up
but figured this was a place where she needed to blend in and do the whole
make up thing. As the old saying goes "When in Rome, do as the Romans do,"
Ren thought.

Ren looked over in the corner, there were two girls she had met earlier,
their names were Ashley and Dawn. Ashley was a girl who looked to be of
latina heritage she had dark eyes brunette hair that was just past her
shoulders. Ashley was wearing a white bikini, the top accented her nice
cleavage while the thong accented her sexy ass. Dawn was a sexy white girl
and was wearing a black bikini top and short short black hot pants. Both
girls were extremely pretty, but what they were doing is what really got
Ren's attention.

The two women were locked in a passionate kiss. Dawn's hands were squeezing
Ashley's firm ass. While Ashley had Dawn's bikini top pulled aside and was
squeezing her hard nipples between her fingers. The two women looked like
they were having the time of their lives as they both breathed heavily
moaning in ecstasy in each others arms. Ren's first response to their actions
was, "Oh that is so gross!" Still she couldn't help turning around here and
there and watching. Dawn got a little naughtier and started to slide her
fingers under Ashley's bikini thong. Ashley started sucking on Dawn's hard
nip's as her hips started grinding into Dawn's fingers.

Before long Ashley was really sucking hard on Dawn's nipples as Ashley's
breathing got really heavy and a short time later her body orgasmed. Dawn
removed her hand out from under Ashley's bikini and licked her girl cum off
it with her fingers. Ren sat in awe, never seeing two women make out like
this in front of her. Dawn glanced over at Ren and gave her a sexy wink as
she licked her finger clean.

This caused Ren to blush and turn away. Then a voice hollered, "Dawn your up
on stage!" So the two broke their kiss.

"Later you sexy bitch" smiled Dawn.

Ashley gave Dawn a slap on her ass, "Later Hon!"

Ren couldn't believe all the thoughts popping up in her head. "God wouldn't
I love to taste another girl, maybe that sexy little friend of Louis's Tawny.
Her cute little butt and pretty face, man I bet she'd look good between my
legs. God what am I saying!" Ren wondered. Ren had her head spinning all
kinds of thoughts, "Am I a lesbian? Have I always had these feelings of Tawny
down deep? What is wrong with me?"

Ren finished her make up and realized she had nothing to do until she was up
on stage, so she sat back. Ashley sat next to her, "You look bored Christy,
why don't you come with me, I'm gonna look for customers who want a

Ren had seen lapdance's before, they were about the closest thing to sex that
there was without having it. Women would strip down to their panties and ride
a guys lap for a song and get $20. Ren knew that rules were that men weren't
allowed to touch the girls but the girls could touch the guys. Knowing there
were several girls who were dancing before her she decided to join Ashley and
look for customers to give a lapdance to.

She looked around trying to decide who to ask, she saw a guy in his early
20's certainly a very cute guy with short brown hair and sexy blue eyes, and
nice somewhat muscular build. Ren approached him, "Would you like a
lapdance?" she asked with as much confidence as she could muster.

He eyed her body up and down in her white G-string and black T-shirt. "Sure
lets go!"

Ren led him to a back room in the club where the lapdance's took place, it
was slightly darker in here than the rest of the club for some reason.

Ren waited for the song to start then she began to dance in front of him, she
pulled off her shirt revealing her bra. Then she put her hands on his knees
and leaned in to him her bra-covered breasts brushing against his face. Then
she turned around and shook her sexy ass inches away from his crotch.
Reaching back she unhooked her bra and dropped it off her shoulders to the
floor. Then Ren sat down on his lap with her back to him. She squeezed her
own breasts as she gyrated on his crotch. She immediately felt his hardness
poking through his pants. Ren looked back at him their lips only an inch or
two from them kissing as she grinded her ass into his hard-on. Ren looked him
dead in the eyes and erotically sucked on her finger simulating a blowjob.
Ren could tell the guy was in heaven, she felt so powerful having this guy so
putty in her hands. The music ended and he handed Ren a $20.

Ren started to get dressed until he said, "Wait could I have another one?" he
asked eagerly.

"Sure" said Ren.

Ren went at it again, this time she even brushed her bare nipples on his face
as she rode him, she could tell his cock was about to bust through his pants
do to his hardness. Ren would end up giving him yet another one before he
said he was out of money. Ren gave him a kiss and he asked her name to which
she responded, "Re... Christy, I'm Christy!"

"God that was close," she thought. The guy smiled and left. Ren couldn't
believe this in a matter of three songs she just made $60!

Ren was really liking all this money she was making, in less than an hour
she had nearly 100 dollars! Ren was also brimming with confidence, this got
her in one of her "I can make anyone smile" moods. So Ren decided to find
someone to give a lapdance to that might be a challenge. Ren saw a sexy
thirty-something black man in the corner he was well dressed in black slacks
and a black shirt along with expensive shoes. He looked like a guy with lots
of money with all the gold jewelry he was wearing. Ren took off her T-shirt
leaving her in her lacey bra and G-string as she strutted over to him. He
glanced at her with a sour look on his face. Ren smiled sweetly and spoke in
a sexy voice, "Hi baby, want a lapdance?"

The man looked her up and down once, "Man, what is it with you skinny
no-titty bitches asking for lapdances, if I want one I'll ask for one come
back when you get some breasts bitch!"

This guy got Ren out of her perky mood in a hurry, she did well to hide it
though not wanting to give him the assurance that he got under her skin with
his comments. "OK its your loss."

Ren started walking away when the guy caught a view of her perfect ass in the
sexy G-string, he nearly choked on his drink. "Hey now hold on one minute

Ren stopped walking, "If this guy insults me again he's gonna get a high heel
print on his black ass!" Ren walked back unable to smile at him this time.

"I was out of line, please sit down let me buy you a drink, please!"

Ren tapped her heel against the floor a few times before reluctantly sitting

"I'm sorry I was so mean with what I said, nothing personal but I've never
been into white girls much, at least until now. I mean you have the sexiest
ass I've ever seen on a white girl!"

Ren was able to crack a smile at that comment, "Well, thanks!"

Ren got a berry wind cooler and gave it a big gulp, all the dancing had made
her thirsty. This time he smiled at Ren. "Hey I tell you what, take me to
where you ladies haves the lapdances and I'll give you a special offer that
involves my friend named Benjamin."

He showed her a 100 dollar bill. Ren had never even seen a 100 dollar bill in
person before now here she was being offered one. Ren nodded and they off to
the lapdance corner. While waiting for the next song to start the lapdance
Ren asked what the special offer he had for her was.

"Well, its simple you undress during the first song, during the second song
I do whatever I want to you, except for physically hurting you of course. If
you consent to all of it after the second song you get to meet my friend
Grant too (he showed her a 50 dollar bill). If you stay and consent what I do
to you for the third song you get to meet Benjamin's twin brother (he showed
her another 100)."

Ren nodded her head and the music started. Ren started dancing the same way
she had before, only on this guy she flaunted her ass much more knowing that
was what got him so hot for her. Ren got topless and by the end of the song
her G-string was off too. Ren smiled as she stood naked in front of the rich
black man. He slid her the 100 dollar bill as the second song started
playing. Ren watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out an impressive 9
inch thick black cock. He pointed down for Ren to get on her knees. She did
and he pushed his cock at her face Ren started sucking on his pole. Her mouth
went down further and further getting inch after inch down her young throat.

The black man grabbed her young ass and squeezed her nice ass cheeks, the guy
had never seen a white girl with such a sexy ass before. He though most white
girls never compared to sisters (black girls) in the booty department, but
that was before he met Ren Stevens.

Ren was working hard on his shaft swallowing him whole as her ass was
squeezed and his nails dug in her ass cheeks. This made Ren work all that
much harder on his cock her amazing mouth wrapped around his cock like a
vice as she sucked his black cock down her throat like a professional and
experienced whore, not like a class president and honor student, which she

Ren thought he was gonna cum when the second song ended. He pulled her up
and handed her a $50.

"Ready for the last song!?" he asked.

"Oh yes, I'm ready!" she was so horny right now she was ready for anything,
(or so she thought).

The last song started and he told her to lean back on his lap which she did.
Then he pushed his cock at the entrance to her ass. He had Ren's full
attention now, Ren didn't know about this, she never had anal sex before.
Ren was gonna protest, but she remembered what she was told about the other
$100. "OK I'll grin and bear it," thought Ren.

With a hard push her ass was forced open by his cock and she started to
gently go up and down on his cock, her hand went to stimulate her clit as he
stuffed more and more of his black cock up Ren's 15 year old ass. Ren was
starting to enjoy this she looked around the club, and realized nobody was
even noticing what she was doing but her and the man inside her. Ren started
pushing down harder and harder, the ass fucking had gone from pain to
pleasure now as her formerly virgin-ass was filled by his black rod. Ren
heard the third song end but kept going riding the man harder and harder he
was all the way up her ass now as Ren was slamming her ass back down against
his balls. Ren felt an orgasm on its way as her hand diddled with her clit,
she never knew anal sex was so pleasurable!

Ren felt the black man start thrusting into her hard slapping his balls
against her ass that was aching in pleasure and pain. Then he shot his load
deep in Ren's bowels. The feel of his hot cum up her sacred region plus her
playing with her clit sent Ren into an orgasm as well!! Ren bit her bottom
lip so that she didn't scream at the top of her lungs in pleasure. When they
finished he handed Ren $200 more dollars, "Call it a bonus for not stopping
after the third song baby!"

Ren smiled, "It was my pleasure."

Ren gave him a big kiss good-bye and then went back to her dressing room. She
counted her money $558 dollars all in a matter of three hours. "Wow I never
knew the money was this good."

Ren found out she was on stage next so she slipped on her T-shirt and tight
Levi's jeans.

Ren did her usual sexy dance milking the sexiness of her ass she liked
dancing on stage but the money was nothing compared to her lap dances. She
danced for 2 songs and only got $14 on stage. The manager later caught up
with her as she was grabbing a snack at the bar.

"Good work tonight Christy, you can go ahead and leave now, we have an extra
girl who just arrived. I imagine tonight was a lot to take in, with it being
your first time dancing right?"

"Well, yes this is the first time I've done this."

"Don't worry about it, your very sexy, and you'll only get better, so I'll
see you Friday, OK?"

"Sure, I'll be here."


Ren was on her way out when she happened to glance up at the stage. There
was a young and sexy dark haired girl dancing and it looked like... TAWNY???
Sure enough Louis's friend Tawny was dancing in just a black bra and black
thong on stage, she looked incredibly sexy she had on makeup like Ren did.
Her lips were sexy, her lipstick was a dark shade plushed plum Ren was
guessing. Ren couldn't believe it earlier she was fantasizing about this sexy
girl now here she was stripping for a bunch of guys. Ren got an idea she went
up to the stage and got in the front row.

Tawny was dancing shaking all her great assets she was faced away from Ren
when she unhooked her bra and tossed it aside. When she turned around Ren
got her first view at Tawny's bare breasts. They were very nice, about the
same size as Ren's but she had pink nipples as opposed to Ren's dark nipples.
Tawny's breasts seemed bigger considering she was a smaller girl and wasn't
as tall as Ren. Tawny turned around and saw Ren in the front row with a $5 in
her mouth.

Tawny froze dead in her tracks seeing Ren there. There was a long hesitation
as Tawny was unsure what to think about Ren being here. Ren smiled at her
and leaned her head over the stage with the money in her mouth. Tawny finally
took the hint and squeezed the $5 between her breasts and then pulled it out
of Ren's mouth. Ren continued to watch as Tawny danced, she was mesmerized by
this 14 year old beauty. Ren went to the backstage area to talk to her.

"Hi Tawny."

Tawny looked at Ren, "What are you doing here Ren?"

"Actually its Christy here" answered Ren.

"You work here now Ren?"

"Sure do!"

"Why and how?" Tawny asked.

"It's a long story believe me, but there is something I should tell you."

Ren told Tawny the whole story of how she originally was here to bust this
place, but that she came to find out that she liked dancing. She also told
Tawny that she's been fantasizing about her all night, and how she's realized
that she has had lesbian feelings for Tawny for a long time now.

"Wow Ren I... never expected this."

Ren was worried now, was Tawny gonna think she was weird, or a freak or
something was she gonna tell Louis about this? Did Tawny not feel the same?

"Well, Ren I guess I should tell you I'm... well I'm a lesbian, I've known
that I was a lesbian ever since the day I first saw you, you see I've
fantasized about you too Ren."

Ren smiled sweetly at Tawny and Tawny returned the smile.

Ren sat down next to her in a chair by the mirror. Ren slid her hand under
Tawny's black robe to her tender left breast. Ren used her fingernail to
play with the hard pink nipple. This caused Tawny to sigh. Tawny then slowly
slid her hand up Ren's leg to her thigh, then to her inner thigh, then to
the crotch of her jean shorts. The two leaned in and kissed softly.

"Make love to me Ren," Tawny whispered softly.

Ren opened Tawny's robe and slid down to her knees and began to lick Tawny's
wet box with dark pubic hair. Her hand cupped the younger girls breasts as
Ren just totally let go and went on instinct as she ate Tawny out. Opening
her young vagina lips Ren tasted Tawny's sweet juices. Tawny looked down
between her legs at Ren's sweet face, it was like a dream, a dream Tawny had
so many times before which would end with her waking up at the though of
beautiful Ren Stevens. This dream however was real, Ren was really between
her legs. Tawny stroked Ren's gorgeous hair as Ren's hot tongue was doing
its magic. Tawny started gyrating her hips into Ren's face.

"Ohh Ren yes make me cum ohh Ren make me cum baby ahhhhhhhhh God yessss Ren
yessssssss!!!!!!" Tawny orgasmed all over Ren's face and Ren gladly licked
it all up. Tawny caught her breath and said, "Sit in the chair Ren it's your
turn now!"

Ren slid out of her shorts and off her shirt, sitting in the chair she
removed her bra. Tawny leaned in and sucked on her nipples, first one then
the other, making Ren squirm as she gently bit getting the nipples rock hard
in her mouth. Then Tawny slid down Ren's flat belly to Ren's G-string. Ren's
G-string was gone next. Then parting her lips Tawny went right at Ren's
pussy. Tawny spread Ren's legs as far as she could as she buried her tongue
in Ren's snatch.

"Oh Tawny ohh yeah ohh yessss baby ohhh your soooo good please don't stop
ohhh yesssss!" Ren pinched her own nipples and admired the pretty face of the
girl between her legs. Tawny continued her muff diving, sucking and licking
all over Ren's damp pussy. Ren pulled Tawny's hair as her resistance grew
weaker by the second.

Tawny's fingers went deeper and deeper in Ren's pussy as her tongue played
with Ren's sensitive clit. Ren was so very close to cumming now! She grabbed
Tawny and pulled her to her in a big kiss, she pressed her pussy against
Tawny's and the two teens gyrated against each other. Looking into each
others eyes they couldn't take anymore and the two began to orgasm almost
simultaneously. "Oh Tawny ' cumming baby ohhh your so fucking amazing!!!!"
The two of them collapsed for several moments in the chair.

"So Ren where do we go from here as far as the club, and... well you know...
each other?" Tawny asked breaking the silence.

"Well, I say we're making a lot of money so why quit, besides its nice to see
the special person in your life everyday, even at work."

She kissed Tawny on the cheek, then Ren and Tawny both smiled and hugged
each other tightly as they snuggled up together in the chair. "Oh what
would my parents think?" Ren wondered. "Oh well they're used to me being
an overachiever, no reason for that to end at my schoolwork."


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