This story is fictional, not to be taken seriously. Plus its an adult story
and not to be read by anyone under 18. So if you are under 18 then leave now.
this story contains mf, ff, mmmf, incest, interracial, oral anal, cons,
blackmail, reluctant, exhibition

Even Stevens: Ren's Dark Secret
by MiaIsDaBomb ([email protected])

Ren Stevens was getting ready for her date with Bobby Deever. She was trying
on outfits in her closet. She finally decided on a puffy blue powder blouse
to go along with tight white pants that hugged her sexy ass. She put on some
modest 3 inch high heeled white sandals. Just a touch of hairspray, and Ren
was ready. Just in time to hear the doorbell ring. Ren made her way
downstairs to the front room where Bobby was waiting. Ren greeted him with
a big hot kiss.

"Hey, Ren, wow you look great."

"Thanks Bobby you ready to go?"

"Sure lets go."

The two went to see a movie, they held hands during the movie. As the movie
went on Ren's hands began to roam. they went between Bobby's legs and began
to rub at his cock through his pants. Bobby's hands did some rubbing too.
While one arm went around her shoulder his other hand slid under the bottom
of her blue blouse. His hand traveled upwards from her tanned tummy to Ren's
white bra. His hand caressed the sheer fabric of her bra, he found her nipple
and started to rub on it through the bra.

Ren couldn't help it, she wanted to see his cock, even if it was in the dim
lighting of the movie theater. So she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock
out through the fly. His cock was a good 7 inches hard. More impressively
though was how thick it was, it seemed to be three inches in width. Bobby
pushed his hand under one of Ren's bra cups and he cupped the small tit as
he started to play with the hard dark brown nipple. Ren started to moan as
it felt really good with his fingers squeezing her pointed peg.

Then Bobby was shocked as Ren lowered her head, and started to wrap her
pretty mouth around his cock. He gripped her dark hair as Ren slowly bobbed
her head up and down on him. He never imagined that Ren Steven's honor
student would do this in a movie theater! Bobby wasn't complaining though,
he enjoyed feeling Ren's hot mouth engulfing his rod. He reached in the back
and unhooked Ren's bra. Bobby grabbed a hold on both tits as Ren kept sucking
him off. Bobby was roughly pinching on Ren's nipples, making them so hard
they hurt. Ren was swallowing all his rod, which was quite a feat sitting in
the chair next to him. Ren realized this position was too difficult, so her
next move even surprised herself.

Ren got on her knees in front of Bobby on the floor and was back to sucking
him off again. Bobby pulled Ren's shirt over her chest and was quite pleased
at the sight of her small tits that jiggled as she bobbed up and down on his
dick. Despite their small size they were very firm and looked awesome, the
dark nipples pointed out sexily, as Ren was really going to town on Bobby's
cock. Bobby started to worry about getting caught doing this, luckily though
they were in the back where they were unlikely to be seen as long as they
didn't get loud. That wasn't easy though, cause Ren's cock sucking was
fucking great. So great, that Bobby couldn't hold back any longer.

Bobby started to cum and he watched in pure amazement as Ren swallowed every
drop of his cum. Ren licked his cock clean as the movie was ending. Ren
quickly got back to her seat so that people wouldn't figure out what they
were doing. Bobby quickly got his softening cock back in his pants, and they
made there way out of the theater. Ren reached behind her back and realized
her bra was still unhooked, easily visible through the powder blue blouse to
other people. So Ren made her way to the ladies room to reclasp it. She then
noticed a tiny wet spot on the front of her white pants. Taking her pants
down Ren realized her white panties were soaked. Apparently the fear of
getting caught on something like going down on Bobby in a theater had really
aroused Ren as well. She got herself as dry as she could, then made her way
out of the bathroom and back to Bobby, then held hands and made their way out
of the theater.

Later that night Tawny was getting dressed in her sleep wear, she wore a thin
white sleep shirt, that was several years old. It was apparent that it was
old by the way it was faded and practically see-through. She wore no bra
underneath, only a black thong. Tonight was a special night. Tawny was going
to sleep with someone she had been in love with for quite some time. She was
even spending the night with that person. The bedroom door opened and there
stood the object of her affection. Dressed in a red teddy and red high heels
was Ruby!

Tawny and Ruby had played around before, and one thing led to another, one
little kiss led to another and they both realized that they liked kissing
another girl. Now with Tawny spending the night, and with Ruby's parents
gone, it was time to do more exploring. Ruby came up to Tawny and started to
kiss her softly. Ruby's hands found Tawny's tight ass. Ruby loved Tawny's
ass, and I looked mouth watering in a black thong. Tawny kissed her new teen
lover back, her hands finding the spaghetti straps on her red teddy and slide
them off of her shoulders, leaving Ruby. Tawny was treated to the sight of
not only a smooth bare pussy, but also Ruby's nice tits, not huge but very
nice sized and with pink nipples that seemed to poke out and say hello.

So Tawny decided to say hello (to Ruby's breasts that is) she cupped both
breasts in her hands, then bent down and started sucking on one of Ruby's
tits. Ruby moaned at feeling Tawny's mouth and Tawny's tongue licking and
arousing her nipple. Ruby dug her nails into the brunettes tight ass as
Tawny licked and nibbled on both of Ruby's nipples. Ruby moaned as her
nipples got so very hard as they were bathed in Tawny's saliva. Tawny
pulled away from Ruby's breasts and began kissing her on the mouth. Their
tongues intertwined in a hot lesbian french kiss as hands caressed young
teen flesh. Tawny lifted off her top to expose two luscious grapefruit
sized tits with bikini tanlines.

Ruby pulled Tawny in close, they were nipple to nipple as they again met in
a wet kiss. The two loved kissing each other. It was so much more sensuous
than any guys they ever kissed. So gentle and loving, the two would have
been satisfied kissing all night, but they had other things in mind. Ruby
dropped to her knees and slid down Tawny's black thong. She was now eye level
with Tawny's dark bush. Ruby leaned in and kissed her bush. Then her tongue
went into her pussy. Tawny arched her head back in pleasure as her pussy was
penetrated by Ruby's wet tongue. Ruby swirled her tongue all inside of Tawny
as Tawny wrapped one leg around Ruby's head. Tawny rode Ruby's face as the
incredible tongue work was already sending her over the edge.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh Ruby ohhhh God that's good yeah oh yeahhh, ohhhh

Tawny exploded all over Ruby's face, and Ruby licked up every yummy drop.

Tawny then pushed down Ruby on the bed. The hot brunette crawled onto Ruby
like an animal on the prowl. Then right away she muff dived into Ruby's
shaved bald pussy. With no hair in the way she easily found Ruby's clit.
She sucked and licked and even bit down on the sensitive button. A fully
aroused Ruby yanked a hold a big handful of Tawny's hair, not wanting the
brunette to leave between her legs. She didn't need to be forced there
though, Tawny was quite happy where she was as she sucked her finger to
get it lubed as she gently pushed it up Ruby's ass.

Ruby gladly rode Tawny's finger in her tight ass as Tawny's feasted on the
pussy buffet in front of her. Tawny pushed Ruby's legs high in the air,
loving this position and how good Ruby's pussy looked as she held her down
there. Tawny got her finger past the second knuckle into Ruby's cute ass
and started to drive her entire finger in and out of Ruby's puckered opening.
Ruby moaned and yelled out obscenities with Tawny's name as the sucking,
biting, and tongue work by the sexy teen was making Ruby's cunt juices start
to flow. Ruby gave both nipples a hard pinch and sent herself to an orgasm
more powerful than she had ever known! Tawny cleaned up all Ruby's girl cum
as she gave Ruby's pussy as tongue bath.

There they laid, Tawny still between Ruby's legs as they caught their breath.
When they finally came back down they pressed their naked bodies together.
Tawny caressed Ruby's right breast with her free hand, as Ruby's free hand
squeezed and caressed Tawny's ass. Minutes later they were both asleep on
Ruby's bed.

Later that night Ren Stevens was checking her parents room to make sure they
were asleep, and sure enough they were.

"Great" Ren thought.

She ran back to her room and started getting dressed for a hot night on the
town. Ren put on 6 inch black high heels with ankle straps. Ren was already
tall for a teen girl at 5 foot 8 but her heels made her over 6 feet tall.
Next came a black thong along with her shortest black mini skirt, that showed
off plenty of leg. Then to top her outfit off she wore a white half shirt
that used to be an undershirt. Even with her nipples not hard, Ren's brown
aureola's were easily visible since Ren wore no bra. After getting dressed
Ren snuck out of the house and took a bus to a very bad area of town.

Ren wasn't the only one out and about tonight. Also in the same bad area of
town was Louis and Twitty. They were out celebrating Twitty getting his
license and were driving around in Twitty's old beat up Ford Escort. They
were looking around for a prostitute to have some fun with. They spotted a
sex looking thing in a black mini skirt and heels, plus this woman's nipples
were visible through her ever so skimpy white top. They decided to pull up
and proposition her. Twitty stuck his head out the window.

"Hey baby you wanna...Oh my God Ren?????????????????"

"What, holy shit your right its my sister!" Exclaimed Louis.

Ren stood there speechless, even the brightest girl in her school (that being
Ren of course) couldn't rationalize a reason for being out here that was
anything except for what it truly was. Ren had become a sex addict, at first
she saw prostitution as a way to earn money for college. Sure she was a smart
girl who would likely get an academic scholarship, but her older brother
Donnie got a scholarship for sports, and he was always broke. Over time
though Ren had gotten addicted to sex and now the number one person other
than her parents that she could ill afford to find out, just did. Louis
laughed out loud to himself 'my sister is a whore' he thought.

"Louis look, I had my reasons, please don't tell mom and dad. I mean I'll do

"Anything Ren? Well, why don't you start by getting in the car, cause I got
a funny feeling Twitty is getting free sex tonight, isn't that right?"

Ren gave Louis a stern look, but got in the car.

"OK this is too great, after all the times you made things tough for me Ren,
now I'm gonna own you for eternity."

"I don't think so Louis!" Snapped Ren.

"Well, you don't want mom and dad to know what your doing do you?"

Ren let out a deep breath and responded "No."

"Good then you'll do what I say, when I say, now for starters why don't you
and Twitty get in the back seat and you can give him head while I drive the

Ren reluctantly, and cursing to herself got in the back with Twitty. She
pulled down his pants and pulled his cock out of his underwear and took him
into her mouth. Ren was wearing cherry brown lipstick and it smeared on
Twitty's cock as she gave him head like a pro. Twitty let his hands roam
under Ren's top and felt up her small but firm breasts. When he wasn't
playing with her tits he was grabbing her head and forcing the honor student
president to deep throat him. He always had a crush on Ren, and now seeing
this sexy girl giving him a blowjob was almost like a dream, but it was very

Louis had got on his cellphone and from the sound of things was taking
Ren's to a friends house, for some more fun. Ren stepped up her efforts not
wanting them to stop at someone's house and still be sucking off Twitty in
a driveway. So she stroked his shaft and tongued his balls. Then licked
Twitty's prick up and down. She even pushed his cock between her little
titties and rubbed the head on her hard nipples. She only had to do all this
for a little while before Twitty was ready to cum. Louis handed Twitty a cup
and told him to shoot his load in there, he'd find out why later. So Twitty
shot his cum in the cup, even though he wished he could have covered Ren's
face with it.

It wasn't a minute later when they arrived at a friend of Louis's house. Ren
didn't recognize the house and was wondering who lived there and what her
scheming brother had in mind for her. Imagine Ren's shock when they knocked
on the door to find Larry Beal answer.

"Well, hey there Ren, your brother told me you became a whore but I didn't
believe it,...til now, hee hee, come on in guys!"

They all made there way into Larry's house. Larry led them to his bedroom
where he sat down and had the guys sit down too.

"OK Ren I'm ready for some fun, I offer you the same deal as your brother,
I'll keep this little after school extra curricula activity of yours a
secret, in exchange for some good fucking. If your fucking is as good as
your studying is I'm sure you got nothing to worry bout."

"Well, you heard him Ren, take off your clothes bitch." Said Twitty.

Ren got up and slowly undressed lifting her top much to the approval of the

"WWWWWWWwwoooooooooaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!" they all hollered in approval.

Larry walked over to Ren as she was sliding down her skirt and cupped her
firm tit in his hand.

"Not much as far as size goes but that's a firm little titties you got there
Ren! Now get that thong off so I can see that skinny ass of yours."

Ren took off her thong and stood there naked except for her high heels. Larry
put his hand on her head and pushed her to her knees. Ren knew what he wanted
and unbuckled his pants. Then she pulled down his underwear to his ankles and
was slapped in the face as his black cock sprung free. His cock was huge at
least 9 inches and 2 inches thick. Larry teased Ren, with it. He was
obviously enjoying having Ren in this position, he would spank his dark meat
on her face, than let her think she was gonna suck it, then he'd pull away.

Finally he said, "You wanna suck my dick Ren Stevens?"

"Yes, I wanna suck your dick."

With that Larry pushed his cock down Ren's throat nearly gagging her. He
showed no mercy yanking her brunette locks and fucking her sweet face. Ren
gasped for air and found that it only excited Larry to see her do so. He
shoved his shaft so deep down her throat that Ren had no choice but to take
every black inch. Just as she thought she would suffocate, he pulled back
and let Ren do all the work. She looked up and saw him looking right at her.
He was obviously loving having Ren in this position. Now not only had Louis
played the 'I'll tell mom and dad card' he had also unveiled her dark secret
to Ren's biggest enemy at school.

Ren sucked Larry as best she could, he reached down to pull on her hard
nipples poking out from her bouncing boobies. Ren did all the magic she could
with her tongue, sliding it up and down the underside of the shaft while she
used her hands and played with his balls and gripped his ass. Larry loved the
sight of the goody-goody Ren Stevens bobbing her head up and down on his
black pole, he knew that he was gonna love blackmailing her into more

Twitty had gotten hard again watching all the action, so he made his way over
to Ren. He positioned her down on all fours and pointed his cock at Ren's
pussy. Ren's wetness made it easy for him to slid right into her. He rammed
hard into her as he looked down at the sight of Ren's awesome ass. He
couldn't help himself and he started slapping it as he fucked her, not caring
if her moans were from pleasure or pain as he and Larry fucked her at both
ends. Ren had apparently given in to the idea that this was gonna happen as
she started to thrust her ass back at Twitty. Twitty grabbed Ren's tiny hips
and really plowed into the tall skinny girl as his slapping on her ass was
leaving her tan posterior red with handprints.

Larry let it be known he was gonna cum, so Louis gave him the cup. He
shrugged his shoulders at why he was gonna cum there but didn't question
Louis's intentions. He wanted to covered Ren's slutty face in his semen,
but settled for shooting it in the cup. Twitty loved fucking Ren from
behind but seeing her mouth vacant decided he wanted more tongue work
from this seemingly expert cocksucker. So he got in front of her and
started fucking her face like Larry did. Ren regulated her breathing and
soon she was deep throating Twitty with ease. Larry watched this hot sight
and was already getting aroused again at seeing Ren give head some more.

Larry made his way back over to Ren and slid under her. He pointed his black
cock straight at her white pussy and pushed it in her. Despite the fucking
she had from Twitty he was glad to see Ren was still very tight! The two guys
grinded back and forth up and down as they both moaned out loud at the hot
fact that they were gangbanging Ren Stevens. Larry looked over to see Louis
masturbating as he watched his sister get fucked.

"Hey Louis why don't you come join us, your slutty sister still has one
vacant hole."

Louis nodded and got behind Ren's arched ass. He licked his lips. All the
times he could have spied on his sister but never did, because they never got
along. Now he was loving the sight of her ass and he spit on her asshole as
he pushed it into her asshole. Ren protested slightly but the three guys held
her down, and soon Louis was ass fucking his sister hard and fast, while the
two other guys were giving her pussy and mouth quite a work out. Luckily
Louis wasn't quite as big as the other guys at 6 inches, otherwise Ren would
have had a hard time taking his cock in her ass.

Louis, Twitty and Larry all found a rhythm and soon they were all three
fucking Ren's ass pussy and mouth. Ren released a big orgasm and knew that
she would have more on the way as the three guys showed no signs of letting
up. Louis loved watching his cock disappear and reappear up Ren's ass as she
became the meat in a sexual sandwich.

Larry came and came hard inside of Ren. Louis laughed to himself at the
thought of Ren being knock up by Larry. Ren was lost in sexual pleasure as
Louis shoved his cock all the way up Ren's tight ass. Twitty was the next to
cum and he came all over Ren's face covering her forehead, mouth, nose, hair
and eyebrows in his cum. After that Twitty and Larry leaned back spent. Louis
was also unable to hold back as he saw the erotic sight of Ren with cum
dripping down her face. Louis unleashed his semen and grabbed the cup filling
it with his sperm along with Twitty and Larry's.

After that Louis went to the fridge to grab some whipped cream and milk. He
poured it in the glass with the semen.

"OK sis, time for your protein shake!" He laughed

Ren took it and slowly drank the whole cup. Sip by sip until Ren had guzzled
all three guys cum even her own brothers. Despite being done, the guys
already had their minds roaming at what they would do next to Ren. One thing
for sure, they knew that Ren would be willing to do anything to keep her dark


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